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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Hendricks County, Indiana (August 1845)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a list of voters in Hendricks County for an election held on Monday, August 4, 1845 to elect: 1 Representative to Congress; 1 Senator; 1 Representative to the Indiana General Assembly; 1 County Auditor; 1 County Commissioner (for the 3rd District); 1 County Assessor; 1 County Coroner.

NOTE: This database is a transcription of the voter lists that were compiled for each of the 10 townships (Lincoln Township and Union Township did not exist yet). Some of Hendricks County's early voter lists have been microfilmed; that microfilm is available at the Indiana State Library, as well as through the Family History Library. Photocopies of the 1845 voter lists are in the collection of Plainfield Public Library.

Voting places in August 1845:

  • Brown Township: Brownsburg
  • Center Township: Danville
  • Clay Township: Springfield
  • Eel River Township: North Salem
  • Franklin Township: Stilesville
  • Guilford Township: Plainfield
  • Liberty Township: Belleville
  • Marion Township: New Winchester
  • Middle Township: Pittsboro
  • Washington Township: McClain's Schoolhouse
     Last Name          First Name            Township
Adams               Abraham            Eel River Township
Adams               David B.           Eel River Township
Adams               Elexander          Clay Township
Adams               William            Eel River Township
Addon               Daniel H.          Eel River Township
Adkins              Andrew             Marion Township
Adkins              John               Marion Township
Adkisson            John               Guilford Township
Akers               George W.          Clay Township
Akers               James M.           Clay Township
Aldred              William            Liberty Township
Alen                Preston            Guilford Township
Alexander           Archibald          Middle Township
Alexander           Jahue              Liberty Township
Alldred             Ruben              Liberty Township
Allen               John               Center Township
Allmond             Harris             Washington Township
Anderson            Ebijah             Clay Township
Anderson            Joseph             Middle Township
Apbey               James              Center Township
Apleton             James              Guilford Township
Appbey              William            Center Township
Appbley             Milton             Center Township
Appleby             John               Eel River Township
Armstrong           Edmond             Marion Township
Armstrong           James              Eel River Township
Armstrong           Levi               Marion Township
Armstrong           William            Marion Township
Arnold              James              Marion Township
Arnold              John F.            Center Township
Arnold              Stephen            Marion Township
Arnold              William            Center Township
Asher               Milton             Clay Township
Ayres               James              Center Township
Baile               Edward             Middle Township
Baird               James              Middle Township
Baker               John               Center Township
Baker               Littleton H.       Guilford Township
Baldwin             Eli                Franklin Township
Bales               Eden               Eel River Township
Bales               Henry              Eel River Township
Bales               John               Center Township
Bales               William            Center Township
Bales               William            Eel River Township
Ball                Barnabas           Middle Township
Ballard             Asa                Guilford Township
Ballard             Beverley           Brown Township
Ballard             David              Guilford Township
Ballard             George             Brown Township
Ballard             James              Brown Township
Ballard             Joel               Guilford Township
Ballard             Mahlon             Guilford Township
Ballard             T.R.               Liberty Township
Ballinger           Valentine          Eel River Township
Ballinger           William            Middle Township
Bandy               Thomas             Liberty Township
Banta               Cornelius          Liberty Township
Barbee              Francis            Middle Township
Barbee              John               Middle Township
Barcus              Henry              Center Township
Bargo               Daniel             Center Township
Bargo               Jacob              Center Township
Barker              David              Guilford Township
Barker              Glanvill           Guilford Township
Barker              James              Liberty Township
Barker              John               Guilford Township
Barker              Robert J.          Washington Township
Barker              S.B.               Liberty Township
Barker              Samuel             Liberty Township
Barker              Samuel J.          Liberty Township
Barker              Thomas             Liberty Township
Barlow              Harvy R.           Washington Township
Barlow              Theopoles H.       Marion Township
Barnet              William            Marion Township
Barret              James Y.           Brown Township
Barter              James              Brown Township
Bartholomew         B.B.               Liberty Township
Bartholomew         Bradly             Center Township
Bast                Abraham            Eel River Township
Bateman             Noah               Eel River Township
Batner              John T.            Guilford Township
Baugh               John H.            Center Township
Baugh               William A.         Center Township
Baw                 Joseph A.          Center Township
Beard               William A.         Middle Township
Beasley             Philip             Liberty Township
Beck                Asia               Washington Township
Becket              James F.           Marion Township
Bell                C.C.               Center Township
Bell                W.                 Center Township
Bell                William            Marion Township
Bellis              William            Liberty Township
Benbow              Abel               Franklin Township
Benbow              Carver             Clay Township
Benbow              Elam               Clay Township
Benbow              William            Clay Township
Benge               Wililam            Middle Township
Bennett             Johnathan          Washington Township
Benten              Theadore P.        Marion Township
Berieman            Jese               Center Township
Beriman             William            Center Township
Berks               T.A.               Liberty Township
Berry               Allen              Liberty Township
Betts               Charles            Brown Township
Betts               Lemuel             Brown Township
Betts               Marmade            Brown Township
Beverley            Isaac              Liberty Township
Bird                Larkin             Eel River Township
Bird                Thomas N.          Liberty Township
Bird                William            Eel River Township
Bishop              J.P.               Franklin Township
Bishop              James              Liberty Township
Bishop              William            Center Township
Black               Samuel             Franklin Township
Blacketer           William            Marion Township
Blair               Abner              Guilford Township
Blair               Enos               Guilford Township
Blair               James W.           Center Township
Blair               Jesse              Guilford Township
Blair               John               Guilford Township
Blair               Linsey             Guilford Township
Blair               Marcus             Guilford Township
Blair               Solomon            Guilford Township
Blair               Thomas             Guilford Township
Blakemore           Thomas P.          Eel River Township
Blan                Henry              Clay Township
Bland               Abram              Franklin Township
Bland               Hiram              Franklin Township
Bland               James              Franklin Township
Bland               Miner              Franklin Township
Bland               William            Franklin Township
Blanten             John               Marion Township
Blanten             Volentine          Marion Township
Blanten             William            Marion Township
Bohannon            Abner              Liberty Township
Bohannon            Abraham            Liberty Township
Bohannon            John, Jr.          Liberty Township
Boles               Amos               Washington Township
Bomen               William            Marion Township
Bond                Robert             Liberty Township
Bonifield           Meren              Center Township
Bonifield           William            Center Township
Bonnet              Jabers             Guilford Township
Boots               Bortes             Brown Township
Boots               Jeptha             Washington Township
Borders             Cary A.            Franklin Township
Borders             James              Franklin Township
Borders             Thomas             Franklin Township
Boswell             Davis              Franklin Township
Botman              Benjamin           Guilford Township
Bovard              James              Brown Township
Bowlin              William            Liberty Township
Bowls               John G.            Brown Township
Brackney            Hudson             Franklin Township
Bradford            Amos               Franklin Township
Bray                Alen E.            Guilford Township
Bray                Alfred             Brown Township
Bray                J.W.               Liberty Township
Bray                John M.            Guilford Township
Bray                Richard            Washington Township
Bray                Thomas S.          Middle Township
Brewer              James              Franklin Township
Brewer              Solomon            Franklin Township
Briggs              Alfred             Washington Township
Briggs              Stephen            Washington Township
Briggs              William            Washington Township
Brittain            Harmon             Eel River Township
Broadstreet         James              Franklin Township
Broadstreet         Thomas             Franklin Township
Bronaugh            Tomas              Marion Township
Bronaugh            William N.         Clay Township
Brown               Branelton          Guilford Township
Brown               D.J.               Brown Township
Brown               Daniel             Clay Township
Brown               Daniel, Jr.        Brown Township
Brown               Daniel, Sr.        Brown Township
Brown               Elias              Marion Township
Brown               George             Guilford Township
Brown               George W.          Brown Township
Brown               George W.          Liberty Township
Brown               Hance              Guilford Township
Brown               Isaac              Guilford Township
Brown               James B.           Brown Township
Brown               James, Jr.         Brown Township
Brown               John               Center Township
Brown               John W.            Franklin Township
Brown               Joseph             Guilford Township
Brown               Levi               Brown Township
Brown               Linsey             Guilford Township
Brown               Milton             Guilford Township
Brown               Preston            Washington Township
Brown               Samuel             Guilford Township
Brown               Volintine          Center Township
Brown               William            Middle Township
Bryan               Alaxander          Marion Township
Bryan               J.W.               Liberty Township
Bryan               James H.           Marion Township
Bryan               Samuel H.          Marion Township
Bryant              Anderson           Clay Township
Bryant              Cyrus              Franklin Township
Bryant              Greenberry         Franklin Township
Bryant              John               Liberty Township
Bryant              John W.            Franklin Township
Bryant              Reuben             Franklin Township
Bryant              Silas              Franklin Township
Bryant              Silas J.           Franklin Township
Bryant              W.P.               Franklin Township
Bryant              W.T.               Center Township
Buchannan           Eli                Liberty Township
Buchannan           George             Liberty Township
Buchannan           John               Liberty Township
Buchannan           Levi               Liberty Township
Buchannan           R.M.               Liberty Township
Bunten              Henry H.           Marion Township
Bunten              William            Marion Township
Burcham             McCarty            Liberty Township
Burchem             Reubin             Washington Township
Burchman            James              Middle Township
Burgan              J.W.               Eel River Township
Burgan              Yelverton          Eel River Township
Burger              Henry              Center Township
Burgess             John W.            Liberty Township
Burgess             T.F.               Liberty Township
Burk                Perry              Middle Township
Burks               Berry              Franklin Township
Burks               John D.            Center Township
Burnett             Isaac              Center Township
Busby               Miles              Liberty Township
