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Meredith Thompson

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Alumni of Amo High School (1901-1926)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the alumni of Amo High School for 1901-1926, as published in The Blue and White (the school's yearbook for 1927)


     Last Name             First Name           Residence (1926)       Year          Remarks
Airhart            Louise Gambold                                      1920
Allee              Flosie                     Greencastle, Ind.        1923
Archer             Pauline                    Coatesville, Ind.        1925
Arnold             Sadie O'Neal               Clayton, Ind.            1908
Arnold             Schuyler                   Clayton, Ind.            1911
Asher              Glenn                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Atkins             Esterine                   Indianapolis, Ind.       1923
Baird              Isa                        Danville, Ind.           1920
Baldock            Carmie                     Stilesville, Ind.        1918
Baldwin            Edward                     Danville, Ind.           1921
Bales              Basil                      Lafayette, Ind.          1919
Barefoot           Nannie Grooms              Knightstown, Ind.        1911
Barker             Earlene                    Stilesville, Ind.        1922
Barker             Norwood                    Chicago, Ill.            1917
Bartholomew        Hazel                      Danville, Ind.           1915
Bastin             Royal W.                   Fillmore, Ind.           1914
Beck               Forest                     Carthage, Ind.           1917
Beitrich           Dorris Ousler              Bremen, Ind.             1918
Benbow             Leland                                              1917
Bennett            Mildred                    Grant City, Mo.          1919
Berry              Quincy                     Danville, Ind.           1919
Bidgood            Ralph                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1913
Bilderbeck         Maude McAninch             Low Springs, Fla.        1903
Blades             Edythe A., Mrs.                                     1907     deceased
Booty              John                       Grand Fork, N.D.         1918
Booty              Leonard                    Danville, Ind.           1920
Bourne             Charles                    Chicago, Ill.            1923
Branson            Ernest                     Bloomfield, N.J.         1913
Branson            Mary                       South Bend, Ind.         1918
Bray               Paul                       Coatesville, Ind.        1922
Bray               Roy                                                 1919
Bray               Ruby, Mrs.                 Coatesville, Ind.        1923
Bray               Wayne                      Danville, Ind.           1925
Brewer             Clair                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1923
Brewer             Verlin                     Stilesville, Ind.        1912
Bridges            Thaddeus                   Coatesville, Ind.        1924
Brown              Gladys Hurst, Mrs.         Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Brown              Haerle                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1914
Brown              Harold                     Greenfield, Ind.         1911
Bundy              Howard                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1926
Bunten             Icy                                                 1918
Burch              Carey                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Burgess            Geneva                     Crawfordsville, Ind.     1921
Burns              Herschel                   Brownsburg, Ind.         1925
Caldwell           Pauline Hodson             Indianapolis, Ind.       1915
Campbell           Kathleen                   Danville, Ind.           1924
Casady             Carrie King                Coatesville, Ind.        1911
Casady             John                       Coatesville, Ind.        1925
Casady             Louise Masten, Mrs.        Amo, Ind.                1923
Chappell           Ruby Terry                 Detroit, Mich.           1919
Christie           Hubert                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1917
Christie           Iona Greenlee              Coatesville, Ind.        1914
Christie           John                       Danville, Ind.           1917
Clark              Edythe                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1922
Clark              Eva                        Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Cline              Orla                       Coatesville, Ind.        1912
Cooprider          A.O.                       Coatesville, Ind.        1905
Cooprider          Gurnie                     Detroit, Mich.           1905
Cooprider          Norris                     Lafayette, Ind.          1926
Couch              Mildred                                             1919
Cox                Chloe Orff, Mrs.           Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Cox                Edgar                      Danville, Ind.           1909
Crews              Clarence                   Coatesville, Ind.        1919
Crews              Delia Phillips             Amo, Ind.                1912
Crews              Joseph                     Hannibal, Mo.            1920
Crews              Norman                     Cleveland, Miss.         1919
Depew              Naomi                      Danville, Ind.           1926
DeSpain            Muriel Rollings            Indianapolis, Ind.       1913
Doan               Mary                                                1910     deceased
Draper             Eloise                     Terre Haute, Ind.        1922
Draper             F. Avon                    Danville, Ind.           1916
Draper             Lurine C.                  Danville, Ind.           1915
