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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Hendricks County, Indiana (August 1847)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a list of voters in Hendricks County for an election held on Monday, August 2, 1847 to elect: 1 Representative to Congress for the 7th District; 1 Representative to the Indiana General Assembly; 1 County Treasurer and Collector; 1 County Coroner; 1 School Commissioner; 1 County Commissioner (for the 2nd District); 1 County Surveyor; 1 County Assessor.

NOTE: This database is a transcription of the voter lists that were compiled for each of the 10 townships (Lincoln Township and Union Township did not exist yet). Some of Hendricks County's early voter lists have been microfilmed; that microfilm is available at the Indiana State Library, as well as through the Family History Library. Photocopies of the 1847 voter lists are in the collection of Plainfield Public Library.

Voting places in August 1847:

  • Brown Township: Brownsburg
  • Center Township: Danville
  • Clay Township: Springfield
  • Eel River Township: North Salem
  • Franklin Township: Stilesville
  • Guilford Township: Plainfield
  • Liberty Township: Belleville
  • Marion Township: New Winchester
  • Middle Township: Pittsboro and Darnall School
  • Washington Township: McClain's Schoolhouse

     Last Name          First Name            Township
Acre                George W.          Clay Township
Acre                James M.           Clay Township
Adams               Abraham            Eel River Township
Adams               Elexander          Clay Township
Adams               John               Eel River Township
Adams               Solomon            Middle Township
Aker                Joseph             Brown Township
Alderson            Amos               Guilford Township
Aldred              R.                 Liberty Township
Alexander           Archibald          Middle Township
Alexander           James P.           Middle Township
Alexander           Jehu               Liberty Township
Allen               Preston            Guilford Township
Allman              Haris              Washington Township
Anderson            Elijah             Clay Township
Anderson            Joseph             Eel River Township
Appleby             Henry              Center Township
Appleby             James              Center Township
Appleby             John               Eel River Township
Appleby             Milton             Center Township
Appleby             Philip             Middle Township
Appleby             William            Center Township
Appleton            James              Center Township
Armstrong           Benjamin           Liberty Township
Armstrong           George             Marion Township
Armstrong           James              Middle Township
Armstrong           John R.            Center Township
Armstrong           Levi               Marion Township
Armstrong           Richard            Center Township
Armstrong           William F.         Marion Township
Arnold              James              Marion Township
Arnold              John F.            Center Township
Arnold              William            Center Township
Asher               Milton             Clay Township
Atkins              John               Marion Township
Atkinson            John               Guilford Township
Ayres               James              Center Township
Baker               Greenbury          Liberty Township
Baker               Jesse              Marion Township
Baker               John               Center Township
Baker               William            Center Township
Bales               Alexande           Eel River Township
Bales               Eden               Eel River Township
Bales               Eleazar            Guilford Township
Bales               Henry              Eel River Township
Bales               John               Center Township
Bales               John, Sr.          Center Township
Bales               Tarlton            Eel River Township
Bales               William            Center Township
Bales               William, Jr.       Eel River Township
Bales               William, Sr.       Eel River Township
Bales               Zachariah          Center Township
Ball                Barnibus           Middle Township
Ball                William B.         Center Township
Ballard             Asa                Guilford Township
Ballard             Beverly            Brown Township
Ballard             David              Guilford Township
Ballard             George             Brown Township
Ballard             James              Brown Township
Ballard             Joel               Guilford Township
Ballenger           Valentine          Eel River Township
Bandy               Thomas             Liberty Township
Banta               C.                 Liberty Township
Banta               James M.           Liberty Township
Barby               Frances            Middle Township
Barby               John               Middle Township
Barker              A.D.               Liberty Township
Barker              David              Guilford Township
Barker              Granville          Guilford Township
Barker              Isaac              Franklin Township
Barker              James              Liberty Township
Barker              Jeramiah H.        Washington Township
Barker              Jeremiah           Liberty Township
Barker              John               Guilford Township
Barker              M.R.               Liberty Township
Barker              Robert J.          Washington Township
Barker              S.B.               Liberty Township
Barker              S.J.               Liberty Township
Barker              Samuel             Washington Township
Barlow              Harvy              Washington Township
Barlow              T.H.               Marion Township
Barnett             William            Marion Township
Bartholomew         B.B.               Liberty Township
Bartholomew         Bradley            Center Township
Bassack             John               Brown Township
Bateman             John M.            Eel River Township
Bateman             Noah               Eel River Township
Bater               James M.           Brown Township
Baugh               John H.            Brown Township
Baugh               Joseph A.          Center Township
Baugh               William            Brown Township
Baugh               William A.         Center Township
Baugh               William C.         Center Township
Beard               James              Middle Township
Beard               William M.         Middle Township
Beasley             Philip             Liberty Township
Beaten              Jonathan           Washington Township
Beckett             James F.           Marion Township
Beckley             James S.           Marion Township
Bell                Charles C.         Center Township
Bell                David              Center Township
Bell                Wesley             Center Township
Bell                William            Marion Township
Benbow              Abel               Franklin Township
Benbow              Carver             Clay Township
Benbow              Elam               Clay Township
Benefield           James R.           Eel River Township
Berreman            Jesse              Center Township
Berry               Allen              Liberty Township
Bett                Samuel             Brown Township
Bettis              William            Liberty Township
Betts               Charles            Brown Township
Betts               M.D.               Brown Township
Birchum             Ruben              Washington Township
Bird                William            Marion Township
Bishop              Joseph P.          Liberty Township
Bishop              William            Center Township
Blacketer           Lewsi              Marion Township
Blacketer           William            Marion Township
Blair               Abner              Guilford Township
Blair               Abner, Jr.         Guilford Township
Blair               Enos, Jr.          Guilford Township
Blair               Jesse              Guilford Township
Blair               John               Guilford Township
Blair               Lindsey            Guilford Township
Blair               Solomon            Guilford Township
Blakemore           Thomas             Eel River Township
Blan                Henry              Clay Township
Bland               Abram              Liberty Township
Bland               James              Franklin Township
Bland               Miner              Franklin Township
Blanton             John               Marion Township
Blanton             Valentine          Eel River Township
Blanton             William            Marion Township
Bly                 Joshua D.          Liberty Township
Bohannon            Abram              Liberty Township
Bohannon            Henry              Liberty Township
Bohannon            John               Liberty Township
Bohannon            John, Jr.          Liberty Township
Bolen               Adam               Washington Township
Bolin               Joseph             Center Township
Bolin               William, Jr.       Center Township
Bolin               William, Sr.       Center Township
Bond                James              Liberty Township
Bond                Robert             Liberty Township
Bonifield           William            Marion Township
Bonnifield          Morine             Center Township
Boots               Bartis             Brown Township
Borders             Cary A.            Franklin Township
Borders             James              Franklin Township
Borders             Thomas             Franklin Township
Boswell             Davis              Franklin Township
Bowman              Archibald          Liberty Township
Bowman              William            Marion Township
Brackney            Hudson             Franklin Township
Bray                A.E.               Liberty Township
Bray                Bethell            Liberty Township
Bray                E.W.               Marion Township
Bray                J.W.               Liberty Township
Bray                Richard            Washington Township
Bray                Thomas S.          Middle Township
Bresser             Stephen            Washington Township
Brewer              James              Franklin Township
Brewer              Jeremiah           Franklin Township
Brewer              John               Liberty Township
Brewer              Solomon            Liberty Township
Brewer              William            Liberty Township
Briggs              William            Washington Township
Britton             Harman             Eel River Township
Britton             Parker             Eel River Township
Bronough            Thomas             Marion Township
Bronough            William N.         Marion Township
Brown               Daniel, Jr.        Brown Township
Brown               Daniel, Jr.        Brown Township
Brown               Elias              Marion Township
Brown               George M.          Marion Township
Brown               George W.          Brown Township
Brown               George W.          Guilford Township
Brown               Hance              Guilford Township
Brown               James              Brown Township
Brown               John               Center Township
Brown               John W.            Franklin Township
Brown               Joseph             Center Township
Brown               Joseph             Guilford Township
Brown               Newton             Franklin Township
Brown               Preston            Washington Township
Brown               Samuel             Guilford Township
Brown               V.L.               Brown Township
Brown               Volentine          Center Township
Brown               William            Middle Township
Bruner              Mason              Guilford Township
Bryan               Alexander, Jr.     Marion Township
Bryan               Alexander, Sr.     Marion Township
Bryan               J.W.               Liberty Township
Bryan               James H.           Marion Township
Bryan               James M.           Marion Township
Bryan               Reuben             Franklin Township
Bryan               William            Franklin Township
Bryant              Anderson           Clay Township
Bryant              Cyrus              Franklin Township
Bryant              George             Liberty Township
Bryant              Greenbury          Franklin Township
Bryant              J.W.               Franklin Township
Bryant              John               Liberty Township
Bryant              Joseph P.          Franklin Township
Bryant              Silas              Franklin Township
Bryant              Silas G.           Franklin Township
Bryant              Thompson           Center Township
Bryant              William P.         Franklin Township
Buchannon           Eli                Liberty Township
Buchannon           George             Liberty Township
Buchannon           John               Liberty Township
Buchannon           Levi               Liberty Township
Buchannon           R.M.               Liberty Township
Buckhalter          C.                 Eel River Township
Buckhalter          Jeremiah           Eel River Township
Buckner             John F.            Guilford Township
Buise               Robert             Guilford Township
Bundrum             Joseph             Franklin Township
Bunton              H.H.               Marion Township
Bunton              T.P.               Marion Township
Bunton              William W.         Marion Township
Burch               J.M.               Eel River Township
Burcham             Carter             Liberty Township
Burgan              Alexander          Eel River Township
Burgan              William            Eel River Township
Burgan              Yelberton P.       Eel River Township
Burger              Henry              Center Township
Burgess             James              Liberty Township
Burgess             John               Liberty Township
Burk                Perry              Middle Township
Burks               Allen              Franklin Township
Burks               Berry              Franklin Township
Burks               John D.            Center Township
Burnett             Isaac              Center Township
Burnett             Jabez              Guilford Township
Burnett             Lysander           Guilford Township
Busby               Miles              Liberty Township
Busby               William            Liberty Township
Busell              William            Liberty Township
Bush                John               Marion Township
Buzzard             David S.           Middle Township
Buzzard             William B.         Middle Township
Byers               Jacob              Franklin Township
