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from The Republican (Danville, Indiana)--issue of Thursday, October 31, 1912—page 1, column 6:

David William Carter

David William Carter Splendidly Fitted to Represent County

In D.W. Carter for representative is presented a candidate who fits the peculiar requirements of the office most admirably. His nomination was a case of the office seeking the man. When E.E. York resigned from the ticket a successor was not chosen for many weeks but in those weeks, unknown to Mr. Carter, sentiment for his election crystalized [sic] and the central committee, reflecting that sentiment, chose him to be the candidate.

Mr. Carter was born in Washington township, Oct. 9, 1855. He has always lived in that township with the exception of five years when he lived in Plainfield. He is a farmer and as such has always looked closely after his own affairs, taking a citizen's rightful interest in political matters, ever doing his duty as he saw it.

Because of his good judgment and successful manner of managing his own business, he was called to serve on the advisory board of Washington township, and later, on the county council, of which body he is now a member. These two offices, controlling the expenditure of public funds are the only offices he has held. For ten years, he has been on the official board of the Methodist Episcopal church at Avon.

Thus as a busy man in his own field of activity, Mr. Carter has lived honored and respected by his peers. He is widely read, a man who has taken a deep interest in public affairs, knows the thoughts of the people of his county and can unquestionably reflect their best judgment in legislative halls. That he will do so is not doubted by any man for he is ever faithful to a trust, conscientious to duty to the smallest detail. No people will be so well represented as the people of Hendricks county when Mr. Carter takes his seat in the House.