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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County Common Schools (1917)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) issue of Thursday, April 26, 1917 page 1, column 2; issue of Thursday, May 31, 1917 page 7, column 4

NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade.

Last Name First Name District
AlcornGoldaMarion Twp.
AnadellClifford H.Center Twp.
ArnoldRoyUnion Twp.
AyersFrank B.Lincoln Twp.
BarlowOrinLincoln Twp.
BaylissHelenaLiberty Twp.
BennettWillieLiberty Twp.
BerryHaroldClay Twp.
BlackabyNellieMarion Twp.
BlairRuth O.Guilford Twp.
BowmanFredMarion Twp.
BoydWendellFranklin Twp.
BrayMildredLiberty Twp.
BrownMaryMarion Twp.
BuchananBernieceGuilford Twp.
CallahanAlmaMarion Twp.
CanaryDorisLiberty Twp.
CarverMabelClay Twp.
CasadyMaxClay Twp.
ChastainAncelLiberty Twp.
ClarkHarveyClay Twp.
ClineMamieFranklin Twp.
CocherellArthur B.Marion Twp.
CollyerLucien L.Lincoln Twp.
ComptonMabel P.Washington Twp.
CooperHarleenFranklin Twp.
CooperOrionCenter Twp.
CooperRalphLiberty Twp.
CooperSylvia E.Liberty Twp.
CoopriderEmerald G.Clay Twp.
CornJessieFranklin Twp.
CrouchKathaleenLincoln Twp.
CroweCordieLiberty Twp.
CurnnesWilliam P.Union Twp.
DavenportAlbertaEel River Twp.
DavisFloydUnion Twp.
DavisRollin M.Eel River Twp.
DayEverettLincoln Twp.
DepewWalterMarion Twp.
DickersonHelenLiberty Twp.
DillonChesterLiberty Twp.
DillonRuthMarion Twp.
DuganMichaelMiddle Twp.
DuncanWendellLiberty Twp.
EatonClairBrown Twp.
EdmonsonNathalieLiberty Twp.
EllettEdithClay Twp.
EllisFlorisUnion Twp.
ElmoreClarenceLiberty Twp.
EverettEdith M.Lincoln Twp.
FarquerJohnLiberty Twp.
FehlingerRaymondLincoln Twp.
FergusonRubyFranklin Twp.
FiscusHenryEel River Twp.
FitchGayle J.Lincoln Twp.
FlanaganJesseWashington Twp.
FletcherClaudLiberty Twp.
FlynnHerbert ForestMarion Twp.
FosterAvisLiberty Twp.
FosterElloreeUnion Twp.
FranklinVirgilLiberty Twp.
FrazeeRoscoe B.Center Twp.
GarnerHubertLincoln Twp.
GarriottFrancesGuilford Twp.
GibbsGeraldineWashington Twp.
GoodrichGeorge E.Washington Twp.
GoodwinGenevaMarion Twp.
GossettElsieEel River Twp.
GowinCecilMarion Twp.
GrayDeweyMarion Twp.
GrayLonnieMarion Twp.
GreenleeDorisFranklin Twp.
GreggRaymondMarion Twp.
GriffithCleoUnion Twp.
GrimesNobleClay Twp.
HadleyHelen J.Clay Twp.
HadleyOliveClay Twp.
HalfakerJohn J.Marion Twp.
HamiltonFaithFranklin Twp.
HargraveNellieClay Twp.
HarlanAlice R.Clay Twp.
HarlanPearlMarion Twp.
HarrisonElizabethFranklin Twp.
HarrisonZelmaFranklin Twp.
HaworthHadleyCenter Twp.
HerringFrankBrown Twp.
HicksGladysEel River Twp.
HinesGoldia M.Eel River Twp.
HoadleyCecilLincoln Twp.
HoffmanLucileLincoln Twp.
HopsonGracieLiberty Twp.
HornadayReonaLincoln Twp.
HubbardRobert R.Liberty Twp.
HuffmanRuthEel River Twp.
HutchinsMurleFranklin Twp.
IsenhourAdaBrown Twp.
IsonMaryLiberty Twp.
JesterEsther C.Liberty Twp.
JohnsonEdithFranklin Twp.
JohnsonKenneth O.Liberty Twp.
JohnsonWilliamBrown Twp.
JonesFloyd B.Washington Twp.
JonesKennethCenter Twp.
JusticeGeorgeClay Twp.
KauffmanBelleGuilford Twp.
KeeneyGraceUnion Twp.
KeeneyRussell L.Marion Twp.
KendallNellEel River Twp.
KenworthyBennieLiberty Twp.
KernodleElbert RussellUnion Twp.
KerseyTheodoreClay Twp.