Busby               William            Liberty Township
Bush                John               Marion Township
Bush                Pleasant           Marion Township
Bussell             William            Liberty Township
Buzzard             David S.           Middle Township
Buzzard             William A.B.       Middle Township
Cain                Morrison           Liberty Township
Caldwell            George             Eel River Township
Caldwell            John               Franklin Township
Campbell            James              Eel River Township
Campbell            John               Washington Township
Campelle            L.R.               Marion Township
Canaday             Howard             Guilford Township
Canary              John               Liberty Township
Cancil              Stark              Brown Township
Canida              Jesse              Center Township
Caperda             Isaac              Eel River Township
Caplinger           Henry              Middle Township
Carington           Milton             Middle Township
Carington           Samuel C.          Middle Township
Carmichael          William            Liberty Township
Carpenter           George             Brown Township
Carpenter           William P.         Washington Township
Carson              Elisha             Liberty Township
Carter              B.H.               Center Township
Carter              C.J.               Eel River Township
Carter              David              Guilford Township
Carter              David E.           Marion Township
Carter              Eli                Guilford Township
Carter              Enoch              Guilford Township
Carter              Harlin             Washington Township
Carter              Jesse              Guilford Township
Carter              John               Guilford Township
Carter              John S.            Guilford Township
Carter              Lewis D.           Center Township
Carter              Mordacai           Guilford Township
Carter              R.K.               Eel River Township
Cash                Colmon             Center Township
Cash                William H.         Center Township
Cashler             Lewis              Center Township
Cassada             William            Franklin Township
Cassle              George             Center Township
Cassle              Thomas             Center Township
Castle              Martin             Liberty Township
Cavett              H.T.               Marion Township
Cavett              Moses              Marion Township
Caviness            Alfred             Washington Township
Caviness            Kirby              Washington Township
Caylor              Adam               Center Township
Caylor              John               Center Township
Caywood             Asa                Middle Township
Caywood             Henry V.           Middle Township
Caywood             John               Middle Township
Caywood             Stephen            Middle Township
Caywood             William N.         Middle Township
Chadd               Alvin P.           Marion Township
Chadd               David              Marion Township
Chadd               Thomas             Marion Township
Chadwick            James              Middle Township
Chambers            D.J.               Liberty Township
Chamnes             Edward             Guilford Township
Chamness            Owen               Brown Township
Chanler             Jacob              Guilford Township
Chanler             Joseph             Guilford Township
Chanler             Levi               Guilford Township
Chanler             Willis             Guilford Township
Chapman             W.R.               Center Township
Chen                Samuel             Guilford Township
Christy             James              Clay Township
Christy             Lemuel             Marion Township
Christy             William            Marion Township
Clark               Charles            Center Township
Clark               E.                 Center Township
Clark               Joseph             Center Township
Clark               Samuel             Liberty Township
Clark               Siles G.           Middle Township
Clark               William            Guilford Township
Clark               William            Liberty Township
Clark               William            Marion Township
Clark               Z.R.               Center Township
Claypool            J.W.               Eel River Township
Claypool            John               Eel River Township
Cleghorn            A.M.               Franklin Township
Cleghorn            R.M.G.             Franklin Township
Clingler            Franklin           Washington Township
Coat                Henry              Clay Township
Coatney             David              Liberty Township
Coble               Daniel             Franklin Township
Coble               George             Franklin Township
Coffin              Charles            Center Township
Coffin              Jesse              Center Township
Coffin              Joseph             Center Township
Coil                James              Center Township
Coil                John M.            Center Township
Coil                Robert B.          Center Township
Coleman             Benjamin           Washington Township
Coleman             James              Washington Township
Coll                Arote              Brown Township
Collin              Timothy            Washington Township
Collins             John               Middle Township
Collins             Mark               Washington Township
Combs               Elias              Washington Township
Combs               Levi               Brown Township
Conaday             Jacob              Guilford Township
Condiff             John               Clay Township
Constable           James              Brown Township
Cook                Jesse              Liberty Township
Cook                Nathan             Liberty Township
Cooper              Edmund             Liberty Township
Cooper              Lewis              Franklin Township
Cooper              Martin             Liberty Township
Cooper              Robert             Liberty Township
Cope                Jonathan           Liberty Township
Cord                J.W.               Center Township
Cornstable          Samuel             Center Township
Cosner              Antony             Franklin Township
Cosner              John               Franklin Township
Cosner              Mahlon             Franklin Township
Cossner             William            Clay Township
Covey               B.D.               Eel River Township
Cox                 Abijah             Washington Township
Cox                 David F.           Washington Township
Cox                 Godfrey            Clay Township
Cox                 Harmon             Guilford Township
Cox                 Henry              Center Township
Cox                 John               Eel River Township
Cox                 Joseph             Guilford Township
Cox                 Mincher L.         Clay Township
Cozine              Garrett, Sr.       Liberty Township
Crabb               William            Middle Township
Cradick             Samuel             Middle Township
Cragg               John R.            Brown Township
Craig               John               Eel River Township
Craig               John W.            Marion Township
Crawford            Christopher        Center Township
Crawford            Francis            Center Township
Crawford            Moses              Franklin Township
Crawford            S.C.               Center Township
Crawford            Stewart            Brown Township
Crawford            William            Liberty Township
Crawford            William S.         Center Township
Cress               V.B.               Brown Township
Cristy              Charles            Center Township
Cristy              Elisha F.          Marion Township
Cristy              James              Center Township
Cristy              John               Marion Township
Cristy              Richard            Center Township
Cristy              William, Sr.       Marion Township
Crose               Andrew             Marion Township
Cross               John               Center Township
Crow                George             Marion Township
Crow                Thomas D.          Marion Township
Cuberson            George             Marion Township
Culberson           Jeremiah           Marion Township
Cumingore           John               Center Township
Cumings             George W.          Marion Township
Cumings             John M.            Center Township
Curtis              David              Center Township
Curtis              Peter              Center Township
Cutshall            John               Liberty Township
Daggy               John P.            Franklin Township
Dale                John               Washington Township
Darnall             Assa               Middle Township
Darnall             William F.         Middle Township
Darnall             Wilson M.          Center Township
Darnell             William            Franklin Township
Darnoll             John               Center Township
Davidson            Daniel             Eel River Township
Davidson            Ezekiel            Middle Township
Davidson            James              Eel River Township
Davidson            John               Brown Township
Davidson            John               Middle Township
Davidson            Robert             Brown Township
Davidson            Samuel             Eel River Township
Davidson            William            Eel River Township
Davis               B.F.               Eel River Township
Davis               C.M.               Eel River Township
Davis               Eli                Brown Township
Davis               Enoch              Eel River Township
Davis               Evan               Liberty Township
Davis               James              Washington Township
Davis               Jaob               Eel River Township
Davis               Jesse              Eel River Township
Davis               Job H.             Middle Township
Davis               Nathan             Eel River Township
Davis               Walter             Eel River Township
Day                 Israel B.          Franklin Township
Day                 Noah               Liberty Township
Debenport           Absalem            Eel River Township
Debenport           Isaac              Eel River Township
Debenport           John W.            Eel River Township
Demoss              David              Guilford Township
Demoss              Peter              Guilford Township
Dennis              Burr P.            Guilford Township
Denny               Jourden            Marion Township
Depew               J.                 Center Township
Dewitt              Colbert            Eel River Township
Dewitt              William, Sr.       Eel River Township
Dial                Edward T.          Brown Township
Dicason             George             Marion Township
Dicken              James S.           Franklin Township
Dickerson           Griffith           Middle Township
Dickerson           Griffith, Sr.      Middle Township
Dickerson           John               Middle Township
Dickerson           Mathew             Washington Township
Dickson             Silas              Clay Township
Dinwidie            William M.         Brown Township
Dixon               Laurence           Guilford Township
Doan                Zacarah            Guilford Township
Dobbins             James              Washington Township
Dobbins             John               Washington Township
Dodd                Elijah             Marion Township
Dodd                Enos               Marion Township
Dodd                George             Brown Township
Dodd                John               Center Township
Dodd                John P.            Marion Township
Dodd                Reed W.            Marion Township
Dodson              John               Eel River Township
Dodson              Ruel               Middle Township
Doean               Phinias            Clay Township
Dorrell             John               Washington Township
Dorrow              John               Marion Township
Dotson              Benjamin R.        Center Township
Dotson              Stocton            Center Township
Downard             Adam               Center Township
Downard             James F.           Guilford Township
Downs               David, Jr.         Center Township
Downs               David, Sr.         Center Township
Draper              John               Guilford Township
Draper              Joseph N.          Guilford Township
Duffey              Michael            Liberty Township
Dugan               James              Center Township
Duglass             Isaac              Brown Township
Duglis              William            Center Township
Duncan              Arther             Brown Township
Duncan              Erastus B.         Franklin Township
Durham              Joseph             Liberty Township
Durham              William B.         Eel River Township
Duzan               George W.          Center Township
Duzan               W.                 Center Township
Easterling          Calab              Guilford Township
Easterling          Caleb, Jr.         Guilford Township
Easterling          Enoch              Guilford Township
Easterling          Thom               Guilford Township
Edmundson           Francis            Liberty Township
Edwards             Hanuel             Clay Township
Edwards             John               Clay Township
Edwards             Joshua             Clay Township
Edwards             Solomon            Clay Township
Egan                James              Liberty Township
Elgin               Daniel             Eel River Township
Ellis               G.P.               Center Township
