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Meredith Thompson

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Index to 1844 Tax List for Hendricks County, Indiana

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index of a tax list compiled in Hendricks County, Indiana in 1844. This index contains the person's name, the name of the township they lived in, and (if included), the Section, Township, and Range numbers of their parcel of land. NOTE: A person may appear several times on the tax list if they have different parcels of land.

   Last Name       First Name     Civil Township    Section  Township    Range
Adams           Alexander           Marion Twp.
Adams           Charles           Eel River Twp.
Adams           David B.          Eel River Twp.
Adams           John              Eel River Twp.
Adams           Solomon             Middle Twp.
Adams           William           Eel River Twp.
Alderson        Phebe              Guilford Twp.      36        15N        1E
Alexander       Archibald           Middle Twp.       33        17N        1W
Alexander       Archibald           Middle Twp.
Alexander       John               Liberty Twp.
Allen           John                Center Twp.
Allen           John                Marion Twp.
Allen           Joseph              Marion Twp.
Alred           Bourbon            Liberty Twp.
Alred           William            Liberty Twp.
Alumbough       Stephen           Eel River Twp.
Alvey           John                Middle Twp.
Anderson        Joseph              Middle Twp.
Applebay        James               Center Twp.
Applebay        Milton              Center Twp.
Applebay        William             Center Twp.
Appleby         John              Eel River Twp.
Appleton        James             Washington Twp.
Armstrong       Benjamin           Liberty Twp.
Armstrong       George              Center Twp.
Armstrong       James               Center Twp.
Armstrong       John                Marion Twp.
Armstrong       Levi                Marion Twp.
Armstrong       William             Marion Twp.
Arnold          James F.            Center Twp.
Arnold          Stephen             Marion Twp.
Arnold          William             Center Twp.
Asher           Milton             Franklin Twp.
Atkindson       John               Guilford Twp.
Atkins          Andrew              Marion Twp.
Atkins          John                Marion Twp.
Ayers           James               Center Twp.
Babcock         William             Brown Twp.
Baber           Lewis              Liberty Twp.
Baker           Greenberry         Liberty Twp.
Baker           Henry               Marion Twp.
Baker           Jesse               Marion Twp.
Baker           John                Center Twp.
Baker           William             Center Twp.
Baldwin         Eli                Franklin Twp.
Balenger        Levi                Middle Twp.
Bales           Bowater            Liberty Twp.
Bales           Eden              Eel River Twp.
Bales           Edward              Marion Twp.
Bales           Eleazer            Guilford Twp.
Bales           H.W.               Liberty Twp.
Bales           Harvey              Marion Twp.
Bales           Henry             Eel River Twp.
Bales           James               Marion Twp.
Bales           John, Jr.           Center Twp.
Bales           Johnsen             Center Twp.
Bales           William             Center Twp.
Bales           William           Eel River Twp.
Ball            Barnabass           Middle Twp.        6        16N        1E
Ballard         Asa                Guilford Twp.
Ballard         Bevley              Brown Twp.
Ballard         David              Guilford Twp.
Ballard         James               Brown Twp.
Ballard         Joel               Guilford Twp.
Ballard         Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Ballard         Thomas R.          Liberty Twp.
Ballenger       John                Middle Twp.
Bandy           Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Banta           Cornelias          Liberty Twp.
Barber          John                Middle Twp.
Bargo           Daniel              Center Twp.
Bargo           Jacob               Center Twp.
Barker          David              Guilford Twp.
Barker          Grandville         Guilford Twp.
Barker          Isaac              Liberty Twp.
Barker          James              Liberty Twp.
Barker          John               Guilford Twp.
Barker          Robert J.         Washington Twp.
Barker          Samuel            Washington Twp.
Barker          Samuel B.          Liberty Twp.
Barker          Samuel J.          Liberty Twp.
Barker          Samuel Sen.        Liberty Twp.
Barlow          Harvey K.         Washington Twp.
Barlow          T.H.                Marion Twp.
Barnett         William             Marion Twp.
Bartholomew     B.                  Center Twp.
Bartholomew     B.B.               Liberty Twp.
Basack          John                Brown Twp.
Bast            Abraham           Eel River Twp.
Baswell         David              Franklin Twp.
Bateman         Noah              Eel River Twp.
Baugh           Joseph              Center Twp.
Baugh           William             Center Twp.
Baxter          James M.            Brown Twp.
Baxter          John W.             Brown Twp.
Beard           James               Middle Twp.
Beard           W.A.                Middle Twp.
Beasley         Philip             Liberty Twp.
Beck            Asa               Washington Twp.
Beckett         James F.            Marion Twp.
Bell            Charles C.          Center Twp.        2        15N        1W
Bell            Moses               Brown Twp.
Bell            Wesley              Center Twp.
Bellis          William            Liberty Twp.
Benbow          Absalom            Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Benbow          Corner             Franklin Twp.
Benbow          Elam               Franklin Twp.
Benbow          William            Franklin Twp.      34        15N        2W
Benge           James               Middle Twp.
Benge           William             Middle Twp.
Bennett         Jonathan          Washington Twp.
Bernett         Jabez              Guilford Twp.
Berreman        Jesse               Center Twp.
Berry           Allen              Liberty Twp.
Berryman        Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Betts           Charles             Brown Twp.
Betts           Morma D.            Brown Twp.
Betts           Samuel              Brown Twp.
Betts           Thomas              Brown Twp.
Bevard          James               Brown Twp.
Bishop          Joseph             Franklin Twp.
Bishop          William             Center Twp.
Bivans          Andrew             Franklin Twp.
Black           James               Middle Twp.       25        17N        1W
Blacketer       William             Marion Twp.
Blair           Abner              Guilford Twp.
Blair           Enos               Guilford Twp.
Blair           Jesse              Guilford Twp.
Blair           John               Guilford Twp.
Blair           Lindsey            Guilford Twp.
Blair           Marquis            Guilford Twp.
Blair           S.W.                Center Twp.
Blair           Solomon            Guilford Twp.
Blakemore       T.T.              Eel River Twp.      22        17N        2W
Bland           Abraham            Franklin Twp.
Bland           Henry              Franklin Twp.
Bland           Hiram              Franklin Twp.
Bland           James              Franklin Twp.
Bland           William            Franklin Twp.
Blanton         John                Marion Twp.
Blanton         Valuntine           Marion Twp.
Blanton         William             Marion Twp.
Bly             Joshua             Liberty Twp.
Bly             Martin            Eel River Twp.
Bo [illegible] sAmos              Washington Twp.
Bockman         Benjamin           Guilford Twp.
Bohanan         Abner              Liberty Twp.
Bohanan         John Sen.          Liberty Twp.
Bohanan         John, Jr.          Liberty Twp.
Bohanon         Abram              Liberty Twp.
Bond            Robert             Liberty Twp.
Bonifield       M.D.                Center Twp.
Bonifield       Wm.                 Center Twp.
Bonnefield      James              Franklin Twp.
Bonyan          James M.            Marion Twp.
Boots           Bartis              Brown Twp.
Boots           Jacob             Washington Twp.
Boots           Jeptha D.         Washington Twp.
Bopols          John                Brown Twp.
Borders         James              Franklin Twp.
Borders         Thomas             Franklin Twp.
Bowlin          Joseph              Center Twp.
Bowlin          William           Washington Twp.
Bowman          Wm.                 Marion Twp.
Brackney        Hudson             Franklin Twp.
Bradford        Amos               Franklin Twp.
Brattain        Jonathan          Washington Twp.
Bray            Alford              Brown Twp.
Bray            Allen E.            Brown Twp.
Bray            James W.            Brown Twp.
Bray            Richard             Brown Twp.
Bray            Thomas S.           Brown Twp.
Briggs          Alford            Washington Twp.
Briggs          James              Guilford Twp.
Briggs          Stephen           Washington Twp.
Briggs          William           Washington Twp.
Bristow         John                Brown Twp.
Britten         Harmon            Eel River Twp.
Broadstreet     James              Franklin Twp.
Broadstreet     Thomas             Franklin Twp.
Bronaugh        Newton              Marion Twp.
Bronaugh        Thomas              Marion Twp.
Bronaugh        William             Marion Twp.
Brown           Amile              Franklin Twp.
Brown           Bazelton           Guilford Twp.
Brown           Daniel, Jr.         Brown Twp.
Brown           Daniel, Sr.         Brown Twp.
Brown           Eli                Franklin Twp.
Brown           Elias               Marion Twp.
Brown           Francis            Franklin Twp.
Brown           George W.          Guilford Twp.
Brown           Hance              Guilford Twp.
Brown           Isaac              Guilford Twp.
Brown           James               Brown Twp.
Brown           James              Franklin Twp.
Brown           James B.            Brown Twp.
Brown           Joel               Franklin Twp.
Brown           John                Brown Twp.        25        17N        1E
Brown           John                Center Twp.
Brown           John W.            Franklin Twp.
Brown           Levi                Brown Twp.
Brown           Lindsay            Guilford Twp.
Brown           Milton             Guilford Twp.
Brown           Preston           Washington Twp.
Brown           Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Brown           Valentine           Center Twp.
Brown           Volentine J.        Brown Twp.
Brown           William             Middle Twp.
Brumfield       Ezkiel              Brown Twp.
Brumfield       Nathan              Brown Twp.
Bryan           Alexander           Marion Twp.
Bryan           James H.            Marion Twp.
Bryan           John W.            Liberty Twp.
Bryan           Samuel H.           Marion Twp.        7        15N        2W
Bryant          Anderson            Marion Twp.
Bryant          Greenberry         Franklin Twp.
Bryant          John               Liberty Twp.
Bryant          John W.            Franklin Twp.
Bryant          Reuben W.          Franklin Twp.
Bryant          Silas              Franklin Twp.
Bryant          Silas J., Jr.      Franklin Twp.
Bryant          W.P.               Franklin Twp.
Bryant          William             Middle Twp.
Buchanan        George W.          Liberty Twp.
Buchanan        John A.            Liberty Twp.
Buchanan        Levi               Liberty Twp.
Buchanan        Ruben M.           Liberty Twp.
Bunton          George              Center Twp.
Bunton          Harvey H.           Marion Twp.
Bunton          Theodore            Marion Twp.
Bunton          William             Marion Twp.
Burcham         Ruben             Washington Twp.     14        15N        1E
Burgan          James             Eel River Twp.
Burgan          Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Burger          Henry               Center Twp.
Burgess         John W.            Liberty Twp.
Burgess         Thomas F.          Liberty Twp.
Burks           George              Center Twp.
Burks           John D.             Center Twp.
Burks           Perry              Franklin Twp.
Burks           Perry               Middle Twp.
Burks           Thomas A.          Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Burnett         Isaac               Center Twp.
Burris          Bartley            Guilford Twp.
Busby           Miles              Liberty Twp.
Bush            John                Marion Twp.
Busham          McCarty            Liberty Twp.
Bussel          William            Liberty Twp.
Buzzard         David S.            Middle Twp.
Byrd            Larkin            Eel River Twp.
Cain            Morrison           Liberty Twp.
Caldwell        G.L.              Eel River Twp.
Caldwell        Green               Brown Twp.
Caldwell        John               Franklin Twp.
Call            Arnold              Brown Twp.
Callans         Mark              Washington Twp.
Calvert         Robert             Franklin Twp.
Campbell        James             Eel River Twp.
Campbell        Larkin             Franklin Twp.
Campbell        W.H.                Middle Twp.
Canary          John               Liberty Twp.
Caplinger       Henry               Middle Twp.
Caplinger       William             Middle Twp.
Carpenter       George              Brown Twp.
Carpenter       Jefferson          Guilford Twp.
Carpenter       W.P.              Washington Twp.
Carrington      Milton              Middle Twp.
Carrington      Samuel              Middle Twp.
Carson          Cary               Liberty Twp.
Carson          Elisha             Liberty Twp.
Carter          [illegible]        Guilford Twp.
Carter          Benagah             Center Twp.
Carter          Caw.                Center Twp.
Carter          David               Center Twp.
Carter          David              Guilford Twp.
Carter          David E.          Eel River Twp.
