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Meredith Thompson

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Directory of Patrons in Standard Atlas of Hendricks County, Indiana (1904)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a transcription of the patrons listed in Standard Atlas of Hendricks County, Indiana (Chicago: Geo. A. Ogle, 1904). It is not a directory of all Hendricks County residents; it is only a directory of those who helped sponsor the publication of the Atlas.

Last Name First Name Occupation Section Township Post Office or
Residence Since Remarks
AdamsJames M. blacksmith; dealer in farm implements   Brownsburg 1860  
Albertson[blank] Proprietors, Bridgeport Nurseries   Bridgeport  part of Albertson & Hobbs
AlleyO.I. real estate and collections   Danville 1882  
AndersonE.H. farmer; stockraiser 21 Guilford Mooresville 1865  
ArnoldThomas farmer; stockraiser 16 Center Danville 1852  
BaileyMarion farmer 17 Union Lizton 1861  
Ballard[blank] real estate   Plainfield 1862 part of Ballard & Straughan
BarkerC.E. farmer; stockraiser 36 Guilford Plainfield 1863  
BeckJames W. brick manufacturer   Danville 1856  
BeckW.T. President, Coatesville Bank   Coatesville 1902  
BeesonJesse farmer; stockraiser 3 Eel River North Salem 1857  
BellC.H. livery, feed and sale stable   Brownsburg 1879  
BellGeorge W. Cashier, Citizens State Bank   Plainfield 1886  
BenbowC.F. farmer 36 Clay Danville 1868  
BensonW.M. minister; farmer; stockraiser 10 Eel River North Salem 1869  
BlairSarah M. farmer 13 Washington Bridgeport 1864  
BlakeR.W. retired farmer 30 Union Lizton 1849  
BlessingCharles H. farmer; stockraiser 32 Middle Pittsboro 1903  
BlyJ. farmer; trustee 27 Guilford Plainfield 1850  
BockinsJ. farmer; stockraiser 1 Middle Plainfield 1890  
BookerE.T. farmer; stockraiser 5 Middle Pittsboro 1900  
BransonThomas farmer 36 Clay Danville 1858  
BuchananJames coal & wood   Danville 1892  
BurtonCharles livery   Clayton 1896  
CairnessCharles M. auditor   Danville 1881  
CaperlyJohn farmer 20 Middle Pittsboro   
CarrG.Z. farmer; stockraiser 26 Clay Plainfield 1876  
CarterJ.S. farmer; stockraiser 3 Clay Amo 1869  
CarterMord. banker   Danville 1856  
CarterMord. President, First National Bank   Danville   
CasserlyJohn farmer; stockraiser 20 Middle Pittsboro 1854  
ChristieF.J. Assistant Cashier, First National Bank   Danville   
ChristyW. Sherman real estate; loans and insurance   Danville 1865  
Citizens State Bank general banking   Plainfield   
ClarkW.L. farmer; breeder of chickens 34 Center Danville 1850  
Clark[blank] attorney   Danville  part of Hogate & Clark
Coatesville Bank general banking   Coatesville   
CoferThomas J. attorney; circuit judge   Danville 1839  
Consolidated Telephone Co., The    Danville   
CooperErnest, Dr. physician; surgeon   Plainfield 1870  
CooperJohn W. publisher   Plainfield   
CosnerWilliam farmer; stockraiser 3 Clay Amo 1837  
CourtneyEdward D. & Co. real estate and loans   Danville 1874  
CrawfordE.C. Vice President, Citizens State Bank   Plainfield   
CrewsElmer farmer 15 Washington Plainfield 1878  
CumberworthG.G. Assistant Cashier, Citizens State Bank   Plainfield   
Cumberworth[blank] real estate and insurance   Plainfield  part of Havens & Cumberworth
CummingsC.A. farmer; iron bridge builder 21 Lincoln Tilden 1898  
DarnallL.W. farmer; stockraiser 13 Middle Pittsboro 1861  
DarnellJ.C. "Yaller" Front Combination Store   Danville 1856  
DavisC.W. President, North Salem Bank   North Salem   
DavisGeorge B. Cashier, North Salem Bank   North Salem   
DavisJ.F. undertaker; dealer in furniture   North Salem 1849  
DavisS.R. trustee   North Salem 1845  
DouganZ.E. County Clerk   Danville 1874  
DowdenW.W. hardware and implements   Lizton 1882  
DownardJames A. abstractor   Danville 1855  
DuncanCharles merchandise   Maplewood 1848  
DurhamJohn, Sr. farmer; stockraiser 27 Eel River North Salem 1865  
EasleyGeorge E. law and loans   Danville 1896  
Easley[blank] law, loans, etc.   Danville  part of Miles & Easley
EdmondsonR.A. farmer; stockraiser; trustee 9 Liberty Clayton 1860  
ElderLouis M. farmer 17 Union Lizton 1878  
ElmoreW.S. farmer; stockraiser 7 Middle Pittsboro 1894  
EppersonJ. farmer 35 Guilford Plainfield 1893  
EstepE.W. abstractor   Danville 1864  
EverettWilliam E., Dr. physician; surgeon   Brownsburg 1891 Member of Boone County Medical Asso
FeenyJohn farmer; stockraiser 20 Middle Pittsboro 1871  
FerreeJ.H. farmer 35 Washington Danville 1853  
FerreeJames W. postmaster; notary public; dealer in general merchandise, machinery, pumps, etc.   Tilden 1860  
FerreeJoseph W. banker   Danville 1857  
FieldsN. farmer; stockraiser 2 Guilford Plainfield 1880  
First National Bank general banking   Danville   
Fiscus[blank] livery   Pittsboro  part of Fiscus Bros.
