Genealogy Data >Index to Final Oaths (1856-1906)

Index to Hendricks County Final Oaths for Naturalization (1856-1906)

Index © 2006 by Meredith Thompson

A Final Oath was the final step in the process to becoming naturalized. Final oaths did not have to be filed in the same court as the declaration of intent, and usually did not contain as much information as the declaration. This index contains the immigrant's name, the page number, the date their final oath was filed in Hendricks County Circuit Court, and a link to the abstract of the final oath. The abstracts are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

BartmanGeorge F.252 November 1896
BergCharles A.262 November 1896
BuergelinEnglehart1529 May 1866
CarlsonGus2413 March 1894
CaserlyThomas1330 August 1860
CaserlyTimothy1230 August 1860
CatanzariteFrancesco3127 March 1906
FowlerStephen1818 January 1888
HissSebastian327 August 1860
HornerJacob57 March 1860
HuberJacob717 April 1860
KelleyMichael2731 May 1899
KilroyJohn301 October 1892
MahonyEdward1423 May 1861
McIntoshJames13 October 1856
MoranJames1126 February 1862
NigerFrederick45 March 1860
O'ConnerDaniel630 August 1859
PetersonCharles A.231 January 1894
PowerMichael J.2125 May 1892
RitterPeter923 July 1860
RoachMaurice163 September 1866
SchaeferCharles3214 September 1906
SchwartzJoseph2929 May 1902
ShumanJacob1019 May 1862
SpellmannGustavus L.1929 May 1891
SpillmanGustavus L.2211 October 1880
StoegerJohn823 July 1860
WallerAlfred285 November 1900
WhyteJohn W.2018 January 1892