Carter          Enoch              Guilford Twp.
Carter          Harlow            Washington Twp.
Carter          Henry, Jr.          Brown Twp.
Carter          Henry, Sen.         Brown Twp.
Carter          Ira                Liberty Twp.
Carter          Jesse              Guilford Twp.
Carter          John                Center Twp.
Carter          John               Guilford Twp.
Carter          L.D.                Center Twp.
Carter          Milton             Franklin Twp.
Carter          Mordica            Guilford Twp.
Carter          R.K.              Eel River Twp.
Carter          Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Carter          Samuel, Jr.        Liberty Twp.
Carter          William             Center Twp.
Carter          William            Franklin Twp.
Carter          William            Guilford Twp.      16        14N        1E
Cartright       Jonathan          Eel River Twp.
Cash            John                Center Twp.
Cash            L.C.                Center Twp.       25        16N        1W
Cash            W.H.                Center Twp.
Cassaday        Isaac               Marion Twp.
Cassel          Martin             Liberty Twp.
Cavett          Moses               Marion Twp.
Caylor          John                Center Twp.        6        15N        1E
Caywood         Asa                 Middle Twp.
Caywood         Henry V.            Middle Twp.
Caywood         John                Middle Twp.       20        16N        1E
Caywood         John                Middle Twp.       20        16N        1E
Caywood         Stephen             Middle Twp.
Caywood         W.N.                Middle Twp.
Chadd           Alvey P.            Marion Twp.
Chadd           David               Marion Twp.
Chadd           Thomas              Marion Twp.
Chadwick        Abner               Middle Twp.       13        16N        1W
Chadwick        James               Middle Twp.
Chaisly         Richard             Center Twp.
Chamness        Edward             Guilford Twp.
Chamness        Owen                Brown Twp.
Chandler        Jacob              Guilford Twp.
Chandler        Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Chandler        Levi               Guilford Twp.
Chandler        Willis             Guilford Twp.
Chapman         W.K.              Washington Twp.
Chew            Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Childs          William            Liberty Twp.
Chrisman        John              Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Christey        James              Franklin Twp.
Christie        James               Marion Twp.
Christie        John                Marion Twp.
Christie        Lemman              Marion Twp.
Christie        William, Jr.        Marion Twp.
Christie        William, Sen.       Marion Twp.
Clampet         John               Franklin Twp.
Clark           Charles             Center Twp.
Clark           Edmund              Center Twp.
Clark           John S.             Middle Twp.
Clark           Joseph              Center Twp.
Clark           Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Clark           Silas G.            Middle Twp.
Clark           William             Center Twp.
Clark           William            Guilford Twp.
Clarke          Z.R.                Center Twp.
Claypool        David             Eel River Twp.
Claypool        J.W.              Eel River Twp.
Claypool        John              Eel River Twp.
Cleghorn        A.M.               Franklin Twp.
Cleghorn        R.M.G.             Franklin Twp.
Clifton         Andrew            Eel River Twp.
Clifton         Jesse               Middle Twp.
Cline           Cornileous          Marion Twp.
Cline           Joseph            Eel River Twp.
Cline           W.C.                Center Twp.
Coate           Henry              Franklin Twp.
Coble           Daniel             Franklin Twp.
Coble           George             Franklin Twp.
Cockerham       David               Brown Twp.        14        17N        1E
Coffer          Stephen             Middle Twp.
Coffin          Charles             Center Twp.
Coffin          Jesse               Center Twp.
Coffin          Joseph              Center Twp.
Collins         John                Middle Twp.
Colman          Benjamin          Washington Twp.
Colman          James             Washington Twp.
Columbia        Henry               Center Twp.
Combs           Elias             Washington Twp.
Combs           Joseph            Washington Twp.
Combs           Levi                Brown Twp.
Comingore       John F.             Center Twp.
Comingore       John R.             Center Twp.
Cook            Jesse              Liberty Twp.       12        14N        1W
Cooper          Cornelious         Franklin Twp.
Cooper          Edmund             Liberty Twp.
Cooper          Lewis              Franklin Twp.
Cooper          Martin             Liberty Twp.
Cooper          Robert             Liberty Twp.
Cope            Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Cord            J.W.                Center Twp.
Cormicheal      Wm.                Liberty Twp.
Cornstabler     James               Brown Twp.
Coshow          Jacob             Eel River Twp.
Cosner          John               Franklin Twp.
Cosner          Timothy            Franklin Twp.
Cosner          William            Franklin Twp.
Cossel          George              Center Twp.
Cossel          Thomas              Center Twp.
Couney          Alford            Washington Twp.
Courtney        Daniel             Liberty Twp.
Covey           Kirby             Washington Twp.
Covey           Robert D.         Eel River Twp.
Cox             Abigah            Washington Twp.
Cox             David             Washington Twp.
Cox             Grodfrey           Franklin Twp.
Cox             Harmon             Guilford Twp.
Cox             Henry               Center Twp.
Cox             John              Eel River Twp.
Cox             Jonathan           Franklin Twp.
Cox             Mincher            Franklin Twp.
Cox             Noble             Washington Twp.
Coyle           James               Center Twp.
Coyle           John M.             Center Twp.
Cozine          Garrett Sen.       Liberty Twp.
Cozine          Garrett, Jr.       Liberty Twp.
Crabb           William             Middle Twp.
Craddwick       Samuel              Center Twp.
Craig           John R.             Brown Twp.
Crawford        Christy             Center Twp.
Crawford        Francis             Center Twp.
Crawford        Moses              Franklin Twp.
Crawford        S.C.                Center Twp.
Crawford        Stwart              Brown Twp.
Crawford        W.S.                Center Twp.
Crawford        William            Liberty Twp.
Cregig          J.R.V. Co.          Brown Twp.
Cress           V.B.                Brown Twp.
Crose           Andrew              Marion Twp.
Cross           John                Center Twp.
Cross           Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Crow            George              Marion Twp.
Crow            Thomas D.           Marion Twp.
Cumings         G.W.                Marion Twp.
Cumins          Francis            Franklin Twp.
Cundiff         John               Franklin Twp.
Cundiff         Lewis J.           Franklin Twp.
Curtis          Peter               Center Twp.
Cuthbertson     G.S.                Marion Twp.
Cuthbertson     Jermiah             Marion Twp.
Cutshall        John               Liberty Twp.
Daggy           John P.            Franklin Twp.
Dale            John              Washington Twp.
Darnall         Henry               Middle Twp.
Darnall         John                Center Twp.
Darnall         Perry V.            Middle Twp.
Darnall         W.C.                Center Twp.
Darnall         W.H.                Middle Twp.
Darnall         William F.          Middle Twp.
Darnall         Wilson M.           Center Twp.
Darrough        John                Marion Twp.
Davidson        Claborn             Middle Twp.
Davidson        Daniel            Eel River Twp.
Davidson        Ezekiel             Middle Twp.
Davidson        James             Eel River Twp.
Davidson        John                Brown Twp.
Davidson        John                Middle Twp.
Davidson        Mary                Brown Twp.
Davidson        Robert M.           Brown Twp.
Davidson        Samuel            Eel River Twp.
Davidson        William           Eel River Twp.
Davis           Benjamin            Middle Twp.
Davis           Benjamin F.         Brown Twp.
Davis           Charles M.        Eel River Twp.
Davis           Enoch             Eel River Twp.
Davis           Evan               Liberty Twp.        8        14N        1E
Davis           Jacob             Eel River Twp.
Davis           James             Washington Twp.
Davis           Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Davis           John              Eel River Twp.
Davis           John, Jr.         Eel River Twp.
Davis           Jonathan          Eel River Twp.
Davis           Nathan            Eel River Twp.
Davis           Walter            Eel River Twp.
Davis           William             Brown Twp.
Davis           William             Middle Twp.
Davis           William Esq.      Eel River Twp.
Davis           William, Jr.      Eel River Twp.
Day             Noah               Liberty Twp.
Day             Thomas              Middle Twp.
Deatley         G.W.              Eel River Twp.
Demoss          David              Guilford Twp.
Demp            Nathan             Guilford Twp.
Denney          Jordan              Marion Twp.       28        16N        2W
Dennis          Burr P.            Guilford Twp.
Depew           Jeremiah            Center Twp.
Devenport       Absolum           Eel River Twp.
Devenport       Isaac             Eel River Twp.
Dewitt          Colbert           Eel River Twp.
Dewitt          William           Eel River Twp.
Dewitt          William           Eel River Twp.
Dicken          James S.           Franklin Twp.
Dicken          P.S.                Center Twp.
Dickson         Andrew R.           Marion Twp.
Dickson         Burton              Brown Twp.
Dickson         George              Marion Twp.
Dickson         Griffith, Jr.       Middle Twp.
Dickson         Larrance           Guilford Twp.
Dickson         Reed                Middle Twp.
Dillion         Amos                Middle Twp.
Dillion         William             Middle Twp.
Dinson          Elihu              Franklin Twp.
Dinson          Silas              Franklin Twp.
Dinweddie       William             Brown Twp.
Dobbens         John              Washington Twp.
Dodd            Booker              Marion Twp.
Dodd            Eligah              Marion Twp.
Dodd            Ennas               Marion Twp.
Dodd            John                Center Twp.
Dodd            John P.             Marion Twp.
Dodd            Reed W.             Marion Twp.
Dodge           Thomas              Marion Twp.
Dodson          Benj. R.            Center Twp.
Dodson          John              Eel River Twp.
Doil            Edward              Brown Twp.        13        17N        1E
Dooley          Moses              Liberty Twp.
Douglass        Isaac               Brown Twp.
Douglass        William             Center Twp.
Dove            Washington         Guilford Twp.
Dove            Zacharias          Guilford Twp.
Dovily          George              Middle Twp.
Downard         Adam                Center Twp.
Downard         James              Guilford Twp.
Downs           David               Center Twp.
Duffey          Micheal            Liberty Twp.
Dugan           James               Center Twp.
Dugan           James               Center Twp.
Duncan          Arthur              Brown Twp.
Duncan          V. Kreigh          Franklin Twp.
Dunlapp         Anterson           Liberty Twp.
Dunnaway        James               Brown Twp.
Durham          Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Durman          Peter               Center Twp.
Duzan           George W.           Center Twp.
Duzan           William             Center Twp.
Eagan           James              Liberty Twp.
Easterling      Calib              Guilford Twp.
Easterling      Enoch              Guilford Twp.
Easterling      Thomas             Guilford Twp.
Edmundson       Francis            Liberty Twp.
Edwards         Hanel              Franklin Twp.
Edwards         John               Franklin Twp.
Edwards         Joshua             Franklin Twp.
Edwards         Solomon            Franklin Twp.
Ellis           George P.           Center Twp.
Ellis           Jesse               Middle Twp.
Ellis           Peyton R.          Liberty Twp.
Ellis           William             Center Twp.
Ellis           William            Liberty Twp.
Elswick         Stephen           Eel River Twp.
Ely             David             Eel River Twp.
Ely             Reuben H.         Eel River Twp.
Emmons          Jahu              Eel River Twp.
English         Charles             Center Twp.
English         Jonathan            Center Twp.
Ensminger       Samuel              Center Twp.
Estes           Edward             Franklin Twp.
Estes           Henry              Guilford Twp.
Estis           Ransom             Franklin Twp.
Etherington     John                Center Twp.
Evans           Andrew H.          Franklin Twp.
Evans           Henry               Brown Twp.
Evans           James             Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Evans           Thomas W.          Franklin Twp.
Falkner         Mumford           Eel River Twp.
Fansler         George             Franklin Twp.
Fansler         Harbard            Franklin Twp.
Farmer          Daniel W.          Guilford Twp.
Farmer          Jacob              Guilford Twp.
Farmer          John               Guilford Twp.
Farmer          Leonard            Guilford Twp.
Farmer          Thompson          Eel River Twp.
Farris          Eli                 Brown Twp.
Farrow          Joseph W.         Eel River Twp.
Faucett         Joseph            Washington Twp.
Faught          George              Middle Twp.
Faught          George W.           Marion Twp.
Faught          Jacob C.          Eel River Twp.
