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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Center Township (1867)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a listing of the eligible voters in Center Township in August 1867, as listed in the Hendricks County Union (Danville, Indiana), issues of August 8, 1867 and August 15, 1867.

Last Name First Name
Adams Jacob L.
Adams Samuel L.
Alexander Robert J.
Alexander Roland
Andis Lilbourn
Andis William
Anthony Obed
Armstrong John R.
Arnold Franklin L.
Arnold George W.
Arnold John F.
Arnold William
Arnold William H.
Ayres James, Jr.
Ayres James, Sr.
Ayres William P.
Baker John
Baker Nathan
Bales John
Bales John A.
Bales William
Bargo Daniel
Bartholomew Bradley
Barton John B.
Bates Andrew J.
Bedford Thomas L.
Bell James J.
Bell William J.
Bishop William V.
Blair James W.
Blake John A.
Blake William H.
Bodenhamer Noah G.
Bodenhimer Hiram T.
Bolen Benjamin
Bolen Joseph
Bolen William
Bonham B.N.
Bonnafield Thomas H.
Bowen James A.
Bowen John
Boyd Ira
Brittain Harmon
Brown John
Brown John L.
Brown Joseph
Brundage Daniel H.
Buchanan Simeon
Burks Allen P.
Campbell L.M.
Carpenter Homer C.
Carpenter John O.
Carter George W.
Carter Jesse N.
Carter Lindley M.
Carter Rucker K.
Cash Lewis C.
Cash Richard M.
Cash William H.
Cassel Martin
Cates John W.
Cavett Moses
Caywood Simeon A.
Chadwick James M.
Chamberlin George
Chambers Alexander
Chamness Ed W.
Christie Andrew J.
Christie James
Christie Richard
Christie William
Clark James
Clark John W.
Clark Roland A.
Clark Z.R.
Clemens Joseph N.
Cofer Stephen
Cofer Thomas J.
Coffin Charles
Coffin Henry C.
Coffin Jonathan
Coffin Joseph I.
Coffin Oliver
Conn William T.
Cook Silas E.
Corbin Smith H.
Couch Tilghman R.
Courtney Ed
Courtney Thomas D.
Coverdale R.A.
Cox David M.
Cox James A.
Craddick Samuel R.
Craddick William
Crawford Henry H.
Cross George
Cross John
Cross William
Cummins Jesse
Cunningham John H.
Curry William W.
Curtis Henry S.
Curtis Jeremiah D.
Curtis Peter
Curtis Robert M.
Danner George
Darnall John F.
Davis Job H.
Davis Robert B.
Day George W.
Day Winfield S.
Dempsey William R.
Depew Jeremiah
Depew Wesley
Dibble Erasmus C.
Dibble Henry R.
Dibble John P.
Dickerson Henry L.
Dickerson Stephen L.
Dodson Benjamin R.
Dodson John R.
Dodson Larkin J.
Donaldson William
Dooley John W.
Downard Adam
Downard Jesse J.
Dunnington William N.
Dusner William
Eagle William H.
Eastus Abraham
Englehardt Martin
English Jonathan
Ensminger Henry
Ensminger Melville
Estep Isaac N.
Estep Jesse
Estep John W.
Etchison Robert
Fawcett Isaac
Fawcett Richard J.
Ferguson Daniel
Ferguson Henry C.
Fiddick Johnson J.
Flathers John
Flathers Thomas
Foley Charles
Foote Samuel P.
Forchan John
Foreman John M.
Frank James M.
Frazier Mathew
Frazier Robert
Frazier Stanford
Frost William H.
Furnas Allen
Galvin John
Garr John
Garr Oliver P.
Garr Solomon
Garrett Caleb A.
Gates William C.
Gatson Thomas C.
Gentry George W.
Gentry James M.
Gentry Martin
Gentry William H.H.
Goetz Adam
Gordon Benjamin E.
Gorrel James
Gorrel John A.
Gray John
Green Yancy
Green Zeno W.
Greer Henry J.
Gregg James M., Jr.
Gregg James M., Sr.
Gregg Martin
Gwynn Matthias
Gwynn Moses
Hadley Cyrus R.
Hadley James T.
Hadley Jehu
Hadley John V.
Hadley Madison G.