Draper             Rosemary                   Terre Haute, Ind.        1925
Dunigan            Aunza                      Amo, Ind.                1909
Edwards            Kenneth                    Broomstown, Ind.         1922
Eggers             Lena Temple                Indianapolis, Ind.       1917
Ellis              Albert                     Amo, Ind.                1920
Ellis              John W.                    Santiago, Chile          1902
Elrod              Wendell B.                 Coatesville, Ind.        1914
Elrod              Winifred                   Midland, Texas           1914
Ferguson           Lou Etta, Mrs.             Indianapolis, Ind.       1907
Fleenor            Alda Masten                Minneapolis, Minn.       1914
Fultz              Ruth Perkins               Terre Haute, Ind.        1909
Fuson              Wendell                    Amo, Ind.                1919
Fuson              Wenfred                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1919
Garrison           Bernice                    Amo, Ind.                1902
George             Iva                                                 1903
Gilbert            Harry                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Gilbert            Pauline Rhea               Indianapolis, Ind.       1917
Glidewell          Vera H.                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1910
Green              Rancel                     Petersburg, Ind.         1920
Greenlee           Bonnie                     Coatesville, Ind.        1914
Greenlee           Carl                                                1909     deceased
Greenlee           Genevieve                  Lawrenceville, Ill.      1920
Greenlee           Martha L.                  Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Greeson            Odessa Pruitt              Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Grimes             Flossie H.                 Indianapolis, Ind.       1913
Grimes             Mary                                                1920
Grimes             Roy                        Coatesville, Ind.        1926
Gross              Emil                       Rockville, Ind.          1922
Gross              Eva                        Muncie, Ind.             1914
Gross              Lelia                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1913
Gross              Leonard                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Gross              Maurice                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Gross              Xenia                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1911
Hadley             Alma                       Terre Haute, Ind.        1925
Hadley             Bernice                    Amo, Ind.                1919
Hadley             Clifford                   Richmond, Ind.           1923
Hadley             Ella M.                    Amo, Ind.                1902
Hadley             Esther                     Hadley, Ind.             1919
Hadley             George M.                  Clayton, Ind.            1913
Hadley             Hazel                      Clayton, Ind.            1911
Hadley             Ira Christie               Danville, Ind.           1911
Hadley             Mark                       Coatesville, Ind.        1923
Hadley             Myron                      Hadley, Ind.             1925
Hadley             Olive                      Centerville, Ind.        1921
Hamrick            Laura Sharp                North Salem, Ind.        1913
Hancock            Carrie Kersey              Indianapolis, Ind.       1902
Harbaugh           Fleeta                     Coatesville, Ind.        1919
Harbaugh           Mary                       Amo, Ind.                1922
Hargrave           Inez                       Amo, Ind.                1919
Hargrave           Nellie                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1921
Hargrave           Raymond                    Amo, Ind.                1925
Harlan             Rollie                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1917
Harper             Elsie Garrison, Mrs.       Coatesville, Ind.        1907
Harris             Ruth Hodges                Hamilton, Ohio           1918
Harvey             Mildred Christie           Danville, Ind.           1913
Hastings           Shirrel                    Magnolia, Ohio           1914
Hawley             Carl O.                                             1902
Haworth            Verna                                               1909     deceased
Hayworth           Virgil                     Watertown, S.D.          1913
Heavin             Kathryn                    Coatesville, Ind.        1922
Henderson          Cecil                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Henderson          Clyde                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1925
Hendren            Laurel                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1919
Herod              Geneva Bryant              Vincennes, Ind.          1915
Hessler            Harvey                     Plainfield, Ind.         1909
Hessler            Mary Bryant                Plainfield, Ind.         1911
Hockett            Warner M.                  Indianapolis, Ind.       1902
Hodge              Sherill                    Hadley, Ind.             1924
Hodges             Edna                       Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Hodson             Charlie                    Danville, Ind.           1922
Hodson             Curtis                     Danville, Ind.           1917
Hodson             E. Blair                   Greencastle, Ind.        1923
Hoffler            Bernice Poer               Mason City, Ia.          1915
Hope               Frank                      Shoals, Ind.             1911
Hope               Paul R.                    Terre Haute, Ind.        1914
Horn               Etheline                   Amo, Ind.                1924
Horn               Harold                     Westfield, Ind.          1919