Faught          Paul                Marion Twp.
Fear            John                Middle Twp.
Ferguson        Charles            Liberty Twp.
Fields          Andrew             Liberty Twp.
Fields          Ansell             Guilford Twp.
Fightmaster     Alexander          Liberty Twp.
Fightmaster     Noah               Liberty Twp.
Findley         Havillah           Franklin Twp.
Fisher          William            Franklin Twp.
Fitch           John                Brown Twp.
Fitts           Henry              Franklin Twp.
Flara           Isaac             Washington Twp.
Flathers        Isaac               Middle Twp.
Flathers        John                Center Twp.
Flathers        Lindsey C.          Middle Twp.
Flathers        Thomas              Middle Twp.
Fleece          Charles           Eel River Twp.      17        16N        2W
Fleece          George            Eel River Twp.
Fleece          Jermiah           Eel River Twp.      17        16N        2W
Fleece          Jermiah             Marion Twp.
Fleece          John              Eel River Twp.
Fletcher        Nicodemus         Washington Twp.
Flin            Martin            Eel River Twp.
Flishman        Conrod             Liberty Twp.
Flishman        George             Liberty Twp.
Flood           Stephen           Eel River Twp.
Flynn           James               Marion Twp.
Fogleman        Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Fool            Samuel P.           Center Twp.
Foor            Adam                Brown Twp.        13        17N        1E
Forsythe        John                Middle Twp.
Foster          Joshua             Franklin Twp.
Foster          Shannon             Brown Twp.
Foster          Wm. J.              Middle Twp.
Foster          Zenas             Washington Twp.
Foust           James             Eel River Twp.
Fowler          Jonathan            Middle Twp.
Fowler          Robert              Marion Twp.
Fowler          Skelton            Liberty Twp.
Fox             Barnabas          Washington Twp.
Fox             Eli               Washington Twp.
Fox             Jacob              Franklin Twp.
Fox             John              Washington Twp.
Fox             John S.           Washington Twp.
Frame           David             Washington Twp.
Frankenburger   Saml.               Marion Twp.
Franklin        Joel               Liberty Twp.
Frazee          Moses               Brown Twp.
Frazier         Robert              Center Twp.
Frazure         Wiett              Franklin Twp.
Free            Daniel              Brown Twp.
Freeman         G.W.              Eel River Twp.
Freeman         James               Middle Twp.
Fry             Peter               Marion Twp.
Fullen          Arthur A.         Eel River Twp.
Fullen          Charles A.        Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Furguson        Dabner              Middle Twp.
Furguson        Daniel             Liberty Twp.
Furguson        James              Liberty Twp.
Gambell         Aaron               Brown Twp.
Gambell         Andrew            Washington Twp.
Gambell         John              Washington Twp.
Gambold         John C.            Franklin Twp.
Garner          Solomon B.          Brown Twp.
Garr            Elias S.            Center Twp.
Garr            Simon L.            Center Twp.
Garr            Solomon             Center Twp.
Garrison        Jesse              Franklin Twp.
Garrison        John M.            Franklin Twp.
Garrison        Josiah             Franklin Twp.
Garrison        William            Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Gates           E.E.                Center Twp.
Gates           Hiram              Guilford Twp.
Gates           James              Guilford Twp.
Gatson          Thomas              Middle Twp.
Gentry          Martin              Center Twp.
Gentry          Monroe             Franklin Twp.
Gibbens         David A.            Center Twp.
Gibbens         Lee                 Center Twp.       30        16N        1E
Gibbins         Thomas             Franklin Twp.
Gibbs           George            Washington Twp.
Gibbs           Thomas            Washington Twp.
Gibson          Archibald         Eel River Twp.
Gibson          Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Gilbert         Abraham C.        Washington Twp.
Gilbert         Henry             Washington Twp.
Gilbert         Joseph H.         Washington Twp.
Gilleland       George             Liberty Twp.
Givens          G.A.              Eel River Twp.
Gladden         John              Washington Twp.
Gladwell        Lewis               Brown Twp.
Glaze           George W.          Liberty Twp.
Glover          James              Liberty Twp.
Goodson         James              Guilford Twp.
Gooldsman       Henry D.           Franklin Twp.
Gorham          T.F.                Brown Twp.
Gorrel          James               Center Twp.
Gossett         John              Washington Twp.
Gossett         Joseph            Washington Twp.
Gossett         Nathaniel         Washington Twp.
Gossett         Samuel            Washington Twp.
Graham          G.S.                Brown Twp.
Graham          James               Brown Twp.
Graham          Thomas              Brown Twp.
Graham          Young W.            Marion Twp.
Grandstaff      Henry              Guilford Twp.
Gray            James               Brown Twp.
Gray            James H.            Brown Twp.
Greal           West                Brown Twp.         3        16N        1E
Green           Henry E.            Brown Twp.
Green           Hiram             Washington Twp.
Green           James              Liberty Twp.
Green           James             Washington Twp.     20        15N        1E
Green           James W.            Center Twp.
Green           John A.             Brown Twp.
Green           John C.           Washington Twp.
Green           Jonathan            Center Twp.
Green           Levi              Washington Twp.
Green           Lewis               Brown Twp.
Green           Martin L.           Middle Twp.       15        16N        1W
Green           Morten              Brown Twp.
Green           Phillip             Brown Twp.
Green           Stephen             Center Twp.
Green           W.R.N.             Franklin Twp.
Green           Zeno                Center Twp.
Greenlee        Abner               Marion Twp.
Greeson         George             Guilford Twp.
Gregg           J.M.                Center Twp.
Gregg           James               Center Twp.
Greggs          David               Marion Twp.
Griffin         Thomas              Brown Twp.
Griffith        Benjamin, Jr.       Middle Twp.
Griffith        Benjamin, Sen.      Middle Twp.
Griffith        Jackson             Middle Twp.
Grigg           John                Center Twp.
Grigg           Martin              Center Twp.
Griggs          Hiram               Middle Twp.
Griggs          Jacob               Middle Twp.
Grimes          Elias              Franklin Twp.
Grimes          Eligha             Franklin Twp.
Grimes          John               Franklin Twp.
Gross           John                Marion Twp.
Gross           Jonathan            Middle Twp.
Guibison        William             Brown Twp.         3        16N        1E
Guilliams       Richard             Brown Twp.
Gully           Hardin              Center Twp.
Guyn            Moses              Liberty Twp.
Guyn            Samuel, Sr.        Liberty Twp.
Guynn           Seth                Middle Twp.
Hadden          D.H.              Eel River Twp.
Hadden          James H.          Eel River Twp.
Hadden          Lewis               Marion Twp.
Hadley          Ara                Guilford Twp.
Hadley          Asa                Liberty Twp.
Hadley          Edmund              Marion Twp.
Hadley          Edom              Eel River Twp.
Hadley          Elias              Guilford Twp.
Hadley          Jahu               Franklin Twp.
Hadley          James T.            Center Twp.
Hadley          Jermiah            Guilford Twp.
Hadley          Jermiah            Liberty Twp.
Hadley          Jesse              Guilford Twp.      24        14N        1E
Hadley          Jesse              Guilford Twp.      23        14N        1E
Hadley          Jesse               Marion Twp.
Hadley          Job                Franklin Twp.      26        15N        2W
Hadley          John              Washington Twp.
Hadley          John T.            Franklin Twp.
Hadley          Joshua, Jr.        Liberty Twp.       29        14N        1W
Hadley          Joshua, Sr.        Liberty Twp.
Hadley          Mary               Liberty Twp.
Hadley          Nathan              Marion Twp.
Hadley          Nicholas            Brown Twp.         3        16N        1E
Hadley          Nicholas            Brown Twp.        14        16N        1E
Hadley          Rebeca              Marion Twp.
Hadley          Simon               Center Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Center Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Center Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Center Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.           Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Simon T.            Middle Twp.
Hadley          Thomas             Franklin Twp.
Hadley          Thomas             Guilford Twp.      24        14N        1E
Hadley          Uriah              Guilford Twp.
Hadley          W.T.                Marion Twp.
Hadley          Zeno               Liberty Twp.
Hadon           G.W.                Marion Twp.
Hadon           John                Marion Twp.
Hale            Asa                 Center Twp.
Hale            Henry               Center Twp.
Hale            Stephen             Middle Twp.        1        16N        1W
Hall            W.J.              Eel River Twp.
Hambleton       A.H.                Center Twp.
Hambleton       Abraham             Middle Twp.
Hambleton       D.D.                Center Twp.
Hambleton       Daniel              Center Twp.
Hambleton       J.G.                Center Twp.
Hambleton       John                Center Twp.
Hambleton       W.K.                Center Twp.
Hamblin         Vincent            Liberty Twp.
Hambrick        W.F.                Marion Twp.
Hamlett         William            Guilford Twp.
Hamlett         William             Middle Twp.
Hammond         George W.          Liberty Twp.
Hampton         William             Marion Twp.
Hamrick         John T.             Center Twp.
Hamrick         W.F.                Brown Twp.        21        17N        1E
Hancock         Calvin              Marion Twp.
Hancock         John               Franklin Twp.
Hankins         Gilbert             Marion Twp.
Hankins         Wm.                 Marion Twp.
Hannah          Elizabeth          Liberty Twp.
Hannah          Paterson           Liberty Twp.
Harbison        Alexander           Brown Twp.        23        16N        1E
Harbison        Robert              Brown Twp.
Harbison        Thomas              Brown Twp.        26        16N        1E
Hardin          Jervis F.           Center Twp.
Hardin          John H.             Center Twp.
Hardin          Lewis A.            Center Twp.
Hardin          Stephen            Liberty Twp.
Hardin          William             Center Twp.
Harding         Aaron               Brown Twp.
Harding         Aaron M.            Brown Twp.
Harding         Abraham           Washington Twp.
Harding         Noah                Brown Twp.
Harding         Payne               Brown Twp.
Harding         T.H.                Brown Twp.
Hardwick        James               Center Twp.
Hardwick        Silas               Marion Twp.       35        16N        2W
Hardwick        Stephen             Center Twp.
Hardwick        Thomas              Center Twp.
Hardwick        Wesley              Marion Twp.
Harkings        George              Middle Twp.
Harkrider       Henry              Franklin Twp.
Harkrider       Jacob              Liberty Twp.
Harlan          Jesse              Liberty Twp.
Harlan          Stephen            Liberty Twp.
Harlin          Carter S.          Franklin Twp.
Harlin          Enoch              Franklin Twp.
Harlin          John              Eel River Twp.
Harlin          John               Franklin Twp.
Harlow          John N.           Eel River Twp.
Harper          Allen              Liberty Twp.
Harper          James               Center Twp.
Harper          John               Guilford Twp.
Harper          Thomas            Eel River Twp.
Harper          W.F.                Marion Twp.
Harris          Jesse               Brown Twp.
Harris          Joshua              Brown Twp.
Harris          Michael           Washington Twp.
Harris          Nichodemus          Marion Twp.
Harris          Riley               Brown Twp.
Harris          William             Brown Twp.
Harris          William           Washington Twp.
Harrison        Jasper             Liberty Twp.
Harrison        John               Franklin Twp.
Harrison        John               Liberty Twp.
Harrison        Thomas             Franklin Twp.      19        14N        1W
Hart            John                Marion Twp.
Hartman         Christian         Eel River Twp.
Hartman         George              Center Twp.
Hartman         Jacob               Marion Twp.
Harvey          Jonathan            Center Twp.
Harvey          Robert             Franklin Twp.
Havens          Benjamin            Middle Twp.       36        17N        1W
Hawkins         John W.             Center Twp.
Hawkins         S.S.                Center Twp.
Hawkins         William             Center Twp.
Hayden          James              Liberty Twp.
Hays            J.W.                Center Twp.
Hays            John                Marion Twp.
Hays            W.B.                Marion Twp.
Hayworth        [illegible]        Franklin Twp.
Hayworth        William            Franklin Twp.
Hazzelrigg      Arther              Center Twp.
Hedge           Crockett          Eel River Twp.
Hedge           George            Eel River Twp.
Hedge           John                Marion Twp.
