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Meredith Thompson

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Index to Indenture Records for Hendricks County (1849-1872)

Index and Abstracts © Meredith Thompson

This is an index and abstracts of a ledger book of the indentures of poor children in Hendricks County, which covers the years 1849 to 1872. Indentures were usually until boys reached the age of 21, and girls reached the age of 18.

NOTE: The Archives section of the Hendricks County Government's website has digitized this ledger book.

Last Name First Name Date of
Pages Remarks Abstract
Alexander Almira 25 December 1854 16-17 indentured to John Wright PDF
Appleby Sarah Catharine 9 January 1850 3-4 indentured to Job Hadley PDF
Appleby William Nathan 9 January 1850 3-4 indentured to Job Hadley PDF
Barker Mary Francis 4 December 1861 31 indentured to Greenup Kennedy PDF
Barrick Charles Leroy 19 December 1855 21 indentured to Calvin Ballard PDF
Cassity Mary F. 8 May 1863 33-35 indentured to John Byram PDF
Coble Hannah Armilda Catharine 18 March 1850 5-6 indentured to William Tomlinson PDF
Elzy Lydia Jane 10 December 1849 1-2 indentured to Job Hadley PDF
Gay Joseph 2 December 1861 30 indentured to Benjamin Snodgrass PDF
Hale John Albert 14 August 1869 46-47 indentured to Job Rogers PDF
Haley Mary 31 July 1855 23-24 indentured to James Wilkinson PDF
Halla Christena 11 July 1857 25 indentured to Robert Ragan PDF
Hammer Elias 19 September 1867 43-44 indentured to Vestal Atkinson PDF
Johnson Mary A. 25 January 1862 32 indentured to George W. Jordan PDF
Johnson Oliver 25 January 1862 32 indentured to George W. Jordan PDF
Jones Katharine June 8 December 1855 20 indentured to Jabin Vestal PDF
Lawrance James M. 1 January 1867 38 indentured to Gilbert D. McClain PDF
Lawrence Emily Elizabeth 26 January 1855 14-15 indentured to John & Sarah H. Wilson PDF
Lawrence Emily Elizabeth 17 December 1855 22-23 indentured to Samuel & Luzena Starbuck PDF
Lawrence Harriet Amelia 26 January 1855 12-13 indentured to Eli & Jemima Vestal PDF
Lawrence John Thomas 26 January 1855 13-14 indentured to Wilson Spray PDF
Madden Maria 14 August 1854 11 indentured to David G. Wilson PDF
Madden Sarah 14 August 1854 10 indentured to Scott Miller PDF
Moore Jesse W. 6 April 1855 18-19 indentured to Francis Edmundson PDF
Moore Jesse W. 15 September 1852 7 indentured to Evan Davis PDF
Nosler Martha Jane 19 June 1854 9 indentured to Charles F. Junkin PDF
Pear Mary A. 25 February 1868 45 indentured to James Pear PDF
Perkins Mary Ann 15 April 1854 8 indentured to Isham Thompson PDF
Petty James E. 31 May 1858 26 indentured to Stephen S. Shields PDF
Shanks William 2 December 1861 29 indentured to Benjamin Snodgrass PDF
Sharp Oscar B. 29 March 1872 52-53 indentured to Malinda Sharp PDF
Warren William A. 27 October 1871 50-51 indentured to Morgan D. Mahoney PDF
Weer Charles S. 18 March 1867 41-42 indentured to Harris Weer PDF
Weer Franklin W. 14 March 1867 39-40 indentured to John Weer PDF
Wilkinson Sarah Jane 21 April 1864 36-37 indentured to Addison Hadley PDF
Wincoop William 19 May 1860 28 indentured to Charles Aplin PDF