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Meredith Thompson

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Voters in Hendricks County, Indiana (November 1860)

Transcription © Meredith Thompson

This is a list of voters in Hendricks County for an election held on Monday, November 5, 1860 to elect the President and Vice President of the United States.

NOTE: This database is a transcription of the voter lists that were compiled for each of the 11 townships (Lincoln Township did not exist yet). Several of these lists were very difficult to read, and this is only one person's interpretation of the handwriting. Some of Hendricks County's early voter lists have been microfilmed; that microfilm is available at the Indiana State Library, as well as through the Family History Library. Photocopies of the 1860 voter lists are in the collection of Plainfield Public Library.

Voting places in November 1860:

  • Brown Township: Brownsburg
  • Center Township: Danville
  • Clay Township: Springtown
  • Eel River Township: North Salem
  • Franklin Township: Stilesville
  • Guilford Township: Plainfield
  • Liberty Township: Belleville
  • Marion Township: New Winchester
  • Middle Township: Pittsboro
  • Union Township: New Elizabeth
  • Washington Township: Center Schoolhouse
     Last Name          First Name               Township
Able               W.                  Franklin Township
Abner              William S.          Union Township
Acton              George W.           Liberty Township
Adair              A.W.                Clay Township
Adair              S.K.                Clay Township
Adair              T.A.                Eel River Township
Adair              W.                  Eel River Township
Adams              Alexander           Middle Township
Adams              D.O.                Center Township
Adams              J.                  Eel River Township
Adams              J.C.                Washington Township
Adams              J.L.                Center Township
Adams              J.M.                Union Township
Adams              James               Middle Township
Adams              James W.            Middle Township
Adams              John G.             Middle Township
Adams              Solomon             Union Township
Adams              Thomas              Clay Township
Adams              W.F.                Washington Township
Adams              W.P.                Union Township
Aken               J.B.                Center Township
Albertson          Benjamin            Clay Township
Albertson          Nathan              Guilford Township
Alderson           Amos                Guilford Township
Alexander          Archibald           Middle Township
Alexander          James P.            Union Township
Alexander          John H.             Middle Township
Allee              David               Franklin Township
Allen              David               Clay Township
Allen              Joseph              Washington Township
Allexander         Jahew               Liberty Township
Alley              D.                  Eel River Township
Allison            Joseph              Marion Township
Almond             Harris              Washington Township
Almond             J.                  Brown Township
Almond             Plesant             Guilford Township
Alward             Francis G.          Clay Township
Amick              Alfred              Washington Township
Amick              Isaac               Washington Township
Amick              Jacob               Washington Township
Amick              Washington          Guilford Township
Amick              William             Washington Township
Anderson           Bryant              Middle Township
Anderson           C.L.                Eel River Township
Anderson           Elijah              Clay Township
Anderson           S.                  Eel River Township
Andes              William             Center Township
Andrew             Joseph              Liberty Township
Applebee           W.                  Franklin Township
Appleby            J.H.                Clay Township
Applegate          M.B.                Washington Township
Applin             Charles             Liberty Township
Arbuckle           A.M.                Brown Township
Arbuckle           J.M.                Brown Township
Arbuckle           W.F.                Brown Township
Archer             Allexander          Liberty Township
Archer             Evander             Clay Township
Armstrong          E.H.                Marion Township
Armstrong          J. Rice             Center Township
Armstrong          John                Marion Township
Armstrong          John S.             Marion Township
Armstrong          Levi                Marion Township
Arnold             George              Center Township
Arnold             J.F.                Center Township
Arnold             William             Center Township
Asher              M.                  Franklin Township
Asher              Milton              Clay Township
Astley             William             Center Township
Atkinson           John                Guilford Township
Atkinson           Olver               Guilford Township
Atkinson           Osborn              Guilford Township
Atkinson           Riley               Guilford Township
Atkinson           Vestal              Guilford Township
Avery              A.W.                Union Township
Ayers              C.                  Eel River Township
Ayers              J.                  Eel River Township
Ayers              William             Middle Township
Ayres              H.W.                Brown Township
Ayres              J.T.                Center Township
Ayres              James               Center Township
Ayres              James, Sr.          Center Township
Ayres              W.P.                Center Township
Babb               James               Brown Township