Cain                Bryant             Liberty Township
Cain                Morrison           Liberty Township
Caldwell            John               Franklin Township
Cale                Arnold             Brown Township
Cambell             L.R.               Marion Township
Campbell            James              Eel River Township
Campbell            James              Washington Township
Campbell            John               Washington Township
Canary              John               Liberty Township
Caplinger           Clayton            Middle Township
Carl                Benjamin           Washington Township
Carmichael          William            Liberty Township
Carpenter           George             Brown Township
Carrington          Samuel C.          Middle Township
Carson              E.                 Liberty Township
Carter              Benajah            Center Township
Carter              D.E.               Liberty Township
Carter              David              Guilford Township
Carter              Eli                Clay Township
Carter              Elwood             Guilford Township
Carter              Harlen             Washington Township
Carter              Ira                Liberty Township
Carter              Jehu               Liberty Township
Carter              John               Guilford Township
Carter              John S.            Guilford Township
Carter              Mordecai           Guilford Township
Carter              Oliver             Liberty Township
Carter              Rucker             Eel River Township
Carter              William            Center Township
Case                Nathaniel          Liberty Township
Cash                Lewis C.           Center Township
Cash                William H.         Center Township
Cassell             Thomas             Center Township
Cassiday            Lewis              Marion Township
Cassiday            William            Franklin Township
Castle              George             Middle Township
Cavatt              Moses              Marion Township
Cavenous            Cerbey             Washington Township
Cavett              J.E.T.             Marion Township
Caylor              Adam               Middle Township
Caywood             Asa                Middle Township
Caywood             Henry V.           Middle Township
Caywood             John               Middle Township
Caywood             Stephen            Middle Township
Caywood             Walter W.          Center Township
Caywood             William N.         Middle Township
Cecill              Joseph J.          Liberty Township
Chadd               David              Marion Township
Chadd               N.P.               Marion Township
Chadd               Thomas             Marion Township
Chadwick            James              Middle Township
Chalmers            John               Liberty Township
Chamness            Edward             Guilford Township
Chamness            Owen               Middle Township
Chandler            Jacob              Guilford Township
Chaplain            George             Brown Township
Chapman             William R.         Brown Township
Chew                Samuel             Guilford Township
Chill               Samuel J.          Washington Township
Chin                John P.            Brown Township
Christie            Charles D.         Center Township
Christie            E.F.               Marion Township
Christie            Isaac              Center Township
Christie            James              Center Township
Christie            John               Marion Township
Christie            John, Jr.          Marion Township
Christie            Lemmon             Marion Township
Christie            Richard            Center Township
Christie            William, Jr.       Marion Township
Christie            William, Sr.       Marion Township
Ciscle              William G.         Clay Township
Clark               Absolem            Liberty Township
Clark               Charles            Center Township
Clark               Edmund             Center Township
Clark               Herriman           Guilford Township
Clark               Joseph             Center Township
Clark               William            Guilford Township
Clark               William            Liberty Township
Clark               William            Marion Township
Claypool            John W.            Eel River Township
Cleghorn            A.M.               Franklin Township
Clemons             Joseph N.          Marion Township
Clifton             Andrew             Eel River Township
Cline               Joseph             Eel River Township
Cline               William C.         Center Township
Cness               V.B.               Brown Township
Coat                Henry              Clay Township
Coble               George             Franklin Township
Coble               William            Franklin Township
Coffer              Stephen            Middle Township
Coffin              Albert G.          Clay Township
Coffin              Charles            Center Township
Coffin              Jesse              Center Township
Coffin              Joseph J.          Center Township
Coil                Robert B.          Center Township
Cole                Perm.              Center Township
Collins             John               Middle Township
Colman              Benjamin           Washington Township
Colman              James              Washington Township
Combes              Joseph             Guilford Township
Combs               Elias              Washington Township
Combs               Levi               Brown Township
Comer               Anthony            Franklin Township
Comer               John               Franklin Township
Comingor            John M.            Center Township
Comingor            John W.            Center Township
Condiff             John               Clay Township
Constable           James              Brown Township
Cook                Jesse              Liberty Township
Cook                Nathan             Liberty Township
Cook                Seth               Guilford Township
Cook                William H.         Guilford Township
Cooper              Edmund             Liberty Township
Cooper              Lewis              Franklin Township
Cooper              Martin             Liberty Township
Cooper              Robert             Liberty Township
Cope                Jonathan           Liberty Township
Cornette            John               Liberty Township
Cornstable          Samuel             Center Township
Cortney             James H.           Washington Township
Cosner              Mahlon             Franklin Township
Cosner              Samuel             Franklin Township
Courtney            David              Washington Township
Coutch              Enoch              Washington Township
Covey               Robert D.          Eel River Township
Cox                 Abijah             Washington Township
Cox                 David F.           Washington Township
Cox                 Henry              Center Township
Cox                 John               Eel River Township
Cox                 John M.            Eel River Township
Cox                 Joseph P.          Guilford Township
Cox                 Mincher L.         Clay Township
Cox                 Nathan T.          Washington Township
Cox                 Noble              Washington Township
Cozine              Garrett            Liberty Township
Crabb               William            Middle Township
Cradick             John W.            Center Township
Cradick             Samuel R.          Middle Township
Craig               Jno.               Eel River Township
Craig               John R.            Brown Township
Crawford            Christopher        Center Township
Crawford            Edward             Franklin Township
Crawford            Francis R.         Center Township
Crawford            Moses              Franklin Township
Crawford            S.C.               Center Township
Crawford            Stuart             Brown Township
Crawford            William            Liberty Township
Crawford            William S.         Center Township
Cristy              James              Clay Township
Cross               John               Center Township
Crow                George             Marion Township
Culberth            George R.          Franklin Township
Culbertson          D.S.               Marion Township
Culbertson          David              Marion Township
Culbertson          J.                 Marion Township
Cummins             J.W.               Marion Township
Curtis              David              Center Township
Curtis              Peter              Center Township
Cutshall            John               Liberty Township
Dale                John               Washington Township
Dalton              William H.         Clay Township
Dancy               Jesse              Washington Township
Dane                H.S.               Liberty Township
Darnall             Asa                Middle Township
Darnall             Chilton A.         Center Township
Darnall             John               Center Township
Darnall             John F.            Center Township
Darnall             Perry V.           Middle Township
Darnall             William C.         Eel River Township
Darnall             William F.         Middle Township
Darnall             William H.         Middle Township
Darnall             Wilson             Center Township
Darragh             James              Marion Township
Darragh             John               Marion Township
Daugherty           George             Middle Township
Daulton             Wiat               Brown Township
Davidson            Daniel             Eel River Township
Davidson            Ezikeel            Middle Township
Davidson            James              Eel River Township
Davidson            Samuel             Eel River Township
Davidson            William            Eel River Township
Davis               Alfred B.          Brown Township
Davis               Annanias           Eel River Township
Davis               Benjamin F.        Brown Township
Davis               Charles M.         Eel River Township
Davis               Franklin           Eel River Township
Davis               Henry              Eel River Township
Davis               James              Washington Township
Davis               Jesse              Eel River Township
Davis               Job H.             Middle Township
Davis               John               Eel River Township
Davis               Nathan             Eel River Township
Davis               Walter             Eel River Township
Davis               William            Brown Township
Davis               William            Eel River Township
Davison             James H.           Brown Township
Davison             Robert             Brown Township
Dawson              William, Jr.       Brown Township
Day                 Israel B.          Franklin Township
Day                 Noah               Liberty Township
Demoss              David              Guilford Township
Dennis              Burr P.            Guilford Township
Denny               Jordan             Marion Township
Depew               Jeremiah           Center Township
Devenport           Absolem            Eel River Township
Devenport           Isaac              Eel River Township
Dewitt              Colny              Eel River Township
Dewitt              William            Eel River Township
Dial                Edward T.          Brown Township
Diboll              J.M.               Liberty Township
Dicken              James S.           Franklin Township
Dickerson           Griffith           Middle Township
Dickerson           Matthew            Center Township
Dickerson           Reed               Middle Township
Dillon              William            Middle Township
Dinsmoor            C.                 Marion Township
Dinwiddie           William            Brown Township
Dixon               Elihu              Clay Township
Dixon               Phineas            Clay Township
Dixon               Silas              Clay Township
Doan                Washington         Guilford Township
Doan                Zachariah          Guilford Township
Dobens              John               Washington Township
Dodd                Booker             Marion Township
Dodd                Enos               Marion Township
Dodd                George             Brown Township
Dodd                John               Center Township
Dodd                Reed W.            Eel River Township
Dodge               Thomas             Marion Township
Dodson              Benjamin R.        Center Township
Dodson              John               Eel River Township
Dodson              Stocton            Center Township
Dollehite           Leonard L.         Brown Township
Dorsett             Abijah             Franklin Township
Douglass            William            Washington Township
Downard             Adam               Center Township
Downard             David              Guilford Township
Downard             Robert             Guilford Township
Downs               Charles            Center Township
Downs               David, Jr.         Center Township
Downs               David, Sr.         Center Township
Draper              John H.            Guilford Township
Draper              Joseph             Center Township
Duffy               Michael            Liberty Township
Dugan               James              Center Township
Duly                Moses              Marion Township
Duncans             Arthor             Brown Township
Duzan               William            Center Township
Easterling          Caleb, Jr.         Guilford Township
Edmundson           Francis            Liberty Township
Edwards             Hanuel             Clay Township
Edwards             John               Clay Township
Edwards             Joshua             Clay Township
Edwards             Solomon D.         Clay Township
Eegan               James              Liberty Township
Elgin               Jesse              Clay Township
Ellis               George P.          Center Township
Ellis               Jesse              Middle Township
Ellis               P.R.               Liberty Township
Ellis               William            Liberty Township
Elrod               Harrison           Franklin Township
Elrod               Jesse F.           Franklin Township
Elswick             Stephen            Eel River Township
Ely                 R.H.               Eel River Township
Emmons              Jayhew             Eel River Township
Engle               James              Guilford Township
English             Charles            Center Township
Epperson            Bradford           Eel River Township
Epperson            Francis            Eel River Township
Estep               Ransom             Clay Township
