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Meredith Thompson

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Residents of Hendricks County, Indiana Who Received Military Pensions (1883)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a transcription of the Hendricks County entries in List of Pensioners On The Roll January 1, 1883, Volume IV (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1883).

NOTE: In December 1882, the U.S. Senate asked the Secretary of the Interior to compile a listing of everyone who was receiving a federal pension for military service. The result was a 5-volume set published in 1883. Veterans as well as their widows and minor children (and sometimes the veterans' parents, as next of kin) were eligible for pensions.

To find out more information about a particular entry in this list, you should request a copy of the pension application file from the National Archives.

Last Name First Name Post Office
Cause for Being
Pension Rate ($)
Date Originally Allowed
Adams John W. North Salem gunshot wound left arm 1.00 June 1877
Adams Nancy Lizton widow 8.00 October 1881
Amick Isaac Brownsburg shell wound shoulder 1.00 October 1880
Archer Alexander Pecksburg injured spine 18.00  
Barber John W. North Salem chronic diarrhea 8.00 September 1880
Bateman Margaret L.A. North Salem widow 1812 8.00 October 1879
Bayne John Danville injured spine 6.00 October 1881
Beck James Danville injury to abdomen 6.00 February 1875
Beckman Joseph Danville disease lungs 8.00 December 1881
Belcher Christian L. Lizton chronic diarrhea 6.00 October 1882
Bird Elizabeth W. Pittsboro widow 14.00 December 1880
Blackketter William Coatesville survivor 1812 8.00 March 1872
Blanton Dudley Danville disease heart 6.00 January 1882
Boardman Omar B. Lizton wound left side 4.00 March 1867
Bolen Benjamin F. Clayton wound in chest 14.00  
Bray Lot T. Clayton loss left thumb 4.00  
Brenton Theodore P. Danville chronic diarrhea 4.00 April 1882
Brown Harriet Coatesville widow 8.00  
Brown Mary E. Brownsburg widow 8.00  
Burdge Mahala Friendswood widow 8.00  
Burton Benjamin C. North Salem rheumatism 4.00  
Bushnell Ann Pittsboro widow 8.00 July 1866
Buskirk John Danville gunshot wound right hand 4.00  
Cable Elihai M. Stilesville loss left arm 24.00  
Campbell James North Salem survivor 1812 8.00 September 1871
Chapman Susanna North Salem widow 8.00  
Coffin Julia Ann Stilesville mother 8.00 November 1880
Coghill Rebecca Lizton mother 8.00 July 1882
Condiff John A. Rainstown wound left hip 2.00  
Cook Eliza J. Danville widow 12.00 December 1874
Davidson Silas Maplewood loss right leg 18.00  
Davis Jeremiah North Salem injury to abdomen 6.00  
Davis Lewis Pittsboro varicose veins 8.00  
Day John A. Cartersburg wound left ankle 2.00 May 1881
Dennis Obed H. Plainfield injured spine 4.00 March 1875
Denny Mahlon H. Danville injury to abdomen, injured left hip joint   
Dickerson Mahala New Winchester mother 8.00 March 1879
Dill Joshua E. Danville gunshot wound right hand 6.00 July 1877
Dixon Norman L. Coatesville chronic diarrhea 6.00  
Dobson James A.C. Brownsburg gunshot wound right thigh 2.00 April 1873
Douglass John F. Plainfield chronic diarrhea 12.00 October 1881
Duncan William G. La Clair heart disease 6.00 February 1882
Dyer William F. Coatesville gunshot wound right side 4.00 March 1876
Ellington John J. North Salem disease lungs, throat 4.00 February 1882
Ellis John W. Center Valley disease heart, diarrhea 16.00  
Ellis Robert G. Danville chronic diarrhea 4.00 October 1880
Esman George Clayton loss index finger 3.00 October 1877
Evans Simpson Coatesville wound right shoulder 10.00  