Hunt               Etheline                   Danville, Ind.           1925
Hunt               Kenneth                    Danville, Ind.           1917
Hunt               Mary                       Chicago, Ill.            1910
Hunt               Mary Stanley, Mrs.         Danville, Ind.           1922
Hunt               Merwyn                     Kirklin, Ind.            1907
Hunt               Olney                      Danville, Ind.           1920
Hurst              Elizabeth Walton, Mrs.     Mt. Meridian, Ind.       1923
Hurst              Ora Phillips, Mrs.         Belle Union, Ind.        1905
Jackson            Henry                      Fillmore, Ind.           1919
Johnson            Ethel                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1916
Johnson            Lawrence                   Terre Haute, Ind.        1925
Johnson            Martha Wood, Mrs.                                   1916
Kelley             Forest                     Greencastle, Ind.        1907
Kelly              Pansy Greenlee             Greencastle, Ind.        1906
Kelly              Wayne                      Coatesville, Ind.        1916
Kendall            Orpha Masten               Indianapolis, Ind.       1906
Kersey             Helen Bidgood              Amo, Ind.                1918
Kersey             Maude Soots                Amo, Ind.                1913
Kersey             Theodore                   Amo, Ind.                1921
Kersey             Virgil                     Amo, Ind.                1922
King               Nora McCloud               Marion, Ind.             1915
Knetzer            Clifford                   Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Knetzer            Noble                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1913
Knight             Margaret                   Indianapolis, Ind.       1926
Koster             Ruth Poer                  St. Anoger, Ia.          1912
Lambert            Arthur L.                  Amo, Ind.                1916
Lambert            Charles                    Cincinnati, O.           1905
Lane               Mildred Carter             Plainfield, Ind.         1920
Larkin             Golda                      New York City, N.Y.      1919
Layman             Andrew                     Danville, Ind.           1923
Layman             Louise                     Danville, Ind.           1925
Lininger           Helen Stewart              Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Lipsy              Mary                                                1912
Lisby              Belva Hockett              Coatesville, Ind.        1909
Lisby              Frank                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Lisby              Roy                        Indianapolis, Ind.       1919
Lisby              Stella                     Coatesville, Ind.        1918
Little             Ruby H.                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1908
Little             Ruth Woods                 Clayton, Ind.            1919
Lockridge          Edythe Sallust             Roachdale, Ind.          1909
Lydick             Roy                        Clayton, Ind.            1926
Mahan              Woodson                    Coatesville, Ind.        1926
Mark               Geraldine                  Coatesville, Ind.        1926
Martin             Cassie H., Mrs.            Clayton, Ind.            1919
Masten             Ben                        Indianapolis, Ind.       1909
Masten             Clarence H.                Clayton, Ind.            1906
Masten             George                     Coatesville, Ind.        1922
Masten             Guilia                     Coatesville, Ind.        1916
Masten             Helen                      Washington, D.C.         1916
Masten             Mabel                                               1922     deceased
Masten             Mary F.                                             1925     deceased
Masten             Noble                      Terre Haute, Ind.        1917
Masten             Ruth                       Danville, Ind.           1926
Masten             Vivian                     Coatesville, Ind.        1922
Master             Lex                        Stilesville, Ind.        1911
Masters            Elsie Masten               Amo, Ind.                1909
Masters            Thomas                     Amo, Ind.                1907
Mayes              Pauline Harlan             Plainfield, Ind.         1923
McAninch           Fred T.                                             1906     deceased
McAninch           Joseph                                              1920     deceased
McAninch           Will                       Coatesville, Ind.        1906
McCammack          Clara Broadstreet, Mrs.    Coatesville, Ind.        1914
McClain            Gladys Berry, Mrs.         Danville, Ind.           1924
McClellan          Raymond                    Berkley, Cal.            1923
McCloud            Ruby                       Stilesville, Ind.        1916
McCollum           Lena Phillips              Plainfield, Ind.         1906
McDaniel           Blanche                    Terre Haute, Ind.        1926
McDaniels          Edna S.                    Coatesville, Ind.        1911
McIntyre           Ena Masten                 Coatesville, Ind.        1915
McNary             Harold                     Stilesville, Ind.        1918
McVay              Kenneth                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1917
McVay              Virgil                     Coatesville, Ind.        1917
Mills              Bernice Hadley             Valley Mills, Ind.       1918
Montgomery         Doris                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1924
Morgan             Anna Walton                Coatesville, Ind.        1912
Morris             Alice Cox                  Indianapolis, Ind.       1909
Morris             Edna Wright                                         1902
Morris             Murry                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1909