Ellis               Jesse              Middle Township
Ellis               Peyton R.          Liberty Township
Ellis               William            Center Township
Elswick             Stephen            Marion Township
Ely                 Reuben             Eel River Township
Emmons              Jehu               Eel River Township
English             Charles            Center Township
English             Jonathan           Center Township
Ensminger           S.J.               Center Township
Eracksen            William            Guilford Township
Erwin               Jonathan           Center Township
Eslinger            John C.            Franklin Township
Estes               Edward B.          Clay Township
Estes               Henry              Guilford Township
Estes               Ransom S.          Clay Township
Evans               A.H.               Franklin Township
Evans               James              Eel River Township
Evans               Thomas W.          Franklin Township
Falkner             Munford            Eel River Township
Fansler             Charles            Franklin Township
Fansler             David              Liberty Township
Fansler             George             Franklin Township
Fansler             Harbound           Liberty Township
Farmer              Daniel             Guilford Township
Farmer              George             Guilford Township
Farmer              Jacob              Guilford Township
Farmer              John               Guilford Township
Farmer              Leonard            Guilford Township
Farmer              Thompson           Eel River Township
Farrow              David P.           Eel River Township
Faucett             Joseph             Washington Township
Faught              J.C.               Eel River Township
Faught              Nelson             Middle Township
Faught              Paul               Marion Township
Faught              William            Marion Township
Ferguson            D.W.               Middle Township
Fields              William            Eel River Township
Fightmaster         Noah               Liberty Township
Finley              Havelah            Franklin Township
Fitch               Thomas             Brown Township
Flathers            Lindsey C.         Middle Township
Flathers            William G.         Middle Township
Flecher             Nichodemos         Guilford Township
Fleece              Charles            Eel River Township
Fleece              George             Eel River Township
Fleece              Jeremiah           Marion Township
Fleece              John               Eel River Township
Flinn               James              Marion Township
Flood               Stephen            Eel River Township
Flora               Isaac              Washington Township
Flynn               Martin             Eel River Township
Fogleman            Samuel             Guilford Township
Foote               S.P.               Center Township
Forsithe            John               Center Township
Foster              Aaron D.           Brown Township
Foster              Joshua             Franklin Township
Foster              Shannon            Brown Township
Foster              William J.         Middle Township
Foster              Zeno               Washington Township
Fowler              Jonathan           Middle Township
Fowler              Robert             Center Township
Fox                 Barny              Washington Township
Fox                 Eli                Washington Township
Fox                 Jacob              Marion Township
Fox                 John               Washington Township
Frankeyburger       Samuel A.          Marion Township
Frasier             Robert             Center Township
Frazier             Wiatt              Franklin Township
Free                Daniel             Brown Township
Fry                 Lewis              Clay Township
Fry                 Peter              Marion Township
Fullen              A.E.               Eel River Township
Fullen              Charles            Eel River Township
Fultz               Andrew             Liberty Township
Furgerson           Charles            Liberty Township
Furgerson           Daniel P.          Liberty Township
Furgerson           James              Liberty Township
Galaspie            John               Liberty Township
Gambeld             John C.            Clay Township
Gamble              Aaron              Brown Township
Gamble              Andrew             Washington Township
Gamble              Benjamin           Washington Township
Gamble              John               Washington Township
Gamble              William            Washington Township
Gar                 Elias              Center Township
Gar                 Solomon            Center Township
Gardner             Anthony            Eel River Township
Gardner             Ezekael            Center Township
Gardner             Perry              Eel River Township
Garner              Solomon B.         Brown Township
Garrison            Jesse              Franklin Township
Garrison            John               Franklin Township
Garrison            Josiah             Franklin Township
Garrison            William            Franklin Township
Gates               Edward E.          Center Township
Gatson              Thomas             Middle Township
Gayham              Green              Eel River Township
Gentry              George W.          Middle Township
George              Johnathan          Marion Township
George              Wyat A.            Center Township
Gibbins             Francis L.         Center Township
Gibbons             Powell             Franklin Township
Gibbons             Thomas             Franklin Township
Gibbs               George             Washington Township
Gibbs               Thomas             Washington Township
Gibson              Archibald          Eel River Township
Gibson              Jesse              Eel River Township
Gilbert             Abraham C.         Washington Township
Gilbert             James              Washington Township
Gilbert             John               Washington Township
Gilleland           George             Liberty Township
Givens              G.A.               Eel River Township
Givin               Benjamin           Center Township
Glaze               George W.          Liberty Township
Glover              James              Liberty Township
Goings              Jeremiah           Marion Township
Goolman             Henry D.           Clay Township
Gorham              Thomas             Brown Township
Gorham              Thornton F.        Brown Township
Gorrel              James              Center Township
Gossett             Joseph             Brown Township
Gossett             N.W.               Washington Township
Gossett             Samuel             Washington Township
Graham              George S.          Brown Township
Graham              James              Brown Township
Graham              Young W.           Marion Township
Grandsoff           Henry              Guilford Township
Gray                J.H.               Brown Township
Gray                James              Brown Township
Green               Charles            Clay Township
Green               H.E.               Brown Township
Green               James              Liberty Township
Green               James              Washington Township
Green               John               Brown Township
Green               John A.            Brown Township
Green               Johnathan          Center Township
Green               Live               Washington Township
Green               Louis              Brown Township
Green               Martin L.          Washington Township
Green               Moulton            Brown Township
Green               Philip             Brown Township
Green               Stephen            Center Township
Green               Thomas             Center Township
Green               William            Center Township
Green               Zeno W.            Center Township
Greenlee            Abner              Marion Township
Greeson             George             Guilford Township
Gregg               J.M.               Center Township
Gregg               Jacob              Middle Township
Gregg               John               Center Township
Gregg               John               Middle Township
Gregg               Martin             Center Township
Griffith            Jackson            Middle Township
Grigg               James              Washington Township
Grigs               David              Marion Township
Grimes              Elias              Franklin Township
Grimes              Elihu              Franklin Township
Grose               John               Marion Township
Gross               Jonathan           Middle Township
Gudson              Seth               Middle Township
Guley               Hardin             Center Township
Guynn               Moses              Liberty Township
Guynn               Samuel             Liberty Township
Hacley              Henry              Eel River Township
Haden               George             Marion Township
Hadley              Edem               Center Township
Hadley              Edmond             Marion Township
Hadley              Elias              Guilford Township
Hadley              J.S.               Liberty Township
Hadley              J.T.               Center Township
Hadley              Jehu               Franklin Township
Hadley              Jeremiah           Guilford Township
Hadley              Job                Clay Township
Hadley              John               Washington Township
Hadley              John T.            Clay Township
Hadley              Joshua, Jr.        Liberty Township
Hadley              Joshua, Sr.        Liberty Township
Hadley              Nathan             Clay Township
Hadley              S.T.               Center Township
Hadley              Thomas             Guilford Township
Hadley              Thomas T.          Clay Township
Hadley              Uriah              Guilford Township
Hadley              William T.         Marion Township
Hadley              Zeno               Liberty Township
Hagan               John C.            Marion Township
Haggard             John               Liberty Township
Hagin               Clarkson           Clay Township
Hale                Asia               Center Township
Hale                Henry              Center Township
Hale                Mathew             Center Township
Hall                Price F.           Clay Township
Hall                William J.         Eel River Township
Hambleton           Abraham H.         Center Township
Hambleton           D.L.               Center Township
Hambleton           James Y.           Center Township
Hambleton           William            Washington Township
Hamblin             Vincent            Liberty Township
Hamilton            Abraham            Middle Township
Hamlet              William            Guilford Township
Hamm                William            Eel River Township
Hammons             George W.          Liberty Township
Hampton             William            Marion Township
Hamric              William F.         Marion Township
Hamrick             John P.            Center Township
Hancock             John               Clay Township
Hankins             Gilbert            Marion Township
Hankins             William            Marion Township
Hannah              Thomas             Liberty Township
Harden              Flep N.            Liberty Township
Hardin              S.A.               Brown Township
Harding             Aaron              Brown Township
Harding             Aaron M.           Brown Township
Harding             John H.            Center Township
Harding             Josh               Brown Township
Harding             Payne              Brown Township
Harding             Thomas H.          Brown Township
Harding             William            Center Township
Hardrick            Silas              Marion Township
Hardwick            James              Center Township
Hardwick            Stephen            Center Township
Hardwick            Wesley             Clay Township
Harkerider          Henry              Clay Township
Harkrider           Jacob              Clay Township
Harlan              Carter             Franklin Township
Harlan              John               Eel River Township
Harlan              John               Franklin Township
Harlin              Iserael G.         Marion Township
Harlin              Jesse              Liberty Township
Harlow              J.N.               Eel River Township
Harper              Allen              Liberty Township
Harper              D.C.               Liberty Township
Harper              James              Center Township
Harper              John               Guilford Township
Harris              Jesse              Brown Township
Harris              Joshua             Brown Township
Harris              Nichodemas         Marion Township
Harris              Riley              Brown Township
Harris              Thorton            Brown Township
Harris              William            Brown Township
Harris              William            Washington Township
Harris              William B.         Washington Township
Harrison            Jasper             Liberty Township
Harrison            John               Clay Township
Harrison            John               Liberty Township
Harrison            Robert             Eel River Township
Harrison            Thomas             Franklin Township
Harruston           Alexander          Brown Township
Hart                E.D.               Liberty Township
Hart                Henry              Marion Township
Hartmon             Christian          Eel River Township
Harvy               J.S.               Center Township
Harvy               Nathan             Clay Township
