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Meredith Thompson

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Index to Biographies in Atlas of Hendricks County, Indiana (1878)

© Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the biographical entries in Atlas of Hendricks County, Indiana (Chicago, J.H. Beers & Co., 1878).

              Last Name                      First Name              Township
Acton                                Aaron                           Liberty
Adams                                Hugh F.                          Union
Adams                                Joshua G.                        Center
Adams                                Solomon T.                       Center
Airy                                 William                         Liberty
Aldridge                             Aaron                            Marion
Alexander                            William                         Franklin
Almond                               Emily                          Washington
Anderson                             Amos                            Guilford
Applegate                            Milton B.                      Washington
Armstrong                            John W.                          Union
Ashby                                L.B.                             Middle
Atkinson                             John                            Guilford
Atkinson                             Riley D.                        Guilford
Bales                                William                          Center
Ballard                              Calvin                         Eel River
Bargo                                Daniel                           Center
Barker                               Joel T., M.D.                   Lincoln
Barker                               Robert J.                      Washington
Barnes                               Stephen                         Franklin
Bateman                              Noah                           Eel River
Bennett                              Jonathan                       Washington
Bennett                              William A.                     Eel River
Benson                               Martin K.                        Union
Biggs                                Reason                         Eel River
Blair                                Clark                          Washington
Blake                                Richard                          Center
Blake                                Robert W.                        Union
Bowsman                              Charles                          Marion
Boyd                                 Oliver P.                         Clay
Bradford                             Henry                          Washington
Branch                               Dudley B.                      Eel River
Branson                              Jonathan E.                    Washington
Bray                                 Alfred                           Brown
Bray                                 Thomas S.                        Middle
Brill                                James H.                         Middle
Brown                                Daniel D.                       Lincoln
Brown                                Levi H.                          Center
Brown                                Preston                         Liberty
Brown                                Samuel                          Guilford
Brown                                Samuel Preston                    Clay
Brown                                V.J.                            Lincoln
Brumfield                            J.T.                             Middle
Buchanan                             Jacob                          Eel River
Burgan                               Jesse W.T.                     Eel River
Burns                                John T.                         Lincoln
Busby                                William                         Liberty
Butler                               Stephen S.                      Guilford
Buzzard                              William B.                       Union
Byrd                                 William                          Marion
Byrum                                Thomas R.                       Liberty
Calvert                              W.H.                            Guilford
Campbell                             Leander M.                       Center
Carson                               E.W.                            Guilford
Carter                               A.H.                              Clay
Carter                               David                           Guilford
Carter                               Ira                             Guilford
Carter                               James M.                        Liberty
Carter                               Mordecai                        Guilford
Cassserly                            Thomas                           Brown
Chambers                             Alexander                        Center
Clark                                John W.                          Center
Clark                                Joseph A.                         Clay
Clay                                 James H.                       Eel River
Coatesville Lodge, A.F. & A.M.                                         Clay
Cofer                                Thomas J.                        Center
Combs                                Levi                             Brown
Conover                              John D.                        Eel River
Cook                                 S.M.                            Guilford
Cooper                               Imla Rufus                       Center
Cox                                  Elihu                           Guilford
Cox                                  Ezra H.                         Guilford
Cox                                  William E.                     Eel River
Craddick                             S.R.                             Center
Crawford                             E.C.                            Guilford
Cummins                              Jesse                            Center
Curtis                               Peter                            Center
Davenport                            George R.                      Eel River
Davidson                             D.N.                           Eel River
Davis                                Benjamin F.                    Eel River
Davis                                George W.                      Eel River
Davis                                Jeremiah                       Eel River
Davis                                Walter                         Eel River
Davis                                William                        Eel River
Dennis                               Burr P.                         Guilford
Dickerson                            James G.                         Brown
Dobson                               James A.C.                      Lincoln
Dodd                                 Marion                           Middle
Dooley                               Aaron T.                         Marion
Dryden                               Thomas F., Dr.                  Liberty
Dugan                                Michael                          Brown
Dugan                                Timothy                          Brown
Duncan                               Charles                         Liberty
Duncan                               George H.                      Eel River
Duncan                               William G.                      Liberty
Eaker                                John W.                        Washington
Edwards                              Charles W.                       Middle
Edwards                              John                           Washington
Elrod                                Charles W.                        Clay
Elrod                                Jesse F.                          Clay
Emmons                               James M.                       Eel River
English                              M.                               Union
Evans                                Thomas, M.D.                    Guilford
Fausset                              Jesse                          Washington