Estes               Edward B.          Clay Township
Estis               Henry              Guilford Township
Estus               Joseph             Liberty Township
Evans               A.H.               Franklin Township
Evans               William W.         Franklin Township
Falckner            Mumford            Eel River Township
Fansler             David              Center Township
Fansler             George             Liberty Township
Fansler             H.                 Liberty Township
Farmer              Daniel             Guilford Township
Farmer              George             Guilford Township
Farmer              Jacob              Guilford Township
Farmer              Leonard            Guilford Township
Farmer              Thompson           Eel River Township
Faught              George             Middle Township
Faught              Jacob C.           Eel River Township
Faught              Joseph             Middle Township
Faught              Nelson             Middle Township
Faught              Paul               Marion Township
Faught              W.H.               Marion Township
Faulkner            David              Liberty Township
Fausler             Charles            Franklin Township
Fear                John D.            Middle Township
Fields              Albert             Marion Township
Fields              Smith              Marion Township
Fightmasters        Noah               Center Township
Finley              Havilah            Franklin Township
Fitch               John               Brown Township
Fitch               Thomas             Brown Township
Fitch               Wesley             Brown Township
Fitts               Henry              Clay Township
Flathers            John               Center Township
Flathers            John, Jr.          Middle Township
Flathers            Pinscy C.          Middle Township
Flathers            Thomas             Middle Township
Flathers            William G.         Middle Township
Fleece              Charles            Eel River Township
Fleece              Jeremiah           Eel River Township
Fleece              John               Eel River Township
Fletcher            Nichodemus         Liberty Township
Flinn               James              Marion Township
Flood               Stephen            Eel River Township
Fogleman            Samuel             Guilford Township
Foote               Lucian A.          Center Township
Foote               Samuel P.          Center Township
Forsythe            John               Center Township
Fosset              Johon F.           Washington Township
Fossett             Joseph             Washington Township
Foster              Aaron D.           Brown Township
Foster              Henry H.           Washington Township
Foster              Joshua             Franklin Township
Foster              Shanon             Brown Township
Foster              William I.         Middle Township
Foster              Zenis              Washington Township
Fowler              Johnathan          Middle Township
Fox                 Barney             Washington Township
Fox                 Jacob              Marion Township
Fox                 John               Washington Township
Frazier             Robert             Center Township
Frazier             Wiatt              Franklin Township
Free                Daniel             Brown Township
Fry                 Lewis              Clay Township
Fry                 Peter              Marion Township
Fullen              Charles            Eel River Township
Fultz               Andrew             Liberty Township
Furgerson           Charles            Liberty Township
Furgerson           Daniel             Liberty Township
Furgerson           James              Liberty Township
Gamble              John               Washington Township
Gambold             John C.            Clay Township
Gambrel             Aaron              Brown Township
Gambrel             Andrew             Washington Township
Gambrel             Benjamin           Washington Township
Garner              Ezekiel            Center Township
Garner              Solomon B.         Brown Township
Garr                Elias              Center Township
Garr                Simeon             Center Township
Garr                Solomon            Center Township
Garrison            Jeremiah           Franklin Township
Garrison            Jesse              Franklin Township
Garrison            John               Franklin Township
Garrison            Josiah             Franklin Township
Gates               Edward E.          Center Township
Gatson              Thomas             Middle Township
Gentry              Baley              Center Township
Gentry              John               Franklin Township
Gentry              Joshua             Center Township
Gentry              Martin             Center Township
George              Wyatt A.           Center Township
Gibben              Francis L.         Center Township
Gibbons             Powel              Franklin Township
Gibbs               George             Washington Township
Gibbs               Thomas             Washington Township
Gibison             William            Brown Township
Gibson              Archibald          Eel River Township
Gibson              Jesse              Eel River Township
Gilbert             Abraham C.         Washington Township
Gilbert             David              Middle Township
Gilbert             Henry              Washington Township
Gilbert             John J.            Washington Township
Gilbert             Joseph H.          Washington Township
Gilleland           George             Guilford Township
Givan               Benjamin F.        Center Township
Givens              George A.          Eel River Township
Glaze               G.W.               Liberty Township
Glover              James              Liberty Township
Goins               J.                 Marion Township
Goldman             Henry D.           Clay Township
Goodwin             Seth               Eel River Township
Gordon              George W.          Middle Township
Gorham              Thornton F.        Brown Township
Gorrell             James              Center Township
Gossett             Joseph             Washington Township
Gossett             Nathaniel          Washington Township
Gossett             Samuel             Washington Township
Gossett             William            Washington Township
Goudy               Hugh               Brown Township
Gragg               James              Washington Township
Graham              George J.          Brown Township
Graham              James              Brown Township
Graham              Joseph A.          Center Township
Graham              Thomas             Brown Township
Gray                Ljames             Brown Township
Green               Charles            Clay Township
Green               Hiram              Washington Township
Green               James              Liberty Township
Green               James W.           Center Township
Green               John               Liberty Township
Green               John A.            Brown Township
Green               John C.            Washington Township
Green               Jonathan           Center Township
Green               Levi               Washington Township
Green               Martin L.          Center Township
Green               Morton             Brown Township
Green               William N.         Franklin Township
Green               Zeno W.            Center Township
Greenlea            Abner              Marion Township
Greeson             Levi               Guilford Township
Gregg               Jacob              Middle Township
Gregg               James M.           Center Township
Gregg               Martin             Center Township
Griffith            Benjamin           Middle Township
Griffith            Jackson            Middle Township
Griffith            James              Middle Township
Grifith             Benjamin, Jr.      Middle Township
Griggs              David              Marion Township
Griggs              Hiram              Middle Township
Grimes              Elias              Franklin Township
Grimes              John               Franklin Township
Grimes              John, Jr.          Franklin Township
Groover             James H.           Middle Township
Gross               John               Marion Township
Gross               Jonathan           Middle Township
Guinn               Samuel             Middle Township
Gully               Hardin             Center Township
Guy                 Absolem            Eel River Township
Guynn               Moses              Liberty Township
Guynn               Samuel             Liberty Township
Guynn               Seth               Liberty Township
Gwinn               MIlton             Washington Township
Hackley             Henry W.           Eel River Township
Hackley             James              Eel River Township
Hackley             Robert             Eel River Township
Haden               Elijah             Brown Township
Hadley              Elias              Guilford Township
Hadley              Enos               Guilford Township
Hadley              Isaac              Marion Township
Hadley              J.B.               Liberty Township
Hadley              J.L.               Liberty Township
Hadley              James T.           Center Township
Hadley              Jehu               Franklin Township
Hadley              Jesse              Marion Township
Hadley              Jobe               Clay Township
Hadley              John T.            Clay Township
Hadley              Joshua, Sr.        Liberty Township
Hadley              Manly              Liberty Township
Hadley              Nathan             Clay Township
Hadley              Nicholas T.        Center Township
Hadley              Orran              Center Township
Hadley              Simon T.           Center Township
Hadley              Thomas T.          Clay Township
Hadley              Uriah              Guilford Township
Hadley              Zeno               Liberty Township
Haggard             Willis             Marion Township
Hale                Asa                Marion Township
Hale                Henry              Center Township
Hale                Stephen            Middle Township
Hale                Thomas             Eel River Township
Hall                Price F.           Clay Township
Hall                Thomas             Eel River Township
Hall                William J.         Middle Township
Hallett             Thomas             Brown Township
Hambleton           Abram H.           Center Township
Hambleton           Daniel D.          Center Township
Hambleton           James              Center Township
Hamblin             Vincent            Liberty Township
Hamilton            Abraham            Middle Township
Hamilton            William            Washington Township
Hamlet              William            Guilford Township
Hammonds            George W.          Liberty Township
Hammons             William            Liberty Township
Hampton             William            Center Township
Hamrick             William F.         Marion Township
Hamricks            John               Liberty Township
Hanbeson            Alexander          Brown Township
Hancock             William R.         Clay Township
Hankins             Gilbert            Marion Township
Hankins             William            Marion Township
Hanley              John S.            Brown Township
Hannah              Thomas             Liberty Township
Harden              Abraham            Washington Township
Hardesty            Benjamin           Liberty Township
Hardesty            John               Liberty Township
Hardesty            Richard            Liberty Township
Harding             Aaron              Brown Township
Harding             Aaron M.           Brown Township
Harding             George             Liberty Township
Harding             Jarvis             Marion Township
Harding             John H.            Center Township
Harding             Stephen N.         Brown Township
Harding             Thomas H.          Brown Township
Hardwick            James              Center Township
Hardwick            Silas              Marion Township
Hardwick            Stephen            Center Township
Hardwick            Wesley             Clay Township
Harkrider           Henry              Marion Township
Harkrider           Jacob              Liberty Township
Harlan              John               Eel River Township
Harlen              John               Clay Township
Harlin              Jesse              Liberty Township
Harlow              John N.            Eel River Township
Harper              Allen              Liberty Township
Harper              D.C.               Liberty Township
Harper              James              Center Township
Harper              John               Guilford Township
Harris              Jesse              Brown Township
Harris              Joshua             Brown Township
Harris              Nicodemus          Marion Township
Harris              Thornton           Brown Township
Harris              William, Sr.       Brown Township
Harrison            John               Clay Township
Harrison            Robert             Eel River Township
Harrison            William            Washington Township
Hart                Levi               Marion Township
Hartman             Alfred             Eel River Township
Hartman             Christian          Eel River Township
Hartman             George             Center Township
Hartsock            Nelson             Liberty Township
Harvey              Jonathan S.        Center Township
Harvy               Nathan             Clay Township
Harvy               Robert             Clay Township
Hawkins             J.W.               Center Township
Hawkins             James M.           Center Township
Hawkins             Samuel L.          Center Township
Hawkins             William B.         Center Township
Hawkins             William, Sr.       Center Township
Haworth             William            Clay Township
Hayden              George             Marion Township
Hayden              John               Marion Township
Haydon              James              Liberty Township
Hays                Henry              Marion Township
Hays                James H.           Center Township
Hays                John               Marion Township
Hays                William            Marion Township
Hayworth            James              Clay Township
Hazlerigg           Arthur             Center Township
Heath               John S.            Washington Township
Heathcock           Jacob              Washington Township
Hedge               Anderson           Eel River Township
Hedge               Crockett           Eel River Township