Neese              Cora                                                1911     deceased
Neese              Eulala                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Neese              Leta                                                1921     deceased
Neese              Mary                                                1916     deceased
Neese              Osie                                                1909     deceased
Neese              Pearle                     Frankfort, Ind.          1914
Newman             Arthur B.                  Coatesville, Ind.        1914
Ogle               Ethel                                               1918
O'Neal             Claude E.                  Delaware, Ohio           1902
O'Neal             Frank                      Coatesville, Ind.        1907
O'Neal             Neva Noland, Mrs.          Coatesville, Ind.        1916
Orff               Vera                       Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Orsborn            Blythe                     Danville, Ind.           1926
Osborn             Caroldine                  Amo, Ind.                1924
Osborn             Charles                    Los Angeles, Cal.        1905
Ousler             Marie                      Amo, Ind.                1913
Owen               Amond                      Amo, Ind.                1921
Owen               Dorothy                    Amo, Ind.                1917
Owen               Leslie D.                  Ladoga, Ind.             1911
Owen               Ruth Stanley               Ladoga, Ind.             1912
Owen               Wilber                     Louisville, Ky.          1909
Owens              Freda Riggles, Mrs.        Amo, Ind.                1925
Parker             Frank                      Danville, Ind.           1925
Perkins            Luna Hope                  New Maysville, Ind.      1919
Phillips           Agnes Lakin                Terre Haute, Ind.        1915
Phillips           Ardith                     Rushville, Ind.          1916
Phillips           Chancey                    Amo, Ind.                1912
Phillips           Clay                       Terre Haute, Ind.        1909
Phillips           Elaine D.                  Rushville, Ind.          1916
Phillips           Elsie                      Amo, Ind.                1901
Phillips           Ida                        Amo, Ind.                1909
Phillips           Mary                       Danville, Ind.           1925
Phillips           Myron                      Danville, Ind.           1924
Phillips           Ralph                                               1910     deceased
Phipps             True                       Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Poer               Hazel                      Elwood, Ind.             1910
Porter             Bessie Summers             Indianapolis, Ind.       1918
Pruitt             Drassa                     St. Louis, Mo.           1908
Pruitt             Frank                      Bainbridge, Ind.         1911
Pursell            Max                        Coatesville, Ind.        1923
Ratcliffe          Conrad                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Ray                Acie                       Greencastle, Ind.        1926
Record             Earl                                                1907     deceased
Rector             Emory                      Toledo, O.               1912
Redd               Mary Hockett               Whittier, Cal.           1911
Reeves             Everett                    Eminence, Ind.           1911
Rhea               Alfred                     Lafayette, Ind.          1920
Rhea               Conrad                     Beech Grove, Ind.        1917
Rhea               Gilbert                    Stilesville, Ind.        1918
Rhea               Joseph                     Danville, Ind.           1922
Rhodes             Beatrice Terry, Mrs.       Indianapolis, Ind.       1923
Rice               Edythe A. Owen             Washington, D.C.         1906
Riggles            Garnet                     Clayton, Ind.            1925
Riley              Celia                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1925
Riner              Myrtle T.                  Carmel, Ind.             1908
Rodgers            Ruth                                                1902     deceased
Rogers             Annice                                              1921     deceased
Rogers             Elizabeth                  Richmond, Ind.           1925
Rogers             Ernest                                              1908     deceased
Rollings           Harlan                     Coatesville, Ind.        1915
Rollings           Mildred                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Rollings           Noel                                                1915     deceased
Roney              Nola W.                    Crawfordsville, Ind.     1910
Rouse              Earle                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1920
Rudd               Erwin                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1910
Sachs              Kenneth                    Indianapolis, Ind.       1926
Sallust            Florence M.                Danville, Ind.           1913
Scearce            Clara                      Greensburg, Ind.         1911
Scearce            Jennie                     Washington, D.C.         1910
Sellers            Gladys Sallust             Greencastle, Ind.        1912
Sharp              Ellsworth                  Clayton, Ind.            1909
Shelton            Fred                       Danville, Ind.           1923
Shelton            Walter                     Danville, Ind.           1921
Shirley            Geneva                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1926
Shirley            Lois                       Danville, Ind.           1920
Shirley            Wendell                    Eminence, Ind.           1918
