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Meredith Thompson

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Deaths at Indiana Boys' School, Plainfield, Indiana (1869-1932)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: Annual reports of the board of the Indiana Boys' School for the years 1869 through 1932 (with the exception of the years 1871 and 1881).

The Indiana Boys' School was a state correctional institution established in Plainfield, Indiana in 1867 to reform male juvenile offenders through education. Originally known as the "Indiana House of Refuge for Juvenile Offenders," its name was later changed to the Indiana Reform School for Boys and then the Indiana Boys' School. Judges from courts across Indiana could commit boys to the school if they had been charged with a crime or with being delinquent. In more recent times, the institution was called the Plainfield Juvenile Correctional Facility. The Indiana State Archives has the records of the Indiana Boys' School; they have an online database that covers 1867-1937.

   Last Name         First Name           Date of Death                    Age                         Cause of Death                                                            Remarks
Adams           Roy                  June 28, 1932                                            dragged by mule                  died at Long Hospital in Indianapolis; accident occurred on June 26, 1932
Alexander       Word                 November 11, 1908                                        pulmonary tuberculosis           entered hospital on September 8, 1908
Alexis          Albert               June 16, 1892             12 years, 4 months, 18 days                                     died at 8:45 pm
Allen           Joseph               November 13, 1883         12 years, 11 months, 5 days    catarrhal pneumonia after typhoid fever
Baker           Adolph               May 7, 1900                         19 years             consumption                      sent to school February 14, 1900 by governor; admitted to hospital 10 days later with well-developed case o
Baker           Peter A.             July 4, 1885                                             consumption
Baron           Theodore             December [blank] 1923                                    rheumatism caused heart valve disease; died from pneumonia contracted November 23, 1923
Beadle          George               May 11, 1877                                             scarlet fever
Bellamy         Anthony              December 30, 1887                                        pneumonia                        sick only a few days; died very suddenly from heart clot
Bennett         Clarence J.          March 7, 1895              10 years, 5 months, 5 days    congestion of lungs              admitted to hospital on March 6; was unconscious during illness; Inmate #3935
Bowlin          John                 February 2, 1874                                         tuberculosis                     colored
Brazney         Joseph               February 2, 1913                                         pulmonary tuberculosis
Brown           Eddie                January 21, 1905                                         dropsy                           entered hospital on September 2, 1904
Burke           Michael              March 26, 1877                                           pneumonia
Bush            Leroy                July 28, 1901                       15 years             tuberculosis
Calusio         John                 July 10, 1924                                            drowned while bathing in swimming pool
Cashion         Walter               July 4, 1912                                             pulmonary tuberculosis           died at 2:15 pm; entered hospital on April 28, 1912 with measles complicated with pneumonia
Chaney          Fred                 June 4, 1897                        17 years             catarrhal pneumonia after measlescomplicated with effects of cigarette smoking before his admission to the school
Cheatham        Orlando Edward       [blank] 1887                                             consumption (by heredity)        former inmate (over the age of 21) who was dying in a Cincinnati hospital; allowed to return so he could di
Cisna           Joseph               June 8, 1875                                             cold developed into pneumonia    had inflammatory rheumatism for 2 months; recovered and then visited home, where he got a cold
Comincavish     Martin               March 3, 1894                  13 years, 22 days         pneumonia                        had previous attack of pneumonia immediately prior to his admission to the school, which left him enfeebled
Cook            Dolly                July 26, 1899                                            cerebro spinal meningitis        died at 11:50 pm; had entered hospital on evening of July 25 with intense headache which developed into a d
Cook            George               December 28, 1891          11 years, 1 month, 17 days    meningitis                       died at 9:47 am; ill for 3 days; Inmate #3452
Cordell         Edward               November 9, 1900                    15 years             cerebro spinal meningitis        entered hospital November 2, 1900 with intense pain in the head and extreme nausea
Daily           Patsey               April 4, 1875                                            inflammation of the brain        kicked in skull by a horse
Daniels         Frank                June 7, 1894                    14 years, 7 days         pleuritic pneumonia              ill for 3 days; last autumn had severe attack of typhoid fever lasting 3-4 weeks, which he never fully reco
Decker          Paul                 January 20, 1904               11 years, 7 months        entero-colitis                   tubercular meningitis; Inmate #5527
Depue           Amos A.              November 10, 1883                   16 years             typhoid fever
DeWert          Russel               January 21, 1905                                                                          sick only a few days
Dunn            George               October [blank] 1925                                     malnourished; had frequent corneacolored
Edmonds         William              April 24, 1906                                           pneumonia                        admitted to hospital on March 16, 1906; had tubercular trouble
Elkins          Edgar                May 17, 1910                                             typhoid fever                    entered hospital on May 5
Emerson         Charles              December 17, 1878                                        consumption
Flowers         Green W.             April 1, 1876                                            consumption
Fouse           Spencer              January 2, 1899                                          consumption                      colored; had a lingering illness
Goen            John                 January 24, 1920                                         died at Robert W. Long Hospital, Indianapolis from complications from appendicitis operation
Good            Joseph               April 22, 1913                                           pulmonary tuberculosis