Babb               M.                  Brown Township
Baber              Z.L.                Eel River Township
Bailey             Elisha              Marion Township
Bailey             J.                  Eel River Township
Bailey             Joseph              Washington Township
Bain               John                Marion Township
Baisey             Joseph              Brown Township
Baker              Granberry           Liberty Township
Baker              J.H.                Guilford Township
Baker              Jesse               Union Township
Baker              John                Center Township
Baker              John W.             Union Township
Baldwin            E.                  Franklin Township
Bales              A.C.                Center Township
Bales              Eleazar             Guilford Township
Bales              George              Eel River Township
Bales              Henry               Eel River Township
Bales              John                Center Township
Bales              John W.             Liberty Township
Bales              T.                  Eel River Township
Bales              W.W.                Brown Township
Bales              William             Center Township
Bales              William             Marion Township
Bales              Z.                  Brown Township
Baley              Tilferd             Liberty Township
Ballard            Alfred H.           Guilford Township
Ballard            Asa                 Guilford Township
Ballard            Asa G.              Guilford Township
Ballard            B.                  Brown Township
Ballard            David               Guilford Township
Ballard            Gran                Brown Township
Ballard            J.                  Brown Township
Ballard            Jesse F.            Guilford Township
Ballard            Joel                Guilford Township
Ballard            John R.             Guilford Township
Ballinger          Valentine           Marion Township
Banta              Jepthah F.          Marion Township
Banta              S.J.                Marion Township
Banta              William             Marion Township
Barber             J.                  Eel River Township
Barber             T.                  Eel River Township
Barcus             G.W.                Brown Township
Bargo              Daniel              Center Township
Barker             David               Guilford Township
Barker             Granvill            Guilford Township
Barker             Isaac               Franklin Township
Barker             J.W.                Washington Township
Barker             R.J.                Washington Township
Barker             S.J.                Liberty Township
Barker             Samuel              Guilford Township
Barker             William R.          Guilford Township
Barlow             H.R.                Brown Township
Barlow             T.H.                Brown Township
Barnes             Daniel              Brown Township
Barnet             Abram               Marion Township
Barnet             J.P.                Marion Township
Barnet             Joel                Marion Township
Barnet             John                Washington Township
Barnet             William             Marion Township
Barnet             William H.          Marion Township
Barnhill           J.S.                Brown Township
Baron              N.S.                Franklin Township
Bartholomew        B.F.                Center Township
Bartholomew        Benjamin            Liberty Township
Bartholomew        O.                  Center Township
Barton             John B.             Center Township
Bateman            M.                  Eel River Township
Bateman            N.                  Eel River Township
Bateman            W.                  Eel River Township
Bates              A.S.                Union Township
Bates              John A.             Brown Township
Bates              John W.             Union Township
Batteman           J.                  Eel River Township
Baugh              A.B.                Center Township
Baugh              James F.            Center Township
Baugh              W.A.                Center Township
Baugh              William C.          Union Township
Baughman           William             Franklin Township
Baxter             J.M.                Brown Township
Bean               James               Washington Township
Beard              James               Middle Township
Beard              Mathias             Middle Township
Beasley            P.                  Brown Township
Beason             David               Guilford Township
Beaver             John                Brown Township
Beck               D.                  Brown Township
Beckwith           B.F.                Liberty Township
Beckwith           J.O.                Marion Township
Beckworth          William D.          Liberty Township
Bedgood            L.D.                Clay Township
Beel               William             Clay Township
Beemith            W.                  Eel River Township
Beeson             Absalem             Clay Township
Bell               M.                  Brown Township
Benbow             Abel                Franklin Township
Benbow             Elam                Clay Township
Benbow             William J.          Clay Township
Benchof            Nicholas            Franklin Township
Bendler            Joseph              Brown Township
Bendler            Sam                 Brown Township
Benefield          J.R.                Eel River Township
Bennet             Jonathan            Washington Township
Bennett            J.T.                Guilford Township
Benson             John A.             Middle Township
Bercham            John                Washington Township
Berriman           Allen               Liberty Township
Berriman           William T.          Liberty Township
