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Meredith Thompson

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Alumni of Stilesville High School (1913-1920)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the alumni of Stilesville High School for 1913-1920, as published in Memories (the school's yearbook for 1921)

     Last Name            First Name              Residence           Class
Allee              Trixie                   Indianapolis, Ind.         1916
Bodenhammer        Lucy                     Clayton, Ind.              1920
Boyd               Marion                   Stilesville, Ind.          1919
Branson            Ethel                    Stilesville, Ind.          1920
Brown              Goldie McCloud, Mrs.     Stilesville, Ind.          1914
Butler             Hazel Hubble, Mrs.       Indianapolis, Ind.         1914
Chandler           Mary Wiltshire, Mrs.     Washington, Ind.           1919
Coble              Helen B.                 Stilesville, Ind.          1916
Costin             Fay Hampton, Mrs.        Stilesville, Ind.          1916
Ferguson           Bertha                   Mooresville, Ind.          1920
Fisher             Joy                      Stilesville, Ind.          1918
Fisher             Ralph                    Monrovia, Ind.             1919
Gregory            Ruth                     Stilesville, Ind.          1918
Hall               Leon                     Indianapolis, Ind.         1916
Heavin             Lola Mason, Mrs.         Amo, Ind.                  1917
Hicks              Wendell                  Stilesville, Ind.          1920
Housen             Claude                   Indianapolis, Ind.         1917
Hubble             Glen                     Broad Park, Ind.           1915
Hutchins           Mary                     Stilesville, Ind.          1919
Kenworthy          Katie Hubble, Mrs.       Indianapolis, Ind.         1916
King               Osia                     Coatesville, Ind.          1918
Lane               Lester                   Defiance, Ohio             1916
Larimore           Hazel                    Stilesville, Ind.          1918
Lewis              Orville                  Broad Park, Ind.           1919
McClellan          Lloyd                    Stilesville, Ind.          1920
McHaffie           Amy Ruark, Mrs.          Fillmore, Ind.             1914
Neier              Mae                      Cloverdale, Ind.           1920
Neire              Ethel                    Cloverdale, Ind.           1917
Nichols            Ruth Meazle, Mrs.        Fillmore, Ind.             1916
Nier               Robert                   Chicago, Ill.              1916
O'Brien            Reggie                   Clayton, Ind.              1916
O'Brien            Tracy M.                 Clayton, Ind.              1914
Ousler             Lowell                   Stilesville, Ind.          1916
Prichard           Gilbert                  Bell Union, Ind.           1916
Pritchard          Dora                     Coatesville, Ind.          1914
Ray                Julian V.                Stilesville, Ind.          1914
Rhea               Howard                   Stilesville, Ind.          1916
Robinson           Clarence                 Stilesville, Ind.          1919
Sallust            James                    Stilesville, Ind.          1916
Salmon             Flora Hurst, Mrs.        Mitchell, Ind.             1913
Scotten            Melvin                   Stilesville, Ind.          1915
Wallace            Christine Howson, Mrs.   Amo, Ind.                  1919
Wallace            Noble                    Amo, Ind.                  1917
Wallace            Oval                     Stilesville, Ind.          1913
Walls              Avis Ruark, Mrs.         Danville, Ind.             1916
Warmoth            George                   Indianapolis, Ind.         1919
West               Everett                  Cataract, Ind.             1919
Wilcox             Charley                  Belleville, Ind.           1914
William            Lewis                    R.R. Danville, Ind.        1920
Wisehart           Helen Boyd, Mrs.         Indianapolis, Ind.         1916