Harvy               Robert             Clay Township
Hawkins             J.W.               Center Township
Hawkins             Samuel L.          Center Township
Hayle               Stephen            Middle Township
Hays                Henry              Marion Township
Hays                John               Marion Township
Hays                William            Marion Township
Hayse               James H.           Center Township
Hayworth            James              Clay Township
Hayworth            William            Clay Township
Hazlerigg           Arthur             Center Township
Hedge               David              Eel River Township
Hedge               George             Eel River Township
Hedge               Harrison           Eel River Township
Hedge               John               Marion Township
Hedric              George             Marion Township
Helton              George             Center Township
Helton              Jeremiah           Center Township
Helton              Tabren             Center Township
Hendricks           Henry              Eel River Township
Hendricks           James              Marion Township
Hendricks           Jesse              Eel River Township
Hendricks           Lewis P.           Marion Township
Hendricks           Thomas             Marion Township
Hendrixson          John W.            Brown Township
Henry               George             Eel River Township
Henshaw             Ezeriah            Liberty Township
Herr                Joseph             Liberty Township
Herring             George             Liberty Township
Herring             John               Liberty Township
Herron              William            Liberty Township
Hess                Allen              Center Township
Hester              Richard            Guilford Township
Hethcock            Jacob              Washington Township
Hiatt               Benjamin           Liberty Township
Hiatt               Harmon             Liberty Township
Hibbs               James              Franklin Township
Hickman             Benjamin           Clay Township
Higgins             Daniel, Jr.        Marion Township
Higgins             Daniel, Sr.        Marion Township
Higgins             David              Marion Township
Higgins             Michael, Jr.       Marion Township
Higgins             Michael, Jr.       Marion Township
Higgins             Thomas             Marion Township
Hill                Clark              Clay Township
Hill                Samuel             Middle Township
Hilon               William C.         Center Township
Hilton              John               Middle Township
Hilton              Nathaniel          Middle Township
Hinch               Casper             Marion Township
Hinshaw             Ira                Guilford Township
Hinson              James              Liberty Township
Hinton              Milton             Center Township
Hinton              William            Center Township
Hitts               Samuel W.          Brown Township
Hoadley             Abram              Washington Township
Hoadley             Alvah              Brown Township
Hobbs               William H.         Brown Township
Hobson              Edward             Guilford Township
Hobson              William T.         Guilford Township
Hocket              Jesse              Guilford Township
Hocket              Moses              Guilford Township
Hocket              Warner             Guilford Township
Hocket              Zebalon            Guilford Township
Hockett             Jesse, Jr.         Guilford Township
Hodge               Alexander          Franklin Township
Hodge               Meshak             Franklin Township
Hodge               Russel             Franklin Township
Hodgen              Joel               Guilford Township
Hodges              William            Marion Township
Hodson              Jeremiah           Center Township
Hodson              Jesse              Guilford Township
Hodson              John               Guilford Township
Hodson              John M.            Clay Township
Hodson              Joseph             Center Township
Hodson              Josiah             Liberty Township
Hodson              Lindsey            Liberty Township
Hodson              Mikel              Guilford Township
Hodson              Willson            Guilford Township
Hogan               James L.           Center Township
Holder              Epsom              Franklin Township
Hollet              John               Brown Township
Hollet              Mark               Brown Township
Hollett             Thomas             Brown Township
Holley              John               Center Township
Hollingsworth       Merza              Washington Township
Hollister           William N.         Guilford Township
Holman              Joseph D.          Clay Township
Holoway             Joseph             Brown Township
Holsclaw            Jacob              Middle Township
Holsclaw            John               Middle Township
Homan               Aaron              Washington Township
Hooten              William            Guilford Township
Hooton              Thomas             Washington Township
Hopkins             John               Liberty Township
Hopkins             William            Brown Township
Hopwood             Moses              Liberty Township
Hornady             Elisha             Washington Township
Hornady             Ezekiel            Washington Township
Hornady             Izaiah             Washington Township
Hornady             Samuel             Washington Township
Horneday            Simon              Liberty Township
Hough               Johnson            Franklin Township
Houston             John               Marion Township
Houston             William H.         Marion Township
Howel               Thomas             Marion Township
Huddlestone         Alfred             Brown Township
Huddlestone         Hiram              Brown Township
Huddlestone         Oliver             Brown Township
Huff                Eldredge           Middle Township
Huff                Elijah             Center Township
Hufford             Gideon             Washington Township
Hufford             Joel               Washington Township
Hughes              Henry              Middle Township
Hughes              Jacob              Middle Township
Hughs               Thomas             Brown Township
Hulet               A.D.               Franklin Township
Hunt                Alfred             Clay Township
Hunt                Amiel              Clay Township
Hunt                Asahel             Clay Township
Hunt                Asier              Marion Township
Hunt                Caleb              Clay Township
Hunt                Cyrus              Liberty Township
Hunt                Eleazer            Clay Township
Hunt                Eleazer, Jr.       Clay Township
Hunt                Hiram              Clay Township
Hunt                Ithamer, Jr.       Marion Township
Hunt                Johnson            Eel River Township
Hunt                Stepen             Guilford Township
Hunt                Thamer, Sr.        Marion Township
Hunt                Zimri              Marion Township
Hunter              Lewis S.           Middle Township
Hurin               Seth               Washington Township
Huron               Benjamin A.        Washington Township
Huron               Smith              Liberty Township
Hussey              Jeddiah            Liberty Township
Hussey              Thomas             Liberty Township
Hutch               Allen              Middle Township
Hutchens            Joshua F.          Center Township
Hutchings           Francis            Clay Township
Hutchings           Richard M.         Clay Township
Hutts               Silas              Washington Township
Hyaden              James              Guilford Township
Hynes               Wililam            Middle Township
Iddings             Joseph             Eel River Township
Irons               Edward             Liberty Township
Irons               John               Liberty Township
Irons               Thomas             Liberty Township
Irons               William            Liberty Township
Irvin               John               Center Township
Jackson             Armested           Liberty Township
Jackson             Jahu               Guilford Township
Jackson             James              Middle Township
Jackson             Joseph             Guilford Township
Jackson             Samuel             Guilford Township
Jackson             William            Guilford Township
Jeffries            Linsey             Center Township
Jeffries            William            Center Township
Jelf                James H.           Brown Township
Jelf                Joel               Liberty Township
Jenkins             Greenvilel         Center Township
Jenkins             Isaac              Washington Township
Jentry              Joshua             Center Township
Jentry              Martin             Center Township
Jessup              Calvin             Franklin Township
Jessup              Levi               Franklin Township
Jessup              Samuel             Liberty Township
Jessup              William A.         Franklin Township
Jesup               Alfred             Guilford Township
Jesup               Hiram              Guilford Township
Jesup               Jackson            Guilford Township
Jesup               John               Guilford Township
Jesup               John J.            Guilford Township
Jesup               Joseph, Sr.        Guilford Township
Jesup               Lewis              Guilford Township
Jesup               Pell               Guilford Township
Jesup               Samuel P.          Guilford Township
Jewell              Thaius             Guilford Township
Johnson             Aaron              Washington Township
Johnson             Charles            Washington Township
Johnson             Edward             Washington Township
Johnson             Job                Franklin Township
Johnson             John               Center Township
Johnson             John               Washington Township
Johnson             John E.            Liberty Township
Johnson             Jonathan           Liberty Township
Johnson             L.A.               Liberty Township
Johnson             Levi               Washington Township
Johnson             Nelson             Washington Township
Johnson             W.L.P.             Liberty Township
Johnson             William            Liberty Township
Jones               Benjamin           Brown Township
Jones               David              Guilford Township
Jones               James G.           Center Township
Jones               James S.           Liberty Township
Jones               John S.            Eel River Township
Jones               Lewis              Marion Township
Jones               Pesent             Liberty Township
Jones               R.C.               Liberty Township
Jones               William            Eel River Township
Jones               William A.         Middle Township
Jones               Wynn               Eel River Township
Jones               Zedick             Center Township
Jonson              Alfred             Guilford Township
Jonson              Eli                Guilford Township
Jonson              George             Guilford Township
Jonson              Jeremiah           Guilford Township
Jonson              John C.            Guilford Township
Jorah               Charles            Brown Township
Jordan              G.W.               Middle Township
Jourdain            Joseph W.          Washington Township
Jourdan             James              Center Township
Jourden             Samuel             Center Township
Junkin              Noble              Middle Township
Keer                J.B.               Liberty Township
Keller              Henry              Clay Township
Keller              Henry, Jr.         Clay Township
Kelly               J.E.               Franklin Township
Kelly               James              Franklin Township
Kendall             Alphred            Middle Township
Kendall             Hirah              Clay Township
Kendall             Tabell             Eel River Township
Kendall             William            Middle Township
Kenneday            John               Middle Township
Kenneday            Joshua             Middle Township
Kersey              Eleazer            Clay Township
Kesler              William            Center Township
Kieth               Aaron V.           Middle Township
Kiger               Daniel             Center Township
Kinder              George             Center Township
Kinder              Robert             Marion Township
Kinder              Samuel             Center Township
King                Curtis             Center Township
King                Curtis, Sr.        Center Township
King                Eli                Center Township
King                Elisha M.          Clay Township
King                John               Center Township
King                John               Clay Township
King                Robert H.          Guilford Township
King                Samuel A.          Washington Township
King                Thomas             Center Township
King                W.A.               Center Township
Kinser              Henry              Guilford Township
Kinser              Jacob              Guilford Township
Kise                Elisha             Washington Township
Kise                William C.         Franklin Township
Knox                Milam              Franklin Township
Kreigh              George             Franklin Township
Kutch               Enoch              Washington Township
Lam                 Caleb              Center Township
Lamb                Henry              Middle Township
Lamb                John R.            Marion Township