Hedge               David              Eel River Township
Hedge               George             Marion Township
Hedge               John               Marion Township
Hedge               William H.         Eel River Township
Hedrick             George             Marion Township
Heflin              Harrison           Middle Township
Heith               Francis            Brown Township

Helton              George             Center Township
Helton              Hiram              Center Township
Helton              Jeremiah           Center Township
Helton              John               Middle Township
Helton              Laban              Center Township
Helton              Nathaniel          Middle Township
Hendricks           Jesse              Eel River Township
Hendricks           John               Brown Township
Hendricks           Lewis              Marion Township
Hendricks           Thomas             Marion Township
Heney               Thomas             Washington Township
Henry               George             Eel River Township
Henshaw             Ezra               Liberty Township
Henton              Milton             Center Township
Henton              Newton             Center Township
Henton              William            Center Township
Herford             Gideon             Washington Township
Hering              George             Washington Township
Hering              John               Washington Township
Herren              Ezriah             Liberty Township
Herring             William J.         Franklin Township
Herron              Joseph             Liberty Township
Herron              Smith              Liberty Township
Herron              William            Liberty Township
Hesler              Lewis              Center Township
Hess                Allen              Center Township
Hiatt               Benjamin           Liberty Township
Hiatt               Hirman             Liberty Township
Hickman             Benjamin           Center Township
Higgins             B.B.               Marion Township
Higgins             Daniel, Sr.        Marion Township
Higgins             David              Marion Township
Higgins             Michael, Jr.       Marion Township
Higgins             Michael, Sr.       Marion Township
Higgins             Samuel, Jr.        Marion Township
Higgins             Thomas             Marion Township
Hill                Clark              Clay Township
Hill                Samuel             Brown Township
Hill                Samuel             Middle Township
Hinds               William            Middle Township
Hoadley             James G.           Brown Township
Hoadly              Abraham            Washington Township
Hoadly              Alvah              Brown Township
Hobson              Edward             Guilford Township
Hockensmith         Samuel             Brown Township
Hocket              Jesse              Guilford Township
Hocket              Moses              Guilford Township
Hocket              Warner             Guilford Township
Hocket              Zebulun            Guilford Township
Hockett             Jesse              Clay Township
Hockinberry         James              Center Township
Hodge               Alex               Franklin Township
Hodge               Mashack            Franklin Township
Hodge               Russel             Franklin Township
Hodgin              Joel               Clay Township
Hodgin              Joel               Guilford Township
Hodson              Eli                Clay Township
Hodson              Jabez              Clay Township
Hodson              Jeremiah           Center Township
Hodson              Jesse              Clay Township
Hodson              Joel W.            Clay Township
Hodson              John M.            Clay Township
Hodson              Joseph             Center Township
Hodson              Josiah             Liberty Township
Hodson              Michael            Guilford Township
Hoges               J.Z.               Marion Township
Hoges               William            Marion Township
Hogin               James L.           Center Township
Hogin               John C.            Center Township
Holaway             Joseph             Brown Township
Holder              Epsom              Franklin Township
Holingsworth        Merry              Washington Township
Hollett             John               Brown Township
Hollett             Mark               Brown Township
Hollingsworth       Joseph             Guilford Township
Hollingsworth       Samuel             Guilford Township
Holly               John               Center Township
Holsclaw            William            Clay Township
Homan               Aaron              Washington Township
Hooper              James W.M.         Middle Township
Hooten              Thomas             Washington Township
Hopkins             William            Brown Township
Hopwood             Moses              Liberty Township
Horneday            Simon T.           Liberty Township
Horniday            Elisha             Washington Township
Horniday            Ezikeal            Washington Township
Horo                Isaac              Washington Township
Hougham             John S.            Center Township
Houston             John               Marion Township
Howell              Thomas             Marion Township
Huchings            Joseph J.          Clay Township
Huchings            Richard H.         Clay Township
Huddleston          Alfred             Brown Township
Huddleston          Hiram              Brown Township
Hudson              Erastmus           Franklin Township
Hufard              Joel               Washington Township
Huff                Eldred             Middle Township
Huff                Elijah             Center Township
Huffman             Killis             Eel River Township
Hughes              Henry              Middle Township
Hughes              Thomas             Brown Township
Hughs               Jacob              Middle Township
Huncock             John               Clay Township
Hunt                Albert             Clay Township
Hunt                Alfred             Clay Township
Hunt                Amiel              Clay Township
Hunt                Asher              Marion Township
Hunt                C.                 Liberty Township
Hunt                Caleb              Clay Township
Hunt                Eleazar            Clay Township
Hunt                Hiram              Clay Township
Hunt                Ithamar            Clay Township
Hunt                Ithamer            Marion Township
Hunt                John               Clay Township
Hunt                Zimri              Marion Township
Hunter              Daniel             Marion Township
Hunter              Helm               Franklin Township
Hunter              Lewis S.           Middle Township
Hunter              Stephen            Guilford Township
Huren               B.A.               Washington Township
Huren               James              Washington Township
Huren               Seth               Washington Township
Hurt                Absolen            Eel River Township
Hussey              Judiah             Liberty Township
Hussey              Thomas             Liberty Township
Hutchings           Francis            Clay Township
Hypes               Jacob              Eel River Township
Hyton               Johnson A.         Center Township
Hyton               William C.         Center Township
Ingram              Thomas             Middle Township
Irons               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Irons               Thomas             Liberty Township
Irvin               John               Center Township
Irwin               Jonathan           Center Township
Jackson             Armsted            Liberty Township
Jackson             Elijah             Middle Township
Jackson             James              Middle Township
Jackson             Jehu               Guilford Township
Jackson             Joseph W.          Middle Township
Jackson             William            Guilford Township
Jagger              Julias A.          Brown Township
Jamison             George             Middle Township
Jeffers             William            Center Township
Jeffres             Linsey             Clay Township
Jelf                J.H.               Liberty Township
Jelf                Joel               Liberty Township
Jemison             William            Middle Township
Jenkens             David              Washington Township
Jenkens             Isaac              Washington Township
Jenkens             Loten W.           Washington Township
Jensen              H.E.               Brown Township
Jentry              George W.          Middle Township
Jessup              Alfred             Guilford Township
Jessup              Calvin             Franklin Township
Jessup              Hadley             Guilford Township
Jessup              Hezekiah           Guilford Township
Jessup              John               Guilford Township
Jessup              Joseph             Guilford Township
Jessup              Joseph, Jr.        Guilford Township
Jessup              Levi               Franklin Township
Jessup              Lewis              Guilford Township
Jessup              Pratt W.           Guilford Township
Jessup              Samuel             Liberty Township
Jessup              Samuel P.          Guilford Township
Jessup              William A.         Franklin Township
Jewett              Thaddaus           Guilford Township
Johnson             Aaron              Washington Township
Johnson             Charles            Washington Township
Johnson             Edward             Washington Township
Johnson             Eli                Guilford Township
Johnson             George             Washington Township
Johnson             J.E.               Liberty Township
Johnson             James              Middle Township
Johnson             Jeremiah           Guilford Township
Johnson             Jesse              Guilford Township
Johnson             Jobe               Clay Township
Johnson             John               Center Township
Johnson             John               Washington Township
Johnson             Jonathan           Liberty Township
Johnson             L.A.               Liberty Township
Johnson             W.L.P.             Liberty Township
Jones               Benjamin           Brown Township
Jones               Beson              Liberty Township
Jones               Hiram D.           Clay Township
Jones               James              Liberty Township
Jones               James G.           Center Township
Jones               Jefferson          Liberty Township
Jones               John E.            Guilford Township
Jones               Lewis              Marion Township
Jones               Samuel             Eel River Township
Jones               Savren             Eel River Township
Jones               Verlin             Guilford Township
Jones               William            Eel River Township
Jones               William N.         Middle Township
Jones               Wynn               Eel River Township
Jones               Zadock C.          Center Township
Jordan              Jackson            Liberty Township
Jordan              James              Center Township
Jordan              Samuel             Center Township
Joseph              William            Middle Township
Jourdain            James M.           Washington Township
Jourdain            Joseph W.          Washington Township
Junkins             Greenville         Middle Township
Junkins             Noble              Middle Township
Kayton              David              Middle Township
Keeny               Alvy               Center Township
Keeny               John               Middle Township
Keeny               Moses              Center Township
Keer                James R.           Liberty Township
Keith               Aaron V.           Middle Township
Kelley              John               Brown Township
Kellum              Asher              Guilford Township
Kellum              Jesse              Guilford Township
Kelly               Isaac              Middle Township
Kelly               John G.            Franklin Township
Kelso               William            Eel River Township
Kendall             Alfred             Eel River Township
Kendall             Hira               Clay Township
Kendall             James G.           Clay Township
Kendall             John L.            Middle Township
Kendall             Reason             Middle Township
Kendall             William            Middle Township
Kenedey             Leroy H.           Guilford Township
Kenedy              Stocton            Middle Township
Kenneday            Jesse              Center Township
Kenneday            Joshua             Middle Township
Kenneday            Leonard L.         Center Township
Kennedey            Jacob              Guilford Township
Kersey              James              Clay Township
Kester              Richard            Guilford Township
Kiger               Daniel             Center Township
Kinder              George             Center Township
Kinder              Robert             Marion Township
King                Curtis             Center Township
King                Eli, Jr.           Center Township
King                Eli, Sr.           Center Township
King                George             Marion Township
King                John               Center Township
King                Robert H.          Guilford Township
King                Thomas             Center Township
King                William A.         Center Township
Kinney              Harrison           Center Township
Kitchen             David              Center Township
Kite                William            Guilford Township
Kivette             Peter              Liberty Township
Knowles             Thomas             Marion Township
Kreigh              George             Franklin Township
Kutch               Allen              Middle Township
Lamb                Cayleb             Middle Township
Lamb                Henry              Middle Township
Lamb                Joab               Guilford Township
Lamb                Joel               Marion Township
Lamb                John R.            Marion Township
Lambert             James              Middle Township
Lambert             John               Middle Township
Landen              James              Center Township
Lankford            John C.            Liberty Township
Lansdown            Mathew             Eel River Township
Larrance            Benjamin           Guilford Township
Larrance            James              Guilford Township
Larsh               Joseph             Brown Township
Lasley              John G.            Center Township
Lawhead             Rufus              Liberty Township
Lawler              John               Marion Township
