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Meredith Thompson

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Graduates of Hendricks County High Schools (1917-1921)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the graduates of all of the high schools in Hendricks County for the years 1917-1921, as written in a ledger book found on the Hendricks County School Document Archive.

      Last Name            First Name           High School         Year
Admire               Ruth A.                    Plainfield        1920-1921
Alcorn               Golda                       Pittsboro        1920-1921
Aliff                Della                    New Winchester      1917-1918
Allee                Thelma G.                  Stilesville       1920-1921
Almond               Earl Hadley                Plainfield        1917-1918
Arbuckle             A. Harold                  Brownsburg        1919-1920
Arbuckle             Mabel Lenore               Brownsburg        1917-1918
Ashby                Ruth Evelyn                 Pittsboro        1917-1918
Baird                Isa Pauline                    Amo           1919-1920
Baird                Opal Marie               New Winchester      1919-1920
Baldock              Carmie J.                      Amo           1917-1918
Baldwin              Edward C.                      Amo           1920-1921
Barker               Clarice M.                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Barker               Thelma                     Stilesville       1920-1921
Barlow               Milton Paul                Plainfield        1919-1920
Bartholomew          Thomas I.                New Winchester      1917-1918
Beaman               Edith E.                    Pittsboro        1917-1918
Bee                  Ralph                        Clayton         1919-1920
Beeler               Louise                     Plainfield        1917-1918
Bell                 Robert Fay                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Bidgood              Helen F.                       Amo           1917-1918
Blackaby             Nellie                      Pittsboro        1920-1921
Blair                Helen G.                      Avon           1917-1918
Blunk                Irvin                        Clayton         1917-1918
Bodenhamer           Lucy E.                    Stilesville       1919-1920
Bolen                Benjamin W.                  Clayton         1919-1920
Booty                John L.                        Amo           1917-1918
Booty                Leonard                        Amo           1919-1920
Bowman               Stephen A.                  Pittsboro        1919-1920
Boyd                 Wendell H.                 Stilesville       1920-1921
Bradford             Helen                      Plainfield        1919-1920
Bradford             Ruth N.                    North Salem       1919-1920
Brady                Harley C.                  Brownsburg        1919-1920
Branson              Edna R.                  New Winchester      1919-1920
Branson              Mary F.                        Amo           1917-1918
Bratton              Paul                         Clayton         1917-1918
Brown                Lois                       Plainfield        1917-1918
Brown                Margaret E.                Plainfield        1920-1921
Brown                Mary Elizabeth              Pittsboro        1920-1921
Broyles              Bessie B.                  Plainfield        1919-1920
Buis                 Lucille                      Clayton         1919-1920
Bulion               Walter                     North Salem       1917-1918
Bunten               Icy Venetta                    Amo           1917-1918
Burch                Carey W.                       Amo           1919-1920
Burgess              Geneva L.                      Amo           1920-1921
Calbert              Hildon R.                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Caldwell             Florence L.                Plainfield        1920-1921
Caldwell             Forrest Raymond            Plainfield        1917-1918
Campbell             Agnes L.                   Plainfield        1917-1918
Carson               Celia Mary                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Carson               Otis                       Brownsburg        1917-1918
Carter               Dortha B.                  Plainfield        1919-1920
Carter               Mildred F.                     Amo           1919-1920
Chandler             Ella Mae                   Plainfield        1919-1920
Charles              Olive M.                   Plainfield        1920-1921
Clark                Eva M.                         Amo           1917-1918
Clay                 Emmons                     North Salem       1919-1920
Clements             Fred E.                    North Salem       1919-1920
Cooper               Harleen Mae                Plainfield        1920-1921
Cooper               Sylvia E.                  Plainfield        1919-1920
Cornett              Uriel                      Stilesville       1919-1920
Cox                  Lawrence                      Avon           1919-1920
Cox                  William Randolph           Plainfield        1917-1918
Cramer               Glenden                  New Winchester      1917-1918
Crews                Joseph                         Amo           1919-1920
Davenport            Maurice                    North Salem       1917-1918
Davis                Dessie Ruth                  Lizton          1919-1920
