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Meredith Thompson

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Alumni of Clayton High School (1899-1920)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the alumni of Clayton High School for 1899-1920, as published in Claytonian (the school's yearbook for 1921)

    Last Name          First Name         Married Name         Location          Year          Remarks
Ader             Mary                                     Groveland, Ind.        1910
Baron            Grace                 Peters             Stilesville, Ind.      1905
Bayliss          Helen                                    Plainfield, Ind.       1919
Bee              Ralph                                    Clayton, Ind.          1920
Blunk            Irvin                                    Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Bolen            Benjamin                                 Clayton, Ind.          1920
Boyd             Will                                     Stilesville, Ind.      1901
Brattin          Paul                                     Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Bray             Murriel                                  Hazelwood, Ind.        1919
Bray             Roy                                      Monrovia, Ind.         1912
Brock            Hubert                                                          1917     deceased
Buchanan         Kenneth                                  Belleville, Ind.       1919
Buis             Lucile                                   Clayton, Ind.          1920
Burton           Ethel Mae             Overton            Clayton, Ind.          1920
Bybee            Daisy                                    Cartersburg, Ind.      1912
Carter           Lizzie                Simpson                                   1901     deceased
Caudy            Charles                                  Chicago, Ill.          1909
Caudy            Cora                                     Clayton, Ind.          1919
Caudy            Elizabeth                                Indianapolis, Ind.     1913
Clark            Floyd                                    Clayton, Ind.          1919
Clark            Zella                                    Clayton, Ind.          1920
Clawson          Nella                 Buskirk            Rockville, Ind.        1912
Coe              Ada                   Stephenson         Cartersburg, Ind.      1899
Collins          Harold                                   Clayton, Ind.          1917
Cooper           Audrey                                   Clayton, Ind.          1919
Cooper           Clarence                                 Hazelwood, Ind.        1920
Cooper           Earnest                                  Clayton, Ind.          1910
Cox              Edyth                 Stringer           Clayton, Ind.          1916
Craven           Flossie               Brown              Sauer City, N.C.       1907
Craven           Wesley                                   Hazelwood, Ind.        1915
Crawford         Letha                 Mitchell           Clayton, Ind.          1914
Curtis           Bernice               McGinnis           Hall, Ind.             1916
Easton           Elmer                                    Hazelwood, Ind.        1920
Easton           Vera                                     Hazelwood, Ind.        1920
Edmondson        Clarence                                 Clayton, Ind.          1903
Edmondson        Ralph                                    Hazelwood, Ind.        1907
Edmondson        Roy                                      Danville, Ind.         1912
Edmondson        Samuel                                   Clayton, Ind.          1910
Edmonson         Benjamin                                 Hazelwood, Ind.        1905
Edmonson         Blanche               Thompson           Clayton, Ind.          1903
Edmonson         Carol                                    Clayton, Ind.          1915
Edmonson         Charles                                  Rossville, Ind.        1916
Edmonson         Donald                                   Clayton, Ind.          1919
Edmonson         Frank                                    Amo, Ind.              1905
Edmonson         Mary                                     Clayton, Ind.          1913
Edmonson         Ruthe                                    Clayton, Ind.          1917
Elmore           Roy                                                             1911     deceased
Ford             LeRoy                                    Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Frye             Nellie                Taylor             Indianapolis, Ind.     1917
Gibson           Harry                                    Clayton, Ind.          1915
Gilbert          Lena                  McHaffie           Clayton, Ind.          1909
Gilbert          Morris                                   Clayton, Ind.          1917
Givan            Earl                                     Philadelphia, Miss     1910
Givan            Merrill                                  Clayton, Ind.          1918
Good             Paul                                     Honolulu, Hawaii       1912
Graves           Cornelia              Brewer             Cartersburg, Ind.      1900
Hadley           Othello                                  Indianapolis, Ind.     1915
Hadley           Stanley                                  Danville, Ind.         1908
Hamblen          Joe                                      Plainfield, Ind.       1919
Harper           Nettie                                   Indianapolis, Ind.     1907
Harrison         Flora                 Carter             Clayton, Ind.          1911
Hayden           Raymond                                  Belleville, Ind.       1920
Hayworth         Albert                                   Sioux City, Iowa       1905
Hayworth         Esther                Rabor              Colfax, Ind.           1914
Hayworth         Rose                  Ward               Cartersburg, Ind.      1910
Hayworth         Ruth                  Cox                Cartersburg, Ind.      1914
Hazelwood        Gladys                                   Hazelwood, Ind.        1919
Henderson        Alta                                     North Vernon, Ind.     1918
Henderson        Finley                                   Murfreesboro, Tenn     1916
Henderson        Lila                                     Clayton, Ind.          1920
Henderson        Reitzal                                  North Vernon, Ind.     1914
Henderson        William                                  Indianapolis, Ind.     1899
Hicks            Mabel                                    Stilesville, Ind.      1912
Hinkle           Ruby                                                            1912     deceased
Howard           Clay                                     Clayton, Ind.          1915