Lambert             John               Middle Township
Langford            John C.            Liberty Township
Larsh               John               Washington Township
Larsh               Jonathan           Washington Township
Lastley             John G.            Center Township
Laughlin            John               Liberty Township
Lauler              Nicholas           Liberty Township
Laurence            John               Guilford Township
Laurence            Nathan             Guilford Township
Laurrence           Benjamin M.        Guilford Township
Lawrence            Isaac              Washington Township
Lawrence            Wesley             Washington Township
Leach               Anderson           Middle Township
Leach               Elias              Middle Township
Leach               Enos               Middle Township
Leach               Meredith           Middle Township
Leach               William            Middle Township
Leak                James              Middle Township
Leak                Landrum            Middle Township
Leak                Lealand            Middle Township
Leak                Lewis              Middle Township
Lee                 Jubal              Center Township
Lennings            Daniel             Marion Township
Levit               Isaac              Brown Township
Lewis               Abraham            Marion Township
Lewis               Henry              Middle Township
Lewis               James              Eel River Township
Lewis               Joseph             Marion Township
Lewis               Joseph P.          Middle Township
Lewis               Peleck             Franklin Township
Lewis               Stephen T.         Middle Township
Lipe                Jonas              Middle Township
Little              Alexander          Liberty Township
Little              John               Liberty Township
Little              Robert             Liberty Township
Little              William            Liberty Township
Littly              Samuel             Guilford Township
Lock                William            Washington Township
Lockhart            Emanuel            Eel River Township
Lockhart            John               Guilford Township
Lockhart            Thomas             Liberty Township
Lockman             Thomas             Center Township
Logan               Benjamin M.        Brown Township
Logan               James              Center Township
Logan               Jonathan           Center Township
Long                Elijah             Liberty Township
Long                Harrison           Eel River Township
Long                Jacob              Marion Township
Long                Juqurtha           Middle Township
Long                Peter H.           Marion Township
Long                Samuel A.          Marion Township
Long                William A.         Middle Township
Long                Zachariah B.       Guilford Township
Love                Asten              Liberty Township
Love                Richard            Liberty Township
Lovel               George             Guilford Township
Lowder              Charles            Guilford Township
Lowder              James              Brown Township
Lowder              Mathew             Guilford Township
Lower               A.T.               Marion Township
Loy                 Cornelius          Washington Township
Ludlow              John               Center Township
Luve                Jonathan           Guilford Township
Mackett             Jesse M.           Clay Township
Maden               J.H.               Center Township
Madison             Anson              Center Township
Mahan               J.A.               Marion Township
Makkes              John               Guilford Township
Males               John J.            Guilford Township
Malone              Benjamin           Washington Township
Malone              Isaac              Washington Township
Malone              Isaac T.           Washington Township
Malone              John               Washington Township
Malone              Levi               Washington Township
Malone              Milton A.          Center Township
Man                 William            Marion Township
Mann                Asahel             Clay Township
Mann                Fredrick           Liberty Township
Mann                Jackson            Liberty Township
Mann                Jesse P.           Middle Township
Manning             Daniel P.          Liberty Township
Manning             John S.            Liberty Township
Mark                Matthew            Eel River Township
Mark                William H.         Eel River Township
Marker              Curtis             Liberty Township
Marley              Orron              Franklin Township
Marley              William            Franklin Township
Marple              David              Marion Township
Marsh               Abraham E.         Washington Township
Marshall            Aaron              Liberty Township
Marshall            Andrew             Franklin Township
Marshall            Joshua             Liberty Township
Martin              Alexander          Liberty Township
Martin              Hudson             Marion Township
Martin              James              Eel River Township
Martin              Jesse              Eel River Township
Martin              Richard            Liberty Township
Martin              Wesley             Liberty Township
Marvel              Robert             Brown Township
Marvin              H.H.               Center Township
Mashon              James              Franklin Township
Mason               G.W.               Liberty Township
Mason               James K.           Liberty Township
Mason               Jesse              Franklin Township
Masters             James              Liberty Township
Masters             Samuel             Liberty Township
Maston              David              Clay Township
Maston              Mathias            Clay Township
Maston              Reuben             Franklin Township
Matlock             David              Center Township
Matlock             J.T.               Center Township
Matlock             J.W.               Franklin Township
Matlock             J.W.L.             Center Township
Matlock             Joseph H.          Liberty Township
Matlock             W.T.               Liberty Township
Matlock             William L.         Center Township
May                 William            Center Township
McAlmant            Joseph B.          Center Township
McAninch            Daniel             Franklin Township
McAninch            John               Franklin Township
McAninch            Joseph             Franklin Township
McAninch            Samuel             Franklin Township
McAvoy              James              Franklin Township
McBee               William            Middle Township
McCalmet            Alexander, Jr.     Washington Township
McCalmet            Alexander, Sr.     Washington Township
McCalmet            Robert             Washington Township
McCaslin            Eli                Guilford Township
McCaslin            Harmon             Middle Township
McCaslin            James              Brown Township
McCaslin            John, Jr.          Brown Township
McCaslin            John, Sr.          Brown Township
McClain             James, Jr.         Washington Township
McClain             James, Sr.         Washington Township
McClain             Mathew             Washington Township
McClain             Michael            Washington Township
McClay              Richard            Liberty Township
McClintick          Hezekiah           Middle Township
McCloud             Archibald          Franklin Township
McCloud             George W.          Franklin Township
McCloud             Hiram              Liberty Township
McCloud             James              Liberty Township
McCloud             John               Eel River Township
McCloud             John               Liberty Township
McCloud             Robert             Liberty Township
McCloud             Thomas             Franklin Township
McCloud             William            Middle Township
McClure             Arthur             Liberty Township
McClure             David              Liberty Township
McClure             James              Liberty Township
McClure             Joseph             Washington Township
McClure             William, Jr.       Liberty Township
McColister          James              Brown Township
McCormac            Vincent            Liberty Township
McCormick           Albert             Liberty Township
McCormick           Amos L.            Liberty Township
McCormick           H.S.               Center Township
McCormick           Samuel             Liberty Township
McCormick           William            Liberty Township
McCoun              James, Jr.         Marion Township
McCoun              James, Sr.         Marion Township
McCowen             R.                 Center Township
McCracken           Nelson             Liberty Township
McCrackin           Isaac              Center Township
McCrary             John               Washington Township
McCrosky            Blair              Middle Township
McCurdy             J.T.               Liberty Township
McDaniel            Asa                Brown Township
McDaniel            Isaac              Brown Township
McDaniel            Jacob              Brown Township
McDaniel            John               Liberty Township
McDaniel            Jonathan           Brown Township
McDaniel            Robert             Middle Township
McDaniel            William            Brown Township
McDaniel            William B.         Washington Township
McFeters            Samuel             Center Township
McGee               Robert             Center Township
McGomery            Robert             Center Township
McGomery            William            Center Township
McGoun              James              Middle Township
McHaffie            Andrew E.          Franklin Township
McHooper            T.W.               Middle Township
McKee               Lemuel             Middle Township
McKey               Hugh               Clay Township
McKey               Jacob              Clay Township
McKinsey            C.N.               Washington Township
McKinsey            Mordica            Washington Township
McLean              William            Middle Township
McMullin            J.J.               Liberty Township
McPherson           Aaron              Liberty Township
McVay               John               Liberty Township
McVey               A.                 Center Township
McVey               William            Center Township
Mede                Peter              Center Township
Medsker             Peter              Brown Township
Melogue             S.                 Center Township
Melton              John               Washington Township
Menafee             Austin             Washington Township
Mendenhall          Alaxander          Guilford Township
Mendenhall          Moses              Guilford Township
Mendenhall          Samuel, Jr.        Guilford Township
Mendenhall          Temple             Guilford Township
Mendinghall         Amiles             Clay Township
Mendinghall         Eli                Clay Township
Mendinghall         Joel               Clay Township
Mendinghall         Johnathan          Clay Township
Mercer              Seth               Eel River Township
Meredith            Nathan             Liberty Township
Merit               William            Marion Township
Merritt             Allen              Washington Township
Merritt             Armted             Washington Township
Merritt             George S.          Washington Township
Merritt             George W.          Washington Township
Mershon             Cornelius          Liberty Township
Middleton           John               Middle Township
Miles               Elisha             Center Township
Miles               John               Liberty Township
Miles               John               Middle Township
Milican             Mathew             Guilford Township
Miller              B.W.               Eel River Township
Miller              Henry              Center Township
Miller              James G.           Brown Township
Miller              John               Liberty Township
Miller              John D.            Washington Township
Miller              Michael            Liberty Township
Miller              Minas K.           Washington Township
Miller              T.B.               Marion Township
Miller              Thomas             Marion Township
Milles              William C.         Guilford Township
Millhouse           Robert             Guilford Township
Milligan            James              Center Township
Millikin            John               Liberty Township
Mills               David              Guilford Township
Mills               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Mills               Joseph             Liberty Township
Mills               Josiah             Liberty Township
Mills               Samuel             Liberty Township
Mills               William            Washington Township
Milman              Andrew J.          Clay Township
Minor               A.G.               Eel River Township
Mires               John               Franklin Township
Mitchael            Hiram              Center Township
Mitchael            Solmon             Center Township
Mitchael            William            Center Township
Mitchel             S.C.               Liberty Township
Mitchell            Alexander          Middle Township
Mitter              Scott              Washington Township
Moberly             B.N.               Center Township
Moffet              Jonathan           Guilford Township
Mogin               Joel               Clay Township
Money               Benjamin           Middle Township