Davis                Dorothy                    North Salem       1917-1918
Davis                Rollin Murray              North Salem       1920-1921
DePew                Walter W.                   Pittsboro        1920-1921
Dickerson            Helen                       Pittsboro        1920-1921
Dickson              Anna Lucile                Plainfield        1919-1920
Dillon               Ina Ruth                    Pittsboro        1920-1921
Dinsmore             Delpha Fern                  Lizton          1920-1921
Dooley               Weyburn                    North Salem       1919-1920
Dugan                Michael J.                  Pittsboro        1920-1921
Durham               Glen                       North Salem       1917-1918
Durham               Walter                     North Salem       1919-1920
Easton               W. Elmer                     Clayton         1919-1920
Edwards              Geneva Lucile              Plainfield        1917-1918
Eggers               Bernes                     North Salem       1919-1920
Eggers               Lorna Doone                  Lizton          1919-1920
Eller                Floyd                      North Salem       1917-1918
Ellis                Albert V.                      Amo           1919-1920
Ellis                Anna Jane                   Pittsboro        1919-1920
Ellis                Floris                       Lizton          1920-1921
Evans                Beatrice Dee               Brownsburg        1917-1918
Farrow               Leon                       North Salem       1917-1918
Ferguson             Bertha M.                  Stilesville       1919-1920
Fiscus               Gerald                     North Salem       1917-1918
Fisher               Joy                        Stilesville       1917-1918
Fitch                Russell V.                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Fleece               Pauline                    North Salem       1919-1920
Flynn                Herbert F.                  Pittsboro        1920-1921
Ford                 Jesse Clifford             North Salem       1920-1921
Ford                 Le Roy                       Clayton         1917-1918
Foster               Elloree May                  Lizton          1920-1921
Fowler               Raymond B.                  Pittsboro        1917-1918
Fox                  Agnes L.                   Brownsburg        1919-1920
Franklin             Norene Ruth                   Avon           1920-1921
Funkhouser           Alma Marie                  Pittsboro        1920-1921
Gambold              Louise                         Amo           1919-1920
Garner               Bernice Irene              Brownsburg        1917-1918
Garriott             Frances M.                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Garriott             Hildreth N.                Plainfield        1917-1918
Gentry               Herschel A.                 Pittsboro        1917-1918
Gibbs                Geraldine F.               Plainfield        1920-1921
Gillespie            Ray                      New Winchester      1919-1920
Givan                George Merrill               Clayton         1917-1918
Goodwin              Geneva                      Pittsboro        1920-1921
Gossett              Harry H.                   North Salem       1919-1920
Gossett              Hazel Elsie                North Salem       1920-1921
Gray                 Lonnie R.                   Pittsboro        1920-1921
Green                Edgar R.                       Amo           1919-1920
Greenlee             Genevieve                      Amo           1919-1920
Greenlee             Grace                    New Winchester      1917-1918
Gregory              Ruth                       Stilesville       1917-1918
Grimes               Marguerite                 Brownsburg        1919-1920
Groover              Willard B.                   Lizton          1917-1918
Gross                Maurice E.                     Amo           1919-1920
Hadley               Bernice C.                     Amo           1917-1918
Hadley               Ethelene J.                Plainfield        1917-1918
Hadley               Olive                          Amo           1920-1921
Hagee                Joseph P.                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Hagee                Philip M.                  Plainfield        1917-1918
Halfaker             Henry J.                    Pittsboro        1920-1921
Halfaker             John J.                     Pittsboro        1920-1921
Hall                 Bernice G.               New Winchester      1919-1920
Hall                 Bernice Mae                  Lizton          1919-1920
Harbaugh             Janice E.                      Amo           1919-1920
Harlan               Pearl                       Pittsboro        1920-1921
Harris               Fred                     New Winchester      1919-1920
Harrison             Laura Ferol                Plainfield        1920-1921
Hart                 Catherine Bernadette       Brownsburg        1917-1918
Hart                 Maurice                     Pittsboro        1920-1921
Hart                 William J.                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Hatton               Ruth F.                    Plainfield        1917-1918
Hayden               Raymond W.                   Clayton         1919-1920
Hayden               Wilma L.                   Brownsburg        1919-1920