FleeceJ.B. Assistant Cashier, North Salem Bank   North Salem   
FooteGeorge D. General Manager, The Consolidated Telephone Co.   Danville   
FosterIsaac W. farmer; trustee 10 Union Pittsboro 1861  
FranklinW.F. County Surveyor   Danville 1869  
FurnasIsaac farmer; stockraiser 4 Guilford Plainfield 1902  
GibbsJohn farmer; stockraiser 14 Guilford Plainfield 1862  
GlidewellM.S. farmer; breeder of registered cattle and hogs 13 Washington Plainfield 1891  
GrayJ.W. farmer; stockraiser 18 Center Danville 1861  
GreenRichard farmer; stockraiser 36 Center Danville 1901  
GreesonAlfred farmer; stockraiser 2 Guilford Plainfield 1856  
GriffinJacob marble and granite yard   Plainfield 1902  
GulleyOtis E. attorney   Danville   
HadleyJ.S. farmer; stockraiser 11 Franklin Amo 1862  
HadleyOscar Ex-County Treasurer   Danville 1858  
HadleyWalter G. farmer; breeder of registered cattle and hogs 29 Washington Danville 1874  
HaneyS.D., Prof. notary public; school teacher   Lizton 1889  
HannaWilbur A. farmer; stockraiser 34 Guilford Plainfield 1873  
Hanna[blank] livery   Plainfield 1878 part of Hanna & Son
HarveyGeorge C. attorney   Danville 1875  
Havens[blank] real estate and insurance   Plainfield  part of Havens & Cumberworth
HaynesE.M. druggist   Pittsboro 1861  
HaysW.S. farmer; stockraiser 28 Center Danville 1861  
HessJoseph & Co. dry goods, clothing, shoes, furnishing goods, etc.   Danville 1897  
HissW.H. funeral director   Plainfield 1868  
HiteHenry farmer; stockraiser 19 Liberty Clayton 1903  
HoadleyAbram farmer 16 Washington Plainfield 1844  
Hobbs[blank] Proprietors, Bridgeport Nurseries   Bridgeport  part of Albertson & Hobbs
HogateJ.D. publisher   Danville 1868  
Hogate[blank] attorney   Danville  part of Hogate & Clark
HollowellCharles attorney; loans   Danville 1878  
HollowellR.T. attorney   Danville 1876  
HolmesW.A. wall paper   Danville 1900  
HomanJ.B. farmer   Danville 1838  
HoosierWilliam farmer; stockraiser 7 Eel River North Salem   
HuckstepA.B. farmer; stockraiser 29 Eel River North Salem 1903  
HuntJohn farmer; stockraiser 12 Center Danville 1853  
HunterM.T. general merchandise; banking   Brownsburg 1851  
HuronF.H. homeopathic physician   Danville 1840  
HuronS.T. farmer; member of County Council 2 Washington Danville 1850  
JacksonJohn farmer; stockraiser 26 Liberty Clayton 1843  
JamesSamuel publisher; editor of "Pittsboro Sun"   Pittsboro 1861  
JohnsonG.A. attorney; real estate and insurance   Brownsburg 1872  
JonesD.M. farmer; stockraiser 25 Guilford Plainfield 1853  
JonesD.R. farmer; carpenter; breeder of poultry 32 Washington Danville 1872  
JonesJoseph F. citizen; road supervisor   Plainfield 1856  
JordanCharles F. farmer 24 Brown Brownsburg 1849  
KainJohn O. Abstract & Guarantee Title Co.   Danville 1892  
KeeneyJ.I. livery   Danville 1849  
KendallEthan breeder of registered cattle 18 Guilford Friendswood 1900  
KingPatrick farmer; stockraiser 12 Middle Pittsboro 1869  
KingW.A. publisher; printer   Danville 1878  
KirbyJames farmer; stockraiser 35 Liberty Clayton 1866  
KressB. farmer; stockraiser 5 Middle Pittsboro 1873  
KrewsonA.D.    Plainfield 1871  
KurtzCharles E. farmer; breeder of registered cattle 28 Marion North Salem 1867  
KurtzE.M. farmer 20 Marion North Salem 1878  