Hedge           W.H.              Eel River Twp.      17        16N        2W
Hedge           W.H.              Eel River Twp.      17        16N        2W
Hedge           William             Marion Twp.
Hefflin         Harrison            Middle Twp.
Helton          George              Center Twp.
Helton          Jermiah             Center Twp.
Helton          Laborn              Center Twp.
Helton          Nathaniel           Middle Twp.
Henderson       J.W.                Brown Twp.
Hendricks       Eli               Eel River Twp.
Hendricks       Henry             Eel River Twp.
Hendricks       Isaac               Middle Twp.
Hendricks       J.B.                Marion Twp.
Hendricks       James               Marion Twp.
Hendricks       Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Hendricks       John               Liberty Twp.
Hendricks       Thomas              Marion Twp.
Herren          Joseph             Liberty Twp.
Herren          Smith              Liberty Twp.
Herren          William            Liberty Twp.
Herring         Azariah            Liberty Twp.
Herring         George             Liberty Twp.
Herring         John               Liberty Twp.
Hethrington     Edward              Middle Twp.
Hiatt           Benjamin           Liberty Twp.
Hiatt           Harmon             Liberty Twp.
Hiatt           Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Hiatt           Uriah B.           Liberty Twp.
Hibbs           James              Franklin Twp.
Hickman         B.H.                Marion Twp.
Hiett           Noah W.            Guilford Twp.
Higgans         Michel              Marion Twp.
Higgans         Thomas              Marion Twp.
Higgens         Daniel              Marion Twp.
Higgens         Daniel              Marion Twp.
Higgins         Willis              Marion Twp.
Highshoe        David               Brown Twp.
Hill            Clark              Franklin Twp.
Hill            Samuel              Middle Twp.       13        16N        1W
Hinshaw         Ezra               Liberty Twp.       20        14N        1E
Hinson          James              Liberty Twp.
Hinton          Milton              Center Twp.
Hinton          William             Center Twp.        9        15N        1W
Hitchcock       Jacob             Washington Twp.     14        15N        1E
Hitt            Samuel              Brown Twp.
Hoadley         Alvey               Brown Twp.        21        16N        1E
Hobbs           William             Brown Twp.
Hobson          Edward             Guilford Twp.
Hobson          Z.W.               Guilford Twp.
Hockesmith      Samuel              Brown Twp.
Hockett         Jesse              Guilford Twp.
Hockett         Jesse M.           Franklin Twp.
Hockett         Jesse Sen.         Guilford Twp.
Hockett         Moses              Guilford Twp.
Hockett         Warner              Marion Twp.
Hodge           Alexander          Franklin Twp.      19        14N        2W
Hodge           Joel               Franklin Twp.
Hodge           Russel             Franklin Twp.
Hodgin          Joel               Guilford Twp.
Hodley          Abram             Washington Twp.
Hodson          B.W.               Guilford Twp.
Hodson          Eli                Franklin Twp.
Hodson          Jermiah             Center Twp.
Hodson          Jesse              Guilford Twp.
Hodson          Joel W.            Franklin Twp.
Hodson          John               Guilford Twp.
Hodson          Joseph              Center Twp.
Hodson          Josiah             Liberty Twp.        8        14N        1E
Hodson          Lindsey            Liberty Twp.
Hodson          Michiel            Guilford Twp.
Hodson          Robert W.          Franklin Twp.
Holder          Epsom              Franklin Twp.
Hollett         Mark                Brown Twp.
Hollett         Thomas              Brown Twp.        15        16N        1E
Hollinsworth    Murza             Washington Twp.
Holloway        Joseph              Brown Twp.
Holly           John                Center Twp.
Holtzclaw       Jacob               Middle Twp.
Holtzclaw       John                Middle Twp.
Holtzclaw       Lewis               Middle Twp.
Homan           Aaron             Washington Twp.
Homan           Nathan B.           Center Twp.
Hooper          James W.            Middle Twp.
Hooten          John              Washington Twp.
Hooten          Thomas            Washington Twp.
Hopkins         William             Brown Twp.
Hopwood         Moses              Liberty Twp.
Hornaday        Elisha            Washington Twp.
Hornaday        Ezkiel            Washington Twp.     21        15N        1E
Hornaday        Isaiah            Washington Twp.     16        15N        1E
Hornaday        Simon              Liberty Twp.       32        15N        1E
Hornaday        William           Washington Twp.
Horniday        Isaiah            Washington Twp.
Horton          William            Guilford Twp.
Howard          Hartly T.           Middle Twp.
Howell          Thomas              Marion Twp.
Huddlestun      Hiram               Brown Twp.
Huddlestun      Oliver              Brown Twp.
Huff            Eldred              Middle Twp.       17        16N        1E
Huff            Elijah              Center Twp.
Huffman         Kellis            Eel River Twp.
Hufford         Gideon            Washington Twp.
Hufford         Joel              Washington Twp.     33        16N        1E
Hughes          Henry               Middle Twp.
Hughs           Jacob               Middle Twp.
Hughs           Thomas              Brown Twp.
Hults           Nathan            Washington Twp.
Hults           Silas             Washington Twp.
Hunt            A.M.               Franklin Twp.
Hunt            Alford             Franklin Twp.
Hunt            Alford             Franklin Twp.

Hunt            Amile              Franklin Twp.
Hunt            Asahel              Marion Twp.
Hunt            Asher               Marion Twp.
Hunt            Calib               Marion Twp.
Hunt            Cyrus              Liberty Twp.
Hunt            Eleazer             Marion Twp.
Hunt            Hiram               Marion Twp.
Hunt            Ithamer             Marion Twp.
Hunt            Johnson           Eel River Twp.
Hunt            Stephen             Marion Twp.
Hunt            Zimri               Marion Twp.
Hunter          Lewis S.            Middle Twp.
Hurin           B.A.              Washington Twp.
Hurin           Seth              Washington Twp.
Hussey          Jediah             Liberty Twp.
Hussey          Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Husting         John                Marion Twp.
Hutchings       Francis            Franklin Twp.
Hutchings       Joshua F.          Franklin Twp.
Hutchings       Richard A.         Franklin Twp.
Hypes           Jacob             Eel River Twp.
Iddings         Joseph            Eel River Twp.
Irons           Edward             Liberty Twp.
Irons           John               Liberty Twp.
Irons           Jonathan L.        Liberty Twp.
Irons           Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Irons           William            Liberty Twp.
Irvin           John                Center Twp.
Jackson         Armstard           Liberty Twp.
Jackson         Iredell            Franklin Twp.
Jackson         John Sen.          Guilford Twp.
Jackson         John, Jr.          Guilford Twp.
Jackson         Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Jackson         Priscilla          Guilford Twp.
Jackson         William            Liberty Twp.
Janes           Lewis               Marion Twp.
Jeffres         Lindsey             Center Twp.
Jeffries        William             Center Twp.
Jelf            James               Brown Twp.
Jelf            Joel                Center Twp.
Jenkins         Greenville          Center Twp.
Jerriss         Thomas              Brown Twp.
Jessop          Alford             Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Elihu              Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Jackson            Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Joel               Guilford Twp.
Jessop          John C.            Guilford Twp.
Jessop          John J.            Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Joseph, Jr.        Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Lewis              Guilford Twp.
Jessop          P.W.               Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Ruben              Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Samuel P.          Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Susana             Guilford Twp.
Jessop          Timothy            Guilford Twp.
Jessup          Levi               Franklin Twp.
Jessup          Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Jessup          W.A.               Franklin Twp.
Jewell          Haddous            Guilford Twp.
Jinkins         David             Washington Twp.
Jinkins         Isaac             Washington Twp.
Johnson         Aaron             Washington Twp.
Johnson         Alford             Guilford Twp.      12        14N        1E
Johnson         Boh                 Brown Twp.
Johnson         Charles           Washington Twp.
Johnson         Edward            Washington Twp.
Johnson         Eli                Guilford Twp.
Johnson         George             Guilford Twp.
Johnson         Jermiah           Washington Twp.
Johnson         Job                Franklin Twp.
Johnson         John                Center Twp.
Johnson         John              Washington Twp.
Johnson         John C.            Guilford Twp.
Johnson         John, Jr.         Washington Twp.
Johnson         Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Johnson         Levi              Washington Twp.
Johnson         Nelson            Washington Twp.
Johnson         Spencer             Marion Twp.
Johnson         Thomas            Washington Twp.
Johnson         W.L.P.             Liberty Twp.
Johnson         William             Brown Twp.
Johnson         William            Liberty Twp.
Jones           Benjamin            Brown Twp.
Jones           Daniel             Guilford Twp.
Jones           James G.          Washington Twp.
Jones           James R.          Eel River Twp.
Jones           James S.           Liberty Twp.
Jones           John               Liberty Twp.
Jones           Josiah            Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Jones           Josiah            Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Jones           R.C.               Liberty Twp.
Jones           Samuel            Eel River Twp.      17        17N        2W
Jones           Soverin           Eel River Twp.
Jones           W.A.              Washington Twp.
Jones           William           Eel River Twp.
Jones           Wynn              Eel River Twp.
Jordan          George             Liberty Twp.
Jordan          John                Brown Twp.         1        16N        1E
Jordan          Joseph W.         Washington Twp.
Jordan          Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Jordan          Samuel            Washington Twp.     20        15N        1E
Jourdan         David               Brown Twp.
Junkens         Noble               Middle Twp.
Keeney          John                Middle Twp.
Keephart        John               Guilford Twp.
Keller          Abraham            Franklin Twp.
Keller          Henry              Franklin Twp.
Kelly           James              Liberty Twp.
Kendall         Hira               Franklin Twp.
Kendall         James G.           Franklin Twp.       1        14N        2W
Kendall         John                Middle Twp.        9        16N        1W
Kendall         Tuble C.            Middle Twp.
Kendall         William             Middle Twp.
Kenneday        Jacob              Guilford Twp.
Kenneday        Jesse               Center Twp.
Kenneday        Jesse Dodson B.R    Middle Twp.        1        16N        1W
Kenneday        Stocton             Middle Twp.
Kersy           James              Franklin Twp.
Kerzey          Eliazer            Franklin Twp.
Kesler          Lewis               Center Twp.
Kester          Richard            Guilford Twp.
Kieth           Aaron               Middle Twp.
Kieth           John S.             Middle Twp.
Kiger           Daniel              Center Twp.
Killmore        Jesse              Guilford Twp.      17        14N        2E
Kinder          George              Center Twp.
Kinder          Robert              Middle Twp.
King            Curtis Sen.         Center Twp.
King            Curtis, Jr.         Center Twp.
King            Eli                 Center Twp.
King            J.W.                Center Twp.
King            John               Franklin Twp.
King            K.H.              Washington Twp.
King            Robert            Washington Twp.
King            Samuel A.         Washington Twp.
King            Thomas              Center Twp.
King            W.A.                Center Twp.
Kingler         Francis           Washington Twp.
Kinsey          Abraham             Brown Twp.
Kinzer          Henry              Guilford Twp.      31        15N        2E
Kinzer          Jacob              Guilford Twp.
Kirkam          James              Liberty Twp.
Kirkam          John               Liberty Twp.
Kirkpatrick     John                Center Twp.
Kise            Abraham           Washington Twp.
Kise            Elisha            Washington Twp.
Kise            William           Washington Twp.
Kivett          Peter              Liberty Twp.
Knott           William             Middle Twp.
Knowls          Thomas              Marion Twp.
Knox            Milam              Franklin Twp.
Kosch           Allen             Washington Twp.
Kosch           Enoch             Washington Twp.
Kreigh          George             Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Kreigh          George             Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Lamb            Calib               Center Twp.
Lamb            Henry               Middle Twp.
Lamb            Joel                Marion Twp.
Lamb            John               Guilford Twp.
Lamb            John R.             Marion Twp.
Lambert         John, Jr.           Middle Twp.
Lambert         John, Sen.          Middle Twp.
Lankford        John C.            Liberty Twp.
Lansdown        Matthew           Eel River Twp.
Larrance        Absolem           Washington Twp.
Larrance        Benjamin           Guilford Twp.
Larrance        John               Guilford Twp.
