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Meredith Thompson

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Students at Clayton High School (1920)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the students at Clayton High School in 1920, as published in Claytonian (the school's yearbook for 1920).

     Last Name         First Name          Year
Alexander          Lucille            Freshman
Allen              Laurence           Freshman
Armstrong          Edith              Freshman
Bayless            Helena             Junior
Bayliss            Lucille            Freshman
Beck               Dona               Freshman
Beck               Victor             Freshman
Bee                Ralph              Senior
Bee                Raymond            Sophomore
Bennett            Elvin              Freshman
Bolen              Benjamin           Senior
Bourne             Charles            Freshman
Bray               Mildred            Junior
Brooks             Rosalie            Freshman
Buis               Lucille            Senior
Burns              Ruth               Sophomore
Burton             Ethel Mae          Senior
Bush               Thomas             Freshman
Canary             Doris              Junior
Carter             Carl               Freshman
Clark              Lena               Sophomore
Clark              Zella Marie        Senior
Cook               Glenn              Sophomore
Cooper             Clarence           Senior
Cooper             Freeman            Freshman
Cooper             Ralph              Junior
Cooperider         Fredia             Freshman
Cooprider          Fredia             Freshman
Craven             Adeline            Freshman
Duncan             Garnet             Freshman
Duncan             Russell            Freshman
Duncan             Wendell            Junior
Easton             Elmer              Senior
Easton             Vera               Senior
Easton             Virgil             Freshman
Edmonson           Nathalie           Junior
Edmonson           Willard            Sophomore
Farquer            John               Junior
Fisher             Marvin             Freshman
Foster             Avis               Junior
Franklin           Basil              Freshman
Franklin           Helen              Sophomore
Franklin           Lowell             Sophomore
Franklin           Virgil             Junior
Friend             Benjamin           Sophomore
Harvey             George             Freshman
Hayden             Raymond            Senior
Hazelwood          Roy                Sophomore
Henderson          Clarence           Freshman
Henderson          Lela               Senior
Hickman            Goldia             Freshman
Howe               Lucille            Freshman
Hubbard            Reynolds           Junior
Hudson             Harlin             Freshman
Jester             Esther             Junior
Johnson            Kenneth            Junior
Jones              Howard             Sophomore
Kincaid            Geneva             Freshman
Little             Wendell            Junior
Low                Robert             Sophomore
Ludlow             Perlie             Sophomore
Martin             Audrey Jane        Senior
Martin             Carl               Freshman
Mason              Bernice            Sophomore
Mason              Edythe G.          Senior
McClellan          Emile              Junior
McElroy            Edith              Freshman
Merrill            Herbie             Sophomore
Miles              Geraldine          Freshman
Moon               Viola              Junior
Morrison           Mary               Junior
Oldham             Winifred           Freshman
Patrick            Ivah Ruth          Senior
Patterson          Ralph              Freshman
Pickens            Florence Gretchen  Senior
Powers             Clarence           Sophomore
Prichard           Roy                Junior
Pridemore          Maye               Junior
Quinn              Harry              Sophomore
Quinn              Lee                Junior
Richardson         Esther             Sophomore
Richardson         Lorin              Junior
Riley              Mae                Freshman
Rogers             Ida Mae            Senior
Rogers             Ralph              Freshman
Ross               Marvel             Freshman
Rushton            Earl               Junior
Rushton            Estill             Freshman
Russell            Frank              Senior
Short              Paul               Junior
Skaggs             Lena               Junior
Slayback           Elizabeth          Sophomore
Smiley             Clydia             Sophomore
Smiley             Woody              Freshman
Smith              Roy                Sophomore
Staley             Edward             Sophomore
Stephenson         Francis            Sophomore
Stout              Lenore             Junior
Stout              Thelma             Freshman
Thompson           Donald             Junior
Thompson           Katherine          Junior
Thompson           Pauline            Sophomore
Walker             Ellis              Senior
Walker             Raymond            Sophomore
Wills              Frank              Junior
Winstead           Blanche            Junior
Winsted            John               Freshman
Wood               Fern               Freshman
Wooden             Chester            Sophomore
Wooden             Cordelia           Freshman
Worrell            Dorothy            Freshman
Worrell            Elizabeth          Senior