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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Center Township (October 1847)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a list of voters in Center Township for an election held in Danville on Thursday, 21 October 1847 for the purpose of electing one Justice of the Peace for Center Township to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Edmund Clark, Esquire.

NOTE: Some of Hendricks County's early voter lists have been microfilmed; that microfilm is available at the Indiana State Library, as well as through the Family History Library. Photocopies of the October 1847 voter list are in the collection of Plainfield Public Library.

     Last Name          First Name
Aires               James
Allen               John
Appleby             James
Appleby             William
Appleton            James
Arnold              John F.
Baker               John
Baker               William
Bargo               Jacob
Bell                C.C.
Bishop              Wiliam
Bonifiel            Mereen
Burger              Henry
Cash                William H.
Caywood             Walter W.
Christie            James
Christy             Charles
Christy             Richard
Clark               Joseph
Cline               William C.
Coffin              Jesse
Coffin              Joseph J.
Comingor            John W., Jr.
Cornstable          Samuel
Cox                 Henry
Craddick            John W.
Crawford            Christy
Crawford            F.R.
Crawford            S.C.
Crawford            William S.
Cross               John
Darnall             John F.
Darnall             William C.
Downs               David
Downs               David
Draper              Joseph
English             Charles
Foote               L.A.
Forsythe            John
Furnal              Allen
Gentry              Bailey
George              W.A.
Givun               B.F.
Graham              Joseph A.
Green               Jonathan
Gregg               James M.
Hadley              N.L.
Hadley              S.T.
Hambleton           Daniel D.
Harvey              J.S.
Haughenberry        James
Helton              George
Helton              Hiram
Helton              Jeremiah
Herd                James
Hess                Allen
Hodson              Jeremiah
Hogin               J.L.
Hougham             J.S.
Hyten               William C.
Irvin               John
Irvin               Jon
Isaac               Reuben
Jones               Ladok C.
Jordan              James W.
Keeney              Moses
Keeny               Alvah
Kiger               Daniel
King                Thomas
King                William A.
Kitchen             David
Landen              James
Lasley              J.G.
Lee                 Jubal
Lewis               William H.
Ludlow              John
Maccoun             Robert C.S.
Marvin              Henry H.
Matlock             David
Matlock             J.W.L.
Matlock             Jesse T.
Matlock             W.W.
McDaniel            William
McPheeters          Samuel P.
McVey               Alex
McVey               William
Megee               Robert
Melogue             Samuel
Miller              J.S.
Moore               J.K.
Moore               Samuel P.
Mullikin            John
Nave                C.C.
Nichols             Andrew
Nichols             Thomas
Osborn              Ira B.
Osborn              Job
Parker              Joshua D.
Posey               Wade
Rammel              Henry
Rammel              James L.
Robinson            P.E.
Shelledy            A.B.
Smith               Alex
Smith               John N.
Stutsman            David
Stutsman            James
Verbrike            Samuel A.
Walls               Jacob
Waterous            G.C.
West                Henry
West                James N.
Williams            Boaz W.
Willson             David
Winston             James