Lawler              Nicholas           Liberty Township
Lawrens             Isaac              Washington Township
Lawrens             Wesley             Washington Township
Leach               Anderson           Middle Township
Leach               Elias              Middle Township
Leach               Meradeth           Middle Township
Leak                James              Middle Township
Leak                James L.           Middle Township
Leak                Landrum            Middle Township
Leak                Leland             Middle Township
Leak                Lewis              Middle Township
Lee                 Jubal              Center Township
Lemings             Daniel             Marion Township
Lewis               Abner              Center Township
Lewis               Abram              Marion Township
Lewis               Henry              Middle Township
Lewis               James              Eel River Township
Lewis               John               Franklin Township
Lewis               Joseph             Clay Township
Lewis               Joseph P.          Middle Township
Lewis               Pelick             Franklin Township
Lewis               Stephen T.         Middle Township
Lewis               Steven             Washington Township
Lewis               W.H.H.             Center Township
Lingeman            John               Marion Township
Little              A.                 Liberty Township
Little              John               Liberty Township
Little              Robert             Liberty Township
Little              Samuel             Guilford Township
Little              William            Liberty Township
Lockhart            A.J.               Brown Township
Lockhart            William            Liberty Township
Lockhart            Wilson             Brown Township
Lockman             Thomas             Center Township
Logan               B.M.               Brown Township
Logan               James              Center Township
Logan               Jonathan           Center Township
Long                E.                 Liberty Township
Long                Isaac              Brown Township
Long                Jacob              Marion Township
Long                Jugerthon          Middle Township
Long                P.K.               Marion Township
Long                Samuel             Marion Township
Long                William A.         Liberty Township
Long                William A.         Middle Township
Long                Zechariah          Guilford Township
Louder              James              Brown Township
Love                Jonathan           Guilford Township
Love                Richard            Liberty Township
Lovell              George             Center Township
Lovell              Haston             Liberty Township
Lovell              James              Liberty Township
Lowder              Caleb              Washington Township
Lowder              Charles            Guilford Township
Lowder              Matthew            Guilford Township
Lowder              Nathan H.          Washington Township
Lower               A.T.               Marion Township
Lowry               Theophilus         Center Township
Ludlow              John               Center Township
Lypes               Jonas              Middle Township
Maccoun             Robert C.S.        Center Township
Mack                Alexander P.       Middle Township
Madden              James              Center Township
Mahan               James              Marion Township
Mahan               John               Marion Township
Mains               Elihu              Brown Township
Mallet              James              Eel River Township
Mallet              Thomas             Eel River Township
Mallett             Jesse              Eel River Township
Malone              Benjamin           Washington Township
Malone              Isaac              Washington Township
Malonee             Levi               Washington Township
Man                 Asahel             Clay Township
Man                 William            Clay Township
Manefee             Austin             Brown Township
Mann                Fredrick           Liberty Township
Mann                Jackson            Liberty Township
Mann                Jesse P.           Middle Township
Mann                William            Center Township
Mann                William            Eel River Township
Mark                Thomas             Eel River Township
Mark                William H.         Eel River Township
Marker              Curtis             Liberty Township
Marley              Oron               Franklin Township
Marley              William            Franklin Township
Marshal             Andrew             Clay Township
Marshall            Aaron              Liberty Township
Marshall            Joshua             Liberty Township
Martin              Hudson             Marion Township
Martin              J.A.               Middle Township
Martin              James              Eel River Township
Martin              John               Guilford Township
Martin              Levi               Eel River Township
Martin              Richard            Liberty Township
Marvin              Henry H.           Center Township
Mason               G.W.               Liberty Township
Mason               J.K., Sr.          Liberty Township
Mason               James, Jr.         Liberty Township
Mason               Jesse              Franklin Township
Mason               John               Franklin Township
Masten              David              Clay Township
Masten              Mathias            Clay Township
Masters             Alexander          Liberty Township
Masters             James              Liberty Township
Masters             Samuel             Liberty Township
Mastin              William            Center Township
Maston              Emanuel            Franklin Township
Maston              Reuben             Franklin Township
Matlock             David              Center Township
Matlock             J.W.               Franklin Township
Matlock             Jesse T.           Center Township
Matlock             John W.L.          Center Township
Matlock             Joseph H.          Center Township
Matlock             William L.         Center Township
Matlock             William W.         Center Township
Matthews            John M.            Guilford Township
May                 William            Liberty Township
McAinch             Joseph             Center Township
McAninch            Enoch D.           Franklin Township
McAvoy              James              Franklin Township
McBride             Joseph A.          Eel River Township
McCalment           Alexander          Washington Township
McCalment           Joseph             Center Township
McCalment           Robert             Washington Township
McCalmet            Alexander          Washington Township
McCaslin            Eli                Guilford Township
McCaslin            Harman             Middle Township
McCaslin            James              Brown Township
McCaslin            John               Brown Township
McCaslin            John               Middle Township
McClintick          William J.         Middle Township
McCloud             George             Franklin Township
McCloud             James              Liberty Township
McCloud             John               Eel River Township
McCloud             John               Liberty Township
McCloud             Robert             Liberty Township
McCloud             William            Middle Township
McClure             Arthur             Liberty Township
McClure             Joseph             Guilford Township
McClure             William P.         Liberty Township
McClure             William, Sr.       Liberty Township
McColister          James              Brown Township
McCormack           Albert             Liberty Township
McCormack           Amos               Liberty Township
McCormack           H.S.               Center Township
McCormack           Samuel             Liberty Township
McCormack           V.                 Liberty Township
McCormack           William            Liberty Township
McCown              James, Jr.         Marion Township
McCown              James, Sr.         Marion Township
McCoy               Daniel             Guilford Township
McCoy               George             Marion Township
McCracken           Isaac              Center Township
McCracken           Nelson             Liberty Township
McCrackin           William            Guilford Township
McCurddy            J.T.               Liberty Township
McDaniel            Asa                Brown Township
McDaniel            Isaac              Brown Township
McDaniel            Jacob              Brown Township
McDaniel            John               Liberty Township
McDaniel            Jonathan           Brown Township
McDaniel            Samuel             Liberty Township
McDaniel            William            Brown Township
McDaniel            William            Center Township
McDonald            William B.         Brown Township
McHaffie            A.E.               Franklin Township
McIninch            Daniel             Franklin Township
McIninch            John               Franklin Township
McIninch            Sam, Sr.           Franklin Township
McKee               David              Washington Township
McKee               Hue                Clay Township
McKee               Jacob              Center Township
McKenzey            Charls N.          Washington Township
McLane              James              Washington Township
McLane              Micheal            Washington Township
McLoud              Archibald          Franklin Township
McLure              David              Washington Township
McMachlan           Wililam            Middle Township
McMahan             Jesse              Eel River Township
McMichael           Archibald          Guilford Township
McMullin            J.J.               Liberty Township
McPherson           Aaron              Liberty Township
McPheters           Samuel             Center Township
McVey               Alexander          Center Township
McVey               John               Liberty Township
McVey               William            Center Township
Mead                William            Center Township
Medsker             Petter S.          Brown Township
Megee               Robert             Center Township
Melogue             Samuel             Center Township
Melton              John               Washington Township
Mendenhall          Demsey             Clay Township
Mendenhall          Eli                Clay Township
Mendenhall          Jacob              Clay Township
Mendenhall          Jonathan           Clay Township
Mendenhall          Miles              Clay Township
Mendenhall          Samuel             Guilford Township
Mendenhall          Samuel, Jr.        Guilford Township
Mennefee            Galen              Brown Township
Meredith            N.                 Liberty Township
Mericle             Isaac              Clay Township
Merit               Allen              Washington Township
Merit               Armstead           Washington Township
Merritt             William            Marion Township
Middleton           John               Brown Township
Miles               George W.          Middle Township
Miles               John               Liberty Township
Miles               John               Middle Township
Milhous             Robert             Guilford Township
Miller              Bartin W.          Eel River Township
Miller              Henry              Center Township
Miller              John               Eel River Township
Miller              John               Liberty Township
Miller              John D.            Washington Township
Miller              Michael            Liberty Township
Miller              Minez H.           Washington Township
Miller              Scott              Washington Township
Miller              T.B.               Marion Township
Miller              Thomas             Marion Township
Milliken            Matthew            Guilford Township
Mills               David              Guilford Township
Mills               David, Jr.         Guilford Township
Mills               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Mills               Josiah             Liberty Township
Mills               Samuel             Liberty Township
Mills               William            Guilford Township
Milman              A.J.               Marion Township
Mitchel             Alexander          Middle Township
Mitchell            Hiram              Center Township
Mitchell            James M.           Center Township
Mitchell            Joseph             Franklin Township
Mitchell            S.C.               Liberty Township
Mitchell            Solomon            Center Township
Mitchell            William            Center Township
Moberly             Benjamin N.        Center Township
Moffat              Jonathan           Guilford Township
Moffat              Joseph             Guilford Township
Money               Benjamin           Middle Township
Money               John               Middle Township
Montgomery          George             Marion Township
Montgomery          James              Brown Township
Montgomery          James E.           Middle Township
Montgomery          Robert             Center Township
Montgomery          Samuel             Brown Township
Montgomery          Temple             Guilford Township
Montgomery          William            Center Township
Montgomery          William            Middle Township
Monttagne           Clem               Washington Township
Moon                Asa                Guilford Township
Moon                Benjamin           Center Township
Moon                J.B.               Liberty Township
Moon                James              Center Township
Moon                John               Center Township
Moon                Marmon D.          Center Township
Moon                William            Center Township
Moon                William B.         Center Township
Moor                Ezikeal            Washington Township
Moor                George             Washington Township
Moor                George, Jr.        Washington Township
Moor                William            Brown Township
Moor                Zebulon            Brown Township
Moore               Jacob K.           Center Township
Moore               Joshua             Center Township
Moore               R.C.               Liberty Township
Moore               Samuel P.          Center Township
Moore               Shildes            Guilford Township
Moore               Solomon            Eel River Township
Moras               Gideon             Washington Township
More                H.H.               Brown Township
