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Danville school's 2nd Grade Class
(1929-1930 school year)

Note: The rows are numbered from right to left in this photo. The teacher, Dorothea Thomas, is standing at the back of the class, by the blackboard.

1st row (front to back): Imogene Bolton, Frankie Christie, Stanley Shartle, unknown, Anthony Adams, unknown.

2nd row (front to back): Rosanne Hadley, Billy Clark, Bertha Stanley, Lura Hampton, Hazel Gowin, Marjorie Money, unknown, Howard Hites.

3rd row (front to back): Betty Jean Williams, Harold Brady, Gwendolyn Goodwin, Gwendolyn Johnson, John Henry Davis, Doris Jane Hamilton, Jane Huffman, unknown, unknown.

4th row (front to back): Betty Joan Logan, Jimmy Lowe, Jackie Perkins, Doris Jean Miller, John O'Brien, Lois McClain, Wendell Batman, Wilson Parker, Donald Cox.

5th row (front to back): Nancy Fulkerson, Marguerite Downard, Marjorie Schulmeister, Marjorie Westerfield, Wilma Jean Hurst, Buddy Hites, Jane Roberts, Johnny McCloud, Dean Wray.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Trout (

photo of Danville school's 2nd grade class