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Meredith Thompson

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Students at Amo High School (1918)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the students at Amo High School in 1918, as published in Blue and White (the school's yearbook for 1918)

     Last Name         First Name          Year           Remarks
Allee              Enva               Sophomore     withdrawn
Allee              Jewel              Junior
Applegate          John               Freshman
Applegate          Lawrence           Sophomore     withdrawn
Baird              Isa                Sophomore
Baldock            Carmie             Senior
Barker             Otha               Junior
Barker             Thelma             Freshman
Bennett            Mildred            Junior
Berry              Harold             Freshman
Berry              Quincy             Junior
Bidgood            Helen              Senior
Booty              John               Senior
Booty              Leonard            Sophomore
Branson            Mary               Senior
Bray               Roy                Junior
Brown              Hallie             Sophomore
Bunton             Icy                Senior
Burch              Carey              Sophomore
Carter             Mildred            Sophomore
Casady             Max                Freshman      withdrawn
Christie           Christine          Junior
Christy            Ruth               Junior
Clark              Francis            Junior        Army
Clarke             Eva                Senior
Cooper             Roy                Junior
Crews              Clarence           Junior
Crews              Joe                Sophomore
Crews              Norman             Junior
Cunningham         Maggie             Sophomore     withdrawn
Ellett             Edith              Freshman
Ellett             John               Junior        Army
Fuson              Wendell            Junior
Fuson              Wenfred            Junior
Gambold            Louise             Sophomore
Green              Rancel             Sophomore
Greenlee           Genevieve          Sophomore
Greenlee           Ralph              Sophomore     withdrawn
Grimes             Mary               Sophomore
Gross              Maurice            Sophomore
Hadley             Bernice            Junior
Hadley             Bernice            Senior
Hadley             Clifford           Sophomore
Hadley             Esther             Junior
Hadley             Helen              Freshman
Hadley             Marjorie           Freshman
Hadley             Olive              Freshman
Harbaugh           Fleeta             Junior
Harbaugh           Janice             Sophomore
Hargrave           Inez               Junior
Henderson          Cecile             Senior
Hendren            Laurel             Junior
Hill               Cassie             Junior
Hodges             Ruth               Senior
Hollingsworth      Flossie            Sophomore
Hope               Luna               Junior
Horn               Harold             Junior
Hunt               Olney              Sophomore
Hutchins           Elmer              Freshman
Jackson            Donald             Freshman      withdrawn
Jackson            Henry              Junior
Jarvis             Eleanor            Junior        Army
Johnson            Maurice            Junior        Army
Joseph             Marie              Sophomore     withdrawn
Kelly              Jewel              Senior
Kersey             Gladys             Junior
Knetzer            Clifford           Senior
Lambert            Martha             Senior
Larkin             Golda              Junior
Larkin             Ruby               Freshman
Lewis              Orville            Junior
Lisby              Frank              Senior
Lisby              Roy                Junior
Lisby              Stella             Senior
McCloud            Etta               Junior
McCloud            Lillion            Freshman
McNary             Harold             Senior
Miller             Frank              Sophomore     withdrawn
Miller             Lulu               Sophomore
Moon               Percy              Junior
Neece              Eulala             Sophomore
Neese              Leta               Freshman
Newcome            James              Freshman
O'Brien            Bernice            Sophomore     withdrawn
Ogle               Ethel              Senior
Orf                Kenneth            Sophomore
Orff               Vera               Senior
Osborn             Alvin              Sophomore     withdrawn
Oursler            Dorris             Senior
Owen               Amond              Freshman
Parker             Gladys             Sophomore
Phipps             Leo                Sophomore     deceased 1917
Phipps             True               Senior
Pickett            Gladys             Sophomore     withdrawn
Ratliff            Conrad             Sophomore
Rhea               Alfred             Sophomore
Rhea               Gilbert D.         Senior
Rhea               Joe                Freshman
Rogers             Annice             Freshman
Rollings           Mildred            Sophomore
Rudd               Clarence           Freshman      withdrawn
Schuler            Vay                Sophomore
Shelton            Walter             Freshman
Shirley            Lois               Sophomore
Shirley            Wendell            Senior
Smith              Esther             Senior
Smith              Lucile             Junior
Stayton            Paul               Freshman      withdrawn
Stewart            Helen              Sophomore
Stokes             Harry              Freshman
Storm              Noble              Senior
Storm              Ralph              Freshman      withdrawn
Stuart             Nellie             Freshman
Stuart             Wendell            Junior
Summers            Bessie             Senior
Summers            Merrell            Junior        deceased 1918
Terry              Ruby               Junior
Thomas             LaMerne            Freshman
Viles              Jessie             Freshman
Wallace            Walter             Senior
Walls              Mary               Junior
Walton             Minnie             Freshman      withdrawn
West               Kathleen           Junior
Whicker            Agnes              Junior
Woods              Ruth               Junior
Wright             Madge              Freshman
Wright             Merle              Freshman