Hays                 Lois Irene                 North Salem       1919-1920
Henderson            Alta Jeannette               Clayton         1917-1918
Henderson            Cecile                         Amo           1917-1918
Henderson            Lela                         Clayton         1919-1920
Henson               Maurice                    Brownsburg        1919-1920
Herring              Maurice R.                 Brownsburg        1919-1920
Hession              Harry T.                    Pittsboro        1919-1920
Hession              Mary Catherine             Brownsburg        1917-1918
Hicks                Gladys Marie               North Salem       1920-1921
Hicks                Wendell M.                 Stilesville       1919-1920
Hines                Goldia May                 North Salem       1920-1921
Hiss                 Phillip Mills              Plainfield        1920-1921
Hodges               Ruth J.                        Amo           1917-1918
Hollett              Harmon Byron               Brownsburg        1917-1918
Hornaday             Theodore R.                Plainfield        1919-1920
Hughes               Cordas                      Pittsboro        1919-1920
Hunt                 Ivan Leslie                North Salem       1920-1921
Hunt                 Lee Olney                      Amo           1919-1920
Hutchins             Murle N.                   Stilesville       1920-1921
Hylton               Ola Gladys                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Irwin                Cora                       North Salem       1919-1920
Ison                 Alice May                    Clayton         1917-1918
Ison                 Clara Belle                  Clayton         1917-1918
Jamison              William L.                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Jared                Norman W.                  Plainfield        1917-1918
Jarvis               Elmer Lee                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Johnson              Esther Floy                Brownsburg        1917-1918
Johnson              Kenneth O.                   Clayton         1920-1921
Joseph               Bernice                  New Winchester      1919-1920
Justice              Ennis                      Stilesville       1920-1921
Keeney               Russell Lowell              Pittsboro        1920-1921
Keller               Clarence W.                Stilesville       1920-1921
Kelley               Jewel                          Amo           1917-1918
Kennedy              Curtis                       Lizton          1919-1920
Kennedy              E. Virgil                    Lizton          1919-1920
Kernodle             Elbert R.                    Lizton          1920-1921
Kersey               Theodore                       Amo           1920-1921
King                 Kathleen Beatrice          Brownsburg        1917-1918
King                 Osie                       Stilesville       1917-1918
Kirtley              Lowell M.                    Lizton          1917-1918
Knetzer              Clifford                       Amo           1917-1918
Krebs                L. Guy                     Plainfield        1917-1918
Kurtz                Henry                      North Salem       1917-1918
Lambert              Arline                     Plainfield        1917-1918
Lambert              Martha Permelia                Amo           1917-1918
Landreth             M. Hazel                     Lizton          1917-1918
Larimore             Ella                       Stilesville       1920-1921
Larimore             Hazel                      Stilesville       1917-1918
Leak                 Mary J.                      Lizton          1917-1918
Lemon                Ruth Ellen                   Lizton          1919-1920
Lewis                Reagan W.                  Plainfield        1917-1918
Linton               Leota B.                    Pittsboro        1919-1920
Linton               Orianna                    Brownsburg        1919-1920
Lisby                Frank A.                       Amo           1917-1918
Lisby                Stella G.                      Amo           1917-1918
Little               Wendell F.                   Clayton         1920-1921
Long                 Gladys I.                    Lizton          1919-1920
Mahan                Charles Aubrey             North Salem       1920-1921
Maloney              Genevieve Jane             Brownsburg        1917-1918
Masten               Marguerite                 Plainfield        1920-1921
May                  Sherrill                   Brownsburg        1919-1920
McAninch             Joseph                         Amo           1919-1920
McCalment            Bessie Gayle               Brownsburg        1917-1918
McCalment            Helen Jane                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
McCammack            Emma A.                    Stilesville       1920-1921
McClarnon            Paul T.                       Avon           1917-1918
McClellan            Loyd                       Stilesville       1919-1920
McCloud              Lillian M.                     Amo           1920-1921
McConnaha            Rolland                    Brownsburg        1917-1918
McHaffie             Maxine                     Stilesville       1920-1921
McNary               Oran Harold                    Amo           1917-1918
Melling              Eldo H.                     Pittsboro        1919-1920
Mercer               Walter J.                  Plainfield        1917-1918