KurtzHenry F. farmer 28 Marion North Salem 1855  
LampardW. farmer; stockraiser 33 Guilford Plainfield 1888  
LeachJohn E. farmer 32 Union Lizton 1861  
LeakG.L. farmer; Justice of the Peace 20 Union Lizton 1846  
LeakG.W., Sr. farmer 21 Union Lizton 1834  
LimingerAlfred farmer 2 Center Danville   
LineingerAlfred S. farmer; breeder of registered cattle 2 Center Danville 1853  
LinesWilliam H. farmer; breeder of registered cattle 31 Washington Danville 1903  
LittleAlonzo farmer; stockraiser 31 Liberty Cartersburg 1850  
LittleT.H. farmer; stockraiser 33 Guilford Plainfield 1854  
LongHenry farmer; stockraiser 1 Middle Pittsboro 1903  
LyonsM.W. Catholic priest   Brownsburg 1900  
MarshallJ.S. engineer   Danville 1852  
MastenE.D. farmer; township trustee; dealer in gravel 10 Franklin Stilesville 1857  
MaxwellA.B. farmer; feeder of stock 10 Guilford Plainfield 1865  
McClellandCharles F. livery   Danville 1892  
McCounS.C. farmer; stockraiser 32 Center Danville 1884  
McCurdyC.G. livery; blacksmith   Danville 1855  
McHaffieM.E. farmer; stockraiser; breeder of fine trotting and pacing horses 20 Franklin Stilesville 1870  
MedskerAlpha farmer 22 Lincoln Brownsburg 1857  
MendenhallThomas postmaster; dealer in groceries, notions, jewelry, etc.   Amo 1866  
MerittWilliam farmer 3 Washington Danville 1850  
MilesJohn A. President, Citizens State Bank   Plainfield   
Miles[blank] law, loans, etc.   Danville  part of Miles & Easley
MillsDavid D. County Auditor   Danville 1856  
MitchellL.N. farmer; stockraiser 25 Center Danville 1858  
MoffettF.P. Vice President, Coatesville Bank   Coatesville   
MoranMichael farmer 25 Washington Clermont 1869  
MorganJohn attorney; teacher   Plainfield 1838  
MurphyE.M. farmer; stockraiser; commissioner 27 Eel River North Salem 1885  
MyersT.M. farmer; stockraiser 13 Middle Pittsboro 1898  
NewbyWilliam farmer; stockraiser 22 Guilford Mooresville 1865  
NewlinJoel farmer; stockraiser 3 Guilford Plainfield 1834  
North Salem Bank general banking   North Salem   
O'NealJ.E. farmer; township assessor 32 Clay Amo 1880  
OsbornW.C. Cashier, First National Bank   Danville   
PaceBert M. publisher   North Salem 1878  
PageJacob farmer; stockraiser 32 Eel River North Salem 1863  
PalmerEtta Assistant Cashier, Pittsboro Bank   Pittsboro   
PalmerI.H. banker   Pittsboro 1897  
PalmerI.H. Cashier, Pittsboro Bank   Pittsboro   
ParsonsA.A. farmer; stockraiser 7 Liberty Clayton 1853  
PattersonMilton W. farmer; stockraiser 32 Liberty Hazelwood 1880  
Pattison[blank] attorney; abstractor   Danville  part of Trotter & Pattison
PeacockGalileo farmer; stockraiser 16 Guilford Mooresville 1885  
PenningtonP. farmer; stockraiser 31 Eel River North Salem 1837  
PhillipsJ.F. farmer 5 Clay Amo 1840  
Pittsboro Bank general banking   Pittsboro   
PrattJ.D. County Assessor   Danville 1887  
PrewittJ.E. dry goods and merchandise   Plainfield 1864  
RaidabaughP.W. publisher   Plainfield 1901  
RatliffD.A. farmer; stockraiser 30 Eel River North Salem 1870  
ReedJames M. Cashier, Coatesville Bank   Coatesville   
ReedsJ.M. Cashier, Coatesville Bank   Coatesville 1902  
ReitzelD.A. farmer; stockraiser 7 Franklin Clayton 1862  
RichardsonD.M. farmer; proprietor of sawmill; dealer in lumber and implements 33 Liberty Clayton   
