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Index to Delayed Birth Records Issued in Hendricks County (1941-1979)

Index © 2006 by Meredith Thompson

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This is an index to a book of delayed birth records that were issued in Hendricks County from 5 July 1941 to 31 July 1979. Those people who did not have a birth certificate and who needed to have an official record of their date and place of birth (for example, to apply for Social Security, or to get a marriage license) could petition the Hendricks County circuit court. The applicant did not have to have been born in Hendricks County--they just needed to be a resident of Hendricks County at the time of their application. Women's applications may be under their married name.

This index contains the applicant's name, their date of birth, the page number, and a link to the abstract of the delayed birth record that was issued. The abstracts are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.

AdamsLola May CoonsOctober 13, 1900181
AdamsWalter RussellDecember 31, 191927
AdkinsMaud Ethel SandsDecember 5, 1882158
Alex PandilyMay 15, 192237
AlexanderArtis ElfordApril 28, 1881114
AlexanderIlene ClayFebruary 5, 18805
AmickJalie B. (Thornburgh)December 1, 1895188
AndersonEmma E. DavisDecember 31, 1890179
AndersonGladys InesFebruary 4, 1900207
AndersonOlive HustonDecember 22, 1890163
AndrewRobert MorrisonNovember 7, 190755
ApplegateDolores ImogeneMarch 8, 1927131
ArnoldMargaret Alice WilsonFebruary 14, 1915210
ArnoldSanta JohnDecember 16, 1878177
AshbyMary InisOctober 16, 1897205
AshleyEmil EmmertOctober 9, 188962
AustinJames GordonApril 25, 189946
AyersMorton WatersOctober 10, 1895139