KershawBasilLiberty Twp.
LarimoreEllaFranklin Twp.
LarkinRubyClay Twp.
LittleWendellLiberty Twp.
LongWilliamEel River Twp.
MahanAubreyEel River Twp.
MasonColletaFranklin Twp.
McCaslinElvaLincoln Twp.
McCloudLillianClay Twp.
McDonaldCoraEel River Twp.
McHaffieMaxineFranklin Twp.
MeadowsHarold L.Marion Twp.
MeldrumClairCenter Twp.
MendenhallOrmalUnion Twp.
MilesChloeaCenter Twp.
MillerCecilGuilford Twp.
MillsFreemanFranklin Twp.
MitchellWyattCenter Twp.
MontgomeryMaryMarion Twp.
MoonBessie M.Union Twp.
MoonViola M.Liberty Twp.
MooreMayGuilford Twp.
MorrisonMaryLiberty Twp.
MullisTheodoreFranklin Twp.
MyersLoraMarion Twp.
NeeseLetaClay Twp.
NewcomeJamesClay Twp.
NewmanAlbertClay Twp.
NolanThomasMarion Twp.
NolandHaroldMarion Twp.
OurslerKathleenFranklin Twp.
OverstreetLoisUnion Twp.
OvertonBeulahClay Twp.
OwenAlmondClay Twp.
OwenBerthaClay Twp.
OwensDoris L.Center Twp.
ParsonsLowellGuilford Twp.
PattersonElsieWashington Twp.
PearcyEva J.Middle Twp.
PearcyLenaCenter Twp.
PeedGuyLiberty Twp.
PiersonRalphUnion Twp.
PiggOscarUnion Twp.
PrattFlewrangeMarion Twp.
PridemoreMayLiberty Twp.
PritchardRoyLiberty Twp.
QuinnLeeLiberty Twp.
RandolRalph W.Marion Twp.
RatliffPercy AlbertUnion Twp.
RawlingsAldisMarion Twp.
ReevesTressieFranklin Twp.
RheaJosephClay Twp.
RichardsonLorinLiberty Twp.
RigganMaryWashington Twp.
RobardsEverett A.Franklin Twp.
RobbinsPaul W.Marion Twp.
RobertsRandalLincoln Twp.
RobinsonEarlLincoln Twp.
RobinsonEarlWashington Twp.
RogersAnniceClay Twp.
RossJames HunterEel River Twp.
RuddClarenceClay Twp.
RuseRaleigh W.Lincoln Twp.
RushtonEarlLiberty Twp.
RussellRobyWashington Twp.
SalsmanGertrudeFranklin Twp.
SchenckOpalMiddle Twp.
SchneckCarl E.Marion Twp.
ShortPaulLiberty Twp.
SimpsonEarlGuilford Twp.
SkaggsLenaLiberty Twp.
SmithHaroldLiberty Twp.
SmithMarieEel River Twp.
SmithMayLincoln Twp.
SnyderRalphUnion Twp.
SparksCarlMarion Twp.
StewartWhitsonLincoln Twp.
StokesHarry E.Clay Twp.
StormRalphClay Twp.
StoutLenoreLiberty Twp.
StoutMerrillLiberty Twp.
StrangeLauraCenter Twp.
TalbertAliceLincoln Twp.
ThompsonCharlesClay Twp.
ThompsonDonaldLiberty Twp.
ThompsonElizabethLincoln Twp.
ThompsonFrank V.Center Twp.
UnderwoodGarnettLiberty Twp.
VeatchAda M.Marion Twp.
WalkerIdaCenter Twp.
WallaceVedaFranklin Twp.
WallsFredWashington Twp.
WallsHazelWashington Twp.
WalterRalphWashington Twp.
WaltersOthoFranklin Twp.
WaltonLeonardClay Twp.
WaltonMinnieClay Twp.
WarmothRoyLiberty Twp.
WarmothRussellFranklin Twp.
WatkinsRaymondUnion Twp.
WattsHazelMarion Twp.
WeerEasterWashington Twp.
WesterfieldFlorenceCenter Twp.
WheelerElsieClay Twp.
WhiteFloyFranklin Twp.
WhiteHubertLincoln Twp.
WilcoxEmilFranklin Twp.
WilsonBarbaraLincoln Twp.
WilsonPaulineLincoln Twp.
WinningsRussellWashington Twp.
WinsteadBlancheLiberty Twp.
WoodLolaEel River Twp.
WorrellOris L.Washington Twp.
WorrellRosalieMarion Twp.
WrightChalmerCenter Twp.
YeagerByronMarion Twp.
ZimmermanHelen C.Washington Twp.
ZimmermanPearl M.Marion Twp.