Hadley Nicholas T.
Hadley Simon T.
Hale Henry
Hale John B.
Hambleton Daniel D.
Hankins George
Hankins James
Hankins William P.
Hardin John G.
Hardin John H.
Hardin Lewis A.
Hardin Stephen N.
Hardwick Stephen
Harlan Conrad E.
Harlan Joshua B.
Harris Alvis
Harris William H.
Harris William T.
Hart Aaron
Hawkins John W.
Hawkins Samuel L.
Haynes Charles, Jr.
Haynes Charles, Sr.
Haynes Franklin
Haynes William F.
Hays Sam
Hays William W.
Heavenridge J.B.
Helton Hiram
Henry Enoch
Henson William
Henton Milton
Henton William
Herndon John T.
Hervey Robert
Hess Allen
Hess William M.
Highland Conley
Hill O.W.
Hoadley William J.
Hodson Elias M.
Hodson Isaac B.
Hodson Jeremiah W.
Hodson Jesse W.
Holly Luther
Holman Jackson
Homan Aaron
Homan Joseph B.
Homan William G.
Horner Jacob
House George W.
Howarth William
Howell Henry
Huber Jacob
Huber John
Hucks Ishmael H.
Huff Asbury
Huff Elijah
Huff William
Hughes Jefferson
Hughes William A.
Hulett William
Hunt Charles T.
Hunt E.F.
Hunt Nathan
Huston Hamilton
Hutchings William M.
Hyten Thomas N.
Hyten William C.
Irons Jonathan
Irvin William
Jackson Jesse S.
Jeffers Erasmus
Jeffers Isaac
Jeffers James M.
Jeffers William
Jegar Julius A.
Jewell William R.
Job Noah W.
Job William
Jones Ezekiel
Jones Henry
Jones John
Jones Joseph W.
Jones Lewis
Jones Thomas N.
Jordan Aquilla
Keeney Moses
Keeney Thos.
Keith Henry P.
Keleher James
Kesler Benjamin F.
Kesler Covington
Kesler John C.
Kesler Lewis
Kesler Oliver
Kiger Daniel
King Alexander
King Curtis, Jr.
King Curtis, Sr.
King William A.
King William J.
Knightley John
Landon James M.
Lawson Isaac R.
Lawson Robert A.
Leffew Alfred
Leffew Samuel M.
Lewis John P.
Lineinger Aaron
Lingenfelter H.B.
Lingenfelter Valentine
Lockridge James
Lockridge John G.
Lockridge William
Long Gabriel
Luke A.M.
Maccoun John T.
Maccoun John W.
Maccoun R.C.S.
Macy Julius
Maddox Mn.
Maden David
Maden Elisha
Maden Riley
Maloney John
Maloney Patrick
Mann Noah K.
Martin Henry
Martin Richd.
Martin William F.
Martin William H.
Marvin Henry H.
Mathers Joseph
Matlock Allen R.
Matlock James T.
Matlock Jesse T.
Matlock John C.
McCormack H.S.
McCormack Isaac N.
McCormack William
McCormack [blank]
McDaniel David
McDaniel William
McGee Robert
McIntyre James
McKee Jacob
McKinley Archibald
McLean James W.
McMullen John I.
McMullen Thomas J.
McMurry J.B.
McPheters G.W.
McPheters Samuel
McPhetridge William H.
Meader John S.
Merritt William
Miles George W.
Miles James G.
Miles James H.
Miles John
Miller James
Miller Joseph S.
Miller Thomas
Minton E.H.
Mitchell Alex, Sr.
Mitchell Hiram, Jr.
Mitchell Hiram, Sr.
Mitchell James
Mitchell Lorenzo D.
Mitchell Solomon, Jr.
Mitchell Solomon, Sr.
Mitchell William
Moberley John C.
Montgomery James H.
Moon Benjamin
Moon James
Moon Jehu
Moon Jesse
Moon Lawrence
Moon William
Moore Jacob K.
Moore John T.
Moore Samuel H.
Moore William R.
Moorhead Robert H.
Morgason Simeon
Morgason Tandy
Moriarty Patrick
Morris Lewis H.
Nave Christian C.
Nave David N.
Nave George W.
Nichols Andrew J.