Fonville Margaret Danville widow 8.00 July 1879
French John S. Brownsburg chronic diarrhea 8.50 June 1882
French John W. Lizton wound right thigh 10.00  
Glessner William H. Plainfield chronic diarrhea 8.00 May 1882
Glover Alfred R. Clayton disease lungs 8.00 May 1883
Gordon Nancy Danville widow 8.00  
Grave Alvin S. Cartersburg gunshot wound right forearm 4.00  
Gray Andrew Danville fracture left thigh 8.00  
Gray William H. Brownsburg gunshot wound right arm 3.00 October 1868
Green Amanda Stilesville widow 8.00 September 1860
Greene Peley Reno minor of 12.00 March 1882
Gregg Nancy B. Montclair widow 8.00  
Gwynn Elizabeth Clayton mother 8.00 March 1879
Hackley George E. North Salem disease lungs 2.00 August 1882
Hackley William H. North Salem chronic diarrhea 6.00 November 1881
Hale Chester F. Danville gunshot wound right thigh 4.00 October 1869
Hamrick James W. Danville injured right hand, chronic diarrhea 19.25 July 1881
Harbaugh Andrew Stilesville injury to abdomen 8.00  
Harper Charles R. Plainfield gunshot wound neck 2.00  
Harvey Martha A. Danville widow 20.00  
Hawthorn John Danville widow 8.00 July 1871
Hazlet Samuel Stilesville survivor 1812 8.00 September 1871
Hendricks Milton Brownsburg loss left leg 18.00  
Hill Daniel F. Pittsboro varicose veins 8.00 February 1882
Hoeffer Samuel P. Coatesville wound left hand 8.00  
Hoerner Jacob Maplewood injured back, hip 2.00 April 1866
Homaear Fred Pittsboro gunshot wound head & right arm 8.00 June 1881
Hunt Mary J. Danville widow 10.00  
Hunter Susan Reno widow 1812 8.00 October 1878
Jackson Harden Clayton disease throat 6.00  
Johnson Eli B. Clayton disease heart 12.00  
Johnson Isaac A. Plainfield chronic diarrhea 8.00 June 1882
Johnson William Rainstown wound left thigh 6.00 June 1866
Jones William A. North Salem disease lungs 8.00  
King Curtis Danville varicose veins left leg 8.00  
Lamar Mary J. Reno widow 8.00 February 1878
Lane Reuben W. Center Valley disease liver 4.00 March 1882
Lane William H. Danville gunshot wound left thigh 8.50  
Larrance William H. Plainfield injured right eye 4.00  
Leonard Frederick Pittsboro disease lungs 4.00  
Lewis Thomas M. Lizton minor of 14.00 May 1876
Lingenfelter H.S. Danville chronic diarrhea 6.00 December 1882
Little Joseph K. Cartersburg disease right eye 2.00 December 1882
Lockhart Thomas Clayton survivor 1812 8.00 December 1877
Long Lucinda Maplewood widow 8.00 May 1864
Lyons Phebe Danville widow 8.00 December 1881
Lytle James A. North Salem disease heart 8.00 June 1874
Mabe Sylvanus Pecksburg wound right knee, lung disease 8.00  
Maden Anna Danville widow 8.00 April 1871
Marvin Rebecca Plainfield widow 1812 8.00 February 1879
Mathews William J. Brownsburg contraction muscles left arm 6.00  
McCalister John A. Pittsboro disease of abdominal viscera 14.00  
McClain Bascom S. Avon chronic diarrhea 4.00 July 1882
McClain James Avon survivor 1812 8.00 December 1871
McClain John S. Tollgate loss left leg 24.00  
McCord Mary C. Danville widow 8.00 August 1872
McGuire Thomas Danville paralysis right arm 8.00 July 1865
McNeely Burt Danville wound right side head & face 12.00  
Montgomery Maria A. Lizton widow 14.00 June 1878
Moore Martha Ann Plainfield mother 8.00 June 1882
Moore Samuel H. Danville loss right leg 18.00 October 1866
Morgan John Clayton gunshot wound left breast 10.00  
Morton John Danville wound right foot 5.33 1/2 February 1867
Oliver Samuel Coatesville disease lungs 8.00 October 1872
Osborn Francis M. Stilesville disease of abdominal viscera 4.00 May 1882
Osborn Martha J. Clayton widow 8.00  
Overman Sarah M. Belleville widow 8.00  
Page John F. Lizton gunshot wound right thigh 12.00  