Howell           Edna                                     Hall, Ind.             1909
Hussey           William                                  Indianapolis, Ind.     1912
Hutchinson       Maud                                     Honolulu, Hawaii       1909
Ison             Alice                 Stanley            Plainfield, Ind.       1918
Ison             Clara                                    Plainfield, Ind.       1918
Jackson          Hugh                                     Clayton, Ind.          1919
Johnson          Chester                                  Toston, Mont.          1915
Johnson          Herbert                                  Connersville, Ind.     1909
Johnson          Morris                                   Hazelwood, Ind.        1913
Jones            Mayme                 Nichols            Knox, Ind.             1909
Kellar           Harry                                    Hazelwood, Ind.        1912
Kendall          Ethel                 Givan              Philadelphia, Miss     1910
Kendall          Goldyne               Martin             Clayton, Ind.          1901
Kendall          Macena                                   Martinsville, Ind.     1908
Kendall          Milber                                   Amo, Ind.              1900
Kendall          Vilma                                    Clayton, Ind.          1919
Kincaid          Helen                                    Clayton, Ind.          1911
Kirby            Margaret                                 Indianapolis, Ind.     1903
Kirby            Nell                  Morris             Indianapolis, Ind.     1901
Lamb             Maggie                                   Cartersburg, Ind.      1913
Lane             Grace                                    Clayton, Ind.          1903
Leitzman         Sewell                                   Auburn, Ind.           1917
Little           Alma                  Phlegar            Milwaukee, Wis.        1912
Little           Paul                                     Clayton, Ind.          1916
Marlette         Fred                                     Indianapolis, Ind.     1916
Martin           Audrey                                   Clayton, Ind.          1920
Martin           Cecil                                    Clayton, Ind.          1899
Martin           Ethel                 Little             Cartersburg, Ind.      1901
Martin           Lowell                                   Cartersburg, Ind.      1914
Martin           Ruth                  Edmondson          Clayton, Ind.          1911
Martin           Walter                                   Cartersburg, Ind.      1899
Mason            Clyde                                    Bloomfield, Ind.       1919
Mason            Edith                                    Bloomfield, Ind.       1920
McClellan        Blanche                                  Hazelwood, Ind.        1916
McCormick        Edwin                                    Cartersburg, Ind.      1919
McCormick        Letha                 Money              Clayton, Ind.          1917
McDaniel         Vaugie                                   Indianapolis, Ind.     1902
Miller           Burke                                    Belleville, Ind.       1918
Miller           Hazel                 Parsons            Plainfield, Ind.       1916
Miller           Hugh                                     Belleville, Ind.       1913
Mitchell         Carl                                     Clayton, Ind.          1912
Mitchell         Owen                                     Gary, Ind.             1914
Money            Frank                                    Kansas City, Mo.       1910
Morrison         Lowell                                   Mooresville, Ind.      1919
Overman          Grace                 Sherwood           Sterling, Colo.        1910
Overman          Osie                                     Danville, Ind.         1905
Overman          Thomas                                   Plainfield, Ind.       1912
Patrick          Ruth                  Givan              Clayton, Ind.          1920
Peck             Ethel                                    Clayton, Ind.          1907
Peck             Nellie                Sharp              Indianapolis, Ind.     1906
Peede            Cora                                     Hazelwood, Ind.        1917
Peede            Lorene                Ludlow             Hazelwood, Ind.        1918
Pickens          Dott                  Green              Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Pickens          Gretchen                                 Clayton, Ind.          1920
Pickens          Joyce                                    Cloverdale, Ind.       1909
Prewitt          Helen                                                           1911     deceased
Pritchard        Elva                  Rushton            Mooresville, Ind.      1910
Pritchard        Leon                                     Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Pruitt           Jessie                                   Belleville, Ind.       1919
Pruitt           Mary                  Straubarger        Mt. Ayr, Ind.          1909
Pruitt           Ruth                                     Belleville, Ind.       1917
Rabor            Claud                                    Chicago, Ill.          1913
Rabor            Ralph                                    Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Rabor            Tom                                      Colfax, Ind.           1915
Reid             Beth                                     Indianapolis, Ind.     1913
Reid             Donald                                   Clayton, Ind.          1915
Reitzal          Albert                                   Hazelwood, Ind.        1914
Rhoades          Herbert                                  Clayton, Ind.          1917
Rhoades          Imogene                                  Clayton, Ind.          1919
Richardson       Daisy                                    Clayton, Ind.          1909
Richardson       Earl                                     Indianapolis, Ind.     1899
Richardson       Elsa                                     Lafayette, Ind.        1912
Richardson       Inez                                     Hazelwood, Ind.        1910
Richardson       Nora                  Rietzal            Clayton, Ind.          1902
Richardson       Pearl                 Edmondson          Hazelwood, Ind.        1907
Richardson       Ruth                                     Orleans, Ind.          1919
Richardson       Wesley                                   Hazelwood, Ind.        1910
Rietzal          Edgar                                    Hazelwood, Ind.        1903
Riley            Ruth                  Myers              Culver, Ind.           1915
Rogers           Helen                 Tucker             Indianapolis, Ind.     1918
Rogers           Ida Mae                                  Clayton, Ind.          1920