Monney              John               Middle Township
Montaig             Clemnot            Washington Township
Montgomery          George             Marion Township
Montgomery          Samuel, Sr.        Brown Township
Montgomery          William            Middle Township
Montgomry           Samuel             Washington Township
Moon                J.B.               Liberty Township
Moon                James              Center Township
Moon                James              Guilford Township
Moon                John               Center Township
Moon                Ransom             Guilford Township
Moon                William            Center Township
Moon                William B.         Center Township
Moor                William            Clay Township
Moore               Ezekiel            Washington Township
Moore               George             Brown Township
Moore               George, Sr.        Washington Township
Moore               H.H.               Brown Township
Moore               J.K.               Center Township
Moore               John               Washington Township
Moore               Joseph             Washington Township
Moore               Joshua             Center Township
Moore               R.C.               Brown Township
Moore               S.G.               Liberty Township
Moore               Samuel             Center Township
Moore               Timothy            Brown Township
Moore               William            Washington Township
Moore               Zebulon            Washington Township
Moreton             Madison            Franklin Township
Morgan              Henry              Guilford Township
Morgan              Hezekiah           Guilford Township
Morgan              Isaac W.           Guilford Township
Morgan              Obadiah            Guilford Township
Morgan              Wesley             Marion Township
Morgison            Eli                Marion Township
Morris              Alexander          Center Township
Morris              Gideon             Washington Township
Morris              Joseph             Clay Township
Morris              Shadrack           Washington Township
Morris              William            Washington Township
Morton              Charles            Liberty Township
Mourning            Benjamin           Middle Township
Mull                John               Liberty Township
Mullin              Eli                Washington Township
Mullin              Robert             Washington Township
Mundon              Joseph             Franklin Township
Murphy              Thomas             Liberty Township
Murry               Joseph             Guilford Township
Myers               Morgan             Eel River Township
Myres               Jacob, Jr.         Brown Township
Myres               Jacob, Sr.         Brown Township
Myres               Richard            Brown Township
Nanoh               Thomas             Brown Township
Nash                Daniel             Brown Township
Nash                George B.          Brown Township
Nash                Isaac C.           Brown Township
Nash                Richard E.         Brown Township
Nausler             Lewis S.           Middle Township
Nausley             Boston             Middle Township
Nave                C.C.               Center Township
Neff                George             Eel River Township
Neff                John               Eel River Township
Nelson              John               Middle Township
Nelson              John D.            Marion Township
Nelson              Whitson            Brown Township
Nevels              James              Marion Township
Nevels              Thomas D.          Marion Township
Newell              Jerremiah          Washington Township
Newham              Thomas             Brown Township
Newlin              Elias              Guilford Township
Newman              J.L.               Franklin Township
Newman              John               Franklin Township
Newman              John               Middle Township
Newman              John, Sr.          Franklin Township
Newman              Perry              Middle Township
Newman              William            Middle Township
Newnam              Edward             Clay Township
Newnam              John C.            Clay Township
Newton              Harrison           Middle Township
Nichols             James              Center Township
Nichols             Thomas             Center Township
Nichols             Thomas             Franklin Township
Nickels             Erasmus            Clay Township
Nickols             Milton             Middle Township
Northcut            Thomas             Middle Township
Nosler              Hiram              Liberty Township
Nowels              Thomas             Marion Township
Nuby                Thomas             Guilford Township
Nulin               David              Guilford Township
Nulin               Joshua             Guilford Township
Odell               J.R.               Liberty Township
Odell               James S.           Center Township
Odell               Thomas             Liberty Township
Olinger             Henry              Washington Township
Osborn              Abner              Center Township
Osborn              David              Center Township
Osborn              David              Middle Township
Osborn              E.C.               Center Township
Osborn              Hardin             Liberty Township
Osborn              Henry              Center Township
Osborn              Ira B.             Center Township
Osborn              Isaac              Guilford Township
Osborn              Jesse              Center Township
Osborn              Jesse              Liberty Township
Osborn              Jobe               Center Township
Osborn              Joseph             Center Township
Osborn              Richard            Washington Township
Osborn              Richard, Jr.       Washington Township
Osborn              William            Liberty Township
Osborne             Daniel             Franklin Township
Osbourn             Nicholas           Liberty Township
Otterman            Philip             Eel River Township
Owen                Benjamin, Jr.      Guilford Township
Owen                Jonathan           Guilford Township
Owen                Leonard            Washington Township
Owen                Samuel             Guilford Township
Owen                Samuel, Jr.        Guilford Township
Pace                Murray             Middle Township
Page                Chesley            Eel River Township
Page                Hezekiah           Franklin Township
Page                Jeptha             Washington Township
Page                Jordon             Franklin Township
Page                Preston L.         Franklin Township
Page                Williamson         Eel River Township
Palmer              Gilbert            Washington Township
Parker              James M.           Middle Township
Parker              John L.            Middle Township
Parker              Joshua D.          Center Township
Parker              Thomas C.          Clay Township
Parker              William C.         Middle Township
Parks               James              Brown Township
Parks               Jonathan           Middle Township
Parks               Moses, Jr.         Middle Township
Parks               Moses, Sr.         Middle Township
Parnell             James              Washington Township
Parsons             Benjamin           Liberty Township
Paterson            Robert             Guilford Township
Patterson           Francis            Brown Township
Patterson           Jonathan           Brown Township
Patterson           William I.         Brown Township
Payne               Absolem            Washington Township
Payne               O.H.               Brown Township
Pearse              Hiram              Liberty Township
Pearson             Augustus           Marion Township
Pearson             Henry              Marion Township
Pearson             John, Jr.          Marion Township
Pearson             John, Sr.          Marion Township
Pearson             William, Jr.       Marion Township
Pearson             William, Sr.       Marion Township
Pennington          Levi               Eel River Township
Pennington          Preston            Eel River Township
Penry               Samuel             Middle Township
Penry               William A.         Middle Township
Perkins             John               Brown Township
Perkins             John               Clay Township
Perkins             Joseph             Brown Township
Perkins             Joshua             Washington Township
Perry               John C.            Marion Township
Petty               Isaac              Liberty Township
Petty               James              Liberty Township
Petty               James, Jr.         Liberty Township
Petty               Jesse              Liberty Township
Petty               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Philips             Eli                Clay Township
Philips             Media A.           Brown Township
Philips             Samuel             Clay Township
Phillips            Levi               Franklin Township
Phillips            Nathan             Franklin Township
Pickett             Benjamin           Clay Township
Pickett             Joshua             Franklin Township
Piercy              John               Center Township
Piercy              Lewis              Center Township
Piercy              Pery               Center Township
Pierson             James A.           Clay Township
Pierson             James A., Sr.      Clay Township
Pierson             S.R.               Center Township
Pierson             Thomas             Center Township
Pierson             Wesley             Clay Township
Pierson             William            Center Township
Pike                Trustram           Franklin Township
Pike                William            Guilford Township
Pinson              John               Guilford Township
Pitts               Jonathan           Guilford Township
Plaster             William            Marion Township
Plummer             Iton               Guilford Township
Poe                 John H.            Center Township
Poe                 R.M.               Center Township
Pointer             Edward             Brown Township
Pointer             Samuel P.          Middle Township
Polk                John               Brown Township
Pollock             Alexander          Middle Township
Polls               David              Guilford Township
Pope                J.N.               Liberty Township
Pope                John               Washington Township
Pope                T.J.               Liberty Township
Pope                William, Jr.       Liberty Township
Pope                William, Sr.       Liberty Township
Porter              Mark W.            Eel River Township
Potter              Zebadee            Washington Township
Potts               A.J.               Brown Township
Potts               Gideon D.          Brown Township
Potts               Samuel             Guilford Township
Potts               Thomas             Liberty Township
Pounds              Joseph B.          Center Township
Pounds              Lewis T.           Center Township
Pounds              W.S.               Eel River Township
Powel               Isaac              Washington Township
Powers              Allen              Center Township
Prather             James H.           Liberty Township
Prather             William F.         Liberty Township
Prebster            Christian          Brown Township
Prebster            Emanuel            Brown Township
Prebster            Fredrick           Brown Township
Prebster            Reubin             Washington Township
Prewitt             Alexander          Liberty Township
Pritchet            John               Middle Township
Proctor             A.H.               Eel River Township
Purkins             Reubin             Washington Township
Ragan               Abner              Marion Township
Ragan               J.M.               Marion Township
Ragan               John               Guilford Township
Ragan               Robert             Marion Township
Ragan               William            Marion Township
Ragan               William B.         Guilford Township
Ragland             Dudley             Marion Township
Ragland             John               Marion Township
Rammel              Eli                Center Township
Rammel              Henry              Center Township
Rammel              James              Center Township
Rammel              Simon              Center Township
Ramsey              Danil              Guilford Township
Ramsey              Samuel             Guilford Township
Rector              Benjamin           Franklin Township
Redman              John               Guilford Township
Reese               Jacob              Franklin Township
Reeves              Alexander          Brown Township
Regan               Ruben S.           Liberty Township
Reid                Jesse L.           Liberty Township
Rennels             Charles            Guilford Township
Renols              Larken             Guilford Township
Reynerson           Jacob              Marion Township
Reynolds            Joseph             Middle Township
Reynolds            Samuel             Middle Township
Rhodes              George             Liberty Township
Rice                John               Brown Township
Rice                Louis              Brown Township
Richardson          Daniel             Liberty Township
Richardson          Green              Liberty Township
Richardson          John               Eel River Township
Richardson          Lamual             Eel River Township
Richardson          Miles F.           Clay Township
Richardson          Moses              Middle Township
