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Meredith Thompson

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Students at Avon High School (1945)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the students (grades 7-12) at Avon High School in 1945, as published in Avon On Revue (the school's yearbook for 1945)

     Last Name         First Name          Year
Anderson           John               Senior
Andrews            Wanda              8th Grade
Ashcroft           Pauline            7th Grade
Baird              Mary E.            Senior
Bannon             Donald             8th Grade
Bates              Charlene           8th Grade
Bates              Ola May            7th Grade
Baugh              Vernal             8th Grade
Blair              Carrie J.          Senior
Blair              Marcia             Junior
Bradford           Joanne             Junior
Bremer             Marian             7th Grade
Brown              Donald             8th Grade
Brown              Robert             Freshman
Bruce              Jean               Junior
Carter             Joe Ben            7th Grade
Cavender           Donald             7th Grade
Cavender           Richard            Sophomore
Cavender           Robert             Sophomore
Christy            Charles            Freshman
Clark              Doris              Sophomore
Clark              James L.           Senior
Clark              Mervin             Senior
Clark              Patricia           8th Grade
Coons              Barbara            8th Grade
Coons              Dale               8th Grade
Coons              Earl               Freshman
Coons              Mary Lou           7th Grade
Daily              Wanda              Sophomore
Dunn               Peggy              7th Grade
Elliott            Clyde              Freshman
Eubank             William            Sophomore
Ewell              Barbara            8th Grade
Fitch              Tommy              7th Grade
Flanagan           Eugene             Sophomore
Flanagan           James              Sophomore
Flanagan           Juanita            7th Grade
Flanagan           June               8th Grade
Flanagan           Lorraine           Sophomore
Fox                Marjorie           8th Grade
Fuller             Gene               Freshman
Gabel              Carolyn            Sophomore
Gerth              Paul               Sophomore
Gerth              Thomas             8th Grade
Gibbs              Lloyd              Sophomore
Gibbs              Wendell            7th Grade
Gross              Lucille            Freshman
Hall               Lucille M.         Senior
Hawkins            Ann                8th Grade
Hazelgrove         Robert             Senior
Herrin             Marjorie           Junior
Himes              Betty              Freshman
Himes              Kenneth            7th Grade
Himes              Lucille            Sophomore
Holt               Christine          Sophomore
Howell             Robert             Senior
Johnson            Margaret           8th Grade
Jones              Doris              8th Grade
Joyce              Carla D.           8th Grade
Kern               Donald             Freshman
Klepinger          Merlin             Freshman
Knauss             Elinor             Sophomore
Knauss             Wallace            7th Grade
Lawson             Robert             Freshman
Lisby              Nellie             8th Grade
Long               Richard            Sophomore
Long               Ruth               8th Grade
Lux                Joe                Freshman
Manly              Charles            8th Grade
Manly              Mary Floy          Senior
Masten             Donald             Senior
Masten             Lydia              Sophomore
McKee              Alice              7th Grade
McKee              Inabelle           8th Grade
Meunier            Annetta            8th Grade
Morris             Betty              8th Grade
Morris             Jean               Junior
Muncy              Edward             7th Grade
Nester             Virginia           Freshman
Neville            Carla              7th Grade
Osborn             William            Senior
Parrish            Maxine             Sophomore
Parsons            Madge              Senior
Perry              Darrell            8th Grade
Perry              Donald             Sophomore
Perry              Ralph              Senior
Pickens            Patricia           Sophomore
Pope               Marjorie           Senior
Pope               Richard            8th Grade
Price              Betty              Junior
Price              Carl               Sophomore
Price              Eva                Freshman
Price              Jesse              Sophomore
Price              Jimmy              7th Grade
Price              June               7th Grade
Price              Paul               Junior
Price              Wilma June         8th Grade
Pumel              Virgil             7th Grade
Reed               Betty              Junior
Reed               Kenneth            Junior
Reinhard           Ann Lou            8th Grade
Reinhard           Rita               7th Grade
Robertson          Bruce              Junior
Robertson          Howard             7th Grade
Robinson           Mary               Sophomore
Rose               Mary A.            Junior
Seipel             Geneva             Sophomore
Seipel             Jackie             7th Grade
Selch              David              8th Grade
Selch              John               Freshman
Shewalter          Howard             Freshman
Shewalter          Shirley            Junior
Short              Maxine             7th Grade
Smith              Charles            8th Grade
Smith              Ellen              8th Grade
Smith              James              Sophomore
Spencer            Marshall           7th Grade
Stewart            Alice              Junior
Stewart            Everett            8th Grade
Stewart            Lulu               Sophomore
Stites             Barbara            Freshman
Towell             Dorine             Junior
Towell             Jacqueline         7th Grade
Trent              Noble              Junior
Trent              Ronald             8th Grade
Wagner             James              Freshman
Walton             William            Sophomore
Ward               Ronald             Sophomore
Watt               William            Senior
Wear               Ruth               Sophomore
Webb               Bill               Junior
Webb               Edgar              Freshman
Weisbach           Anna               8th Grade
Weisbach           Robert             Senior
Weisbach           Ruth               Sophomore
Wells              Maurice            Junior
Whitaker           Warren             8th Grade
Wikoff             Betty              Sophomore
Williams           Lois               Senior
Winings            James              8th Grade
Wood               Natalie            7th Grade
Worrell            Conard             Senior
Wright             Frank              Junior
Young              Marie              8th Grade
Young              Vera               7th Grade