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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County Common Schools (1922)

Index © Meredith Thompson

Source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) issue of Thursday, June 15, 1922 page 4, column 4 (The article says that Union and Middle townships, as well as Plainfield and Stilesville, are under a Junior-Senior school plan where there are no 8th grade graduates; thus they are not included in this list).

NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade.

Last Name First Name District
AganAlvaLincoln Twp.
AlexanderGaroldLiberty Twp.
AppleHelenGuilford Twp.
ArbuckleEdithLincoln Twp.
BeanHarlanGuilford Twp.
BeasonGeraldineCenter Twp.
BeckLoisMarion & Clay Twps.
BeckLoisClay Twp.
BlantonRalphCenter Twp.
BlaydesRohaneyEel River Twp.
BolerArmildaLincoln Twp.
BradfordPaulWashington Twp.
BrentCliffordEel River Twp.
BrunesGlendonLincoln Twp.
BuffoGeorgeLincoln Twp.
BundyHowardClay Twp.
BurgessMaxClay Twp.
BurnsAmyLiberty Twp.
BurnsLaurelLincoln Twp.
CanaryLawrenceLiberty Twp.
CanaryMabelLincoln Twp.
ClarkJohn WilliamCenter Twp.
ClarkMargaretLincoln Twp.
ClayJohn WilliamEel River Twp.
CoffinAnna MayCenter Twp.
CollinsHildredLiberty Twp.
CookLucileLiberty Twp.
CooperMarshallFranklin Twp.
CoopriderNorrisClay Twp.
CornettStanleyMarion & Clay Twps.
CoxLydiaWashington Twp.
CravenMarvinLiberty Twp.
CurnettStanleyClay Twp.
CutrellMildredWashington Twp.
CutrellMyronWashington Twp.
DarnellZelmaLiberty Twp.
DavisElizabethLiberty Twp.
DelaneyBerneiceEel River Twp.
DelongEdgarWashington Twp.
DePewNaomiClay Twp.
DuncanChrystineLiberty Twp.
EasthamHaroldEel River Twp.
EatonKellarBrown Twp.
EdmonsonCorneliaLiberty Twp.
EllisCainEel River Twp.
ElterWalterEel River Twp.
EnnisLucilleLincoln Twp.
ErganbrightMabelEel River Twp.
EvansEdwardEel River Twp.
FiscusCatherineEel River Twp.
FisherHerbertMarion & Clay Twps.
FisherHerbertClay Twp.
FogleMildredLiberty Twp.
FordClydeMarion Twp.
FreelandRussellMarion Twp.
GaddieWillieLiberty Twp.
GalbreathWendellLincoln Twp.
GamboldRobertClay Twp.
GarnerHaroldLincoln Twp.
GibbsMonicaLincoln Twp.
GibbsPearlClay Twp.
GoodmanJacobMarion Twp.
GoodmanJeanetteMarion Twp.
GormanFloydWashington Twp.
GrahamLesterLincoln Twp.
GreenleeLorenMarion Twp.
GriggsKeithLincoln Twp.
GullionKennethLincoln Twp.
HadleyLoisGuilford Twp.
HamiltonPaulFranklin Twp.
HarlanHoraceClay Twp.
HatcherNelsonEel River Twp.
HaydenGlendonWashington Twp.
HazelwoodGenevaLiberty Twp.
HeavinElbertClay Twp.
HemblenGeorgeWashington Twp.
HicksFayeWashington Twp.
HicksNormanEel River Twp.
HodgesEthelClay Twp.
HodgesEthelMarion & Clay Twps.
HopkinsHerbertBrown Twp.
HoughAnnisLincoln Twp.
HoughGeorgiaLincoln Twp.
HuffmanMaryEel River Twp.
HughesCleoWashington Twp.
HughesMyrtleMarion Twp.
IsonNeilCenter Twp.
JenkinsBeulahCenter Twp.
JohnsonDorothyWashington Twp.
JohnsonEvaClay Twp.
JonesEdnaLincoln Twp.
JonesRoseLiberty Twp.
JordanJoeEel River Twp.
KeeneyRalphMarion Twp.
KendallJohn, Jr.Guilford Twp.
KennedyLeoraEel River Twp.
KingMaryBrown Twp.
KnightMargaretClay Twp.
KuhleCoredgeoWashington Twp.
LambertDorisLiberty Twp.
LandThomasLincoln Twp.
LarshRussellWashington Twp.
LaughlinEleanorWashington Twp.
LeeElizabethLincoln Twp.
LeuteritzChristinaLincoln Twp.