Parsons Adrian A. Plainfield gunshot wound left side 2.00 August 1874
Parsons James Plainfield disease heart 10.00 March 1881
Patterson Alva G. Danville chronic rheumatism 20.00 February 1881
Patterson William Avon hyp. of heart 8.00 July 1882
Pierson Thomas H. Coatesville disease kidneys 6.00 June 1878
Pollard Mary A.B. Plainfield widow 1812 8.00 March 1879
Pruett William R. Cartersburg minor of 10.00 March 1871
Rader Henry H. Danville chronic diarrhea 4.00  
Ralston Margaret North Salem widow 8.00  
Reitzel Adam Coatesville wound right thigh shortening limb 24.00  
Robbins Marquis D.L. North Salem catarrh 4.25 June 1882
Roberts James Brownsburg shell wound left foot 4.00 September 1881
Robinson William Plainfield injured right foot 6.00 August 1875
Rodgers John Danville disease of abdominal viscera 4.00 December 1881
Rust Quartus E. Cartersburg fracture left ankle, injury to abdomen 10.00  
Scott James E. Lizton disease eyes 2.00 October 1880
Scott Stephen Clayton chronic diarrhea 6.00  
Scotten David Center Valley chronic diarrhea 8.00  
Scotton Enoch Center Valley disease heart 4.00 February 1876
Sellers Abijah Plainfield injury to abdomen 6.00  
Shafer Josiah Danville loss toes both feet 12.00  
Sheets Joseph Danville varicose veins 8.00  
Shell Nancy Coatesville widow 1812 8.00 June 1879
Smith Frances Danville widow 8.00 March 1879
Smith Johnson Clayton injury to abdomen 8.00 February 1880
Soots John R. Plainfield chronic diarrhea 6.00 December 1882
Sortor William Plainfield rheumatism 4.00 January 1875
Sparks Isaac Plainfield father 8.00 March 1881
Sparks Phebe Ellen Avon widow 8.00 October 1867
Steele Josephus Hadley heart disease 6.00  
Stone Mary A. Plainfield widow 19.00 January 1882
Storm Hiram F. North Salem loss left leg 18.00  
Storm Robert G. Coatesville chronic diarrhea 6.00 May 1873
Strange Silas Danville gunshot wound left hand 4.00  
Strareghan Henry M. Plainfield gunshot wound right ankle 4.00 August 1882
Strong John T. Plainfield varicose veins, ulcer right leg 25.00 March 1882
Thomas David F. Danville widow 8.00 January 1872
Thompson Jesse Danville chronic ophth. both eyes 12.00  
Tincher Samuel F. Amo wound right shoulder 18.00 November 1866
Tout Columbus C. Danville wound right thigh 4.00 November 1881
Tout Susan Lizton widow 8.00  
Truitt Nancy B. New Winchester widow 8.00 June 1866
Tucker Margaret Plainfield widow 8.00 May 1867
Tyler Charles W. Brownsburg gunshot wound left arm 4.00  
Underwood Alexander Center Valley chronic diarrhea 18.00 August 1881
Vannice David M. Danville gunshot wound right thigh 2.00 July 1870
Wallin Frederick A. Danville widow 12.00 March 1881
Walton John S. Coatesville wound right foot 4.00  
Ward Leah Pittsboro widow 8.00 March 1876
Warden William R. Danville injured right leg 10.00  
Weaver Amos C. Pittsboro wound left foot 8.00 June 1865
Wells George W. Pittsboro disease heart 4.00 July 1873
White David Lizton gunshot wound right thigh 4.00  
White Elizabeth Clayton widow 8.00 May 1879
White William Clayton disability 4.00  
Whitley Chapman A. Danville gunshot wound left shoulder 12.00  
Whitley Emily J. Center Valley widow 8.00  
Williams Nancy North Salem widow 8.00  
Williamson Clement A. Danville chronic bronchitis, disease lungs 50.00  
Williamson Josephus Pittsboro wound left arm 8.00  
Wilson Abigail Lizton widow 8.00 June 1868
Wilson William B. Plainfield wound in chest, shoulder 12.25  
Woods James E. Plainfield wound left lung 18.00  
Worrell Shadrick Montclair survivor 1812 8.00 March 1872
Wynn Jesse W. North Salem gunshot wound right side head 4.00 April 1878
Zimmerman Nancy North Salem widow 1812 8.00 March 1881