Feely                                Daniel                           Middle
Fisher                               Adam                             Middle
Fleece                               Jeremiah                       Eel River
Fowler                               Stephen                          Union
Fox                                  A.B.                            Guilford
Fraizer                              Robert                           Center
Free                                 Tabitha J., Mrs.                Lincoln
Freeland                             G.                             Washington
Funkhauser                           Nicholas                         Brown
Furnas                               Allen                            Center
Furnas                               Robert                          Guilford
Gentry                               William                          Middle
George                               Isaac L.                        Franklin
Gibson                               James T.                       Washington
Gilbert                              Morris                          Guilford
Gilbraith                            William                          Union
Gladden                              John W.                        Washington
Green                                Elijah                          Guilford
Greenlee                             William                           Clay
Grimes                               Elias                             Clay
Hackley                              William H.                     Eel River
Hadley                               Alfred                          Liberty
Hadley                               Amos                            Guilford
Hadley                               Edom Richard                     Center
Hadley                               Evan                             Center
Hadley                               Harlan                          Guilford
Hadley                               James A.                       Eel River
Hadley                               Jehu                            Franklin
Hadley                               Job                              Union
Hadley                               John                            Guilford
Hadley                               John V.                          Center
Hadley                               Nicholas T.                      Center
Hadley                               Simon                            Center
Hadley                               Simon T.                         Center
Hadley                               Thomas T.                         Clay
Hadley                               Tillman                          Marion
Hadley                               William E.                     Washington
Hadley                               William T.                       Marion
Hadley                               Zeno                              Clay
Hale                                 James R.                         Middle
Hale                                 Stephen J.                       Middle
Hall                                 Elisha Henry                     Center
Hall                                 Stanley A.                       Center
Hamrick                              Emma O., Mrs.                    Center
Hamrick                              William F.                       Center
Hardin                               J.H.                             Center
Harlan                               C.E.                             Center
Harlan                               J.B.                             Center
Harper                               W.F.                             Center
Harris                               William                        Eel River
Harrison                             John                            Liberty
Hart                                 Samuel M.                      Eel River
Harvey                               Nathan                            Clay
Hawkins                              Jehu                           Washington
Hawkins                              Layton                         Washington
Haynes                               W.F.                             Center
Hays                                 John Thomas                      Center
Hayworth                             Daniel C.                       Liberty
Hedge                                Anderson                         Marion
Hedge                                George W.                        Union
Hedge                                John V.                        Eel River
Henly                                William H.                      Liberty
Heringlake                           Henry C.                       Washington
Hess                                 Allen                            Center
Hess                                 William M.                       Center
Hibbs                                Asena, Mrs.                     Franklin
Hill                                 D.F.                             Middle
Hill                                 Samuel                           Middle
Hoadley                              Abram                          Washington
Hoadley                              Alvah                           Lincoln
Hoadley                              W.J.                             Center
Hocker                               Benjamin D., Mrs.                Union
Hockett                              Asa S.                          Guilford
Hockette                             Jesse                           Guilford
Hodge                                Russell                         Franklin
Hodges                               William                          Marion
Hodson                               Newby                           Guilford
Hodson                               Robert W.                       Guilford
Hogan                                John                             Brown
Hogan                                Martin                           Brown
Hogate                               Enoch G.                         Center
Hollingsworth                        Murza N.                        Guilford
Homan                                William G.                       Center
Hornaday                             A.D.                           Washington
Hornaday                             S.M.                           Washington
Howell                               Thomas                           Marion
Huber                                Jacob                            Center
Hughes                               Jacob                            Middle
Hughes                               Parmelia A., Mrs.                Middle
Hunt                                 Daniel                           Marion
Hunt                                 Henry                            Marion
Hunt                                 Ithamar                          Marion
Hunt                                 William                          Union
Huron                                Seth T.                        Washington
Hussey                               William H.                      Liberty
Irvin                                William                          Center
Jacks                                James H.                       Eel River
Jackson                              Allen                           Guilford
Jackson                              Iredell                         Franklin
Jackson                              Jehu                            Guilford
Jackson                              John                            Liberty
Jenkins                              Lotan W.                       Washington
Jenkins                              W.M.                            Lincoln
Jessup                               Hugh J.                         Guilford
Jessup                               Joel                            Guilford
Johnson                              Albert                          Liberty
Johnson                              E.D.                            Guilford
Johnson                              Edwin                           Liberty
Johnson                              Oscar B., M.D.                   Union
