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Meredith Thompson

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Students at Danville High School (1916)

Transcribed by Meredith Thompson

This is a transcription of a listing of students that was included in The Gray & Crimson, the 1916 yearbook of Danville High School.

    Last Name         First Name            Class
Ader              Helen              junior
Arnold            Jessie             sophomore
Ayers             Hermoine           junior
Ayers             Raoul              senior
Baird             Nancy              freshman
Baird             Nancy              sophomore
Barker            Edith              senior
Barker            Ruth               sophomore
Brady             Beula              sophomore
Brill             Lorene             freshman
Burke             Harry              freshman
Burke             Vernard            junior
Campbell          Beulah             senior
Carter            Frank              sophomore
Clark             Mabel              freshman
Clark             Ressa              sophomore
Clark             Verna              senior
Collier           John               freshman
Comer             Lelah              sophomore
Conn              Mary               junior
Cooper            Myrle              sophomore
Cummings          Mildred            junior
Daugherty         Ruth               sophomore
Dawson            Aquilla            freshman
Dawson            Henry              junior
Day               Ralph              sophomore
De Marcus         Bratcher           freshman
De Marcus         Bruce              junior
Easley            Roger              freshman
Edwards           Mary               sophomore
Frazier           Clyde              senior
Frazier           Fyrn               sophomore
Frazier           Helen              freshman
Frazier           Maggie             freshman
Frazier           Mary               senior
Garrison          Eugene             sophomore
Garrison          Robert             freshman
Gilkerson         Otis               junior
Grenard           Nettie             sophomore
Grooms            Bernice            senior
Hadley            Helen              junior
Hamilton          Mary Lou           senior
Hardwood          Zelma              junior
Harrison          Mildred            sophomore
Hawley            Edna               junior
Helton            Donald             junior
Henderson         Goldie             senior
Hessler           Marjorie           freshman
Hieatte           Dortha             junior
Higgins           Harvey             freshman
Hogate            Donald             sophomore
Hollowell         Robert             junior
Holtzclaw         Herschal           senior
Holtzclaw         Mary               junior
Hornaday          Josephine          sophomore
Hubble            Undrell            junior
Hunt              Estie              freshman
Jackson           Elma               freshman
Jones             Beula              senior
Kirk              Claire             senior
Kirk              Maurice            freshman
Kirk              Samuel             sophomore
Kreigh            Josephine          freshman
Kurtz             Lawrence           senior
Landis            Noble              senior
Leak              Jewell             senior
Marsh             Albert             freshman
Marshall          Leota              senior
Martin            Charles            junior
Martin            Jeanette           freshman
Martin            Katherine          sophomore
Marting           Grace              freshman
McArthur          Esther             senior
McClain           Hattie             freshman
McClain           Mabel              junior
McCoun            Olevia             junior
Miles             Clarence           sophomore
Millikin          Horace             senior
Moran             John               sophomore
Mosier            Ruth               senior
Newman            Ruth               junior
Nichols           Lucile             junior
Orr               Frances            junior
Orr               Pauline            junior
Osborn            Martha             freshman
Osborn            Ruth               sophomore
Osborne           Anne Martha        freshman
Owens             Nina               freshman
Parker            Helen              junior
Pierson           Fred               freshman
Pierson           Paul               sophomore
Powers            Clark              junior
Prentice          Frances            sophomore
Prentice          Richard            senior
Quilleon          Raymond            junior
Reid              Muriel             junior
Roach             Sarah              freshman
Rodney            Clifford           sophomore
Scearce           Glyndon            junior
Sheets            Mable              senior
Shirley           De Vere            junior
Shirley           Lee                freshman
Showalter         Mary Agnes         sophomore
Shutts            Orrion             junior
Simmons           Elma               freshman
Simmons           Julian             junior
Slavens           Netah              freshman
Smith             Lucile             freshman
Stanley           Kathleen           freshman
Stewart           Fred               freshman
Swartz            Jeanette           sophomore
Symons            La Rue             sophomore
Thomas            Darwin             freshman
Thomas            Unity              junior
Thompson          Irene              sophomore
Tinder            Freedia            junior
Ver Douw          Hazel              sophomore
Ver Douw          Oscar              freshman
Vogel             Myrle              junior
Wagner            Louise             freshman
Westerfield       Melvin             freshman
White             Gladys             junior
White             Mary               junior
White             Shields            senior
Willoughby        Kenneth            freshman
Wright            Mell               senior