More                John               Brown Township
More                Timothy            Brown Township
Morgan              E.T.               Marion Township
Morgan              Hezekiah           Guilford Township
Morgan              Obadiah            Guilford Township
Morgan              Thomas             Guilford Township
Morgan              William            Marion Township
Moris               Shadrach           Washington Township
Moris               William            Washington Township
Mornan              Benjamin           Middle Township
Morris              Alexander          Center Township
Morris              Joseph             Clay Township
Morton              Charles            Liberty Township
Moudy               Alfred             Franklin Township
Mulen               William            Washington Township
Mulin               Eli                Washington Township
Mull                John               Liberty Township
Mulligan            James G.           Center Township
Mulligan            John               Center Township
Murphy              Thomas             Liberty Township
Murray              Joseph             Guilford Township
Musten              William            Washington Township
Myers               Jacob              Washington Township
Myers               John               Liberty Township
Nannak              Patterson          Franklin Township
Narlin              John S.            Franklin Township
Narlin              Stephen            Franklin Township
Nash                George B.          Brown Township
Nash                Isaac C.           Brown Township
Nash                Jeramiah M.        Brown Township
Nash                Thomas             Brown Township
Nausler             Lewis              Middle Township
Nave                Christian C.       Center Township
Neff                George             Eel River Township
Neff                John               Eel River Township
Nelson              John               Middle Township
Nelson              John D.            Marion Township
Nelson              Samuel             Washington Township
Nelson              Whitson            Brown Township
Neville             James              Marion Township
Neville             Thomas D.          Marion Township
Newby               Seth               Washington Township
Newby               William            Guilford Township
Newell              Jeramiah           Brown Township
Newell              Tandy P.           Marion Township
Newham              Thomas             Brown Township
Newlin              David              Guilford Township
Newlin              Eli                Guilford Township
Newlin              Elias              Guilford Township
Newlin              Joel               Guilford Township
Newman              Augustus           Middle Township
Newman              Edwar              Clay Township
Newman              John               Franklin Township
Newman              John               Middle Township
Newman              John C.            Clay Township
Newman              John R.            Franklin Township
Newman              Jona L.            Franklin Township
Newman              Perry              Middle Township
Newman              Thomas, Sr.        Middle Township
Newman              William            Middle Township
Newton              Harrison           Middle Township
Nicholas            Erasmus            Clay Township
Nichols             Andrew             Center Township
Nichols             James              Center Township
Nichols             Milton             Center Township
Nichols             Thomas             Center Township
Nichols             Thomas             Clay Township
Nichols             Thomas J.          Franklin Township
Norman              Hiram              Center Township
Norman              Joseph             Center Township
Northcut            Thomas             Middle Township
Nosler              Boston             Middle Township
Nosler              Hiram              Liberty Township
Odell               Andrew             Middle Township
Odell               Isaac              Liberty Township
Odell               James S.           Center Township
Odell               Thomas             Liberty Township
Orsburn             Richard            Washington Township
Orth                Lewis              Franklin Township
Osb                 Addison            Guilford Township
Osbern              David              Middle Township
Osborn              Abner              Center Township
Osborn              David              Center Township
Osborn              Edmund             Center Township
Osborn              Elijah C.          Center Township
Osborn              Hardin             Liberty Township
Osborn              Henry              Center Township
Osborn              Ira B.             Center Township
Osborn              Isaac              Guilford Township
Osborn              Jesse              Center Township
Osborn              Jesse              Liberty Township
Osborn              Job                Center Township
Osborn              Joseph             Center Township
Osborn              Nicholas           Liberty Township
Osburn              Daniel             Franklin Township
Osburn              Jesse              Eel River Township
Osburn              Richard, Jr.       Washington Township
Osburn              Thomas E.          Washington Township
Otterman            Philip             Eel River Township
Oursler             Rufus              Franklin Township
Owen                Benjamin           Guilford Township
Owen                Jonathan           Guilford Township
Owen                Samuel             Guilford Township
Owen                Samuel, Jr.        Guilford Township
Owens               Alford             Eel River Township
Owens               Horatio            Eel River Township
Ownes               John               Washington Township
Ownes               Lenard             Washington Township
Pace                Murry              Middle Township
Pace                William I.         Marion Township
Page                Chesly             Eel River Township
Page                Jordan             Franklin Township
Page                Preston L.         Franklin Township
Page                Williamson         Eel River Township
Pain                Absalem            Washington Township
Parker              Ephraim            Clay Township
Parker              James M.           Middle Township
Parker              John L.            Middle Township
Parker              Joshua D.          Center Township
Parker              Peter C.           Clay Township
Parker              Thomas C.          Clay Township
Parker              William O.         Middle Township
Parks               James              Middle Township
Parks               John               Middle Township
Parks               Jonathan           Middle Township
Parks               Moses              Middle Township
Parmer              Gilbert            Washington Township
Parnell             James              Washington Township
Parnell             Jonathan           Washington Township
Parsons             Benjamin           Liberty Township
Parsons             Robert             Marion Township
Patterson           Francis            Brown Township
Patterson           John               Brown Township
Patterson           John Ky            Brown Township
Patterson           Jonathan           Brown Township
Patterson           Robert             Guilford Township
Patterson           William            Brown Township
Patterson           William, Sr.       Brown Township
Payne               John               Marion Township
Payne               O.H.               Brown Township
Pearce              William            Guilford Township
Pearcy              John               Center Township
Pearcy              Lewis              Center Township
Pearcy              Perry              Center Township
Pearson             Augustin           Marion Township
Pearson             Augustin           Marion Township
Pearson             Henry              Marion Township
Pearson             James A.           Clay Township
Pearson             John               Marion Township
Pearson             John, Sr.          Marion Township
Pearson             Samuel R.          Center Township
Pearson             William            Marion Township
Pearson             William, Jr.       Marion Township
Pennington          Levi               Eel River Township
Pennington          Preston            Eel River Township
Penry               William A.         Middle Township
Perkins             John               Clay Township
Perkins             Joseph             Brown Township
Perkins             Joshua             Washington Township
Petty               Isaac              Liberty Township
Petty               Isaac, Jr.         Liberty Township
Petty               James              Liberty Township
Petty               James, Jr.         Liberty Township
Petty               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Petty               Joseph             Liberty Township
Pharis              Eli                Brown Township
Philips             Media              Brown Township
Philips             Nathan             Franklin Township
Philips             Samuel             Clay Township
Phillips            Levi               Franklin Township
Pickett             Joshua             Franklin Township
Pierce              Isaac              Eel River Township
Pierce              James T.           Eel River Township
Pierce              Nathanel L.        Washington Township
Pierson             Thomas             Middle Township
Pike                Tristram           Franklin Township
Pike                William            Franklin Township
Pike                William            Washington Township
Pinson              John               Guilford Township
Pittman             Robert C.          Washington Township
Pitts               Jonathan           Guilford Township
Plasters            J.A.               Marion Township
Plasters            William            Marion Township
Plumer              William            Liberty Township
Poe                 John               Center Township
Poe                 R.M.               Center Township
Pope                J.N.               Liberty Township
Pope                William            Liberty Township
Porten              E.H.W.             Brown Township
Potter              Zadok              Marion Township
Potter              Zebede             Washington Township
Potts               Andrew             Liberty Township
Potts               David              Guilford Township
Potts               Gideon D.          Liberty Township
Potts               Samuel             Guilford Township
Potts               Thomas             Liberty Township
Pounds              Henry A.           Middle Township
Pounds              Joseph B.          Center Township
Pounds              Lewis T.           Center Township
Pounds              William            Eel River Township
Powell              Isaac              Washington Township
Powers              A.J.               Center Township
Poynter             Edward             Brown Township
Poynter             Eleaman            Brown Township
Prather             William            Liberty Township
Prebster            Christian          Brown Township
Prebster            Emanuel            Brown Township
Prebster            Frederick          Brown Township
Prebster            Reuben             Brown Township
Prewitt             Alexander          Liberty Township
Pritchet            John               Middle Township
Proctor             A.H.               Eel River Township
Proctor             James M.           Eel River Township
Proffit             Joseph             Guilford Township
Prophet             James              Washington Township
Ragan               Abner              Marion Township
Ragan               J.R.               Marion Township
Ragan               James M.           Eel River Township
Ragan               R. Samuel          Liberty Township
Ragan               Robert             Marion Township
Ragan               W.A.               Liberty Township
Ragan               Zac S.             Liberty Township
Ragland             John               Center Township
Rammel              Eli                Center Township
Rammel              Henry              Center Township
Rammel              James P.           Center Township
Ramsey              Daniel             Guilford Township
Ramsey              Samuel             Guilford Township
Ranney              N.K.               Brown Township
Raridon             Newel              Guilford Township
Raridon             Reuben             Guilford Township
Ray                 William            Center Township
Ray                 William H.         Brown Township
Raylang             Dudley             Marion Township
Reagan              Carey              Guilford Township
Reagan              John               Guilford Township
Rector              Benjamin           Franklin Township
Redmond             John               Guilford Township
Redmond             William            Guilford Township
Reece               Francis            Brown Township
Reece               Jackson            Franklin Township
Reece               Jacob              Franklin Township
Reed                James              Middle Township
Reed                Jesse              Liberty Township
Reed                T.N.               Liberty Township
Reeve               Charles            Guilford Township
Reeves              Alexander          Brown Township
Reitzell            David              Franklin Township
Reynolds            Charles            Guilford Township
Reynolds            Joseph             Middle Township
Reynor              Joseph F.          Middle Township
Rhodes              Addison            Liberty Township
Rhodes              George             Liberty Township
Rice                John               Brown Township
Rice                Lewis              Brown Township
Richards            George T.          Center Township
Richards            Joseph             Washington Township
Richardson          Green              Liberty Township
Richardson          Harry              Clay Township
Richardson          Jno.               Eel River Township
Richardson          Miles F.           Clay Township
Richardson          Richard            Middle Township
Richardson          Samuel             Eel River Township
Richardson          William            Clay Township
Rightsell           Daniel             Liberty Township
Riley               Elias              Franklin Township
Riley               Isaac              Liberty Township
Ritter              James              Guilford Township
Roach               Ashcraft           Liberty Township
Roach               William            Washington Township
