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Photo of Football Team

donated by Conni Riley

The year that this photo was taken is unknown, as is the team's location (does the "C" on their uniform perhaps stand for Cartersburg or Clayton?). Any information would be appreciated. Please contact Conni Riley ( if you have any information to share.

Thanks to Phyllis Parsons for researching the birthdates for these players.

Front Row (seated, left to right): Otis Cox (born November 1871); Wilber Powers (born 10 June 1872); Marion Owens (born 4 June 1857); Howard Cox (born 13 October 1869--brother of Otis Cox).
Center Row (seated, left to right): Jim Little (born December 1870); Bob Hufford (born 23 August 1869); Henry Colman (born December 1867); John McCormack (born ?about 1867?); John Graney (born September 1872)
Back Row (standing, left to right): Hubert Brown (born December 1872); Amos McCormack (born 24 February 1870); Frank Morton; Guy Seaton (born September 1873); Evan Davis (born 26 August 1873--married Ethel Parsons); Tobias Kendall (born February 1875); Bob Stephenson (born ?July 1869?)

football team photo