Larrance        Nathan             Guilford Twp.
Larrance        Wesly             Washington Twp.
Larsh           Charles             Brown Twp.
Larsh           Jonathan          Washington Twp.
Larsh           Joseph            Washington Twp.
Laughlin        John               Liberty Twp.
Lawler          Nicholas           Liberty Twp.
Leach           Anderson            Middle Twp.
Leach           Chas.               Middle Twp.
Leach           Enos                Middle Twp.       32        17N        1W
Leach           Merrideth           Middle Twp.        5        16N        1W
Leak            James               Middle Twp.
Leak            Landrum             Middle Twp.
Leak            Larrance            Middle Twp.
Leak            Leland              Middle Twp.       21        17N        1W
Leak            Lewis               Middle Twp.
Leak            William             Middle Twp.
Lee             Jubillee            Center Twp.
Lerning         Daniel              Marion Twp.
Lewis           Abner               Marion Twp.
Lewis           Abraham             Marion Twp.
Lewis           James L.          Eel River Twp.
Lewis           Joseph              Marion Twp.
Lewis           Joseph P.           Middle Twp.
Lewis           Pellick            Franklin Twp.
Lewis           Stephen T.          Middle Twp.
Linberry        Alford            Washington Twp.
Lingerman       John                Marion Twp.
Lipes           Jonas               Middle Twp.
Little          Alexander          Liberty Twp.
Little          John               Liberty Twp.
Little          Robert             Liberty Twp.
Little          Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Little          William            Liberty Twp.
Lock            William           Washington Twp.
Lockhart        Emanuel           Eel River Twp.
Lockhart        German              Center Twp.
Lockhart        Jno. W.             Brown Twp.
Lockhart        Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Lockman         Thomas              Center Twp.
Lockridge       James               Center Twp.
Logan           B.M.                Brown Twp.
Logan           James               Center Twp.
Long            Augurtha            Middle Twp.
Long            Carnelius         Washington Twp.
Long            Eligah D.          Liberty Twp.
Long            Eligah, Sr.        Liberty Twp.
Long            Jacob               Marion Twp.
Long            Peter K.            Marion Twp.
Long            William             Middle Twp.
Long            Z.B.               Liberty Twp.
Love            Jonathan           Guilford Twp.
Lovel           George             Liberty Twp.
Lovitt          Isaac               Brown Twp.
Lowder          Calib             Washington Twp.
Lowder          James               Brown Twp.
Lowder          Matthew            Guilford Twp.      27        15N        1E
Lower           A.T.                Marion Twp.
Ludlow          John                Center Twp.
Maddison        Anson               Center Twp.
Maham           James               Marion Twp.
Mallett         Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Malone          Benjamin          Washington Twp.
Malone          Isaac             Washington Twp.
Malone          Jacob             Washington Twp.
Malone          John              Washington Twp.
Malone          Milton A.         Washington Twp.
Mandon          Joseph             Franklin Twp.
Mann            Asahel             Franklin Twp.
Mann            Fridrick           Liberty Twp.
Mann            Jackson            Liberty Twp.
Mann            Jesse               Middle Twp.
Mann            William            Franklin Twp.
Manning         John               Liberty Twp.
Mark            Matthew           Eel River Twp.
Mark            Thomas F.         Eel River Twp.      29        17N        2W
Mark            W.H.              Eel River Twp.
Marker          Curtis             Liberty Twp.
Marker          William            Guilford Twp.
Marley          Orrin              Liberty Twp.
Marley          William            Franklin Twp.
Marple          Daniel              Marion Twp.
Marsh           Abraham           Washington Twp.
Marshal         Aaron              Liberty Twp.
Marshall        Joshua             Liberty Twp.
Martin          James             Eel River Twp.
Martin          John               Guilford Twp.
Martin          Menesmether         Marion Twp.
Martin          Richard            Liberty Twp.
Martin          Wesley             Liberty Twp.       17        14N        1E
Martin          William             Middle Twp.
Marvel          Robert              Brown Twp.
Marvin          H.H.                Center Twp.
Mason           George W.          Liberty Twp.
Mason           James              Liberty Twp.
Mason           James R.           Liberty Twp.
Mason           Jesse              Franklin Twp.
Mason           John               Liberty Twp.
Masten          David              Franklin Twp.
Masten          Mathias            Franklin Twp.
Masters         Alexander          Liberty Twp.
Masters         James W.           Liberty Twp.
Masters         Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Mastin          Emanuel            Franklin Twp.
Mastin          John               Franklin Twp.
Mastin          Reuben             Franklin Twp.
Matlock         David               Center Twp.
Matlock         J.T.                Center Twp.
Matlock         J.W.               Franklin Twp.
Matlock         James W.          Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Matlock         James W.          Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Matlock         W.L.                Center Twp.
Matlock         W.L.V.              Center Twp.
Matlock         W.T.               Liberty Twp.
Matlock         W.W.                Center Twp.
Matthews        J.J.               Franklin Twp.
Matthews        John M.            Guilford Twp.
Matthews        William            Franklin Twp.
May             William             Center Twp.
McAnnelly       John                Center Twp.
McBee           Lemuel              Middle Twp.
McBee           Lemuel              Middle Twp.
McBee           William            Liberty Twp.
McCalment       Alexander, Jr.    Washington Twp.
McCalment       Joseph            Washington Twp.
McCalment       Robert            Washington Twp.
McCaslin        Eli                Guilford Twp.
McCaslin        Harmon              Middle Twp.
McCaslin        James               Brown Twp.
McCaslin        John                Brown Twp.
McClain         James             Washington Twp.
McClain         Micheal           Washington Twp.
McClellen       Jonathan          Washington Twp.
McClintick      Hezkiah             Middle Twp.
McCloskey       Alexander           Brown Twp.
McCloud         George W.          Franklin Twp.
McClurdy        James T.           Liberty Twp.
McClure         Arthur             Liberty Twp.
McClure         David              Liberty Twp.
McClure         James              Liberty Twp.
McClure         Joseph            Washington Twp.
McClure         William, Sen.      Liberty Twp.
McClure         Wm. P.             Liberty Twp.
McCormick       Albert             Liberty Twp.
McCormick       Amos               Liberty Twp.
McCormick       H.S.                Center Twp.
McCormick       H.S.                Center Twp.
McCormick       H.S.                Center Twp.
McCormick       H.S.                Center Twp.
McCormick       Samuel             Liberty Twp.
McCormick       William            Liberty Twp.
McCoun          James               Marion Twp.
McCoun          James L.            Marion Twp.
McCoun          John S.             Center Twp.
McCoun          R.C.S.              Center Twp.
McCrackin       Isaac               Center Twp.
McCrackin       Wm.                Guilford Twp.      16        14N        1E
McCreery        John              Washington Twp.
McCroskey       Blair               Middle Twp.
McCullister     James               Brown Twp.
McDaniel        Asa                 Brown Twp.
McDaniel        Isaac               Brown Twp.
McDaniel        Jacob               Brown Twp.
McDaniel        John                Brown Twp.
McDaniel        Jonathan            Brown Twp.
McDaniel        Samuel             Liberty Twp.
McDaniel        Sanford           Eel River Twp.
McDaniel        W.B.              Washington Twp.
McDaniel        William             Brown Twp.
McDuffey        John               Liberty Twp.
McGee           Robert              Center Twp.
McGee           William             Center Twp.
McGowen         Jermiah             Marion Twp.
McGown          James               Middle Twp.
McGraw          John               Guilford Twp.
McHaffe         A.E.               Franklin Twp.
McIninch        Daniel             Franklin Twp.
McIninch        Samuel             Franklin Twp.
McIntush        John              Eel River Twp.      15        17N        2W
McKee           Hugh               Franklin Twp.
McKee           John                Brown Twp.
McKinsey        C.N.              Washington Twp.
McKinsey        Mordica           Washington Twp.
McLeod          Alexander          Liberty Twp.
McLeod          Archibald          Franklin Twp.
McLeod          John              Eel River Twp.
McLeod          Levi              Eel River Twp.
McLeod          Robert             Liberty Twp.
McLeod          Thomas             Franklin Twp.
McLeod          William             Middle Twp.
McLoud          John               Liberty Twp.
McMahan         Jesse             Eel River Twp.
McMahan         William             Middle Twp.
McMullen        J.J.               Liberty Twp.
Mcpherson       Aaron              Liberty Twp.
McPherson       James              Guilford Twp.
McPheters       Samuel              Center Twp.
McVay           Alexander           Center Twp.
McVay           George              Marion Twp.
McVay           James              Franklin Twp.
McVay           James             Washington Twp.
McVay           John               Liberty Twp.
Mead            Peter, Jr.          Center Twp.
Meds            Peter               Center Twp.
Melage          Samuel              Center Twp.
Mendenhall      Alexander          Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      David              Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      Jacob              Franklin Twp.
Mendenhall      Jonathan           Franklin Twp.
Mendenhall      Joseph B.          Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      Miles              Franklin Twp.       4        14N        2W
Mendenhall      Moses              Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      Richard            Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall      Temple             Guilford Twp.
Menefee         Austin            Washington Twp.
Menefee         Galen             Washington Twp.
Meredith        Nathan             Liberty Twp.
Merrill         W.S.                Center Twp.
Merritt         Allen             Washington Twp.
Merritt         Armstard          Washington Twp.
Merritt         George S.         Washington Twp.
Merritt         George W.         Washington Twp.
Merritt         William             Marion Twp.
Metsker         Peter               Brown Twp.
Middleton       John                Middle Twp.
Miles           Elishua             Center Twp.
Miles           John               Liberty Twp.       12        14N        1E
Miles           John                Middle Twp.
Miller          B.W.              Eel River Twp.
Miller          Campbell            Brown Twp.
Miller          Henry               Center Twp.
Miller          John               Liberty Twp.
Miller          John              Washington Twp.
Miller          John              Washington Twp.
Miller          Minas H.          Washington Twp.
Miller          Scott             Washington Twp.
Miller          T.B.                Marion Twp.
Miller          Thomas              Marion Twp.
Miller          William            Liberty Twp.
Miller          Willis            Washington Twp.
Millhause       Robert             Guilford Twp.
Millikan        John               Liberty Twp.
Millikane       Benjamin           Guilford Twp.       4        14N        1E
Mills           David              Guilford Twp.
Mills           Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Mills           Joseph             Liberty Twp.
Mills           Josiah             Liberty Twp.
Mills           Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Mills           W.C.               Guilford Twp.
Miner           Albert G.         Eel River Twp.
Mitchel         Alexander           Middle Twp.
Mitchel         Hiram               Center Twp.
Mitchel         Joseph             Franklin Twp.
Mitchel         Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Mitchel         Solomon             Center Twp.
Mitchel         William             Center Twp.
Mobley          B.N.                Center Twp.
Moffett         Jonathan           Guilford Twp.
Moffett         Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Money           John                Middle Twp.
Montague        Clemment          Washington Twp.
Monteeth        William             Brown Twp.
Montgomery      George              Marion Twp.
Montgomery      James               Brown Twp.
Montgomery      James E.            Middle Twp.
Montgomery      Joseph              Marion Twp.
Montgomery      Robert              Center Twp.
Montgomery      Samuel              Brown Twp.
Montgomery      Samuel            Washington Twp.
Montgomery      Temple             Guilford Twp.
Montgomery      William             Middle Twp.
Montgomery      Wm.                 Center Twp.
Moon            Benjamin            Center Twp.
Moon            James               Center Twp.
Moon            James              Guilford Twp.
Moon            John               Franklin Twp.
Moon            John B.            Liberty Twp.
Moon            Ransom             Guilford Twp.
Moon            William             Center Twp.
Moon            William B.          Center Twp.
Moore           Ezekiel           Washington Twp.
Moore           George Sen.       Washington Twp.
Moore           George W.         Washington Twp.     33        16N        1E
Moore           H.H.                Brown Twp.
Moore           J.K.                Center Twp.
Moore           John              Washington Twp.
Moore           Joshua              Center Twp.
Moore           R.C.               Liberty Twp.
Moore           S.G.               Liberty Twp.
Moore           Samuel              Center Twp.