Robbins             Christopher        Marion Township
Robbins             Jacob              Marion Township
Robbins             Joab               Marion Township
Robbins             John               Marion Township
Robbins             Silas              Marion Township
Robbins             William            Marion Township
Robbins             William, Jr.       Marion Township
Roberts             Benjamin           Liberty Township
Roberts             James S.           Franklin Township
Roberts             John               Middle Township
Roberts             John D.            Brown Township
Roberts             Larkin F.          Guilford Township
Roberts             Mourning           Brown Township
Roberts             Thomas             Washington Township
Roberts             Thomas S.          Middle Township
Roberts             William I.         Middle Township
Roberts             William P.         Franklin Township
Robey               William            Center Township
Robins              Joseph             Eel River Township
Robins              Lamach             Eel River Township
Rodgers             Akilis             Center Township
Rodgers             Elias              Center Township
Rodgers             Henry              Liberty Township
Rodgers             James B.           Middle Township
Rodgers             William M.         Center Township
Rodgers             Willis             Middle Township
Rogers              Harvey             Marion Township
Rogers              Sanford            Marion Township
Ronk                Samuel             Eel River Township
Rose                John               Eel River Township
Rose                L.A.               Marion Township
Rose                William            Marion Township
Rosebury            Samuel             Marion Township
Ross                Alexander          Washington Township
Ross                Eli                Washington Township
Ross                James              Washington Township
Ross                John F.            Washington Township
Ross                Joseph H.          Washington Township
Ross                Robert             Washington Township
Ross                Samuel F.          Washington Township
Ross                Thurman            Marion Township
Ross                Walter T.          Washington Township
Row                 Henry              Franklin Township
Roy                 Asa                Middle Township
Roy                 David              Middle Township
Roy                 Evan               Middle Township
Roy                 John W.            Middle Township
Roy                 Thomas             Brown Township
Rudacile            Martin             Eel River Township
Rudd                Osburn             Franklin Township
Ruggles             George             Brown Township
Ruggles             James, Esq.        Brown Township
Runnels             James              Marion Township
Runnolds            Samuel             Middle Township
Runyon              James              Middle Township
Rushton             Jesse              Liberty Township
Rushton             Joshua             Liberty Township
Rushton             Solomon            Clay Township
Rushton             William            Liberty Township
Russel              Robertson C.       Center Township
Russel              Samuel A.          Eel River Township
Russel              Smith              Eel River Township
Rustin              Joel               Guilford Township
Rustin              Samuel             Guilford Township
Rynerson            J.                 Marion Township
Sacket              Letus              Guilford Township
Sacre               Benjamin           Clay Township
Safewright          John               Guilford Township
Samuel              Thomas             Marion Township
Sanders             Benjamin           Washington Township
Sanders             H.R.               Marion Township
Sanders             Harlow             Brown Township
Sanders             Henry              Washington Township
Sanders             Isaac              Guilford Township
Sanders             John               Guilford Township
Sanders             John               Washington Township
Saunders            John               Liberty Township
Scammerhorn         Joseph             Eel River Township
Scammerhorn         William            Eel River Township
Scobee              William            Marion Township
Scott               Francis A.         Middle Township
Scott               Isam               Eel River Township
Scott               John F.            Marion Township
Scott               Nathaniel          Eel River Township
Scott               Samuel             Middle Township
Scott               Tandy              Clay Township
Scott               Thomas             Liberty Township
Scott               William            Franklin Township
Sears               John               Eel River Township
Sears               W.B.               Marion Township
Selch               Peter              Liberty Township
Selch               Samuel             Center Township
Selch               William            Liberty Township
Semans              John               Brown Township
Semans              William            Brown Township
Sereber             Samuel             Eel River Township
Seward              Henry              Brown Township
Shackleford         James              Marion Township
Shacklford          Bailey             Middle Township
Shacklford          John H.G.          Middle Township
Shacklford          William            Middle Township
Shanklin            John               Brown Township
Shannon             J.W.               Marion Township
Shannon             Samuel B.          Marion Township
Shannon             Thomas R.          Marion Township
Sharp               James              Marion Township
Shearer             Andron             Franklin Township
Shearer             Benjamin           Franklin Township
Shearer             John               Franklin Township
Shearwood           Joel               Washington Township
Sheckles            James              Eel River Township
Shelladay           Andrew B.          Center Township
Shencks             J.H.               Brown Township
Shepherd            J.W.               Liberty Township
Shepherd            Solomon            Liberty Township
Sherley             James              Brown Township
Sherley             Martin             Brown Township
Shinefelt           Samuel             Center Township
Shipler             Samuel B.          Marion Township
Shirley             A.W.               Liberty Township
Shirley             Miletus            Brown Township
Shirley             William            Brown Township
Shirley             William            Center Township
Shirley             William            Liberty Township
Shoemaker           Jacob              Eel River Township
Shofer              William            Washington Township
Short               Young              Liberty Township
Sikes               Luther             Guilford Township
Simmons             John F.            Marion Township
Simmons             Josephus           Liberty Township
Skillman            William M.         Center Township
Slaughter           Pleasant           Liberty Township
Slavens             James              Eel River Township
Slavens             Willis             Eel River Township
Smith               A.H.               Marion Township
Smith               Alexander F.       Center Township
Smith               Benjamin M.        Guilford Township
Smith               Benjamin T.        Brown Township
Smith               Elisha             Brown Township
Smith               Garland            Eel River Township
Smith               George             Liberty Township
Smith               Harrison           Liberty Township
Smith               Hezekiah           Center Township
Smith               Hugh P.            Washington Township
Smith               J.J.               Liberty Township
Smith               Jackson W.         Clay Township
Smith               James              Center Township
Smith               James              Franklin Township
Smith               James              Marion Township
Smith               Jeremiah           Clay Township
Smith               Joel               Brown Township
Smith               John               Center Township
Smith               John W.            Brown Township
Smith               John W.            Washington Township
Smith               Jonathan           Brown Township
Smith               Jury P.            Eel River Township
Smith               Levi               Marion Township
Smith               Morgan L.          Washington Township
Smith               Noah               Brown Township
Smith               Robert             Center Township
Smith               Squire             Brown Township
Smith               Thomas D.          Brown Township
Smith               Thomas, Jr.        Brown Township
Smith               W.B.               Liberty Township
Smith               Washington         Brown Township
Smith               William            Brown Township
Smith               William            Marion Township
Smith               William H.         Marion Township
Smock               John Q.            Center Township
Smoot               Almond             Brown Township
Snoddy              Abner              Franklin Township
Snoddy              Absalom            Franklin Township
Snoddy              William            Franklin Township
Snodgrass           Benjamin           Center Township
Snodgrass           Benjamin           Liberty Township
Snodgrass           James              Liberty Township
Snodgrass           John               Guilford Township
Snodgrass           Nathan             Liberty Township
Snodgrass           Robert             Liberty Township
Snodgrass           William            Liberty Township
Sparks              David              Brown Township
Sparks              Isaac              Guilford Township
Sparks              Thomas J.          Franklin Township
Sparks              Thomas J.C.        Middle Township
Spaulding           William            Marion Township
Spears              John               Eel River Township
Spicklemire         Aaron              Middle Township
Spicklemire         Abraham            Middle Township
Spicklemire         Adam               Middle Township
Spicklemire         James              Middle Township
Spicklemire         Jesse              Middle Township
Spines              William B.         Brown Township
Spray               James              Washington Township
Stafford            E.F.               Marion Township
Stailey             George             Liberty Township
Stalker             George             Guilford Township
Stanley             Calvin             Franklin Township
Stanley             Harvey             Clay Township
Stanley             Isaac              Franklin Township
Stanley             John               Franklin Township
Stanley             Matthew            Guilford Township
Stanley             Nathan             Center Township
Stanley             Samuel             Clay Township
Stanley             William            Center Township
Starbuck            Samuel             Guilford Township
Stephens            John               Liberty Township
Sterling            Dedrick            Guilford Township
Stevens             Isaac              Marion Township
Stevenson           Isaac              Marion Township
Stevenson           J.W.               Marion Township
Stevenson           Owen               Marion Township
Stevenson           Padon              Marion Township
Stevenson           Stephen            Marion Township
Stevenson           William            Marion Township
Stewart             John               Eel River Township
Stobaugh            James              Brown Township
Stout               A.C.               Liberty Township
Stout               James              Washington Township
Stout               Jesse              Liberty Township
Stout               Jonathan           Liberty Township
Stout               L.G.               Liberty Township
Stout               W.C.               Liberty Township
Stout               William            Liberty Township
Strange             Edward             Center Township
Strawn              Edmun              Washington Township
Stricklen           George             Washington Township
Stricklin           Able               Washington Township
Stuart              James W.           Middle Township
Stuart              Zimri              Guilford Township
Stutsman            David              Center Township
Stutsman            James              Center Township
Sumner              Caleb              Guilford Township
Sutsman             John               Eel River Township
Swaim               Anthony            Brown Township
Swaim               Manoah             Brown Township
Swaim               Napoleon           Brown Township
Swain               Timothy            Clay Township
Swindler            C.T.               Liberty Township
Swindler            H.T.               Liberty Township
Talbot              Granville S.       Brown Township
Talbott             William A.         Clay Township
Tarrance            John               Center Township
Tarrance            Samuel             Center Township
Taylor              Archibald          Liberty Township
Taylor              Briant             Guilford Township
Taylor              Jonathan           Liberty Township
Templin             James H.           Brown Township
Templin             John W.            Center Township
Tharp               Caval              Middle Township
Tharp               James              Middle Township
Tharp               John, Jr.          Middle Township
Tharp               John, Sr.          Middle Township
Tharp               Joshua             Middle Township
Tharp               William            Middle Township
Thice               Abraham            Washington Township
Thing               Samuel A.          Washington Township
Thompson            Evan               Middle Township
Thompson            George             Washington Township
Thompson            George W.          Washington Township
Thompson            Isam               Washington Township
Thompson            James              Center Township
Thompson            James              Washington Township
Thompson            Jesse              Eel River Township
Thompson            John R.            Eel River Township
Thompson            John S.            Middle Township
Thompson            Richard B.         Washington Township
Thompson            Robert             Brown Township
Thompson            Sier               Middle Township
Thompson            William            Middle Township
Thornbrough         John               Washington Township
