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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County Common Schools (1917)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) issue of Thursday, April 26, 1917 page 1, column 2; issue of Thursday, May 31, 1917 page 7, column 4

NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade.

    Last Name       First Name        Location
Alcorn           Golda               Marion Twp.
Anadell          Clifford H.         Center Twp.
Arnold           Roy                 Union Twp.
Ayers            Frank B.           Lincoln Twp.
Barlow           Orin               Lincoln Twp.
Bayliss          Helena             Liberty Twp.
Bennett          Willie             Liberty Twp.
Berry            Harold               Clay Twp.
Blackaby         Nellie              Marion Twp.
Blair            Ruth O.            Guilford Twp.
Bowman           Fred                Marion Twp.
Boyd             Wendell            Franklin Twp.
Bray             Mildred            Liberty Twp.
Brown            Mary                Marion Twp.
Buchanan         Berniece           Guilford Twp.
Callahan         Alma                Marion Twp.
Canary           Doris              Liberty Twp.
Carver           Mabel                Clay Twp.
Casady           Max                  Clay Twp.
Chastain         Ancel              Liberty Twp.
Clark            Harvey               Clay Twp.
Cline            Mamie              Franklin Twp.
Cocherell        Arthur B.           Marion Twp.
Collyer          Lucien L.          Lincoln Twp.
Compton          Mabel P.          Washington Twp.
Cooper           Harleen            Franklin Twp.
Cooper           Orion               Center Twp.
Cooper           Ralph              Liberty Twp.
Cooper           Sylvia E.          Liberty Twp.
Cooprider        Emerald G.           Clay Twp.
Corn             Jessie             Franklin Twp.
Crouch           Kathaleen          Lincoln Twp.
Crowe            Cordie             Liberty Twp.
Curnnes          William P.          Union Twp.
Davenport        Alberta           Eel River Twp.
Davis            Floyd               Union Twp.
Davis            Rollin M.         Eel River Twp.
Day              Everett            Lincoln Twp.
Depew            Walter              Marion Twp.
Dickerson        Helen              Liberty Twp.
Dillon           Chester            Liberty Twp.
Dillon           Ruth                Marion Twp.
Dugan            Michael             Middle Twp.
Duncan           Wendell            Liberty Twp.
Eaton            Clair               Brown Twp.
Edmonson         Nathalie           Liberty Twp.
Ellett           Edith                Clay Twp.
Ellis            Floris              Union Twp.
Elmore           Clarence           Liberty Twp.
Everett          Edith M.           Lincoln Twp.
Farquer          John               Liberty Twp.
Fehlinger        Raymond            Lincoln Twp.
Ferguson         Ruby               Franklin Twp.
Fiscus           Henry             Eel River Twp.
Fitch            Gayle J.           Lincoln Twp.
Flanagan         Jesse             Washington Twp.
Fletcher         Claud              Liberty Twp.
Flynn            Herbert Forest      Marion Twp.
Foster           Avis               Liberty Twp.
Foster           Elloree             Union Twp.
Franklin         Virgil             Liberty Twp.
Frazee           Roscoe B.           Center Twp.
Garner           Hubert             Lincoln Twp.
Garriott         Frances            Guilford Twp.
Gibbs            Geraldine         Washington Twp.
Goodrich         George E.         Washington Twp.
Goodwin          Geneva              Marion Twp.
Gossett          Elsie             Eel River Twp.
Gowin            Cecil               Marion Twp.
Gray             Dewey               Marion Twp.
Gray             Lonnie              Marion Twp.
Greenlee         Doris              Franklin Twp.
Gregg            Raymond             Marion Twp.
Griffith         Cleo                Union Twp.
Grimes           Noble                Clay Twp.
Hadley           Helen J.             Clay Twp.
Hadley           Olive                Clay Twp.
Halfaker         John J.             Marion Twp.
Hamilton         Faith              Franklin Twp.
Hargrave         Nellie               Clay Twp.
Harlan           Alice R.             Clay Twp.
Harlan           Pearl               Marion Twp.
Harrison         Elizabeth          Franklin Twp.
Harrison         Zelma              Franklin Twp.
Haworth          Hadley              Center Twp.
Herring          Frank               Brown Twp.
Hicks            Gladys            Eel River Twp.
Hines            Goldia M.         Eel River Twp.
Hoadley          Cecil              Lincoln Twp.
Hoffman          Lucile             Lincoln Twp.
Hopson           Gracie             Liberty Twp.
Hornaday         Reona              Lincoln Twp.
Hubbard          Robert R.          Liberty Twp.
Huffman          Ruth              Eel River Twp.
Hutchins         Murle              Franklin Twp.
Isenhour         Ada                 Brown Twp.
Ison             Mary               Liberty Twp.
Jester           Esther C.          Liberty Twp.
Johnson          Edith              Franklin Twp.
Johnson          Kenneth O.         Liberty Twp.
Johnson          William             Brown Twp.
Jones            Floyd B.          Washington Twp.
Jones            Kenneth             Center Twp.
Justice          George               Clay Twp.
Kauffman         Belle              Guilford Twp.
Keeney           Grace               Union Twp.
Keeney           Russell L.          Marion Twp.
Kendall          Nell              Eel River Twp.
Kenworthy        Bennie             Liberty Twp.
Kernodle         Elbert Russell      Union Twp.
