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Hendricks County, Indiana
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Meredith Thompson

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Doctors in Hendricks County, Indiana (1899)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index of of Hendricks County doctors that was included in The Second Annual Report of the Indiana State Board of Medical Registration and Examination For The Year Ending December 31, 1898 and December 31, 1899 (Indianapolis: William B. Burford, 1900).

       Last Name             First Name               Residence
Adams                  Thomas J.              North Salem
Barker                 Joel T.                Danville
Brent                  Newton                 Pittsboro
Bridges                A.P.W.                 Plainfield
Carter                 Amos                   Plainfield
Cooper                 Ernest                 Plainfield
Cope                   James P.               Bridgeport
Davidson               A.W.T.                 Brownsburg
Farabee                C.E.                   Danville
French                 John S.                Pittsboro
Gilbert                A.K.                   Clayton
Grimes                 James B.               North Salem
Harold                 D.H.                   Plainfield
Hatfield               William J.             Pittsboro
Heavenridge            A.                     Stilesville
Hoadley                W.J.                   Danville
Hope                   C.F.                   Coatesville
Hunt                   Stephen                Coatesville
Hunt                   T.                     Plainfield
Huron                  F.H.                   Danville
Jessup                 Maria A.               Friendswood
Johnson                O.B.                   Lizton
Lawson                 W.T.                   Danville
Leak                   S.O.                   Lizton
Lowder                 Cyrus                  Danville
Marsh                  John L.                Brownsburg
Martin                 Simeon                 North Salem
Masters                N.G.                   Stilesville
O'Brien                W.M.                   Stilesville
Osborne                John A.                New Winchester
Parker                 M.G.                   Danville
Putnam                 James G.               Cartersburg
Reagan                 J.S.                   Plainfield
Reagan                 Jesse                  Plainfield
Seaton                 Guy                    Clayton
Smith                  Thomas G.              Brownsburg
Sowder                 Charles R.             Avon
Strong                 Ara M.                 Belleville
Summers                H.C.                   Amo
Swope                  A.A.                   Stilesville
Terrell                William H.             Stilesville
Von Kotsch             R.H.                   Pittsboro
White                  Charles A.             Danville
White                  W.H.                   Amo
Williams               Luther                 Belleville
Wisehart               O.H.                   North Salem