Graves          Henry C.             May 15, 1877                                             congestion                       colored
Green           Clifford             April 18, 1925                                           catarrhal fever complicated by pncolored
Gulliver        William              April 5, 1874                                            tuberculosis                     colored
Guyer           Albert               October 26, 1893           15 years, 2 months, 6 days    acute meningitis                 entered hospital October 24, 1893 with very high temperature and was soon delirious; Inmate #3530; was born
Haggerty        William              December 26, 1913                                        diptheria
Hall            James                February 21, 1901                   16 years             tuberculosis                     colored
Hays            Charles              May 23, 1875                                             probably congestion              small colored boy; he was fine the previous day; found dead in bed the next morning
Hill            Elmer                April 28, 1891            16 years, 6 months, 12 days    basilar meningitis               died at 11:30 am; suffered for 17 days; Inmate #3166
Hill            William              August 19, 1888                                          entero-colitis                   suffered inflammation of bowels, which resulted in perforation; died from peritonitis
Hitchcock       William              May 13, 1876                                             typhoid pneumonia
Hoadley         James O.             July 25, 1888                                            consumption (by heredity)        died in less than 4 months from decline; no living relatives
Howarth         Stephen              January 18, 1902                                         pneumonia                        light attack of pneumonia was complicated with a tobacco heart and a violent nostalgia
Ilgenfritz      Fred                 May 16, 1910                                             typhoid fever                    entered hospital on April 28
Isabel          Willie               August 19, 1905                                          appendicitis
Johnson         Charles              August 12, 1888                                          consumption (by heredity)        died in less than 4 months from decline; no living relatives
Johnson         Daniel               April 7, 1889             12 years, 7 months, 28 days    consumption                      colored
Johnson         Thomas               February 11, 1901                   11 years             measles and pneumonia
Jones           Robert               March 15, 1899                                           consumption                      colored; had a severe attack of pneumonia and consumption followed hastily
Kelley          Edward               June 1, 1883                                             consumption                      mild attack of pneumonia developed into consumption (which was hereditary in his family)
King            Harry                September 27, 1900                                       cerebro spinal meningitis        entered hospital on morning of September 26 after complaining of not feeling well; post-mortem confirmed th
Kinley          George               August 25, 1909                                          pulmonary tuberculosis           entered hospital on June 7, 1909
Knorr           Ignatz               September 11, 1876                                       congestion or apoplexy
Leavitt         William B.           April 14, 1876                                           typhoid pneumonia
Lee             Robert E.            May 21, 1891              13 years, 3 months, 19 days    pneumonia                        died at 10:30 pm; taken ill on May 17 with violent congestion of the lungs; Inmate #3331
Lee             William              June 12, 1901                       19 years             typhoid fever
Leighton        Donald               November 21, 1914
Lockridge       John                 August 14, 1894            19 years, 2 months, 6 days    bilateral pneumonia              entered hospital August 9 suffering severe congestion of lungs; had 2-3 attacks of pneumonia prior to admis
Logan           Charles              June 6, 1896                                             tuberculosis                     confined to hospital since March 3; had the disease when committed and was in very delicate health
Logan           John                 May 5, 1899                                              consumption                      colored; confined to hospital for 6 weeks
Lynch           William              June 7, 1897                        13 years             abscess of middle ear            became sick May 12 with severe attack of measles but seemed to be recovering
Mahin           Schuyler C.          December 2, 1893          16 years, 11 months, 6 days    edema of glottis                 died very suddenly from complication of tonsillitis; post-mortem performed, which confirmed diagnosis
Markle          William              April 21, 1911                                           acute cardiac dilation           complicated by rheumatism; entered hospital on April 12, 1911
Martin          John                 August 26, 1914                                          re-infection from pneumonia
Martin          John                 June 11, 1884             15 years, 5 months, 10 days    skull crushed                    colored; heavy timber that was being raised for loading accidentally hit him behind the ear
Maurice         Joseph               June 24, 1901                       15 years             typhoid fever
McColley        Lyman                January 23, 1885                                         traumatic tetanus (lock-jaw)     stepped on rusty nail which penetrated his shoe and slightly wounded his foot
McDonald        George               December 19, 1899                                        tubercular meningitis            colored; confined to bed only 5 days
McEntegart      Clyde                June 16, 1894                   15 years, 7 days         pneumonia                        sick for 10 days; had not been at school long; when he was admitted he could barely eat with knife and fork
McGill          Charles              February 23, 1901                   15 years             measles and pneumonia            colored
McKinley        Clarence             November 1, 1910                                         diabetes mellitus                entered hospital October 23, 1910
McPike          Glen                 February 12, 1917                                        rheumatism caused heart disease; died suddenly from endocarditis
McRea           Robert               February 8, 1873                                         congestion of lungs              sent from jail at Columbus but was too old; while awaiting legal outcome, he got sick from a cold contracte
Miller          Clyde                May 3, 1927                                              acute indigestion
