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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County Common Schools (1915)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) issue of Thursday, April 15, 1915 page 1, column 6; issue of Thursday, April 22, 1915 page 1, columns 3-4; issue of Thursday, May 20, 1915 page 1, column 5

NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade.

    Last Name      First Name   Grade      Location
Apple            Grace           83.2    Guilford Twp.
Armstrong        Lena            82.2     Union Twp.
Arnold           Roy R.          80.1     Center Twp.
Ashby            Hollis          85.4     Middle Twp.
Ayers            Vivian          85.6    Liberty Twp.
Bailey           Chester         82.8    Guilford Twp.
Barker           Opha            81.1      Clay Twp.
Bayliss          Helen           79.6    Liberty Twp.
Beaman           Doris           89.6     Middle Twp.
Beck             Dorothea F.     90.4      Clay Twp.
Beck             James            78      Brown Twp.
Bennett          Mildred         88.3      Clay Twp.
Berry            Quincy          83.6      Clay Twp.
Bootes           Irene            78       Clay Twp.
Bray             Muriel          84.2    Liberty Twp.
Bray             Roy             89.1      Clay Twp.
Brent            Hollace         83.1   Eel River Twp.
Brewer           Dewer           75.6     Center Twp.
Buchanan         Kenneth          88     Liberty Twp.
Burcham          Sarah           80.1   Washington Twp.
Burns            Clifton         81.7    Liberty Twp.
Byram            Lois            83.6   Eel River Twp.
Callahan         Mabel           77.4    Liberty Twp.
Callahan         Theodore        81.3     Middle Twp.
Candy            Cora B.         86.5    Liberty Twp.
Carr             Edna            79.7    Guilford Twp.
Chamness         Reba            78.4    Liberty Twp.
Clark            Floyd           79.5    Liberty Twp.
Clark            Francis         78.3      Clay Twp.
Clark            Mabel           85.6    Guilford Twp.
Coble            Helen M.        86.6    Guilford Twp.
Coffman          Sylvester       77.4     Brown Twp.
Cooper           Willard         84.6      Clay Twp.
Cosner           Calvin          83.7    Franklin Twp.
Cox              Donas           81.5    Liberty Twp.
Crews            Norman          76.6      Clay Twp.
Crouch           Earl            80.8    Lincoln Twp.
Cummings         Ray              87     Lincoln Twp.
Darnell          Margaret        78.8     Middle Twp.
Davis            Eula M.         74.6     Union Twp.
Delong           Alma Mae        81.4    Lincoln Twp.
DeLong           Harold          85.6     Middle Twp.
Denton           Carl S.         88.1    Lincoln Twp.
Duncan           Rosa            77.5   Eel River Twp.
Edmonson         Donald          78.5    Liberty Twp.
Ellett           John            82.4      Clay Twp.
Elliott          Eldredge A.     84.1    Guilford Twp.
Elliott          Maurice         92.1    Guilford Twp.
Ellis            Elfia           86.2     Union Twp.
Ellis            Ralph           80.6   Eel River Twp.
Evans            Beatrice        86.4    Lincoln Twp.
Everett          Elva             84     Lincoln Twp.
Fields           Leon            82.3    Guilford Twp.
Finn             Pearl            86    Washington Twp.
Fiscus           Vernon          79.5   Eel River Twp.
Fogleman         Edith           85.4    Guilford Twp.
Frazee           Opal            80.6   Washington Twp.
Frazier          Helen           77.3     Center Twp.
Frazier          Maggie          78.1     Center Twp.
Fritsche         Robert R.       79.2     Marion Twp.
Fuson            Wendall R.      88.8      Clay Twp.
Fuston           Winifred        86.3      Clay Twp.
Garrison         Robert          89.7   Washington Twp.
Goodwin          Ivan            77.2     Marion Twp.
Gossett          Harold          77.7   Eel River Twp.
Green            Rancel          81.6      Clay Twp.
Greenlee         Marion          87.3     Marion Twp.
Greenlee         Murray           83       Clay Twp.
Greeson          Dorothea        90.5    Franklin Twp.
Greeson          Reah Blanche    82.1    Guilford Twp.
Gregory          Chester          89     Franklin Twp.
Griffin          John             87     Guilford Twp.
Grimes           Herman          90.7   Eel River Twp.
Hadley           Bernice M.      82.3      Clay Twp.
Hadley           Esther           86       Clay Twp.
Hadley           George          83.3    Guilford Twp.
Hale             Carroll H.      85.6    Guilford Twp.
Hall             Hazel           75.1     Marion Twp.
Hamblen          Joe             85.5    Liberty Twp.
Harbaugh         Fleeta           88       Clay Twp.
Hargrave         Inez            82.8      Clay Twp.
Harlan           Noble            84       Clay Twp.
