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Meredith Thompson

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Students at Stilesville High School (1921)

Index © Meredith Thompson

This is an index to the students at Stilesville High School in 1921, as published in Memories (the school's yearbook for 1921).

     Last Name         First Name          Year
Allee              Enos               Junior
Allee              Flossie            Sophomore
Allee              Thelma             Senior
Barker             Earleen            Junior
Barker             Thelma Mae         Senior
Barrow             Pharis             Freshman
Boyd               Katherine          Sophomore
Boyd               Maurice            Sophomore
Boyd               Wendell            Senior
Bradly             Viola              Freshman
Brewer             Lena               Junior
Brewer             Maurice            Freshman
Buis               Donivan            Sophomore
Cassady            Wallace            Freshman
Elrod              Frank              Junior
Greeson            Mary               Freshman
Heavin             Pleasant           Sophomore
Hicks              Leona              Freshman
Hubble             Wendell            Sophomore
Hutchens           Murle              Senior
Johnson            Allan              Freshman
Justice            Ennis              Senior
Keller             Clarence           Senior
Knoy               Floyd              Freshman
Larimore           Edna               Freshman
Larimore           Ella               Senior
Larimore           Hildred            Sophomore
Macey              Loyal              Sophomore
Mason              Loyd               Freshman
McCammack          Emma               Senior
McClellan          Howard             Freshman
McHaffie           Maxine             Senior
Measle             Philip             Junior
Miller             Goldie             Junior
Mullis             Theodore           Junior
Ousler             Kathelene          Senior
Phillips           Elvin              Freshman
Prichard           Willis             Senior
Robards            Everett A.         Senior
Robinson           Dana               Sophomore
Rose               Allen              Sophomore
Shuler             Paul               Sophomore
Stringer           Dennis             Junior
Sutton             Charles            Freshman
Terrell            Eva                Freshman
Terrell            Gladys             Sophomore
Terrell            Jennings           Senior
Vaughn             Charles            Freshman
Wallace            Aline              Freshman
Wallace            Robert             Junior
Walters            Joyce              Freshman
Warmoth            Dorotha            Freshman
Warmoth            Floy               Sophomore
Warmoth            Russell            Senior
Wise               Charlie            Freshman