LingemanChristineLincoln Twp.
LongBassCenter Twp.
LongLolaEel River Twp.
LowderHerbertBrown Twp.
LydickEulaClay Twp.
MackeyCarlosCenter Twp.
MahanWoodieEel River Twp.
MarkGeraldineClay Twp.
MarkerVernonLincoln Twp.
MarleyElzaClay Twp.
MastenRuthClay Twp.
MayRubyEel River Twp.
McCalmentFayeWashington Twp.
McCammackBeatriceClay Twp.
McClellanDorisLiberty Twp.
McCloudMarvinClay Twp.
McCloudMarvinMarion & Clay Twps.
McCraryMabelGuilford Twp.
McDanielBlancheClay Twp.
MeltabargerVadaMarion Twp.
MerrittBeulaWashington Twp.
MerrittFrankWashington Twp.
MerrittHazelWashington Twp.
MillerJeanEel River Twp.
MillerLucilleCenter Twp.
MillerRichardEel River Twp.
MillsGladysClay Twp.
MitchellFlorenceLiberty Twp.
MitchellLenaEel River Twp.
MoonAliceCenter Twp.
MoonNovellaLiberty Twp.
NicholsAmyLincoln Twp.
NolandMarthaMarion Twp.
O'DonnellLawrenceCenter Twp.
OldhamFrancesLiberty Twp.
OsbornBlytheClay Twp.
OuslerRaymondLiberty Twp.
OwensHerschelCenter Twp.
ParisOrlandLiberty Twp.
ParkDorothyClay Twp.
ParsonsPaulineLincoln Twp.
PatrickNobleLiberty Twp.
PattersonMauriceLiberty Twp.
PattersonWesleyLincoln Twp.
PearceEvaLiberty Twp.
PhillipsCharlesGuilford Twp.
PhillipsHazelGuilford Twp.
PiersonFlorenceGuilford Twp.
PointerWilfredGuilford Twp.
PrebsterMarianLincoln Twp.
PritchettCarlCenter Twp.
PritchettRussellCenter Twp.
RandallPlinyWashington Twp.
ReedJuanitaLincoln Twp.
RichardsonMarionMarion Twp.
RiddleRhetaGuilford Twp.
RobersonMildredGuilford Twp.
RobertsDorothyCenter Twp.
RobertsGeraldineCenter Twp.
RobinsonHelenLincoln Twp.
RoseLeonaEel River Twp.
RossRussellWashington Twp.
RossTheodoreEel River Twp.
RossWilliamLiberty Twp.
RushtonWilliamLiberty Twp.
RussellRuthEel River Twp.
RyboltOmarLiberty Twp.
RynerLoisMarion Twp.
SanduskySylvesterBrown Twp.
ScottMary EuniceLincoln Twp.
SellersKatherineEel River Twp.
ShaneeMaryClay Twp.
ShanklinLawrenceBrown Twp.
SheetsMarcileGuilford Twp.
ShirleyGenevaClay Twp.
ShirleyLenaLincoln Twp.
ShorterLoisEel River Twp.
ShortridgeBlancheClay Twp.
SimmsGenevieveBrown Twp.
SmithEthelEel River Twp.
SmithFloyLiberty Twp.
SmithGenevaWashington Twp.
SmithIvanBrown Twp.
SmithVerlBrown Twp.
SmithWayenLincoln Twp.
SmithWillieMarion Twp.
SmootMarionLiberty Twp.
SnodgrassAnnaLiberty Twp.
SowdersDormanEel River Twp.
StewartVestaMarion Twp.
StormBerthaClay Twp.
StoutDorothyWashington Twp.
StoutKennethLiberty Twp.
SullivanThomasBrown Twp.
SumpterPaulLincoln Twp.
SwankMabelCenter Twp.
SzenareyAlexWashington Twp.
ThompsonMauriceLiberty Twp.
TingleClaudeLincoln Twp.
TrammelDorisEel River Twp.
TrotterDorisEel River Twp.
TrucksessFlorenceLincoln Twp.
TudorGlennLiberty Twp.
TurleyFrankBrown Twp.
UnderwoodLeonardCenter Twp.
VireRuthLiberty Twp.
WallGladysGuilford Twp.
WaltersJosephineMarion Twp.
WaltonGertrudeEel River Twp.
WardGenevaLiberty Twp.
WareAltaCenter Twp.
WarrenMaryBrown Twp.
WheelerRuthClay Twp.
WhiteErnestLincoln Twp.
WiggamMarieCenter Twp.
WilliamsOlievaClay Twp.
WilliamsRussellLincoln Twp.
WilsonMargueriteLincoln Twp.
WilsonPaulBrown Twp.
WincoopCarlLincoln Twp.
WingMaudeBrown Twp.
WinstedFrancisLiberty Twp.
WiseVictoriaClay Twp.
WiseVictoriaMarion & Clay Twps.
WisehartLouiseEel River Twp.
WoodMeredithCenter Twp.
WorrellMauriceLincoln Twp.
YoungHerbertLiberty Twp.