Harold           Gladys          84.8     Marion Twp.
Harris           Helen           82.7     Marion Twp.
Hart             Maurice         88.3     Middle Twp.
Hartsock         Ella            84.5   Eel River Twp.
Hartup           John             80     Liberty Twp.
Hawkins          Russell         86.3   Washington Twp.
Hazlewood        Gladys          87.3    Liberty Twp.
Henderson        Florence         86     Lincoln Twp.
Henning          Everett R.      79.2     Brown Twp.
Henson           Maurice         76.1    Lincoln Twp.
Herdrick         Frank           76.1    Lincoln Twp.
Herring          Marie           82.6    Lincoln Twp.
Hicks            Herbert         82.2   Eel River Twp.
Higgins          Harvey          82.1     Center Twp.
Hill             Cassie          86.2      Clay Twp.
Hopper           Irene           84.1    Lincoln Twp.
Horn             Harold          84.3      Clay Twp.
Hornaday         John            78.7    Guilford Twp.
Hornaday         Pauline         76.8    Lincoln Twp.
Howard           Lulu B.         82.5    Liberty Twp.
Howson           Christine        88     Franklin Twp.
Huddleston       Ruthie          76.4    Lincoln Twp.
Hufford          Jeraldyne        87     Liberty Twp.
Hughes           Cordas          88.8    Lincoln Twp.
Hunt             Estie           79.1     Center Twp.
Hutchins         Mary            80.6    Franklin Twp.
Irwin            Kenneth         85.1   Eel River Twp.
Irwin            Lula M.         82.6    Lincoln Twp.
Jackson          Hugh            79.4    Liberty Twp.
Jacoby           Mae             78.1    Lincoln Twp.
Jarvis           Elmer L.        89.7      Clay Twp.
Jessup           Albert          83.7    Guilford Twp.
Johnson          Ivan            87.3    Guilford Twp.
Johnson          Maurice         82.5      Clay Twp.
Johnson          Wilbur A.       78.8    Guilford Twp.
Johnston         Donald          88.8    Guilford Twp.
Jones            Ed M.            85      Marion Twp.
Jones            Floyd           76.8   Washington Twp.
Jordan           Tulley          76.3    Guilford Twp.
Joseph           Mabel           85.3     Marion Twp.
Keeney           Mabel           81.8     Union Twp.
Keitch           Anna            85.3   Eel River Twp.
Keitch           Dorothy         88.8   Eel River Twp.
Kellum           Charles R.      89.8    Guilford Twp.
Kendall          Vilma           85.7    Liberty Twp.
Kenworthy        Carolilne       84.7    Guilford Twp.
Kirk             Maurice         81.5     Center Twp.
Knipp            Ollie Agnes     88.7    Guilford Twp.
Kreigh           Josephine       85.5     Center Twp.
Larimore         Marie           83.3    Franklin Twp.
Larkin           Golda            80       Clay Twp.
Leach            Emma            81.3     Union Twp.
Lewis            Lacy            78.3    Guilford Twp.
Lewis            Mary            84.3    Guilford Twp.
Lineberry        Paul            82.5    Franklin Twp.
Lingeman         Frank            82     Lincoln Twp.
Lingeman         Mary            83.8    Lincoln Twp.
Lisby            Roy             80.8      Clay Twp.
Long             Eva             80.4   Eel River Twp.
Lotka            Dewey           79.4   Eel River Twp.
Martin           Bertha           85    Eel River Twp.
Martin           Jeannette       87.1     Center Twp.
Marting          Grace           90.7     Center Twp.
Marvel           Clarence E.     81.5     Brown Twp.
Mason            Clyde           84.3    Liberty Twp.
Masten           Loren E.        85.1   Washington Twp.
Mayo             Florence        75.1     Brown Twp.
McCammack        Ruth            81.8      Clay Twp.
McCaslin         Hattie          78.4     Center Twp.
McCaslin         Omer             83     Lincoln Twp.
McCloud          Etta            87.6      Clay Twp.
McCloud          Milton          85.6      Clay Twp.
Meltabarger      Gemima          79.8     Marion Twp.
Menefee          Victor L.       89.5   Washington Twp.
Mercer           Violet          83.5    Liberty Twp.
Merritt          Ethel C.        81.7   Washington Twp.
Mills            Vera            80.7    Lincoln Twp.
Monical          Winifred        82.6   Eel River Twp.
Moon             Charles         77.3    Guilford Twp.
Moon             Percy           84.7      Clay Twp.
Moon             Sylvia          83.3    Guilford Twp.
Morrison         Lowell          75.2    Liberty Twp.
Mullis           Harvey          76.8    Franklin Twp.
Nash             Clifford         84     Lincoln Twp.
Newby            Albert          80.8    Guilford Twp.