Kersey           Theodore             Clay Twp.
Kershaw          Basil              Liberty Twp.
Larimore         Ella               Franklin Twp.
Larkin           Ruby                 Clay Twp.
Little           Wendell            Liberty Twp.
Long             William           Eel River Twp.
Mahan            Aubrey            Eel River Twp.
Mason            Colleta            Franklin Twp.
McCaslin         Elva               Lincoln Twp.
McCloud          Lillian              Clay Twp.
McDonald         Cora              Eel River Twp.
McHaffie         Maxine             Franklin Twp.
Meadows          Harold L.           Marion Twp.
Meldrum          Clair               Center Twp.
Mendenhall       Ormal               Union Twp.
Miles            Chloea              Center Twp.
Miller           Cecil              Guilford Twp.
Mills            Freeman            Franklin Twp.
Mitchell         Wyatt               Center Twp.
Montgomery       Mary                Marion Twp.
Moon             Bessie M.           Union Twp.
Moon             Viola M.           Liberty Twp.
Moore            May                Guilford Twp.
Morrison         Mary               Liberty Twp.
Mullis           Theodore           Franklin Twp.
Myers            Lora                Marion Twp.
Neese            Leta                 Clay Twp.
Newcome          James                Clay Twp.
Newman           Albert               Clay Twp.
Nolan            Thomas              Marion Twp.
Noland           Harold              Marion Twp.
Oursler          Kathleen           Franklin Twp.
Overstreet       Lois                Union Twp.
Overton          Beulah               Clay Twp.
Owen             Almond               Clay Twp.
Owen             Bertha               Clay Twp.
Owens            Doris L.            Center Twp.
Parsons          Lowell             Guilford Twp.
Patterson        Elsie             Washington Twp.
Pearcy           Eva J.              Middle Twp.
Pearcy           Lena                Center Twp.
Peed             Guy                Liberty Twp.
Pierson          Ralph               Union Twp.
Pigg             Oscar               Union Twp.
Pratt            Flewrange           Marion Twp.
Pridemore        May                Liberty Twp.
Pritchard        Roy                Liberty Twp.
Quinn            Lee                Liberty Twp.
Randol           Ralph W.            Marion Twp.
Ratliff          Percy Albert        Union Twp.
Rawlings         Aldis               Marion Twp.
Reeves           Tressie            Franklin Twp.
Rhea             Joseph               Clay Twp.
Richardson       Lorin              Liberty Twp.
Riggan           Mary              Washington Twp.
Robards          Everett A.         Franklin Twp.
Robbins          Paul W.             Marion Twp.
Roberts          Randal             Lincoln Twp.
Robinson         Earl               Lincoln Twp.
Robinson         Earl              Washington Twp.
Rogers           Annice               Clay Twp.
Ross             James Hunter      Eel River Twp.
Rudd             Clarence             Clay Twp.
Ruse             Raleigh W.         Lincoln Twp.
Rushton          Earl               Liberty Twp.
Russell          Roby              Washington Twp.
Salsman          Gertrude           Franklin Twp.
Schenck          Opal                Middle Twp.
Schneck          Carl E.             Marion Twp.
Short            Paul               Liberty Twp.
Simpson          Earl               Guilford Twp.
Skaggs           Lena               Liberty Twp.
Smith            Harold             Liberty Twp.
Smith            Marie             Eel River Twp.
Smith            May                Lincoln Twp.
Snyder           Ralph               Union Twp.
Sparks           Carl                Marion Twp.
Stewart          Whitson            Lincoln Twp.
Stokes           Harry E.             Clay Twp.
Storm            Ralph                Clay Twp.
Stout            Lenore             Liberty Twp.
Stout            Merrill            Liberty Twp.
Strange          Laura               Center Twp.
Talbert          Alice              Lincoln Twp.
Thompson         Charles              Clay Twp.
Thompson         Donald             Liberty Twp.
Thompson         Elizabeth          Lincoln Twp.
Thompson         Frank V.            Center Twp.
Underwood        Garnett            Liberty Twp.
Veatch           Ada M.              Marion Twp.
Walker           Ida                 Center Twp.
Wallace          Veda               Franklin Twp.
Walls            Fred              Washington Twp.
Walls            Hazel             Washington Twp.
Walter           Ralph             Washington Twp.
Walters          Otho               Franklin Twp.
Walton           Leonard              Clay Twp.
Walton           Minnie               Clay Twp.
Warmoth          Roy                Liberty Twp.
Warmoth          Russell            Franklin Twp.
Watkins          Raymond             Union Twp.
Watts            Hazel               Marion Twp.
Weer             Easter            Washington Twp.
Westerfield      Florence            Center Twp.
Wheeler          Elsie                Clay Twp.
White            Floy               Franklin Twp.
White            Hubert             Lincoln Twp.
Wilcox           Emil               Franklin Twp.
Wilson           Barbara            Lincoln Twp.
Wilson           Pauline            Lincoln Twp.
Winnings         Russell           Washington Twp.
Winstead         Blanche            Liberty Twp.
Wood             Lola              Eel River Twp.
Worrell          Oris L.           Washington Twp.
Worrell          Rosalie             Marion Twp.
Wright           Chalmer             Center Twp.
Yeager           Byron               Marion Twp.
Zimmerman        Helen C.          Washington Twp.
Zimmerman        Pearl M.            Marion Twp.