Richardson          Richard            Middle Township
Richardson          William            Clay Township
Right               William B.         Marion Township
Rightsel            David              Franklin Township
Ritter              James              Guilford Township
Ritter              James S.           Guilford Township
Roach               A.C.               Liberty Township
Robards             William P.         Franklin Township
Robbins             Christopher        Marion Township
Robbins             Jacob              Marion Township
Robbins             John               Marion Township
Robbins             Joseph             Eel River Township
Robbins             Lamech             Eel River Township
Robbins             Silas              Marion Township
Robbins             William, Jr.       Marion Township
Robbins             William, Sr.       Marion Township
Roberds             Morning            Center Township
Roberts             Benjamin           Liberty Township
Roberts             Isaac              Washington Township
Roberts             J.S.               Liberty Township
Roberts             James              Franklin Township
Roberts             John D.            Brown Township
Roberts             John M.            Middle Township
Roberts             Thomas S.          Middle Township
Roberts             William J.         Middle Township
Roby                William            Center Township
Rodgers             Henry              Liberty Township
Rodgers             James B.           Middle Township
Rodgers             Sanfort            Marion Township
Rodgers             Willis             Middle Township
Rogers              Elias              Center Township
Rogers              Harvy              Center Township
Rogers              Killis             Center Township
Rogers              William M.         Center Township
Roley               Elias              Franklin Township
Rose                Lewis A.           Marion Township
Rosebery            Samuel             Marion Township
Ross                Alexander          Washington Township
Ross                Eli                Washington Township
Ross                James              Washington Township
Ross                Joseph H.          Washington Township
Ross                Robert             Washington Township
Rowe                Henry              Franklin Township
Rowlin              Joseph             Center Township
Roy                 Asa                Middle Township
Roy                 David              Middle Township
Roy                 Evin               Middle Township
Roy                 John W.            Middle Township
Roy                 Thomas             Brown Township
Roy                 Thomas, Sr.        Middle Township
Rudd                Osborn             Franklin Township
Ruggles             George             Brown Township
Ruggles             James              Brown Township
Runion              James              Washington Township
Runnels             James              Marion Township
Rushat              Joshua             Guilford Township
Rushton             Jesse              Liberty Township
Rushton             Joshua             Liberty Township
Rushton             Samuel             Liberty Township
Rushton             Solomon            Clay Township
Rushton             William            Liberty Township
Russle              R.C.               Center Township
Rusten              Joel               Guilford Township
Sacket              Letes              Guilford Township
Saferight           John               Guilford Township
Safford             Mathew             Marion Township
Sampson             A.W.               Middle Township
Samuels             Mordica            Clay Township
Samuels             Thomas             Marion Township
Sanders             Benjamin, Jr.      Washington Township
Sanders             Benjamin, Sr.      Washington Township
Sanders             Hesekiah           Guilford Township
Sanders             Isaac              Guilford Township
Sanders             John               Guilford Township
Sanders             John               Liberty Township
Sanders             John               Washington Township
Sangster            George             Liberty Township
Sarbuck             Samuel             Guilford Township
Saviteer            Jesse              Liberty Township
Saviteer            William            Liberty Township
Scammerhorn         Joseph             Eel River Township
Scammerhorn         Nathan             Eel River Township
Scammerhorn         William            Eel River Township
Scherer             Ambrose            Franklin Township
Scott               F.A.               Middle Township
Scott               Isom               Eel River Township
Scott               John G.            Brown Township
Scott               Nathaniel          Eel River Township
Scott               Tandy              Liberty Township
Scott               Thomas             Liberty Township
Scott               William            Franklin Township
Sears               Wesley B.          Marion Township
Sears               William            Marion Township
Secton              William            Eel River Township
Selch               Peter              Liberty Township
Selch               William            Guilford Township
Shackeford          Reubin             Center Township
Shackleford         Bailor             Middle Township
Shackleford         Daniel             Center Township
Shackleford         John W.G.          Middle Township
Shank               Daniel             Brown Township
Shanklin            Luther             Brown Township
Shannon             Samuel B.          Marion Township
Shannon             Thomas R.          Marion Township
Sharp               James              Marion Township
Shawver             William            Washington Township
Sheldon             F.F.               Liberty Township
Shelida             Andrew B.          Center Township
Shelton             Thomas             Washington Township
Shepherd            Bassell            Liberty Township
Shepherd            Samuel             Center Township
Shepler             Samuel B.          Marion Township
Shirley             A.W.               Liberty Township
Shirley             James              Brown Township
Shirley             Martin             Brown Township
Shirley             Meletis            Brown Township
Shirley             William            Brown Township
Shirley             William            Liberty Township
Shoemaker           George             Liberty Township
Short               Young              Liberty Township
Shover              George             Guilford Township
Sikes               Luther             Guilford Township
Simmons             William            Brown Township
Skeller             Abraham            Clay Township
Skilman             Wililam M.         Center Township
Skonk               Isaac H.           Brown Township
Slaughter           Plesant            Liberty Township
Slavens             James              Eel River Township
Smith               Able               Middle Township
Smith               Archibald          Brown Township
Smith               Austen H.          Marion Township
Smith               Benjamin M.        Guilford Township
Smith               Benjamin R.        Eel River Township
Smith               Benjamin T., Jr.   Brown Township
Smith               Benjamin T., Sr.   Brown Township
Smith               Ednar G.           Middle Township
Smith               Elisha             Brown Township
Smith               Elsha              Middle Township
Smith               George             Liberty Township
Smith               Harrison           Liberty Township
Smith               Hugh P.            Washington Township
Smith               I.N.               Washington Township
Smith               J.J.               Liberty Township
Smith               Jackson            Center Township
Smith               James              Brown Township
Smith               James              Center Township
Smith               James              Franklin Township
Smith               James              Marion Township
Smith               James R.           Brown Township
Smith               Jeramiah           Clay Township
Smith               Joel               Brown Township
Smith               John               Center Township
Smith               John W.            Brown Township
Smith               Levi               Marion Township
Smith               Raphael            Middle Township
Smith               Rial               Brown Township
Smith               Simeon             Marion Township
Smith               Thomas, Jr.        Brown Township
Smith               Thomas, Sr.        Brown Township
Smith               W.B.               Liberty Township
Smith               William            Brown Township
Smoot               Almond             Brown Township
Snider              Henry              Liberty Township
Snoddy              Absalom            Franklin Township
Snoddy              William            Franklin Township
Snodgrass           B.                 Center Township
Snodgrass           Benjamin           Liberty Township
Snodgrass           James              Center Township
Snodgrass           Nathan             Liberty Township
Snodgrass           Robert             Liberty Township
Snodgrass           William            Liberty Township
Sowders             Fredrick           Center Township
Spark               David              Brown Township
Sparkes             Isaac              Guilford Township
Sparks              Galin              Brown Township
Sparks              Thomas             Middle Township
Sparks              William            Washington Township
Spears              John               Eel River Township
Spekelmire          Elisha             Middle Township
Spicklemire         Aaron              Middle Township
Spicklemire         Abraham            Middle Township
Spicklemire         Adam               Middle Township
Spicklemire         James              Middle Township
Spicklemire         Jesse              Middle Township
Spiclemire          John               Marion Township
Spolden             William            Marion Township
Spoon               Henry              Guilford Township
Spray               James              Washington Township
Stanley             Able               Center Township
Stanley             Calvin             Franklin Township
Stanley             Harvy              Clay Township
Stanley             Isaac              Franklin Township
Stanley             Mathew             Guilford Township
Stanley             Nathan             Center Township
Stanley             Samuel             Clay Township
Stanley             William            Center Township
Stephens            Isaac              Marion Township
Stephenson          Isaac              Marion Township
Stephenson          Isaac W.           Marion Township
Stephenson          Owen               Marion Township
Stephenson          Paten              Marion Township
Stephenson          Stephen            Marion Township
Stephenson          William            Marion Township
Stewart             Henry              Brown Township
Stewart             Hiram              Eel River Township
Stewart             James              Middle Township
Stewart             John               Eel River Township
Stewart             Simon              Liberty Township
Stewart             William            Eel River Township
Stockman            John               Eel River Township
Stockton            Robert             Liberty Township
Stockton            Thomas             Liberty Township
Stootsman           David              Center Township
Stout               A.C.               Liberty Township
Stout               James              Washington Township
Stout               Jesse              Liberty Township
Stout               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Strange             E.                 Center Township
Straughn            Ed H.D.            Liberty Township
Strawker            George             Guilford Township
Stricklan           Abel               Washington Township
Stricklan           Joseph             Washington Township
Strite              Daniel F.          Washington Township
Stulting            Dedrick            Guilford Township
Summer              Caleb              Guilford Township
Surber              Samuel             Eel River Township
Swaim               Anthony            Brown Township
Swaim               Blake              Clay Township
Swaim               L.D.               Brown Township
Swain               John               Middle Township
Swain               Nathan             Middle Township
Swain               Timothy            Clay Township
Swindler            C.T.               Liberty Township
Talbott             William A.         Clay Township
Talby               Samuel             Eel River Township
Talby               Silas              Eel River Township
Tansel              Leland             Brown Township
Tarrance            S.G.               Center Township
Tayler              Briant             Guilford Township
Taylor              Archabald          Liberty Township
Taylor              Jonathan           Liberty Township
Tayor               James              Marion Township
Templeton           J.W.               Center Township
Templin             Harve M.           Brown Township
Tempy               John               Brown Township
Tharp               Allen              Liberty Township
Tharp               Cavill             Middle Township
Tharp               James              Middle Township
Tharp               John, Jr.          Middle Township
Tharp               John, Sr.          Middle Township
Tharp               William            Middle Township
Thomas              Obed               Guilford Township
Thompson            Andrew             Eel River Township