Newby            Lester          78.8    Guilford Twp.
Newman           Luther          75.7      Clay Twp.
O'Donnell        Raymond         78.3     Center Twp.
Orville          Lewis           79.8      Clay Twp.
Overton          Harold          85.6      Clay Twp.
Owens            Alva            87.4   Eel River Twp.
Owens            Deane            78      Center Twp.
Parsons          Ralph           84.2    Guilford Twp.
Petty            Irene           80.4      Clay Twp.
Petty            Pearl           82.2    Guilford Twp.
Pierson          Fred            85.8     Center Twp.
Plasters         Julia           86.7   Eel River Twp.
Powers           Gladys          88.8    Guilford Twp.
Price            Helen E.        86.7    Guilford Twp.
Pritchett        Mary            85.4    Guilford Twp.
Pruitt           Jessie J.       87.3    Liberty Twp.
Raikes           Grace           77.7     Center Twp.
Richardson       Ruth            82.8    Liberty Twp.
Robards          Mary            91.3    Franklin Twp.
Rogers           Helen L.        83.6   Washington Twp.
Ross             Willie          88.6   Washington Twp.
Routh            Eliza           82.8    Liberty Twp.
Ruse             Sadie           79.4    Lincoln Twp.
Scott            Fay             88.2     Union Twp.
Scott            Geo. Leon       92.2   Washington Twp.
Scott            Hazel           80.4     Union Twp.
Sears            Inez            82.2      Clay Twp.
Selch            Enid            80.2     Middle Twp.
Shanklin         Cecil           82.7     Brown Twp.
Sheets           Anna            79.6     Marion Twp.
Sheets           Kenneth          77     Guilford Twp.
Sheets           Marvin          75.1     Marion Twp.
Shilling         Charles         89.5     Brown Twp.
Shirley          Juanita         79.1     Union Twp.
Simmons          Ellma           89.7     Center Twp.
Slavens          Netah           77.1     Center Twp.
Smith            Lucille         92.6      Clay Twp.
Smock            Letha           79.7    Liberty Twp.
Snyder           Lela            79.1     Union Twp.
Spangler         Susie Louanice  83.5     Union Twp.
Spear            Pauline         81.7    Guilford Twp.
Staley           Frieda E.       88.1    Liberty Twp.
Stanley          Edith           76.6    Guilford Twp.
Stanley          Eldon           80.5    Guilford Twp.
Stanley          Kathleen        78.8     Center Twp.
Stanley          Norris A.       81.4    Liberty Twp.
Stephenson       Spencer         87.4    Liberty Twp.
Stuart           Wendell         80.2      Clay Twp.
Summers          Merrell         82.2      Clay Twp.
Surber           Harold          80.3     Middle Twp.
Surber           Winifred        87.1     Middle Twp.
Swartzbaugh      Earl            83.2   Washington Twp.
Talbert          Herschel        80.5    Lincoln Twp.
Temple           Marie           80.4   Eel River Twp.
Terry            Ruby            83.5      Clay Twp.
Thomas           Darwin          84.2     Center Twp.
Thompson         Dorothy         75.3    Liberty Twp.
Thompson         Floyd           75.8    Liberty Twp.
Thompson         Lucile          78.4    Lincoln Twp.
Thompson         Ruth            79.2    Liberty Twp.
Tinder           Dovie           83.1     Center Twp.
Trammel          Tillie           79    Eel River Twp.
Treat            Franklin         79     Liberty Twp.
Trotter          Marjorie        76.8   Eel River Twp.
Trotter          Maude            88    Eel River Twp.
Trotter          Maurice         84.7   Eel River Twp.
Underwood        Muriel          79.8    Liberty Twp.
Wagner           Louise          91.4     Center Twp.
Walls            Mary E.          87     Franklin Twp.
Walton           Bertha          88.2   Eel River Twp.
Ward             Russell         76.2    Lincoln Twp.
Warmoth          Floyd           76.5     Center Twp.
Warmoth          George          83.3    Franklin Twp.
Warmoth          Mary            86.7    Franklin Twp.
West             Basil           81.4    Franklin Twp.
West             Everett         82.2    Franklin Twp.
West             Kathleen        88.3      Clay Twp.
Whicker          Agnes E.        84.4      Clay Twp.
Whisler          Anna            82.4     Middle Twp.
White            Elda            83.2    Lincoln Twp.
Wickham          Laurence         77    Eel River Twp.
Wiles            Bertha          79.3   Eel River Twp.
Wilkins          Marie           80.1     Marion Twp.
Willoughby       Kenneth         81.4     Center Twp.
Woods            Ruth            90.5      Clay Twp.
Worrell          Chester          78     Lincoln Twp.
Worrell          Clarence        77.5     Middle Twp.