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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County Common Schools (1922)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) issue of Thursday, June 15, 1922 page 4, column 4 (The article says that Union and Middle townships, as well as Plainfield and Stilesville, are under a Junior-Senior school plan where there are no 8th grade graduates; thus they are not included in this list).

NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade.

      Last Name            First Name             Location
Agan                  Alva                Lincoln Twp.
Alexander             Garold              Liberty Twp.
Apple                 Helen               Guilford Twp.
Arbuckle              Edith               Lincoln Twp.
Bean                  Harlan              Guilford Twp.
Beason                Geraldine           Center Twp.
Beck                  Lois                Clay Twp.
Beck                  Lois                Marion & Clay Twps.
Blanton               Ralph               Center Twp.
Blaydes               Rohaney             Eel River Twp.
Boler                 Armilda             Lincoln Twp.
Bradford              Paul                Washington Twp.
Brent                 Clifford            Eel River Twp.
Brunes                Glendon             Lincoln Twp.
Buffo                 George              Lincoln Twp.
Bundy                 Howard              Clay Twp.
Burgess               Max                 Clay Twp.
Burns                 Amy                 Liberty Twp.
Burns                 Laurel              Lincoln Twp.
Canary                Lawrence            Liberty Twp.
Canary                Mabel               Lincoln Twp.
Clark                 John William        Center Twp.
Clark                 Margaret            Lincoln Twp.
Clay                  John William        Eel River Twp.
Coffin                Anna May            Center Twp.
Collins               Hildred             Liberty Twp.
Cook                  Lucile              Liberty Twp.
Cooper                Marshall            Franklin Twp.
Cooprider             Norris              Clay Twp.
Cornett               Stanley             Marion & Clay Twps.
Cox                   Lydia               Washington Twp.
Craven                Marvin              Liberty Twp.
Curnett               Stanley             Clay Twp.
Cutrell               Mildred             Washington Twp.
Cutrell               Myron               Washington Twp.
Darnell               Zelma               Liberty Twp.
Davis                 Elizabeth           Liberty Twp.
Delaney               Berneice            Eel River Twp.
Delong                Edgar               Washington Twp.
DePew                 Naomi               Clay Twp.
Duncan                Chrystine           Liberty Twp.
Eastham               Harold              Eel River Twp.
Eaton                 Kellar              Brown Twp.
Edmonson              Cornelia            Liberty Twp.
Ellis                 Cain                Eel River Twp.
Elter                 Walter              Eel River Twp.
Ennis                 Lucille             Lincoln Twp.
Erganbright           Mabel               Eel River Twp.
Evans                 Edward              Eel River Twp.
Fiscus                Catherine           Eel River Twp.
Fisher                Herbert             Clay Twp.
Fisher                Herbert             Marion & Clay Twps.
Fogle                 Mildred             Liberty Twp.
Ford                  Clyde               Marion Twp.
Freeland              Russell             Marion Twp.
Gaddie                Willie              Liberty Twp.
Galbreath             Wendell             Lincoln Twp.
Gambold               Robert              Clay Twp.
Garner                Harold              Lincoln Twp.
Gibbs                 Monica              Lincoln Twp.
Gibbs                 Pearl               Clay Twp.
Goodman               Jacob               Marion Twp.
Goodman               Jeanette            Marion Twp.
Gorman                Floyd               Washington Twp.
Graham                Lester              Lincoln Twp.
Greenlee              Loren               Marion Twp.
Griggs                Keith               Lincoln Twp.
Gullion               Kenneth             Lincoln Twp.
Hadley                Lois                Guilford Twp.
Hamilton              Paul                Franklin Twp.
Harlan                Horace              Clay Twp.
Hatcher               Nelson              Eel River Twp.
Hayden                Glendon             Washington Twp.
Hazelwood             Geneva              Liberty Twp.
Heavin                Elbert              Clay Twp.
Hemblen               George              Washington Twp.
Hicks                 Faye                Washington Twp.
Hicks                 Norman              Eel River Twp.
Hodges                Ethel               Clay Twp.
Hodges                Ethel               Marion & Clay Twps.
Hopkins               Herbert             Brown Twp.
Hough                 Annis               Lincoln Twp.
Hough                 Georgia             Lincoln Twp.
Huffman               Mary                Eel River Twp.
Hughes                Cleo                Washington Twp.
Hughes                Myrtle              Marion Twp.
Ison                  Neil                Center Twp.
Jenkins               Beulah              Center Twp.
Johnson               Dorothy             Washington Twp.
Johnson               Eva                 Clay Twp.
Jones                 Edna                Lincoln Twp.
Jones                 Rose                Liberty Twp.
Jordan                Joe                 Eel River Twp.
Keeney                Ralph               Marion Twp.
Kendall               John, Jr.           Guilford Twp.
Kennedy               Leora               Eel River Twp.
King                  Mary                Brown Twp.
Knight                Margaret            Clay Twp.
Kuhle                 Coredgeo            Washington Twp.
Lambert               Doris               Liberty Twp.
Land                  Thomas              Lincoln Twp.
Larsh                 Russell             Washington Twp.
Laughlin              Eleanor             Washington Twp.
Lee                   Elizabeth           Lincoln Twp.
Leuteritz             Christina           Lincoln Twp.
Lingeman              Christine           Lincoln Twp.
Long                  Bass                Center Twp.
Long                  Lola                Eel River Twp.
Lowder                Herbert             Brown Twp.
Lydick                Eula                Clay Twp.
Mackey                Carlos              Center Twp.
Mahan                 Woodie              Eel River Twp.