Nichols Erasmus
Nichols James
Nichols Thomas
Nichols William H.
Nolan William
O'Donnel Patrick
Ogden Jesse S.
Ogden John J.
Ohaver Cornelius
Ohaver Joseph
Ohaver Warren
Orear James H.
Osborn Cyrus
Osborn David
Osborn Elijah C.
Osborn Henry
Osborn Jesse
Osborn John H.
Osborn Joseph
Osborn Wyatt
Padgett James
Padgett James M.
Parker William D.
Parsons Alison
Payne James
Pearcy Perry
Pearson Augustine
Pearson George D.
Pearson Henry
Pearson John
Pearson Thomas
Pearson Thomas J.
Pearson William
Pefley William R.
Pentecost Andrew
Perkins Henry C.
Perkins Sylvester M.
Perrine William A.
Philips Francis M.
Piersol Isaac K.
Poe William H.
Pounds Archibald P.
Pounds Joseph B.
Pounds Lewis T.
Powen Robert L.
Powers Allen
Prather Thomas S.
Prebworth Thomas J.
Ragan Zach S.
Rammell Henry
Rammell Simon
Rankin L.C.
Rankin William W.
Reed James N.
Reynolds Robert B.
Rich George S.
Richmond George
Rider John
Riggin Joab
Riggin Joel
Riggin William
Ritter James
Ritter Levi
Ritter Lewis
Rogers Addison
Rogers James
Rogers John
Rose Charles R.
Rose Madison H.
Runnion James
Runnion William
Russell John C.
Russell Robertson C.
Sacra Benjamin
Sacra Charles
Saddler Matthias
Scearce Ezra W.
Scearce George W.
Scearce James W.
Scearce John N.
Scearce Nathan J.
Scearce William H.
Scearce William J.
Scroggs David G.
Scull James F.
Sears Robert L.
Sears W.R.
Sheets James H.
Shellady Andrew B.
Shelly Israel
Shirley W.B.
Short Benjamin F.
Shuler Lawrence S.
Simmons Calvin W.
Simmons Nelson
Simms Robert D.T.
Simms Theodore
Singer Enion
Siple George H.
Siple Orlando
Siple William H.
Skillman Wilson
Smith Austin H.
Smith Herman M.
Smith James
Smith James A.
Smith James S.
Smith John D.
Smith W.H.
Smith William
South Henry
Stanley William
Stapp James W.
Stipe Lewis
Strange Silas
Straughan Ed H.
Straughan Elisha M.
Straughan Henry M.
Straughan John S.
Stricklan George T.
Stringham Levi D.
Stuart James W.
Stuart William T.
Stutsman David
Stutsman David T.
Stutsman James
Stutsman John
Stutsman William
Swain Bennett
Swain John
Swank David
Swindler John
Talbott Willis
Tanner Benjamin
Tanner Thomas T.
Taylor Franklin
Templin Simeon
Templin Terah
Tharp Canval
Tharp Jacob
Tharp James
Tharp James P.
Tharp John
Tharp Joshua S.
Tharp Rufus
Tharp Stephen W.
Tharp William
Tharp William J.
Tharp William L.
Thomas Erasmus D.
Thompson Jesse
Thompson John
Thompson John W.
Thompson William
Tinder Elijah M.
Todd Hary G.
Todd James W.
Todd John O.
Tolles Robert P.
Tout Andrew W.
Tout Columbus C.
Tout George W.
Tout Henry C.
Tout Homer F.
Tout William L.
Trelore John W.
Verbrike Samuel A.
Viquesney Julius A.
Wade Royal
Wade Royal, Jr.
Warner John T.
Waterous G.C.
Wayland George W.
Weaver George W.
Weekley Edward
Weekley Enoch
Weekley Henry
Welshans Alfred
West William W.
White Bloomfield
White William C.
Wiley Alfred
Wiley Henry
Wiley John
Wilhoite John L.
Williams Alexander
Williams James T.
Williams Samuel W.
Williams William A.
Wilson Daniel
Wilson David
Wilson David G.
Wilson George
Wilson William L.
Wishard John O.
Wood Harvey
Wood John S.
Wood Joseph
Woodruff Stephen
Woods George
Yount Lewis
Yount William
Zerung Isaac