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Brownsburg High School--Class of 1939
donated by Mike Phillips

James Agan, Jr. photo
Agan, James, Jr.
Billy DeForrest Arbuckle photo
Arbuckle, Billy DeForrest
Virginia May Brown photo
Brown, Virginia May
Margaret Christian photo
Christian, Margaret
James G. Cornett photo
Cornett, James G.
Evelyn Arleen Coy photo
Coy, Evelyn Arleen
Rita Ellis photo
Ellis, Rita
Lawrence E. Everett photo
Everett, Lawrence E.
Beatrice R. Foist photo
Foist, Beatrice R.
Margie Garner photo
Garner, Margie
Rita Gibbs photo
Gibbs, Rita
Maurine Gilbert photo
Gilbert, Maurine
Allen Richard Good photo
Good, Allen Richard
Joseph Lester Good photo
Good, Joseph Lester
John R. Gregg, Jr. photo
Gregg, John R., Jr.
Mary Josephine Hopper photo
Hopper, Mary Josephine
Violet Lucille Hott photo
Hott, Violet Lucille
Edward E. Johnson photo
Johnson, Edward E.
John A. Leins photo
Leins, John A.
Betty Lou Lynch photo
Lynch, Betty Lou
Mathiew Edwin Mann photo
Mann, Mathiew Edwin
Rose Anna Miller photo
Miller, Rose Anna
Doris Marie Nash photo
Nash, Doris Marie
Forest Jr. Neal photo
Neal, Forest Jr.
Audra Esther Peper photo
Peper, Audra Esther
Merrill G. Phillips photo
Phillips, Merrill G.
Alfred T. Portwood photo
Portwood, Alfred T.
Vera Lucille Richwine photo
Richwine, Vera Lucille
Louis F. Roark photo
Roark, Louis F.
Mildred L. Robinson photo
Robinson, Mildred L.
Eugene Earl Ross photo
Ross, Eugene Earl
Orville M. Sallee, Jr. photo
Sallee, Orville M., Jr.
Lowell E. Schaekel photo
Schaekel, Lowell E.
Robert M. Schakel photo
Schakel, Robert M.
Ida Sillings photo
Sillings, Ida
Betty Jane Smith photo
Smith, Betty Jane
Lillian Smith photo
Smith, Lillian
Ruby Smith photo
Smith, Ruby
Frank B. Warrick photo
Warrick, Frank B.
Wylie A. White photo
White, Wylie A.
Jack M. Wilson photo
Wilson, Jack M.
James P. Snodgrass photo
Snodgrass, James P.
John R. Symmonds photo
Symmonds, John R.
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