Moore           Shields            Guilford Twp.
Moore           Timothy             Brown Twp.
Moore           W.B.                Marion Twp.
Moore           William           Washington Twp.
Morgan          David             Washington Twp.
Morgan          Henry              Guilford Twp.
Morgan          Hezkiah            Guilford Twp.
Morgan          Obediah            Guilford Twp.
Morgan          Wesley              Marion Twp.
Morris          Alexander           Center Twp.
Morris          Gideon            Washington Twp.
Morris          Joseph             Franklin Twp.
Morris          Joseph              Middle Twp.
Morris          Shadwick          Washington Twp.
Morris          Thornton            Brown Twp.
Morris          William           Washington Twp.
Morten          Charles            Guilford Twp.
Morten          James M.           Franklin Twp.
Mourning        Benjamin            Middle Twp.
Mull            John               Liberty Twp.
Mullen          Eli               Washington Twp.
Mullen          Robert            Washington Twp.
Murcer          Seth              Eel River Twp.
Murphy          Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Murray          Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Myers           Richard           Washington Twp.
Myres           Fredrick          Washington Twp.
Myres           Jacob, Jr.          Brown Twp.
Myres           Jacob, Sr.          Brown Twp.
Myres           John               Franklin Twp.
Naham           Leopoed           Eel River Twp.
Nash            Daniel              Brown Twp.
Nash            George B.           Brown Twp.
Nash            Isaac C.            Brown Twp.
Nash            Richard E.          Brown Twp.
Nash            Thomas              Brown Twp.
Nausler         Boston              Middle Twp.
Nausler         Lewis               Middle Twp.
Nave            C.C.                Brown Twp.        23        16N        1E
Nave            C.C.                Brown Twp.        28        16N        1E
Nave            C.C.                Brown Twp.        25        17N        1E
Nave            C.C.                Brown Twp.        26        17N        1E
Nave            C.C.                Brown Twp.        34        17N        1E
Nave            C.C.                Center Twp.
Naylor          William             Center Twp.
Neff            George            Eel River Twp.      22        17N        2W
Neff            George            Eel River Twp.      22        17N        2W
Neff            Jacob             Eel River Twp.
Neff            John, Jr.         Eel River Twp.
Neff            John, Sen.        Eel River Twp.
Nelson          John                Middle Twp.
Nelson          Whitson             Brown Twp.
Nevels          James               Marion Twp.       24        16N        2W
Nevels          Thomas              Marion Twp.
Newby           William            Guilford Twp.
Newell          Jermiah             Middle Twp.
Newham          Daniel              Brown Twp.
Newham          Thomas              Brown Twp.
Newland         David              Guilford Twp.
Newland         Eli                Guilford Twp.
Newland         Elias              Guilford Twp.
Newland         Fineans            Guilford Twp.
Newland         Joshua             Guilford Twp.
Newman          Edward             Franklin Twp.
Newman          J.L.               Franklin Twp.
Newman          John                Middle Twp.
Newman          John C.            Franklin Twp.
Newman          John, Jr.          Franklin Twp.
Newman          John, Sen.         Franklin Twp.      18        14N        2W
Newman          Thomas              Middle Twp.
Newman          Thomas            Washington Twp.
Newman          W.E.                Middle Twp.
Newman          William             Middle Twp.
Newton          Harrison            Middle Twp.
Nicholas        Erasmus             Marion Twp.
Nicholas        James               Center Twp.
Nicholas        Milton              Middle Twp.
Nicholas        Thomas              Center Twp.
Nifong          Daniel              Middle Twp.
Norman          Allen              Liberty Twp.
Norman          Hiram              Liberty Twp.
Northcutt       Thomas              Middle Twp.
Norton          Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Nosler          Hiram              Liberty Twp.
Odell           Isaac H.           Liberty Twp.
Odell           Jacob R.           Liberty Twp.
Odell           James S.           Liberty Twp.
Odell           Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Olinger         Henry             Washington Twp.
Olman           Paris             Washington Twp.
Orrick          John               Liberty Twp.
Orth            Lewis              Franklin Twp.
Osborn          Abner               Center Twp.
Osborn          Daniel             Franklin Twp.
Osborn          David               Center Twp.
Osborn          David               Middle Twp.
Osborn          Eligah K.           Center Twp.
Osborn          Hardin             Liberty Twp.
Osborn          Henry               Center Twp.       20        15N        1W
Osborn          Ira E.              Center Twp.
Osborn          Isaac              Guilford Twp.
Osborn          Jesse               Center Twp.
Osborn          Job                 Center Twp.
Osborn          Joseph              Center Twp.
Osborn          Nicholas           Liberty Twp.
Osborn          Richard Sen.      Washington Twp.
Osborn          Richard, Jr.      Washington Twp.
Osborn          William            Liberty Twp.
Ottoman         Phillip           Eel River Twp.      18        17N        2W
Owen            Alford            Eel River Twp.
Owen            Benjamin Sen.      Guilford Twp.
Owen            Benjamin, Jr.      Guilford Twp.
Owen            Horatio           Eel River Twp.
Owen            James              Guilford Twp.
Owen            John              Washington Twp.
Owen            Jonathan           Guilford Twp.      36        15N        1E
Owen            Leonard           Washington Twp.
Owen            Samuel Sen.        Guilford Twp.
Owen            Samuel, Jr.        Guilford Twp.
Owen            William            Franklin Twp.
Pace            Murry               Middle Twp.
Page            Chesley           Eel River Twp.
Page            John               Franklin Twp.
Page            Jordon             Franklin Twp.
Page            Preston L.         Franklin Twp.
Page            Williamson        Eel River Twp.
Palmer          Gilbert           Washington Twp.
Parker          B.S.B.              Marion Twp.
Parker          John L.             Middle Twp.       17        16N        1E
Parker          Joshua D.           Center Twp.
Parker          Wm. O.              Middle Twp.       20        16N        1E
Parks           James               Brown Twp.
Parks           James M.            Middle Twp.
Parks           Jonathan            Middle Twp.
Parks           Moses, Jr.          Middle Twp.
Parks           Moses, Sen.         Middle Twp.
Parnall         James             Washington Twp.
Parson          Benjamin           Liberty Twp.
Patterson       Francis             Brown Twp.
Patterson       John                Brown Twp.
Patterson       John                Brown Twp.
Patterson       Jonathan            Brown Twp.
Patterson       Robert             Guilford Twp.
Payn            O.H.              Washington Twp.
Payne           Absalum           Washington Twp.
Pead            John                Brown Twp.
Pearce          Hiram              Liberty Twp.
Pearce          Isaac             Eel River Twp.
Pearce          James, Jr.        Eel River Twp.
Pearce          James, Sen.       Eel River Twp.
Pearce          Nathaniel L.      Washington Twp.
Pearcy          John                Center Twp.
Pearcy          Lewis               Center Twp.
Pearson         Auguston            Marion Twp.
Pearson         Henry               Marion Twp.
Pearson         James A., Jr.      Franklin Twp.
Pearson         James, Sen.        Franklin Twp.
Pearson         John, Jr.           Marion Twp.
Pearson         John, Sen.          Marion Twp.
Pearson         Robert              Marion Twp.
Pearson         Samuel              Center Twp.
Pearson         Thomas              Center Twp.
Pearson         Wesley P.          Franklin Twp.
Pearson         William             Center Twp.
Pearson         William             Marion Twp.
Pecham          Thomas              Brown Twp.
Pegg            William             Brown Twp.
Pennery         Asburry             Middle Twp.
Pennery         Samuel              Middle Twp.
Pennington      Levi              Eel River Twp.
Pennington      Preston           Eel River Twp.
Perkins         John                Brown Twp.
Perkins         Joseph              Brown Twp.
Perkins         Joshua            Washington Twp.
Perkins         Ruben             Washington Twp.
Perry           Edmund              Brown Twp.
Perry           Henry             Washington Twp.
Petty           Isaac              Liberty Twp.
Petty           James              Liberty Twp.
Petty           Jesse              Liberty Twp.
Petty           Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Phillip         Eli                Franklin Twp.
Phillips        Levi               Franklin Twp.
Phillips        Media A.            Brown Twp.         2        16N        1E
Phillips        Nathan             Franklin Twp.
Phillips        Samuel             Franklin Twp.
Pickett         Benjamin           Franklin Twp.      31        15N        1W
Pickett         Joshua             Franklin Twp.
Pigg            Andrew            Eel River Twp.
Pike            Trustrum           Franklin Twp.
Pike            William            Liberty Twp.
Pinson          John               Guilford Twp.
Pitts           Jonathan           Guilford Twp.
Plasters        William             Marion Twp.
Plummer         Joseph            Eel River Twp.
Poak            John                Brown Twp.
Poe             John                Center Twp.
Poe             Richard             Center Twp.
Pointer         Edward              Brown Twp.
Pollock         Alexander         Washington Twp.
Pope            James N.           Liberty Twp.
Pope            John              Washington Twp.
Pope            T.J.               Liberty Twp.
Pope            William, Sen.      Liberty Twp.
Pope            Wm., Jr.           Liberty Twp.
Porter          Mark W.           Eel River Twp.
Potter          Hannah              Marion Twp.       12        15N        2W
Potter          Zadock              Marion Twp.
Potter          Zebedee           Washington Twp.
Potts           Andrus J.           Brown Twp.
Potts           David              Guilford Twp.      35        15N        1E
Potts           Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Potts           Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Powell          Isaac             Washington Twp.
Powers          Allen               Center Twp.
Powers          Henry               Center Twp.
Powers          Lewis               Center Twp.
Powns           Lewis T.            Middle Twp.
Prather         James H.           Liberty Twp.
Prather         William            Liberty Twp.
Pray            Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Prebster        Christian           Brown Twp.
Prebster        Emanuel             Brown Twp.
Prebster        Fredrick            Brown Twp.
Prebster        John A.             Brown Twp.
Prebster        Reuben              Brown Twp.
Prewett         David              Guilford Twp.
Prichett        John                Middle Twp.
Prickett        John A.            Guilford Twp.
Proctor         Harmon            Eel River Twp.
Pruett          James              Guilford Twp.
Purcell         Alexander          Liberty Twp.
Ragan           Abner               Marion Twp.
Ragan           James M.            Marion Twp.
Ragan           John               Guilford Twp.
Ragan           Reuben S.           Marion Twp.
Ragan           Robert              Marion Twp.
Ragan           W.B.               Guilford Twp.
Ragan           Zachriah            Marion Twp.
Ragland         Dudley              Marion Twp.
Ragland         John                Marion Twp.
Rainer          Henry               Marion Twp.
Rains           Ishmeal            Guilford Twp.
Rammel          Eli                 Center Twp.        3        15N        1W
Rammel          Henry               Center Twp.
Rammel          Simon               Center Twp.
Ramsey          Catharine          Guilford Twp.
Ramsey          Jesse               Brown Twp.
Ramsey          Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Raney           N.K.                Brown Twp.
Rariden         Newell             Guilford Twp.
Ray             Joseph              Center Twp.
Readmond        John               Guilford Twp.
Reece           Jacob              Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Reece           Jacob              Franklin Twp.      16        14N        2W
Reed            James               Middle Twp.
Reed            Osborn             Franklin Twp.
Reed            Thomas N.          Liberty Twp.        9        14N        1W
Reeve           Charles            Guilford Twp.
Reitzel         David              Franklin Twp.
Renard          Joel               Guilford Twp.
Reynearson      Jacob               Marion Twp.
Reynearson      John               Liberty Twp.
Reynolds        Charles            Guilford Twp.
Reynolds        Edward              Middle Twp.
Reynolds        James               Marion Twp.
Reynolds        Joseph              Middle Twp.       26        17N        2W
Reynolds        Joseph              Middle Twp.       26        17N        2W
Reynolds        Samuel              Middle Twp.
Reynolds        William             Middle Twp.
Rice            Lewis               Brown Twp.
Richard         William             Marion Twp.
Richards        Joseph            Washington Twp.
Richardson      Daniel             Liberty Twp.
Richardson      Green              Liberty Twp.
Richardson      John              Eel River Twp.