Johnson                              Thomas W.                        Center
Jones                                Daniel M.                       Guilford
Jones                                Thomas Newton                    Center
Jones                                William N.                      Lincoln
Kay                                  William                         Franklin
Keeney                               John                             Brown
Keeney                               Moses                            Center
Kendall                              Jacob H.                         Union
Kendall                              W.W.                           Eel River
Kennedy                              Mary A., Mrs.                    Middle
Kersey                               James                             Clay
Kesler                               Lewis                            Center
King                                 E. Douglass                      Center
Kohl                                 John                            Guilford
Kreigh                               George                          Franklin
Kurtz                                Henry F.                         Marion
Lane                                 Levi                            Guilford
Leach                                William                          Union
Leak                                 G.L.                             Union
Leak                                 Henry B.                         Union
Leak                                 Leland                           Union
Lee                                  Patrick                         Guilford
Lewis                                Robert, M.D.                    Guilford
Lingenfelter                         Hubbard B.                       Center
Lipe                                 Jonas                            Middle
Little                               Mary E.                         Liberty
Little                               Samuel                          Guilford
Lockridge                            James                            Center
Long                                 John A.                          Middle
Lowder                               Charles                         Guilford
Loy                                  Cornelius                      Washington
Ludlow                               Jimison                          Union
Madison                              Anson                           Franklin
Marvel                               George W.                        Brown
Marvel                               Joseph                           Brown
Mason                                George                            Clay
Mason                                William                           Clay
Masten                               Albert                          Franklin
Masten                               David                             Clay
Masten                               Mathias                           Clay
Masten                               Reuben                          Franklin
Matlock                              John C.                          Center
Mattern                              John W.                         Guilford
Matthews                             John M.                         Guilford
Maxwell                              Albert                          Guilford
McCalment                            David F.                       Washington
McClain                              J.W.                           Washington
McClelland                           W.R.                             Center
McCormack                            Vincent Lee                     Liberty
McPheeters                           Samuel                           Center
Medsker                              Peter                           Lincoln
Meeker                               Davis                           Guilford
Merritt                              John E.                        Washington
Miles                                John                            Liberty
Milhous                              Emily                          Washington
Miller                               Abner                             Clay
Miller                               John D.                        Washington
Montgomery                           William G.                       Union
Moon                                 Asa                             Guilford
Moon                                 John                            Guilford
Moore                                Jacob K.                         Center
Moore                                John S.                         Guilford
Moore                                Shields                         Guilford
Morgan                               John                            Guilford
Morgan                               William J.                      Liberty
Morphew                              Joseph                         Eel River
Munden                               David                           Franklin
Nave                                 Christian C.                     Center
Newham                               J.T.                            Lincoln
Newman                               John                              Clay
Nicholas                             Thomas, Col.                     Center
Nicholson                            Thomas                           Center
O'Brien                              James                           Guilford
Odell                                James S.                        Guilford
O'Rear                               Robert F.                      Eel River
Osborn                               Charles                           Clay
Osborn                               Cuthbert H.                       Clay
Osborn                               David                            Center
Osborn                               Elijah C.                        Center
Osborn                               Jesse, Sr.                       Center
Osborn                               Wyatt                           Guilford
Osborne                              David                            Union
Osborne                              John A.                          Marion
Owen                                 Horatio                        Eel River
Parker                               James M.                         Middle
Parker                               Martha, Mrs.                     Middle
Parker                               Nancy, Mrs.                      Middle
Parker                               Nathan Thomas                    Center
Parnell                              Eli W.                         Washington
Petty                                James                          Washington
Phillips                             Jonathan F.                       Clay
Phillips                             Samuel                            Clay
Pierson                              Austin                           Middle
Pierson                              W.H.                             Marion
Piggott                              R.H.                           Washington
Pinson                               William                         Guilford
Plummer                              John                             Union
Plummer                              Joseph                         Eel River
Poland                               Samuel                           Middle
Pounds                               James A.                       Eel River
Pounds                               Lewis T.                         Center
Ragan                                William H., Hon.                Liberty
Rains                                Hiram                            Union
Ramsey                               Daniel                          Guilford
Rankin                               Robert P.                       Liberty
Ratliff                              Isaac                             Clay
Rawnsley                             Joseph                          Liberty
Reeve                                Charles                         Guilford
Reid                                 Richard E.                      Liberty