Shortridge         Blanche                    Coatesville, Ind.        1926
Simpson            Grace H.                   Indianapolis, Ind.       1914
Sink               Ila J.                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1908
Smith              Esther                     Eminence, Ind.           1918
Smith              Helen I.                   Coatesville, Ind.        1923
Smith              Lucille                                             1919
Smith              Mary Snyder                Elkhart, Ind.            1909
Soots              Carl                                                1912     deceased
Soots              Elsie Hodson               Whittier, Cal.           1911
Soots              Ruth                       Amo, Ind.                1924
Stallings          Arest                      Indianapolis, Ind.       1925
Stallings          Arnold                     Indianapolis, Ind.       1925
Stanley            Christine Edwards          Coatesville, Ind.        1917
Stanley            Ruth Cates, Mrs.           Plainfield, Ind.         1905
Stark              Ruth Owen, Mrs.            Amo, Ind.                1901
Stayton            Paul                       Indianapolis, Ind.       1922
Stears             Frank                      Battle Creek, Mich.      1909
Stears             Joe                        Detroit, Mich.           1908
Stevens            Janice Harbaugh            Danville, Ind.           1920
Stevenson          A.J.                       Danville, Ind.           1912
Stevenson          Esther                     Danville, Ind.           1917
Stevenson          Lillian McCloud            Danville, Ind.           1921
Stewart            Harvey                     Coatesville, Ind.        1924
Stokes             Harry                      Plainfield, Ind.         1922
Storm              Horace                     Pretty Rock, N.D.        1912
Storm              Noble                      Roachdale, Ind.          1918
Strain             Gladys Kersey              Greencastle, Ind.        1919
Stuart             Beryl                      Danville, Ind.           1924
Stuart             Carol                      Danville, Ind.           1922
Stuart             Donald                     Danville, Ind.           1925
Stuart             Ethel                      Danville, Ind.           1916
Stuart             Gladys Summers             Amo, Ind.                1914
Stuart             Nellie                     Danville, Ind.           1921
Stuart             Virgil                     Amo, Ind.                1914
Stuart             Wiltsie                    Danville, Ind.           1917
Stuart             Wynona                     Danville, Ind.           1917
Taylor             Christine C.               New Castle, Ind.         1919
Taylor             Emma Varley                Tulsa, Okla.             1903
Temple             Pauline                    New Maysville, Ind.      1922
Terry              Otis                       Effingham, Ill.          1917
Tharp              Ernestine McHaffie         Plainfield, Ind.         1911
Trester            Ross                       Paw Paw, Mich.           1905
Vannice            Genevieve McCammack        Danville, Ind.           1915
Vannice            Virginia                   Richmond, Ind.           1924
Varley             Jesse, Mrs.                Tulsa, Okla.             1905
Varley             William                    Russiaville, Ind         1903
Vaughn             Oscar                      Stilesville, Ind.        1917
Veach              Mary Poer, Mrs.            Bedford, Ind.            1916
Vickery            Henry                      Azura, Cal.              1907
Vickery            Mack                       Azura, Cal.              1909
Wallace            Osel                       Coatesville, Ind.        1925
Wallace            Ray                        Coatesville, Ind.        1923
Wallace            Walter                     Stilesville, Ind.        1918
Walls              Estella Phillips           Amo, Ind.                1906
Walls              Hollis                     Danville, Ind.           1912
Walls              Mary                       Danville, Ind.           1919
Walton             Chester                    Santa Anna, Cal.         1917
Walton             Floy                       Terre Haute, Ind.        1925
Wells              Julia                      Danville, Ind.           1922
West               Arthur                     Los Angeles, Cal.        1915
West               Beatrice McCammack, Mrs.   Coatesville, Ind.        1926
West               Fern Gray                  Amo, Ind.                1916
West               Harrison                   Dallas, Texas            1908
West               Hazel Ruark                Clayton, Ind.            1909
West               Homer                      Plymouth, Ind.           1912
West               Kathleen                   Coatesville, Ind.        1919
West               Kenneth                    Greencastle, Ind.        1917
West               Leland                     Amo, Ind.                1915
West               Nellie, Mrs.               Clayton, Ind.            1913
Wheeler            Jewel Kelley               Coatesville, Ind.        1918
Wheeler            Ruth                       Coatesville, Ind.        1926
Whicker            Agnes                      Amo, Ind.                1919
Whicker            Dorothy                    Amo, Ind.                1917
Whicker            Floyd                      Danville, Ind.           1912
Whicker            Fred                       Broad Ripple, Ind.       1912
Williams           Fairy Benbow, Mrs.         Indianapolis, Ind.       1923
Wisehart           Verl                                                1911     deceased
Wright             Eva                        Manly, Iowa              1911
Wright             Golda                      Danville, Ind.           1922
Wright             Leon                       Detroit, Mich.           1917
Wright             Olyn Lee                   Fillmore, Ind.           1914