Miller          Felix                April 27, 1914                                           tuberculosis
Miller          George               April 24, 1876                                           consumption
Moore           Clifford             February 18, 1909                                        pneumonia                        entered hospital that day; died that night
Myers           Harley               October 11, 1890          13 years, 11 months, 28 days   typhoid fever                    had typhoid fever for 2 weeks
Neal            Russell              November 26, 1903                   19 years             typhoid fever                    complications from tuberculosis; Inmate #4519
Nickett         Charles              December 6, 1927                                         taken to Robert W. Long Hospital, Indianapolis on December 3 with a constitutional disease
Nickles         Roy                  June 6, 1920                                             carbuncles on both lips became facial erysipelas and meningitis
Orth            Michael              June 11, 1902                                            chorea                           was a very delicate boy who had a feeble heart
Oswald          Carl                 May 14, 1914                                             pharyngitis followed by pneumonia
Paris           James                May [blank], 1879                                        drowned while fishing
Phillips        Herman               May 20, 1904                   13 years, 2 months        tuberculosis of lungs and stomachconsumption; colored; Inmate #5438
Porter          James                March 9, 1877                                            consumption of the lungs         colored
Powell          Albert               April 6, 1877                                            consumption of the lungs         colored
Rentsch         Fred                 July 27, 1901                       15 years             typhoid fever
Robertson       Julius               October 7, 1879                                          lingering illness
Rogers          Marion               June 4, 1931                                             pneumonia                        complicated with follicular tonsillitis; initial symptoms were of diptheria but culture was sent and came b
Sargent         [blank]              July 4, 1873                                                                              former inmate who returned on visit to celebrate with friends; hit his head against stone while bathing in
Schneidwald     Frank                April 2, 1885                                            pneumonia
Severance       Eldo                 June 27, 1901                       14 years             typhoid fever
Sexson          Walter               August 2, 1889            16 years, 6 months, 17 days    lingering illness                had lingering illness of about 8 months, with caries of pelvic and left femur bones
Shattuck        Frank                February 9, 1901                    17 years             measles and pneumonia
Simms           Otto                 May 1, 1897                         16 years             pleuritic pneumonia              admitted to hospital on April 26; evidence of a cigarette heart contracted before his admission to the scho
Small           Arthur               June 19, 1901                       15 years             typhoid fever                    colored
Smith           Adam                 September 4, 1876                                        typhoid fever
Smith           Benjamin             April 5, 1907                                            pulmonary tuberculosis           colored; entered hospital on February 15, 1907 with severe attack of pneumonia
Smith           John                 March 11, 1902                                           bronchial pneumonia
Stiles          John                 March 21, 1885                                           congestion of lungs              lived only an hour and a half after attack
Stillinger      Roy                  May 13, 1897                        16 years             pleuritic pneumonia and heart troadmitted to hospital on May 9; had cigarette heart
Swallow         George               January 3, 1876                                          congestion of lungs
Swineheart      Christian            August 25, 1894           13 years, 8 months, 13 days    hemorrhage of bowels             had mild case of typhoid fever for 3 weeks and perforation of the bowels occurred
Taylor          Charles              May 19, 1884                        16 years             phthisis pulmonalis              had returned to school April 8, 1884 to die; had been away from school about 3 years
Teal            John                 June 16, 1914                                            valve lesion of heart from childhood, followed by pneumonia
Tinker          Lewis                April 23, 1877                                           congestion                       colored
Tressler        Eldo                 May 19, 1910                                             diptheria                        entered hospital on May 14
Tuttle          Frank                July 11, 1888                                            entero-colitis                   suffered inflammation of bowels, which resulted in perforation; died from peritonitis
Valentine       William              [blank] 1926                                             pneumonia and heart infection    annual report ending September 30, 1926
Violet          Willie               January 10, 1911                                         pulmonary tuberculosis           was in hospital many times, but the last time he entered was on December 27, 1910
Wagoner         George               August 31, 1872                  about 15 years          fermentation of food in stomach asent to arrange items in store room and ate enormous amount of cheese, pears, etc.
Wakefield       Ernest               March 20, 1906                                           bronchitis                       complicated with asthma; entered hospital on March 1, 1906
Waldron         Tobe                 March 26, 1885                                           purulent pleuritis
Walker          Lloyd                December 15, 1904                                        pneumonia                        ill for more than 5 weeks
Welch           Ora                  March 21, 1910                                           appendicitis                     entered hospital on March 12; operated on March 20 by Dr. E.D. Clark of Indianapolis
Williams        Walker               May 28, 1910                                             typhoid fever and erysipelas     entered hospital on May 5
Wilson          Charles              March 19, 1877                                           consumption of the lungs         colored
Wilson          Warren               June 16, 1893                  15 years, 7 months        brain meningitis                 struck on back of head by baseball on June 10 and appeared fine; June 14 returned to hospital with headache
Wood            Otis V.              August 10, 1877                                          jaundice