Reitzel                              David                           Franklin
Reynolds                             James H.                         Middle
Reynolds                             W.T.                             Center
Rice                                 Lewis                            Brown
Richardson                           Daniel W.                       Liberty
Richardson                           Jeremiah D.                     Liberty
Richardson                           William B.                      Liberty
Robbins                              Elijah T.                      Eel River
Roberts                              Thomas J.                        Middle
Rogers                               Henry                           Liberty
Rogers                               Moses C.                          Clay
Rose                                 Lewis A.                         Marion
Ross                                 Bithiah, Mrs.                  Washington
Ross                                 J.H.                           Washington
Ross                                 John M.                          Brown
Sanders                              Daniel                         Washington
Sanders                              Henry                          Washington
Sanders                              James                          Washington
Saunders                             Taylor                           Marion
Scearce                              George W.                        Center
Scearce                              John N.                          Center
Scott                                James K.                        Liberty
Sharp                                James                            Marion
Shaw                                 Elijah J.                       Liberty
Simmons                              Joab                             Union
Sivage                               Isiah R.                        Guilford
Small                                Joseph                          Guilford
Smith                                B.T.                            Lincoln
Smith                                Frederick W., M.D.              Guilford
Smith                                Susan                           Lincoln
Snipes                               John                            Guilford
Snipes                               Orrin S.                        Guilford
Snoddy                               James                           Franklin
Soper                                Charles                          Center
Spray                                William                        Washington
Stanley                              Abel                              Clay
Stanley                              Cyrus L.                          Clay
Starbuck                             Samuel                          Guilford
Steele                               Samuel W.                        Center
Stevens                              John Henry                       Center
Stewart                              James P.                         Middle
Stipe                                Lewis L.                         Center
Stout                                William H.                      Liberty
Strong                               J.T., M.D.                      Guilford
Stuart                               Jared Patterson                  Center
Stuart                               Zeno                              Clay
Symmonds                             William                          Middle
Tarpy                                James                            Brown
Taylor                               Abner                            Union
Taylor                               Newton M.                        Center
Templin                              Mary                             Center
Tharp                                Jacob                            Center
Tharp                                Joshua                           Union
Tharp                                Joshua S.                        Union
Thompson                             Jesse                            Center
Thomson                              John R.                        Eel River
Thrift                               Lindsay L.                     Eel River
Tinder                               Jefferson                        Marion
Tinder                               John W.                          Center
Tinder                               Simeon M.                        Center
Tinder                               William H.                       Marion
Tomlinson                            Ebenezer                        Guilford
Tomlinson                            Ephriam                        Washington
Tomlinson                            Phineas A.                     Washington
Tont                                 Benjamin                        Liberty
Townsend                             Alice J.                        Guilford
Trotter                              William W.                     Eel River
Trucksess                            C.                              Lincoln
Tucker                               Dandridge                      Eel River
Turpin                               H.G.                            Lincoln
Ulen                                 Henry C.                         Union
Van Blaricum                         David S.                       Washington
Vannice                              Isaac N.                       Eel River
Vannice                              Milton B.                        Marion
Vannice                              Peter C.                         Marion
Vestal                               Jabin                           Guilford
Vinnedge                             J.A.                            Guilford
Wade                                 Squire                           Center
Walker                               Ann                             Lincoln
Wallace                              Elijah                          Franklin
Walter                               Joseph G.                        Union
Walter                               William E.                       Middle
Walton                               W.F.                           Washington
Ward                                 Thomas                           Brown
Watts                                Daniel H.                       Liberty
Wayland                              George W.                        Center
Weekly                               Enoch                          Eel River
Weesner                              Jabin                           Liberty
Welshans                             Alfred W.                        Center
West                                 D.M.                              Clay
Wheat                                G.W.                             Union
Wheeler                              Alfred A.                        Marion
Whicker                              James                           Franklin
White                                Bloomfield                       Center
White                                Charles A., M.D.                 Center
Wilcox                               William H.                      Franklin
Williams                             William                          Middle
Williams                             Thomas Elwood                   Guilford
Williamson                           Abraham                           Clay
Wills                                Amos S.                         Liberty
Wilson                               John P.                          Brown
Wisehart                             John D.                          Marion
Wollenweber                          Charles L.                      Guilford
Wood                                 Lorenzo N.                      Franklin
Woodward                             William                         Guilford
Worrel                               James                           Liberty
Wright                               Noah                             Union
Wynn                                 Josiah D.                      Eel River
York                                 Nathan                          Liberty