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Index to 1844 tax list for Hendricks County, Indiana

Index © 2006 by Meredith Thompson

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This is an index of a tax list compiled in Hendricks County, Indiana in 1844. This index contains the person's name, the name of the township they lived in, and (if included), the Section, Township, and Range numbers of their parcel of land. NOTE: a person may appear several times on the tax list, depending on their parcels of land.

AdamsAlexanderMarion Twp.   
AdamsCharlesEel River Twp.   
AdamsDavid B.Eel River Twp.   
AdamsJohnEel River Twp.   
AdamsSolomonMiddle Twp.   
AdamsWilliamEel River Twp.   
AldersonPhebeGuilford Twp.3615N1E
AlexanderArchibaldMiddle Twp.3317N1W
AlexanderArchibaldMiddle Twp.   
AlexanderJohnLiberty Twp.   
AllenJohnCenter Twp.   
AllenJohnMarion Twp.   
AllenJosephMarion Twp.   
AlredBourbonLiberty Twp.   
AlredWilliamLiberty Twp.   
AlumboughStephenEel River Twp.   
AlveyJohnMiddle Twp.   
AndersonJosephMiddle Twp.   
ApplebayJamesCenter Twp.   
ApplebayMiltonCenter Twp.   
ApplebayWilliamCenter Twp.   
ApplebyJohnEel River Twp.   
AppletonJamesWashington Twp.   
ArmstrongBenjaminLiberty Twp.   
ArmstrongGeorgeCenter Twp.   
ArmstrongJamesCenter Twp.   
ArmstrongJohnMarion Twp.   
ArmstrongLeviMarion Twp.   
ArmstrongWilliamMarion Twp.   
ArnoldJames F.Center Twp.   
ArnoldStephenMarion Twp.   
ArnoldWilliamCenter Twp.   
AsherMiltonFranklin Twp.   
AtkindsonJohnGuilford Twp.   
AtkinsAndrewMarion Twp.   
AtkinsJohnMarion Twp.   
AyersJames Center Twp.