Thornbrough         Louis              Brown Township
Thornbrough         Richard            Washington Township
Thornbrough         William            Washington Township
Tignor              Wiatt              Franklin Township
Tincher             Ben W.             Franklin Township
Tincher             George             Clay Township
Tincher             Hardin             Franklin Township
Tincher             William            Clay Township
Tincher             William            Middle Township
Tinder              Jeremiah           Marion Township
Tinder              Martin             Marion Township
Tinder              W.H.               Marion Township
Todd                David              Center Township
Todd                Henry G.           Center Township
Tolan               Harrison           Eel River Township
Tolbee              Isaac C.           Eel River Township
Tolbee              Samuel             Eel River Township
Tolbee              Silas              Eel River Township
Tolbee              Thomas             Eel River Township
Tolbert             Allen              Marion Township
Tolbert             Willis             Middle Township
Tolls               Robert P.          Center Township
Tolon               James              Middle Township
Tomlinson           Andrew D.          Marion Township
Tomlinson           Bervie A.          Guilford Township
Tomlinson           Edward             Clay Township
Tomlinson           James              Guilford Township
Tomlinson           John               Marion Township
Tomlinson           Malon              Guilford Township
Tomlinson           Moses              Marion Township
Tomlinson           William            Clay Township
Toney               Charles            Eel River Township
Toney               Hiram              Eel River Township
Toney               Steventon          Eel River Township
Toney               Tranam             Eel River Township
Toney               William            Eel River Township
Torbit              James              Brown Township
Tosten              Joseph             Brown Township
Tout                Andrew W.          Washington Township
Tout                Asa                Middle Township
Tout                Bazil              Middle Township
Tout                Bazil, Sr.         Middle Township
Tout                Benjamin           Brown Township
Tout                Benjamin           Middle Township
Tout                Benjamin F.        Center Township
Tout                Isaac W.           Middle Township
Tout                Robert             Center Township
Tout                William H.         Brown Township
Towel               Isaac              Franklin Township
Townsend            Alpheus            Guilford Township
Townsend            Josiah             Guilford Township
Townsend            William            Guilford Township
Tracy               George             Marion Township
Triggs              David              Washington Township
Triggs              Isaac              Washington Township
Triggs              Jacob              Washington Township
Triggs              John               Washington Township
Triggs              William            Washington Township
Trotter             Bluford            Eel River Township
Trotter             Isaac              Eel River Township
Trotter             Isaac              Guilford Township
Trotter             James              Eel River Township
Trotter             James D.           Eel River Township
Trotter             James, Sr.         Eel River Township
Trotter             John               Eel River Township
Trotter             John, Jr.          Eel River Township
Trotter             John, Sr.          Eel River Township
Trotter             Monroe             Eel River Township
Trotter             Nelson             Middle Township
Trotter             Rufus              Guilford Township
Trotter             Wakefield          Eel River Township
Trotter             William            Eel River Township
Trowbridge          R.                 Marion Township
Tucker              Lee                Eel River Township
Turcker             Thornton           Guilford Township
Turner              Charles C.         Marion Township
Turner              G.W.               Marion Township
Turner              Guy                Franklin Township
Turner              James              Marion Township
Turner              Job                Marion Township
Turpin              Jacob              Brown Township
Turpin              Warren             Brown Township
Tylen               George             Brown Township
Underwood           F.                 Marion Township
Underwood           John               Marion Township
Underwood           William            Marion Township
Ungles              Asbury             Liberty Township
Ungles              John               Liberty Township
Ungles              W.J.               Liberty Township
Vanice              Lawrence           Marion Township
Vanice              P.C.               Marion Township
Vankirk             Milton             Middle Township
Vaughan             John               Middle Township
Veach               Absalem W.         Washington Township
Veach               Asa                Middle Township
Veach               Cornelious         Washington Township
Veach               Elijah             Middle Township
Veach               Solomon            Middle Township
Veach               Thomas             Middle Township
Verbrike            Samuel A.          Center Township
Vert                Nicholas           Marion Township
Vestal              Benjamin E.        Guilford Township
Vestal              Eli                Guilford Township
Vestal              Jabin              Guilford Township
Vestal              Randolph           Guilford Township
Vestal              William            Brown Township
Vickery             Henry              Marion Township
Vickery             John               Marion Township
Viles               Thomas             Center Township
Vinyard             N.B.               Franklin Township
Vinzant             William            Center Township
Voultress           Silas S.A.         Liberty Township
Wade                David              Franklin Township
Wadkins             Jesse              Eel River Township
Waggoner            Alfred             Liberty Township
Walker              George H.          Eel River Township
Walker              Goodlow            Eel River Township
Walker              James              Washington Township
Walker              Joseph             Brown Township
Walker              Robert             Liberty Township
Walker              Rubin              Liberty Township
Walker              William            Liberty Township
Wall                Jacob              Center Township
Wallace             Charles            Guilford Township
Walls               Moses P.           Brown Township
Walls               Reuben P.          Franklin Township
Walter              William E.         Middle Township
Walters             James              Middle Township
Walthall            Samuel W.          Eel River Township
Ward                Enoch              Eel River Township
Ward                Jenah              Brown Township
Ward                John               Brown Township
Ward                John, Jr.          Brown Township
Ward                Larrance           Guilford Township
Ward                R.S.               Marion Township
Ward                William            Middle Township
Ware                Elijah             Washington Township
Warrick             Abraham            Brown Township
Waterous            G.C.               Center Township
Waters              Benjamin           Middle Township
Waters              Joseph             Eel River Township
Waters              Philip             Middle Township
Waters              William S.         Eel River Township
Watson              C.S.               Brown Township
Watson              Ebenezer N.        Brown Township
Watson              Eli                Washington Township
Watson              James              Washington Township
Watson              Jeptha             Washington Township
Watson              Milton S.          Brown Township
Watson              Robert             Brown Township
Watson              Samuel H.          Brown Township
Watson              William            Middle Township
Weakley             James              Middle Township
Wearson             Joseph             Brown Township
Weatherhead         S.C.               Marion Township
Weaver              Thomas J.          Middle Township
Webb                Benjamin           Washington Township
Weddell             Aaron              Marion Township
Weekly              Tavanar            Eel River Township
Weekly              Thomas C.          Marion Township
Wells               Baalam             Middle Township
Wells               Joseph             Middle Township
Wells               Simon              Middle Township
Wells               William            Middle Township
West                Archibald          Marion Township
West                Henry              Center Township
West                I.R.               Marion Township
West                James N.           Center Township
West                William            Center Township
West                William W.         Middle Township
Weste               Abraham            Clay Township
Westmoreland        William            Franklin Township
Whelkel             John               Guilford Township
Whicker             Frederick          Franklin Township
Whicker             John               Clay Township
Whicker             Lewis              Franklin Township
Whippo              Jesse              Clay Township
White               Asa S.             Brown Township
White               Bloomfield         Eel River Township
White               Charles            Liberty Township
White               Dougan             Guilford Township
White               Jesse              Clay Township
White               Joel               Guilford Township
White               Jonathan           Guilford Township
White               Milton             Clay Township
White               Samuel             Liberty Township
White               T.L.               Brown Township
Whitecotton         Moses              Marion Township
Whitt               A.L.               Eel River Township
Wilcox              Perry              Franklin Township
Wilcox              William            Franklin Township
Wiley               James C.           Brown Township
Wiley               James F.           Brown Township
Wiley               John               Brown Township
Wilkins             Andrew             Marion Township
Williams            Boaz W.            Center Township
Williams            C.D.               Washington Township
Williams            Enoc               Liberty Township
Williams            Ezekial            Washington Township
Williams            George             Franklin Township
Williams            J.B.               Marion Township
Williams            James              Center Township
Williams            John               Washington Township
Williams            Nathan             Liberty Township
Williams            Riley              Liberty Township
Williams            William            Franklin Township
Williams            William            Middle Township
Wills               A.S.               Liberty Township
Wills               G.W.               Liberty Township
Willson             David W.           Center Township
Willson             William            Washington Township
Wilson              Gideon             Washington Township
Wilson              Isaac              Brown Township
Wilson              James              Guilford Township
Wilson              John               Washington Township
Wilson              John J.            Middle Township
Wilson              Joseph             Brown Township
Wilson              Robert             Washington Township
Wilson              Shannon            Marion Township
Wilson              Squire H.          Eel River Township
Wilson              Thomas             Liberty Township
Winsted             Francis            Liberty Township
Winston             James              Center Township
Winston             Joseph             Liberty Township
Wise                Henry              Clay Township
Wisehart            J.H.               Marion Township
Wood                John S.            Center Township
Woodard             Abraham            Guilford Township
Woodard             Jesse              Guilford Township
Woodard             John               Eel River Township
Woodard             William            Guilford Township
Woodro              Benjamin           Washington Township
Woodrow             Benjamin, Jr.      Washington Township
Woods               James              Franklin Township
Woods               Lorenzo N.         Franklin Township
Woodward            Benjamin           Liberty Township
Woodward            Jesse              Center Township
Worley              Alexander          Marion Township
Worley              Perry              Marion Township
Worley              Valentine          Marion Township
Worrall             J.C.               Liberty Township
Worrall             James              Liberty Township
Worrel              Richard            Liberty Township
Worrel              Shadrach           Eel River Township
Worrell             William            Brown Township
Worth               Alexander          Guilford Township
Wright              Elish M.           Clay Township
Wright              Jackson            Eel River Township
Wright              James              Clay Township
Wright              James              Liberty Township
Wright              John               Clay Township
Wright              Joseph             Brown Township
Wright              Reuben             Eel River Township
Wright              W.R.               Franklin Township
Wright              William P.         Marion Township
Wyatt               John               Eel River Township
Yates               Hinson             Clay Township
York                Aquilla            Liberty Township
York                Barney             Liberty Township
York                John               Liberty Township
York                William            Liberty Township
Young               Benjamin           Liberty Township
Young               John A.            Middle Township
Yount               Brackston          Center Township
Yunt                Daniel             Marion Township
Yunt                Nicholas           Marion Township
Zering              John               Guilford Township
Zimmerman           John               Eel River Township
Zimmerman           Nelson             Eel River Township