Merritt              Constance                     Avon           1919-1920
Merritt              Earl H.                    Brownsburg        1919-1920
Merritt              Viola Pharis               Brownsburg        1919-1920
Miller               Burke H.                     Clayton         1917-1918
Mitchell             Mabel                      North Salem       1917-1918
Montgomery           Clarence                     Lizton          1919-1920
Montgomery           Gladys                   New Winchester      1917-1918
Moon                 Bessie M.                    Lizton          1920-1921
Moon                 Ebert Glendon                Lizton          1919-1920
Morgan               Harry C.                 New Winchester      1917-1918
Morgan               Maurice M.                 Brownsburg        1919-1920
Morrison             Mary B.                      Clayton         1920-1921
Neese                Leta M.                        Amo           1920-1921
Neff                 Earl                       North Salem       1917-1918
Negus                Orrell Lucile              Plainfield        1917-1918
Neier                Pina Mae                   Stilesville       1919-1920
Newlin               Florence M.                Plainfield        1919-1920
Noland               Ewell K.                 New Winchester      1919-1920
Noland               Harold                      Pittsboro        1920-1921
Ogle                 Ethel V.                       Amo           1917-1918
Orff                 Vera                           Amo           1917-1918
Osborn               Frederick V.               Plainfield        1920-1921
Osborne              Howard E.                  Plainfield        1917-1918
Oursler              Dorris Gretchen                Amo           1917-1918
Oursler              Kathleen M.                Stilesville       1920-1921
Overstreet           Aaron Aubrey                Pittsboro        1917-1918
Overstreet           Anna Lois                    Lizton          1920-1921
Overstreet           Bernard L.                   Lizton          1917-1918
Overstreet           Kenneth R.                  Pittsboro        1919-1920
Overton              Beulah Dee                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Owen                 Amond A.                       Amo           1920-1921
Pace                 Verl S.                  New Winchester      1919-1920
Parker               Edgar Robert                Pittsboro        1917-1918
Parman               Nora A.                      Lizton          1919-1920
Parsons              Lowell N.                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Patterson            Nellie M.                     Avon           1917-1918
Peed                 Lorena                       Clayton         1917-1918
Petty                Estella Irene              Plainfield        1919-1920
Phillips             Raymond K.                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Phipps               True                           Amo           1917-1918
Pickens              Gretchen                     Clayton         1919-1920
Pickens              Hazel Dott                   Clayton         1917-1918
Pickett              Gladys V.                New Winchester      1919-1920
Pierson              Bennie V.                New Winchester      1917-1918
Pierson              Ruth B.                  New Winchester      1919-1920
Pigg                 Oscar M.                     Lizton          1920-1921
Pigg                 Warren L.                    Lizton          1917-1918
Pike                 Earl                       Plainfield        1917-1918
Pratt                Fleurange                   Pittsboro        1920-1921
Price                Maurice H.                 Plainfield        1917-1918
Pridemore            Mae                          Clayton         1920-1921
Pritchard            Leon D.                      Clayton         1917-1918
Pritchard            Roy                          Clayton         1920-1921
Pritchard            Willis                     Stilesville       1920-1921
Pritchett            Elsie Marie                  Lizton          1919-1920
Quilleon             Raymond E.                 Brownsburg        1919-1920
Quinn                Lee                          Clayton         1920-1921
Raber                Ralph                        Clayton         1917-1918
Ratliff              Conrad L.                      Amo           1919-1920
Ratliff              Robert H.                    Lizton          1919-1920
Rees                 Hobson C.                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Reeves               Tressie L.                 Plainfield        1920-1921
Rhea                 Alfred                         Amo           1919-1920
Rhea                 Gilbert D.                     Amo           1917-1918
Richardson           Lorin                        Clayton         1920-1921
Riggan               Mary Lucille                  Avon           1920-1921
Riggan               Thelma Lolita              North Salem       1919-1920
Ritz                 Mabel E.                     Lizton          1919-1920
Robards              Everett A.                 Stilesville       1920-1921
Robinson             Clarence S.                Stilesville       1919-1920
Rodgers              Helen B. Evelyn              Clayton         1917-1918
Rogers               Annise N.                      Amo           1920-1921
Rogers               Clarence E.                Brownsburg        1917-1918