Thompson            Daniel             Washington Township
Thompson            Elijah             Center Township
Thompson            Evin               Middle Township
Thompson            George W.          Washington Township
Thompson            Isham              Washington Township
Thompson            James              Center Township
Thompson            James              Washington Township
Thompson            Jesse              Eel River Township
Thompson            Robert             Brown Township
Thompson            Sier               Middle Township
Thompson            William            Middle Township
Thornbrough         John               Washington Township
Thornbrough         Louis              Brown Township
Thornbrough         Richard            Washington Township
Thornbrough         William            Washington Township
Tignor              Wiatt              Franklin Township
Tincher             George             Clay Township
Tincher             Hardin             Franklin Township
Tincher             Sampson            Liberty Township
Tincher             William            Middle Township
Tinder              Elijah             Marion Township
Tinder              Jeremiah           Marion Township
Tinder              Martin             Marion Township
Tinder              William H.         Marion Township
Todd                David              Center Township
Todd                Henry G.           Center Township
Todd                James              Center Township
Todd                William            Brown Township
Tolbert             Willis             Center Township
Tolen               Harrison           Eel River Township
Toles               R.P.               Center Township
Tollen              James              Middle Township
Tomerton            Richar B.          Guilford Township
Tomlinsen           Andrew F.          Marion Township
Tomlinson           Edward             Clay Township
Tomlinson           Moses              Marion Township
Tomlinson           Pheneus            Clay Township
Toney               Charles            Eel River Township
Toney               Hiram              Eel River Township
Toney               Stephenton         Eel River Township
Toney               Tranum             Eel River Township
Torrence            John               Center Township
Tout                Bazel              Middle Township
Tout                Benjamin           Middle Township
Tout                David              Washington Township
Tout                Isaac              Middle Township
Tout                James N.           Middle Township
Tout                R.M.               Center Township
Touts               A.W.               Center Township
Towel               Isaac              Franklin Township
Townson             Josiah             Guilford Township
Townson             William            Guilford Township
Triggs              John               Washington Township
Triggs              Richard            Washington Township
Triggs              Thomas             Washington Township
Triggs              William            Washington Township
Trotter             Benjamin           Center Township
Trotter             Bluford            Eel River Township
Trotter             Isaac              Guilford Township
Trotter             James, Jr.         Eel River Township
Trotter             James, Sr.         Eel River Township
Trotter             John, Jr.          Eel River Township
Trotter             John, Sr.          Eel River Township
Trotter             Nelson             Middle Township
Trotter             Ruphas             Guilford Township
Trotter             William            Eel River Township
Tucker              Lee                Eel River Township
Tucker              Robison            Brown Township
Tuley               Moses              Marion Township
Tumbleson           Berry              Guilford Township
Tumbleson           James              Guilford Township
Turner              C.C.               Marion Township
Turner              G.W.               Marion Township
Turner              James              Marion Township
Turner              Job                Marion Township
Turpin              H.W.               Brown Township
Turpin              Jacob              Brown Township
Tyler               George             Brown Township
Underwood           John               Marion Township
Underwood           William            Marion Township
Ungles              Asbury             Liberty Township
Ungles              John, Jr.          Liberty Township
Ungles              John, Sr.          Liberty Township
Ungles              W.J.               Liberty Township
Utinger             Jacob              Brown Township
Vanderberg          Hesekiah           Guilford Township
Vannice             Lawrence           Marion Township
Vannice             Peter C.           Marion Township
Vantreese           Esquire A.         Washington Township
Varner              Henry              Liberty Township
Vaughan             William            Middle Township
Veach               Asia               Washington Township
Veach               Thomas             Middle Township
Veatch              Cornelius          Washington Township
Verbricke           S.A.               Center Township
Vestal              William            Brown Township
Vestel              Benjamin E.        Guilford Township
Vestel              Jaben              Guilford Township
Vestel              Randolph           Guilford Township
Vickorey            Henry              Marion Township
Vickorey            John               Marion Township
Vickory             Shadric            Marion Township
Viely               Isaac              Middle Township
Viely               Jesse              Middle Township
Vinsant             William            Center Township
Vinyard             N.B.               Franklin Township
Wade                David              Franklin Township
Waggoner            Alfred             Liberty Township
Walker              David              Clay Township
Walker              George H.          Eel River Township
Walker              Goodlow            Eel River Township
Walker              J.S.               Eel River Township
Walker              James              Washington Township
Walker              Joseph             Brown Township
Walker              Rubin              Liberty Township
Walker              Thomas C.          Eel River Township
Walker              West C.            Liberty Township
Wall                Jacob              Center Township
Wallace             Charles            Liberty Township
Wallers             G.C.               Center Township
Walls               Moses              Brown Township
Walter              William E.         Middle Township
Walter              William S.         Middle Township
Walters             James              Middle Township
Walthall            S.W.               Eel River Township
Walton              William            Guilford Township
Ward                Geniah             Brown Township
Ward                John               Brown Township
Ward                Thomas             Franklin Township
Waters              Benjamin           Middle Township
Waters              Joseph             Eel River Township
Waters              Nathaniel          Eel River Township
Waters              Philip             Middle Township
Waters              S.D.               Eel River Township
Waters              William            Eel River Township
Watson              E.N.               Brown Township
Watson              E.S.               Brown Township
Watson              Eli                Washington Township
Watson              Jeptha             Washington Township
Watson              Milton S.          Brown Township
Watson              Robert             Brown Township
Waworth             Thomas             Guilford Township
Weakley             William            Marion Township
Wear                Elijah             Washington Township
Weaver              Joseph             Brown Township
Weaver              Thomas J.          Middle Township
Webb                William B.         Eel River Township
Webeth              Alescandeer        Guilford Township
Weekley             Tavanar            Eel River Township
Weekley             Thomas             Marion Township
Weekly              James              Eel River Township
Wells               Balaam             Middle Township
Wells               Joseph             Middle Township
West                Abraham            Clay Township
West                Alexander          Marion Township
West                Archable           Marion Township
West                David              Brown Township
West                Henry              Center Township
West                Hiram              Eel River Township
West                Isaac R.           Marion Township
West                James              Center Township
West                Joseph M.          Center Township
West                William            Center Township
West                William W.         Middle Township
Wetherhess          Silvester C.       Marion Township
Whicker             Frederick          Franklin Township
Whippo              Jesse              Clay Township
Whit                Milton             Clay Township
White               Asa                Center Township
White               Bloomfield         Eel River Township
White               Dugan              Guilford Township
White               John               Clay Township
White               Jonathan           Guilford Township
White               Samuel             Liberty Township
Whitt               A.L.               Eel River Township
Wiby                Alfred             Washington Township
Wilcox              Perry B.           Franklin Township
Wilcox              William            Franklin Township
Wiley               John               Brown Township
Willcoxsen          John               Liberty Township
Williams            B.W.               Middle Township
Williams            Commodore P.       Washington Township
Williams            James              Center Township
Williams            James B.           Marion Township
Williams            John               Washington Township
Williams            Joseph             Franklin Township
Williams            Riley              Liberty Township
Williams            William            Franklin Township
Williams            William            Middle Township
Williams            Zekiel             Washington Township
Wills               Amos L.            Liberty Township
Wills               George W.          Liberty Township
Willson             George             Center Township
Willson             Robert V.          Eel River Township
Wilson              David              Center Township
Wilson              Gideon             Washington Township
Wilson              Isaac              Brown Township
Wilson              Isaac G.           Washington Township
Wilson              Isaac T.           Washington Township
Wilson              J.A.               Washington Township
Wilson              James              Guilford Township
Wilson              John               Washington Township
Wilson              John J.            Middle Township
Wilson              John T.            Brown Township
Wilson              Joseph             Brown Township
Wilson              Robert             Washington Township
Wilson              S.F.               Eel River Township
Wilson              Shannon            Marion Township
Wilson              Thomas G.          Liberty Township
Wilson              William            Brown Township
Wilson              William H.         Washington Township
Winsted             Francis            Liberty Township
Winston             James              Center Township
Wintson             Joseph             Liberty Township
Wise                Henry              Clay Township
Wisehart            Jacob H.           Marion Township
Wolf                Anderson           Liberty Township
Wood                J.S.               Center Township
Woodard             Abraham            Guilford Township
Woodard             J.L.               Eel River Township
Woodard             Jese               Center Township
Woodard             Jesse              Guilford Township
Woodard             William            Guilford Township
Woodrow             Benjamin           Washington Township
Woods               James              Franklin Township
Woods               Lorenzo N.         Franklin Township
Woodward            Benjamin           Liberty Township
Work                William            Brown Township
Workman             Alfred             Liberty Township
Worley              Alexander          Marion Township
Worley              Valentine          Marion Township
Worrel              James              Liberty Township
Worrel              Richard            Liberty Township
Worrel              Robert             Liberty Township
Worrell             William            Brown Township
Wright              Elisha M.          Clay Township
Wright              James              Clay Township
Wright              James M.           Liberty Township
Wright              Joel               Liberty Township
Wright              John               Clay Township
Wukes               John G.            Guilford Township
Yates               Hinson             Clay Township
York                Aquilla            Franklin Township
York                Barney             Liberty Township
York                John               Brown Township
York                William            Liberty Township
Young               John A.            Middle Township
Yount               Daniel             Marion Township
Zaring              John               Guilford Township
Zimmerman           John               Eel River Township
Zimmerman           Nelson             Eel River Township