Mark                  Geraldine           Clay Twp.
Marker                Vernon              Lincoln Twp.
Marley                Elza                Clay Twp.
Masten                Ruth                Clay Twp.
May                   Ruby                Eel River Twp.
McCalment             Faye                Washington Twp.
McCammack             Beatrice            Clay Twp.
McClellan             Doris               Liberty Twp.
McCloud               Marvin              Clay Twp.
McCloud               Marvin              Marion & Clay Twps.
McCrary               Mabel               Guilford Twp.
McDaniel              Blanche             Clay Twp.
Meltabarger           Vada                Marion Twp.
Merritt               Beula               Washington Twp.
Merritt               Frank               Washington Twp.
Merritt               Hazel               Washington Twp.
Miller                Jean                Eel River Twp.
Miller                Lucille             Center Twp.
Miller                Richard             Eel River Twp.
Mills                 Gladys              Clay Twp.
Mitchell              Florence            Liberty Twp.
Mitchell              Lena                Eel River Twp.
Moon                  Alice               Center Twp.
Moon                  Novella             Liberty Twp.
Nichols               Amy                 Lincoln Twp.
Noland                Martha              Marion Twp.
O'Donnell             Lawrence            Center Twp.
Oldham                Frances             Liberty Twp.
Osborn                Blythe              Clay Twp.
Ousler                Raymond             Liberty Twp.
Owens                 Herschel            Center Twp.
Paris                 Orland              Liberty Twp.
Park                  Dorothy             Clay Twp.
Parsons               Pauline             Lincoln Twp.
Patrick               Noble               Liberty Twp.
Patterson             Maurice             Liberty Twp.
Patterson             Wesley              Lincoln Twp.
Pearce                Eva                 Liberty Twp.
Phillips              Charles             Guilford Twp.
Phillips              Hazel               Guilford Twp.
Pierson               Florence            Guilford Twp.
Pointer               Wilfred             Guilford Twp.
Prebster              Marian              Lincoln Twp.
Pritchett             Carl                Center Twp.
Pritchett             Russell             Center Twp.
Randall               Pliny               Washington Twp.
Reed                  Juanita             Lincoln Twp.
Richardson            Marion              Marion Twp.
Riddle                Rheta               Guilford Twp.
Roberson              Mildred             Guilford Twp.
Roberts               Dorothy             Center Twp.
Roberts               Geraldine           Center Twp.
Robinson              Helen               Lincoln Twp.
Rose                  Leona               Eel River Twp.
Ross                  Russell             Washington Twp.
Ross                  Theodore            Eel River Twp.
Ross                  William             Liberty Twp.
Rushton               William             Liberty Twp.
Russell               Ruth                Eel River Twp.
Rybolt                Omar                Liberty Twp.
Ryner                 Lois                Marion Twp.
Sandusky              Sylvester           Brown Twp.
Scott                 Mary Eunice         Lincoln Twp.
Sellers               Katherine           Eel River Twp.
Shanee                Mary                Clay Twp.
Shanklin              Lawrence            Brown Twp.
Sheets                Marcile             Guilford Twp.
Shirley               Geneva              Clay Twp.
Shirley               Lena                Lincoln Twp.
Shorter               Lois                Eel River Twp.
Shortridge            Blanche             Clay Twp.
Simms                 Genevieve           Brown Twp.
Smith                 Ethel               Eel River Twp.
Smith                 Floy                Liberty Twp.
Smith                 Geneva              Washington Twp.
Smith                 Ivan                Brown Twp.
Smith                 Verl                Brown Twp.
Smith                 Wayen               Lincoln Twp.
Smith                 Willie              Marion Twp.
Smoot                 Marion              Liberty Twp.
Snodgrass             Anna                Liberty Twp.
Sowders               Dorman              Eel River Twp.
Stewart               Vesta               Marion Twp.
Storm                 Bertha              Clay Twp.
Stout                 Dorothy             Washington Twp.
Stout                 Kenneth             Liberty Twp.
Sullivan              Thomas              Brown Twp.
Sumpter               Paul                Lincoln Twp.
Swank                 Mabel               Center Twp.
Szenarey              Alex                Washington Twp.
Thompson              Maurice             Liberty Twp.
Tingle                Claude              Lincoln Twp.
Trammel               Doris               Eel River Twp.
Trotter               Doris               Eel River Twp.
Trucksess             Florence            Lincoln Twp.
Tudor                 Glenn               Liberty Twp.
Turley                Frank               Brown Twp.
Underwood             Leonard             Center Twp.
Vire                  Ruth                Liberty Twp.
Wall                  Gladys              Guilford Twp.
Walters               Josephine           Marion Twp.
Walton                Gertrude            Eel River Twp.
Ward                  Geneva              Liberty Twp.
Ware                  Alta                Center Twp.
Warren                Mary                Brown Twp.
Wheeler               Ruth                Clay Twp.
White                 Ernest              Lincoln Twp.
Wiggam                Marie               Center Twp.
Williams              Olieva              Clay Twp.
Williams              Russell             Lincoln Twp.
Wilson                Marguerite          Lincoln Twp.
Wilson                Paul                Brown Twp.
Wincoop               Carl                Lincoln Twp.
Wing                  Maude               Brown Twp.
Winsted               Francis             Liberty Twp.
Wise                  Victoria            Clay Twp.
Wise                  Victoria            Marion & Clay Twps.
Wisehart              Louise              Eel River Twp.
Wood                  Meredith            Center Twp.
Worrell               Maurice             Lincoln Twp.
Young                 Herbert             Liberty Twp.