Rogers               Ida Mae                      Clayton         1919-1920
Rollings             Mildred                        Amo           1919-1920
Ross                 James Hunter               North Salem       1920-1921
Rouse                Earl R.                        Amo           1919-1920
Rushton              Earl                         Clayton         1920-1921
Scherer              Mildred E.                 Brownsburg        1919-1920
Scott                Pearl L.                     Lizton          1919-1920
Selch                Cleo                          Avon           1919-1920
Sheets               Geraldine                New Winchester      1919-1920
Shelton              Walter C.                      Amo           1920-1921
Shirley              Lois                           Amo           1919-1920
Shirley              Wendell Alton                  Amo           1917-1918
Shockley             Orville Lonzo                Lizton          1920-1921
Shook                Beuford Wayne                Lizton          1919-1920
Short                Paul M.                      Clayton         1920-1921
Sims                 Emma E.                    Brownsburg        1919-1920
Skaggs               Lena M.                      Clayton         1920-1921
Slayback             Blanche                      Clayton         1917-1918
Smith                Esther E.                      Amo           1917-1918
Smith                Harold                        Avon           1920-1921
Smith                Harold M.                  Plainfield        1920-1921
Smith                Lucile M.                  North Salem       1919-1920
Snyder               Ralph Harland                Lizton          1920-1921
Sowders              Glen J.                    North Salem       1919-1920
Spear                Frank W.                   Plainfield        1920-1921
Stephens             Flora A.                   Plainfield        1917-1918
Stephens             James D.                   Plainfield        1919-1920
Stephens             Mary S.                    Plainfield        1917-1918
Stephenson           Maynard                  New Winchester      1917-1918
Stewart              Mary Helen                     Amo           1919-1920
Stewart              Ralph P.                   Brownsburg        1919-1920
Stewart              Whitson                    Plainfield        1920-1921
Storm                Noble G.                       Amo           1917-1918
Stout                Lenore M.                    Clayton         1920-1921
Stuart               Nellie F.                      Amo           1920-1921
Sullivan             Esther E.                  Plainfield        1919-1920
Summers              Bessie O.                      Amo           1917-1918
Swain                Charles Oscar                Lizton          1919-1920
Symmonds             LaRue                      Plainfield        1917-1918
Terrell              Jennings                   Stilesville       1920-1921
Thomas               LaMerne                      Clayton         1920-1921
Thornburgh           Hannah Mae                 Brownsburg        1917-1918
Trotter              Fred                       North Salem       1917-1918
Trotter              Mary                       North Salem       1917-1918
Troutman             Nona F.                    North Salem       1919-1920
Tucker               Frank H.                   Plainfield        1917-1918
Tucker               Lola V.                    Plainfield        1920-1921
Vestal               Esther Ione                Plainfield        1917-1918
Vorhies              L. Pearl                     Lizton          1919-1920
Wagner               Velma Harriett              Pittsboro        1917-1918
Walker               Anna L.                      Clayton         1917-1918
Walker               W. Ellis                     Clayton         1919-1920
Wallace              Walter R.                      Amo           1917-1918
Walls                Fred Chester                  Avon           1920-1921
Walters              Otho G.                     Pittsboro        1920-1921
Warmoth              Russell E.                 Stilesville       1920-1921
Watkins              Raymond E.                   Lizton          1920-1921
Watt                 Virgil M.                     Avon           1919-1920
Wear                 Mary Jane                     Avon           1920-1921
Weaver               Ada May                     Pittsboro        1919-1920
Weaver               Marvin C.                   Pittsboro        1919-1920
Webb                 Neil S.                    Brownsburg        1919-1920
Weer                 Easter Gladys                 Avon           1920-1921
Weesner              Sophia Elizabeth             Clayton         1917-1918
Wiles                Bertha                     North Salem       1919-1920
Wiles                Raymond                    North Salem       1917-1918
Williams             Lewis                      Stilesville       1919-1920
Wilson               Frank E.                   Brownsburg        1917-1918
Wilson               Nellie Mae               New Winchester      1919-1920
Winsted              Guy E.                     Plainfield        1917-1918
Winsted              Lowell E.                  Plainfield        1919-1920
Wood                 Lucile                       Clayton         1917-1918
Worrell              Rosalie                       Avon           1920-1921
Yeager               Ulysses B.                  Pittsboro        1920-1921