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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Guilford Township (January 1847)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a list of voters in Guilford Township for an election held in Plainfield on Saturday, 23 January 1847 for the purpose of electing one Justice of the Peace for Guilford Township.

NOTE: Some of Hendricks County's early voter lists have been microfilmed; that microfilm is available at the Indiana State Library, as well as through the Family History Library. Photocopies of the January 1847 voter list are in the collection of Plainfield Public Library.

     Last Name          First Name
Alderson            Amos
Ballard             David
Bias                Robert
Blair               Abnor
Blair               Enoch
Blair               Lincy
Bruner              Mason
Burnett             Isander
Canady              Laroy H.
Carter              Mortica
Cha                 George W.
Chandler            Levi
Cox                 Joseph
Done                Washing
Done                Zachariah
Downard             David
Draper              John
Draper              Joseph
Easterling          Thomas
Farmer              Daniel
Gilleland           Georg N.
Hadley              Elias
Hadley              Enos
Hadley              Uriah
Hamblet             William
Hocket              Warner
Hockett             Jesse
Hodgen              Joel
Jackson             James
Jackson             Samuel
Jessup              Prat W.
Johnson             Alfred
Kenida              Jacob
Kesler              Richard
Kite                William
Larrence            Benjamin
Larrence            James M.
Larrence            John
Little              Samuel
Lowder              Mathew
Martin              John
Matthews            John
McCaslin            Eli
McCracken           William
Mendenhal           Samuel, Jr.
Milican             Mathew
Montgomery          Temple
Morgan              Hezekiah
Murry               Joseph
Newlin              Eli
Newlin              Joel
Osborn              Isaac
Owens               Benjamine
Owens               Jonathan
Owens               Samuel
Parker              David
Patterson           Robert
Pinson              John
Pitts               Jonathan
Potts               David
Potts               Samuel
Raridon             Newel
Ring                Robert H.
Roberds             Larkin F.
Roney               James
Rovithy             Timothy
Sacket              Letis
Sikes               Luther
Smith               Benjamine M.
Snotgrass           John
Stutlink            Dedrick
Taylor              Bryant
Tucker              Thorton
Vestal              Benjamine E.
Vestal              Eli
Vestal              Jabez
Vestal              Randolph
Wallace             Charles
White               Dugan
White               Jonathan
Wood                Nathaniel
Worth               Alexander
Zaring              John