RoachThomas dealer in cattle   White Lick Springs 1881  
RobardsE.R. banker; dealer in general merchandise   Stilesville 1865  
RobbinsCatharin Moffitte farmer; stockraiser 14 Guilford Plainfield 1841  
RobersonGeorge W. farmer; stockraiser 18 Guilford Friendswood 1899  
RogersEli farmer; stockraiser 11 Guilford Plainfield 1881  
RossE.H. farmer; assessor 11 Washington Plainfield 1848  
RuddA. lumberman   Danville 1851  
RuddVirley R. Deputy County Treasurer   Danville 1877  
RutledgeJohn L. farmer 4 Union Pittsboro 1856  
SalleeH.J. livery   Pittsboro 1891  
SalmonW.L. druggist   Brownsburg 1879  
SandersHarry E. farmer; stockraiser 25 Guilford Plainfield 1870  
Sanders[blank] real estate   Danville  part of Symons & Sanders
SearsCharles V. attorney   Danville 1875  
ShirleyAlva R. farmer 25 Clay Danville 1875  
ShirleyFred G. farmer 36 Clay Danville 1873  
ShockleyJohn E. farmer 27 Washington Clermont 1868  
ShortMark farmer; stockraiser 34 Liberty Clayton 1879  
SmallSamuel farmer; stockraiser 27 Guilford Plainfield 1850  
SmithE.J. notary public   Clayton 1839  
SpencerO.T. telephone manager   Danville 1892  
StanleyAbel farmer; stockraiser 19 Center Danville 1847  
StanleyElwood farmer; stockraiser 20 Liberty Mooresville 1836  
StoutLewis E., Rev. Pastor of Friends' Church   Plainfield 1899  
Straughan[blank] real estate   Plainfield 1862 part of Ballard & Straughan
SwopeElizabeth A. farmer; stockraiser 20 Franklin Stilesville 1839  
Symons[blank] real estate   Danville  part of Symons & Sanders
ThomasC.B., Dr. physician; surgeon   Plainfield 1902  
ThomasW.W. farmer; stockraiser 12 Eel River Danville 1864  
ThompsonH.H. farmer; stockraiser 6 Center Danville 1855  
TincherJ.M. farmer; stockraiser   Stilesville 1852  
TincherWilliam farmer; stockraiser 9 Franklin Amo 1828  
TitusE.L., Dr. physician; surgeon   Pittsboro 1902  
TolleJoseph M. notary public; dealer in general merchandise   Brownsburg 1856  
ToutWilliam farmer; stockraiser 11 Middle Pittsboro 1836  
Trotter[blank] attorney; abstractor   Danville  part of Trotter & Pattison
TuckerDavid L. farmer; stockraiser 23 Eel River Jamestown 1852  
TurpinHenry farmer 18 Lincoln Clermont 1835  
VestalJohn E. County Treasurer   Plainfield 1863  
VestalW.B., Hon. farmer; stockraiser 25 Guilford Plainfield 1849  
WadeW.H. farmer 6 Center Danville 1853  
WaltonTheo. farmer 13 Washington Plainfield 1851  
WatersB.F. farmer; stockraiser 30 Eel River North Salem 1862  
WattsR.E. farmer; stockraiser 13 Middle Pittsboro 1873  
WeaverC.A. merchant   Pittsboro 1868  
WeddleS.P. farmer; stockraiser 29 Middle Pittsboro 1867  
WehrM.H. farmer 29 Washington Clermont 1880  
WestMorton farmer; stockraiser 9 Liberty Clayton 1865  
WilliamsA.M. farmer; stockraiser 10 Eel River North Salem 1840  
WillsJ.M. notary public; real estate; loans and collections   Pittsboro 1838  
WilsonWilliam L. recorder   Danville 1880  
WinningsJ.A. farmer; County Commissioner 12 Washington Danville 1865  
WoodTheodore H. farmer; stockraiser 1 Center Danville 1888  
YagerJ.D. farmer; stockraiser 34 Center Danville 1891  
YorkE.E. Superintendent, Indiana Boys' School   Plainfield 1868  
YoungJ.M. farmer; stockraiser 13 Eel River Jamestown 1879  
ZimmermanHorace farmer; Foreman, Albertson & Hobbs Nursery 20 Washington Bridgeport 1861