Richardson      M.F.                Marion Twp.
Richardson      Moses               Middle Twp.
Richardson      Richard             Middle Twp.
Richardson      Wm.                Franklin Twp.
Ritter          James              Guilford Twp.
Roach           A.C.               Liberty Twp.
Roads           George             Liberty Twp.
Robbards        William            Franklin Twp.
Roberts         Benjamin           Liberty Twp.
Roberts         Eligha O.           Middle Twp.
Roberts         Isaac             Washington Twp.
Roberts         John D.             Brown Twp.
Roberts         John S.            Liberty Twp.
Roberts         Larkin F.          Liberty Twp.
Roberts         Mourning            Center Twp.
Roberts         Thomas, Jr.         Middle Twp.
Roberts         Thomas, Sen.        Middle Twp.
Roberts         William             Middle Twp.
Robins          Christopher         Marion Twp.       16        16N        2W
Robins          Jacob               Marion Twp.
Robins          John                Marion Twp.
Robins          Joseph            Eel River Twp.
Robins          Lemmick             Marion Twp.
Robins          William, Jr.        Marion Twp.
Robins          William, Sen.       Marion Twp.
Rogers          Eli                 Center Twp.
Rogers          Henry              Liberty Twp.
Rogers          Hillis H.           Center Twp.
Rogers          James B.            Middle Twp.
Rogers          Sandford            Center Twp.
Rogers          Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Rogers          William             Center Twp.
Rogers          Willis              Middle Twp.
Roley           Elias              Franklin Twp.
Rose            Lewis A.            Marion Twp.
Rosenbum        Andrew              Middle Twp.
Ross            Alexander         Washington Twp.
Ross            Eli               Washington Twp.
Ross            James             Washington Twp.
Ross            John              Washington Twp.
Ross            Joseph            Washington Twp.
Ross            Robert            Washington Twp.
Ross            Walter T.         Washington Twp.
Roy             Asa                 Middle Twp.
Roy             David               Middle Twp.
Roy             Evan                Middle Twp.
Roy             John W.             Middle Twp.
Roy             Thomas              Brown Twp.
Roy             Thomas, Sen.        Middle Twp.
Ruggles         George              Brown Twp.
Ruggles         James               Brown Twp.
Rushton         Jesse              Liberty Twp.
Rushton         John               Guilford Twp.
Rushton         Joshua             Liberty Twp.
Rushton         Samuel             Guilford Twp.
Rushton         Solomon            Franklin Twp.
Rushton         W.R.               Liberty Twp.
Rushton         William            Liberty Twp.
Russel          R.C.                Center Twp.
Russel          Smith             Eel River Twp.
Rutlage         Fountain          Washington Twp.
Sackett         Lelus              Guilford Twp.
Saferight       John               Guilford Twp.
Samuel          Mordica            Franklin Twp.
Samuel          Thomas              Marion Twp.
Sangston        George             Guilford Twp.
Saunders        Aaron              Liberty Twp.
Saunders        Benjamin, Jr.     Washington Twp.
Saunders        Benjamin, Sr.     Washington Twp.     14        15N        1E
Saunders        Hezkiah            Guilford Twp.
Saunders        Isaac              Guilford Twp.
Saunders        John               Guilford Twp.
Saunders        John               Liberty Twp.
Saunders        John              Washington Twp.
Saviteer        William            Liberty Twp.
Sawyers         Eli                Liberty Twp.
Scammerhorn     Nathan            Eel River Twp.
Scherer         John               Franklin Twp.
Scott           Francis             Middle Twp.
Scott           James               Middle Twp.
Scott           John                Middle Twp.
Scott           Nathaniel         Eel River Twp.
Scott           Samuel            Eel River Twp.
Scott           Tandy              Liberty Twp.
Scott           Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Scott           William            Franklin Twp.
Sears           Wesly B.            Marion Twp.
Sears           William             Marion Twp.
Selch           Peter              Liberty Twp.
Sexton          W.R.              Eel River Twp.
Shackelford     Bailer              Center Twp.
Shackelford     D.R.                Center Twp.
Shackelford     G.L.                Middle Twp.
Shackelford     Ruben               Center Twp.
Shackelford     William             Middle Twp.
Shanklin        John                Brown Twp.
Shanklin        Luther              Brown Twp.
Shannon         E.W.                Marion Twp.       16        16N        2W
Shannon         James W.          Eel River Twp.
Shannon         Samuel B.           Marion Twp.
Sharp           James               Marion Twp.
Sharp           Joseph              Marion Twp.
Shawver         George W.         Washington Twp.
Shawver         William           Washington Twp.
Shearley        William            Liberty Twp.
Shelledy        Andrew              Center Twp.
Shelton         Thomas            Washington Twp.
Shepherd        Bazil              Liberty Twp.
Shepherd        Samuel              Middle Twp.
Shepherd        Solomon            Liberty Twp.
Shipler         B.S.                Marion Twp.
Shirley         James               Brown Twp.        21        16N        1E
Shirley         Maletus             Brown Twp.
Shirley         Martin              Brown Twp.
Shirley         William             Brown Twp.
Shirley         William           Washington Twp.
Shively         A.W.               Liberty Twp.
Shoemaker       George             Liberty Twp.
Shoemaker       Jacob             Eel River Twp.
Simmons         William             Brown Twp.
Simpson         Joseph             Liberty Twp.
Skanks          Isaac               Brown Twp.
Skillman        W.M.                Center Twp.
Slaughter       Pleasant           Liberty Twp.
Smith           Able                Middle Twp.
Smith           Archibald           Brown Twp.
Smith           Austin              Marion Twp.
Smith           B.R.              Eel River Twp.
Smith           Benj. T.            Brown Twp.
Smith           Benjamin           Guilford Twp.
Smith           Drury             Eel River Twp.
Smith           Eligah              Brown Twp.
Smith           Eligha              Middle Twp.
Smith           George             Liberty Twp.
Smith           Hackney            Liberty Twp.
Smith           Harrison           Liberty Twp.
Smith           Harrison            Marion Twp.
Smith           Hugh P.           Washington Twp.
Smith           Isaac               Brown Twp.
Smith           Jackson W.          Center Twp.
Smith           James               Brown Twp.
Smith           James               Center Twp.
Smith           James              Franklin Twp.
Smith           James K.            Brown Twp.
Smith           Jermiah            Franklin Twp.
Smith           Joel                Brown Twp.
Smith           John                Center Twp.
Smith           John J.            Liberty Twp.
Smith           John W.           Washington Twp.     10        15N        1E
Smith           Levi                Marion Twp.
Smith           M.L.              Washington Twp.     29        16N        1E
Smith           Ralph               Middle Twp.
Smith           Rial                Brown Twp.
Smith           Simeon              Marion Twp.
Smith           Thomas              Brown Twp.
Smith           Thomas, Jr.         Brown Twp.
Smith           Thomas, Sr.         Brown Twp.
Smith           Wm. B.             Franklin Twp.
Smoot           Almond              Brown Twp.
Snider          Henry              Liberty Twp.
Snoddy          William            Franklin Twp.
Snodgrass       Benjamin            Center Twp.
Snodgrass       Benjamin, Jr.      Liberty Twp.
Snodgrass       James               Center Twp.
Snodgrass       John               Liberty Twp.
Snodgrass       Nathan             Liberty Twp.
Snodgrass       Robert, Sr.        Liberty Twp.
Snody           Absolum            Franklin Twp.
Soduskey        John                Brown Twp.
Sowders         Fredrick            Center Twp.
Sparks          David               Brown Twp.
Sparks          Galen               Brown Twp.
Sparks          Isaac             Washington Twp.
Sparks          T.J.C.              Middle Twp.
Sparks          William           Washington Twp.     11        15N        1E
Spears          John              Eel River Twp.      35        17N        2W
Spickelmire     Aaron               Middle Twp.
Spickelmire     Abram               Middle Twp.
Spickelmire     Elisha              Middle Twp.
Spickelmire     James               Middle Twp.
Spickelmire     Jesse               Middle Twp.
Spickelmire     John                Marion Twp.
Spicklemire     Adam                Middle Twp.
Sport           Garing             Liberty Twp.
Spray           James             Washington Twp.
Stafford        Matthew             Marion Twp.
Stalker         George             Guilford Twp.
Stanley         Able                Center Twp.
Stanley         Harvey             Franklin Twp.       1        14N        2W
Stanley         Nathan              Center Twp.
Stanley         Robert B.          Franklin Twp.
Stanley         Robert B.          Franklin Twp.
Stanley         Samuel              Marion Twp.
Stanley         William             Center Twp.
Stanly          Isaac              Franklin Twp.
Stanly          Matthew            Guilford Twp.
Starbuck        Samuel             Guilford Twp.      32        15N        2E
Steerman        William             Marion Twp.
Stephens        English             Marion Twp.
Stephens        Isaac               Marion Twp.
Stephenson      Stephen             Marion Twp.       14        15N        2W
Stevenson       Isaac               Marion Twp.
Stevenson       Isaac W.            Marion Twp.
Stevenson       Paden               Marion Twp.
Stevenson       William             Marion Twp.
Stewart         Henry               Brown Twp.
Stocton         James              Liberty Twp.
Stocton         Robert             Liberty Twp.
Stocton         Thomas             Liberty Twp.
Stoker          Perry               Middle Twp.
Stoker          Tyre                Middle Twp.
Stone           John               Guilford Twp.
Stoubaugh       James               Brown Twp.
Stout           A.C.               Liberty Twp.
Stout           David             Washington Twp.
Stout           Jesse              Liberty Twp.
Stout           Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Stout           William            Liberty Twp.
Stout           William           Washington Twp.
Strange         Edward              Center Twp.
Straughan       E.D.H.             Liberty Twp.
Stricklin       Able                Center Twp.
Stricklin       Joseph            Washington Twp.
Stright         Daniel F.           Center Twp.
Strong          John                Brown Twp.
Stuart          Hiram             Eel River Twp.
Stuart          James W.            Center Twp.
Stuart          John              Eel River Twp.
Stuart          Simon              Liberty Twp.
Stuart          William           Eel River Twp.
Stutesman       David               Center Twp.
Stutesman       John              Eel River Twp.
Sumner          Caleb              Guilford Twp.
Surber          Samuel              Middle Twp.
Swaim           Anthony             Brown Twp.
Swaim           Blake               Marion Twp.
Swaim           L.D.                Brown Twp.
Swaim           Timothy            Franklin Twp.      32        15N        2W
Swain           John                Middle Twp.
Swain           Manoah              Brown Twp.
Swain           Micheal            Franklin Twp.
Swain           Nathan              Middle Twp.
Swindler        C.T.               Liberty Twp.
Swindler        Harrison           Liberty Twp.
Swindler        John                Middle Twp.
Sykes           Luther             Guilford Twp.
Talbert         Willis              Center Twp.
Talby           T.T.              Eel River Twp.
Talmage         James               Middle Twp.       35        17N        1W
Tansel          Stark               Brown Twp.
Tansel          Timothy             Brown Twp.
Tarrance        John                Center Twp.
Tarrance        S.G.                Center Twp.
Taylor          Archibald          Liberty Twp.
Taylor          Bryant             Franklin Twp.
Taylor          Bryant             Franklin Twp.
Taylor          James               Marion Twp.
Taylor          Jonathan           Liberty Twp.
Taylor          William             Marion Twp.
Templin         J.W.                Center Twp.
Templin         James H.            Brown Twp.
Tempy           John                Brown Twp.
Tharp           Allen              Liberty Twp.
Tharp           Canvell             Middle Twp.
Tharp           James               Middle Twp.       17        16N        1W
Tharp           John, Jr.           Middle Twp.
Tharp           John, Sr.           Middle Twp.
Tharp           William             Middle Twp.
Thomas          Obed               Guilford Twp.
Thompson        Andrew            Eel River Twp.
Thompson        Even                Middle Twp.
Thompson        George W.         Washington Twp.
Thompson        Icham             Washington Twp.
Thompson        James               Center Twp.
Thompson        James R.            Marion Twp.
Thompson        Jesse             Eel River Twp.