Routh            Eliza                 Bee                Clayton, Ind.          1919
Routh            Harold                                   Belleville, Ind.       1916
Routh            Helen                                    Belleville, Ind.       1917
Rushton          Avis                  Cooper             Clayton, Ind.          1917
Rushton          Etta                  Masten             Clayton, Ind.          1914
Rushton          Loyd                                     Clayton, Ind.          1915
Rushton          Murriel                                  Belleville, Ind.       1912
Rushton          Perry                                    Belleville, Ind.       1913
Russell          Frank                                    Plainfield, Ind.       1920
Rynerson         Herschell                                Ames, Iowa             1899
Salsman          Vasil                                    Plainfield, Ind.       1916
Sawyers          Arthur                                   Indianapolis, Ind.     1908
Scott            Clara                 Kellar             Danville, Ind.         1908
Scott            Osie                  Edmondson          Hazelwood, Ind.        1907
Scotten          Clarence                                 Indianapolis, Ind.     1916
Scotten          Hallie                                   Indianapolis, Ind.     1915
Scotten          Marie                                    Hazelwood, Ind.        1917
Scotten          Ray                                      Mooresville, Ind.      1916
Shields          Hugh                                     Ridgeville, Conn.      1909
Short            Marcia                                   Charleston, Mo.        1915
Slater           Naomi                 Alexander          Sheridan, Ind.         1919
Slayback         Blanche               Walker             Columbus, Ind.         1918
Stafford         Yale                                     Clayton, Ind.          1917
Staley           Fredia                                   Clayton, Ind.          1919
Stanley          Norris                                   Indianapolis, Ind.     1919
Stewart          Tom                                      St. Louis, Mo.         1901
Stone            Sybil                                    Clayton, Ind.          1916
Storm            Nellie                Heavens            Fillmore, Ind.         1913
Stout            Glen                                     Clayton, Ind.          1916
Stout            Ruby                  Rogers             Clayton, Ind.          1914
Stringer         Julius                                   Clayton, Ind.          1916
Swindler         William                                  Clayton, Ind.          1899
Terrell          Martha                Hall               Perryville, Ind.       1910
Thompson         Pearl                 Fisher             Hazelwood, Ind.        1916
Thompson         Walter                                   Clayton, Ind.          1903
Treat            Franklin                                 Clayton, Ind.          1919
Trester          Beulah                Gilbert                                   1907     deceased
Trester          Clyde                                    Indianapolis, Ind.     1914
Trester          Faye Marlette                            Indianapolis, Ind.     1914
Tudor            Virgil                                   Valparaiso, Ind.       1916
Veatch           Grace                                    Danville, Ind.         1915
Walker           Alice                 Cox                Clayton, Ind.          1916
Walker           Anna                                     Danville, Ind.         1918
Walker           Earnest                                  Clayton, Ind.          1916
Walker           Ellis                                    Belleville, Ind.       1920
Ward             Esther                                   Gary, Ind.             1906
Warren           Ray                                      Mooresville, Ind.      1914
Weesner          Ina                   Marlette           Indianapolis, Ind.     1916
Weesner          Mary                                     Clayton, Ind.          1914
Weesner          Rollis                                   Clayton, Ind.          1916
Weesner          Sophine                                  Clayton, Ind.          1918
West             Amy                                      Clayton, Ind.          1909
West             Mable                                    Clayton, Ind.          1916
West             Mary                                     Clayton, Ind.          1916
West             Opal                                     Clayton, Ind.          1917
White            Gerland                                  Plainfield, Ind.       1901
Wills            Eva                   Burns              Clayton, Ind.          1909
Wills            Ralph                                    Danville, Ind.         1909
Wilson           Earl                                     Martinsville, Ind.     1908
Wilson           Leo                                      Philippines            1916
Wilson           Opal                                     Cloverdale, Ind.       1915
Wooden           Lillian               Scott              Clayton, Ind.          1901
Woods            Effie                 Kendall            Amo, Ind.              1900
Woods            Lucille               Nash               Brownsburg, Ind.       1918
Woodward         Fara                  York               Clayton, Ind.          1917
Worrell          Beth                  Harold             Long Island, N.Y.      1910
Worrell          Dee                   Love               Madisonville, Tenn     1908
Worrell          Elizabeth             Cooper             Hazelwood, Ind.        1920
Worrell          Helen                 Hadley             Amo, Ind.              1912
Worrell          Kate                  Johnson            Connersville, Ind.     1909
Worrell          Lee                                      Clayton, Ind.          1914
Worrell          Maurice                                  Hilsboro, Texas        1907
Worrell          Ronald                                   Clayton, Ind.          1914
Worrell          Ruth                                     Clayton, Ind.          1912
Worrell          Willard                                  Clayton, Ind.          1907
Wright           Mae                   Sidey              Twinbrooks, S. Dak     1914
York             Charles                                  Indianapolis, Ind.     1910
York             Conrad                                   Campbell, Calif.       1900
York             Earl                                     Clayton, Ind.          1916
York             Eurie                 Martin                                    1901     deceased
York             Mayme                 Corey              Chicago, Ill.          1917