Thompson        R.B.               Guilford Twp.
Thompson        Robert              Brown Twp.
Thompson        Sire                Middle Twp.
Thompson        William             Middle Twp.       36        17N        1W
Thornberry      Lewis               Brown Twp.
Thornbrough     John              Washington Twp.
Thornbrough     Richard           Washington Twp.
Thornbrough     Wm.               Washington Twp.
Tignor          Wyett              Franklin Twp.
Tincher         George             Franklin Twp.
Tincher         Hardin             Franklin Twp.
Tincher         John               Franklin Twp.
Tincher         Obediah            Liberty Twp.
Tincher         Sampson            Liberty Twp.
Tincher         William             Middle Twp.
Tinder          Eligah, Jr.         Marion Twp.
Tinder          Eligah, Sen.        Marion Twp.
Tinder          Jermiah             Marion Twp.
Tinder          Joel                Marion Twp.
Tinder          Martin              Marion Twp.
Tinder          Wm. H.              Marion Twp.
Tinsley         Stephen F.         Franklin Twp.
Todd            David               Center Twp.
Todd            Henry G.            Center Twp.
Todd            James               Center Twp.
Todd            William             Brown Twp.
Tolan           James               Middle Twp.
Toland          Isaac             Eel River Twp.
Tolbert         Granville         Washington Twp.
Tolbert         James             Washington Twp.
Tolbert         William A.         Franklin Twp.
Tolby           Silas             Eel River Twp.
Tolen           Harrison          Eel River Twp.
Tomlinson       Henry               Marion Twp.
Tomlinson       James              Guilford Twp.
Tomlinson       Moses               Marion Twp.
Toney           Charles           Eel River Twp.
Toney           Harrison          Eel River Twp.
Toney           Hiram             Eel River Twp.
Toney           Stephenton        Eel River Twp.
Toney           Tranum            Eel River Twp.
Tout            Andrew W.           Center Twp.
Tout            Baisel, Sen.        Middle Twp.
Tout            Basiel, Jr.         Middle Twp.
Tout            Benj. F.            Center Twp.
Tout            Benjamin            Brown Twp.
Tout            Benjamin            Center Twp.
Tout            Isaac               Middle Twp.        8        16N        1E
Tout            James N.            Middle Twp.
Tout            Robert M.           Center Twp.
Tout            William S.          Center Twp.
Towel           Isaac              Franklin Twp.
Towls           Robert P.           Center Twp.
Townsend        Joseph             Guilford Twp.
Townsend        William            Guilford Twp.
Tracy           Alexander           Marion Twp.
Triggs          Abraham           Washington Twp.
Triggs          Jacob             Washington Twp.
Triggs          John              Washington Twp.
Triggs          Richard           Washington Twp.
Triggs          William           Washington Twp.
Trotter         Benjamin            Marion Twp.
Trotter         Blewford          Eel River Twp.
Trotter         Isaac             Eel River Twp.
Trotter         Isaac              Guilford Twp.
Trotter         James             Eel River Twp.
Trotter         James D.          Eel River Twp.
Trotter         James, Sen.       Eel River Twp.
Trotter         Jermiah             Marion Twp.
Trotter         John              Eel River Twp.
Trotter         John D.           Eel River Twp.
Trotter         Nelson              Middle Twp.        6        16N        1W
Trotter         Rufus              Guilford Twp.
Trotter         William Esq.      Eel River Twp.
Tucker          Lee               Eel River Twp.      27        17N        2W
Tucker          Thornton           Guilford Twp.
Tumblinson      Phenious           Franklin Twp.
Tumlinson       Edward             Franklin Twp.
Turner          [illegible]        Guilford Twp.
Turner          G.W.                Marion Twp.
Turner          James               Marion Twp.
Turner          Job                 Marion Twp.
Turpen          Harrison            Brown Twp.
Turpen          Jacob               Brown Twp.
Turpin          Edward              Middle Twp.
Turpin          Robertson           Brown Twp.
Tyler           George              Brown Twp.
Underwood       John                Marion Twp.
Underwood       Joseph              Marion Twp.
Ungels          Asburry J.         Liberty Twp.
Ungels          W.J.               Liberty Twp.
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        13        17N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        22        17N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        14        16N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        14        16N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        23        16N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        21        17N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        25        17N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        26        17N        1E
Unknown                             Brown Twp.        34        17N        1E
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                             Center Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                            Franklin Twp.
Unknown                             Middle Twp.       35        17N        1W
Unknown                             Middle Twp.       16        16N        1W
Vannice         Larrance            Marion Twp.
Vannice         Peter C.            Marion Twp.       29        16N        2W
Vantreace       Squire            Washington Twp.
Varner          Henry              Liberty Twp.
Vass            Vincent            Franklin Twp.
Vaughn          Mary                Middle Twp.
Vaughn          William             Middle Twp.
Veach           Asa               Washington Twp.
Veach           Cornelious        Washington Twp.
Veach           Eligah              Middle Twp.
Veach           Thomas              Middle Twp.       25        17N        1W
Veally          Isaac               Middle Twp.
Veally          Jesse               Middle Twp.
Verbrike        S.A.                Center Twp.
Vestal          Benj. E.           Guilford Twp.
Vestal          Jabin              Guilford Twp.
Vestal          Randolph           Guilford Twp.
Vestal          William           Washington Twp.
Vickery         Henry               Marion Twp.
Vickery         Shadrick            Marion Twp.
Vickrey         John                Marion Twp.
Vinyard         N.B.               Liberty Twp.
Vinzant         Hugh                Center Twp.
Vinzant         William             Center Twp.
Wagner          Alford             Liberty Twp.
Walker          David              Franklin Twp.
Walker          George W.         Eel River Twp.
Walker          Goodlow           Eel River Twp.
Walker          James             Washington Twp.
Walker          John              Eel River Twp.
Walker          Joseph              Brown Twp.
Walker          Reuben             Liberty Twp.
Walker          Robert             Franklin Twp.
Walker          Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Walker          William            Liberty Twp.
Wall            Jacob               Center Twp.
Wallace         Charles            Liberty Twp.
Walls           Moses               Middle Twp.
Walters         Wm. E.              Middle Twp.       26        17N        1W
Walthall        S.W.              Eel River Twp.
Walton          W.F.               Guilford Twp.
Ward            Hardy               Brown Twp.
Ward            Jeniah              Brown Twp.
Ward            John                Brown Twp.         2        16N        1E
Ward            Thomas             Franklin Twp.
Ward            William             Brown Twp.
Ward            William             Middle Twp.
Warrel          Richard            Liberty Twp.
Waters          Benjinn             Middle Twp.
Waters          Joseph            Eel River Twp.
Waters          Nathaniel         Eel River Twp.
Waters          Phillip             Middle Twp.
Waters          Samuel D.         Eel River Twp.
Waters          W.S.              Eel River Twp.
Watson          E.N.                Brown Twp.
Watson          E.S.                Brown Twp.        27        17N        1E
Watson          Eli               Washington Twp.
Watson          Jepthah           Washington Twp.
Watson          Robert              Brown Twp.
Wear            Eligah            Washington Twp.
Weatherhead     Silvester           Marion Twp.
Weaver          David               Brown Twp.
Weaver          Joseph              Brown Twp.
Weaver          T.J.                Middle Twp.
Webb            William           Eel River Twp.
Weekley         James             Eel River Twp.
Weekley         Tavner            Eel River Twp.
Weekley         Thomas C.           Marion Twp.
Weekley         William             Marion Twp.
Weeks           John G.            Guilford Twp.
Wells           Balaam              Middle Twp.
Wells           Joseph              Middle Twp.        7        16N        1E
West            Abraham            Franklin Twp.
West            Alexander           Marion Twp.
West            Archibald           Marion Twp.
West            David               Brown Twp.
West            Hiram             Eel River Twp.      11        16N        2W
West            Isaac               Marion Twp.
West            James N.            Center Twp.
West            Joseph M.           Center Twp.
West            R.H.                Center Twp.
West            William W.          Middle Twp.
West            Wm. Sen.            Center Twp.
Whicker         Fredrick           Franklin Twp.
Whippo          Jesse              Franklin Twp.
White           A.S.                Center Twp.
White           Bloomfield        Eel River Twp.
White           Dugan              Guilford Twp.
White           James L.          Eel River Twp.
White           Joel               Guilford Twp.
White           John                Marion Twp.
White           Jonathan           Guilford Twp.
White           Milton             Franklin Twp.
White           Samuel             Liberty Twp.
Whitt           A.L.              Eel River Twp.
Wilcocks        Aaron              Franklin Twp.
Wilcocks        William            Franklin Twp.
Wilcox          Charles F.         Liberty Twp.
Wildman         Mariah L.          Guilford Twp.
Wiley           John                Brown Twp.
Wilkins         Hance E.            Brown Twp.
Wilkins         Isaac               Brown Twp.
Wilkins         John                Brown Twp.
Williams        Boaz W.             Middle Twp.
Williams        Commodore P.      Washington Twp.
Williams        Enoch              Liberty Twp.
Williams        James B.            Marion Twp.
Williams        John              Washington Twp.
Williams        Joseph             Franklin Twp.
Williams        William            Franklin Twp.
Williams        William             Middle Twp.       11        16N        1W
Wills           Amos S.            Liberty Twp.
Wills           G.W.               Liberty Twp.
Wilson          David               Center Twp.
Wilson          David G.            Center Twp.
Wilson          Gideon            Washington Twp.
Wilson          Hambleton         Eel River Twp.
Wilson          Isaac               Brown Twp.
Wilson          Isaac T.          Washington Twp.
Wilson          James              Guilford Twp.
Wilson          Jermiah H.        Washington Twp.
Wilson          John                Brown Twp.
Wilson          John              Washington Twp.
Wilson          John J.             Middle Twp.
Wilson          Joseph              Brown Twp.
Wilson          Robert            Washington Twp.
Wilson          Shannon             Marion Twp.
Wilson          William             Brown Twp.
Winson          Joseph              Center Twp.
Winson          Richard             Center Twp.
Winsted         Frances            Liberty Twp.
Wise            Henry              Franklin Twp.
Wisehart        J.H.                Marion Twp.
Wood            John S.             Center Twp.
Woodard         Benjamin           Liberty Twp.
Woodard         J.S.              Eel River Twp.
Woodard         Jesse             Eel River Twp.      16        17N        2W
Woods           James              Franklin Twp.
Woods           Lorenzo            Franklin Twp.      13        14N        2W
Woodward        Abraham            Guilford Twp.
Woodward        Benjamin          Washington Twp.
Woodward        Charles             Center Twp.
Woodward        J.S.                Center Twp.
Woodward        Jesse              Guilford Twp.
Woodward        William            Guilford Twp.
Workman         Alford             Liberty Twp.
Workman         Charles             Middle Twp.
Worley          Alexander           Marion Twp.
Worley          Perry               Marion Twp.
Worley          Valuntine           Marion Twp.
Worrel          James              Liberty Twp.
Worrell         Shadrick          Eel River Twp.
Worrell         William             Brown Twp.
Worth           Thomas J.          Guilford Twp.
Wright          Elishu M.          Franklin Twp.
Wright          Elishu M.          Franklin Twp.
Wright          Elishu M.          Franklin Twp.
Wright          Elishu M.          Franklin Twp.
Wright          James              Franklin Twp.
Wright          James              Franklin Twp.
Wright          James              Franklin Twp.
Wright          James              Liberty Twp.
Wright          Joel               Liberty Twp.
Wright          John               Franklin Twp.
Wright          William           Eel River Twp.
Wright          William            Liberty Twp.
Wycoff          Jacob              Guilford Twp.
Wyley           Alford            Washington Twp.
Wyley           Isaiah            Washington Twp.
Yates           Hinson             Franklin Twp.
York            Barney             Liberty Twp.
York            John                Brown Twp.
Yount           Baxter              Middle Twp.
Yount           Daniel              Marion Twp.
Zimmerman       John              Eel River Twp.
Zimmerman       John              Washington Twp.
Zimmerman       Nathan            Eel River Twp.
Zoaring         John               Guilford Twp.