Berry              Allen               Brown Township
Berry              John                Union Township
Bery               J.                  Eel River Township
Beson              Gabriel             Marion Township
Beswick            R.I.                Center Township
Biddle             John                Liberty Township
Bishop             Henry               Union Township
Bishop             John                Clay Township
Bishop             John                Franklin Township
Bishop             Miller              Union Township
Bishop             W.N.                Center Township
Black              J.                  Brown Township
Black              Joseph              Brown Township
Blackburn          John                Eel River Township
Blacketter         Lewis               Marion Township
Blacketter         Wesley              Marion Township
Blacketter         William             Marion Township
Blackwell          George R.           Liberty Township
Blair              Abner               Guilford Township
Blair              Benjamin O.         Clay Township
Blair              Clark               Washington Township
Blair              Enos                Clay Township
Blair              Enos                Guilford Township
Blair              Henry               Clay Township
Blair              James A.            Middle Township
Blair              James W.            Center Township
Blair              John K.             Guilford Township
Blair              Milton              Guilford Township
Blair              Solemon             Guilford Township
Blake              Hamp                Eel River Township
Blake              Mahlon F.           Union Township
Blake              R.W.                Union Township
Blakeley           James K.            Clay Township
Bland              A.                  Center Township
Blanton            John                Marion Township
Bockman            B.                  Eel River Township
Bohanan            John                Liberty Township
Bohannan           Abraham             Center Township
Bolen              B.F.                Center Township
Bolen              John                Brown Township
Bolen              Joseph              Center Township
Bolen              W.                  Brown Township
Bolt               Jefferson           Middle Township
Bond               Robbert             Liberty Township
Bonnefield         William             Marion Township
Bonney             Orrin               Guilford Township
Bonnifield         Thomas              Center Township
Boots              J.D.                Washington Township
Boots              R.C.                Washington Township
Borams             Lee Roy             Franklin Township
Borders            James               Franklin Township
Boswell            A.                  Union Township
Boswell            Davis               Franklin Township
Boswell            W.                  Franklin Township
Boucher            William             Guilford Township
Bousman            John                Marion Township
Bowers             John                Washington Township
Bowles             J.G.                Brown Township
Bowman             William             Marion Township
Bozwell            Daniel              Liberty Township
Bracby             Georg W.            Guilford Township
Brackett           R.                  Brown Township
Bradford           Henry               Washington Township
Brady              S.M.                Washington Township
Bramble            George D.           Union Township
Bramble            Thomas              Union Township
Branson            J.E.                Guilford Township
Bray               Alfred              Brown Township
Bray               Allen E.            Liberty Township
Bray               Elijah              Guilford Township
Bray               Enis C.             Liberty Township
Bray               Henry               Liberty Township
Bray               John W.             Guilford Township
Bray               Miles               Liberty Township
Bray               S.C.                Brown Township
Bray               Thomas S.           Middle Township
Bray               William             Guilford Township
Brengle            Solomon             Liberty Township
Brewer             Dennis              Liberty Township
Brewer             John                Liberty Township
Briant             Silas               Center Township
Bridgewell         Benjamin            Liberty Township
Briggs             Alfred              Washington Township
Briggs             Harrison            Washington Township
Brill              John H.             Liberty Township
Brill              William H.          Liberty Township
Brittain           Harmon              Center Township
Britten            James               Liberty Township
Brooks             Thomas              Middle Township
Brookshire         J.                  Union Township
Brown              A.L.                Brown Township
Brown              D.B.                Brown Township
Brown              D.D.                Brown Township
Brown              Daniel              Brown Township
Brown              Elias               Marion Township
Brown              G.W.                Brown Township
Brown              George              Brown Township
Brown              George M.           Marion Township
Brown              Hans                Guilford Township
Brown              Harrison            Marion Township
Brown              Israel              Clay Township
Brown              J.N.                Brown Township
Brown              J.W.                Brown Township
Brown              John                Center Township
Brown              John W.             Franklin Township
Brown              Joseph              Center Township
Brown              Joseph C.           Guilford Township
Brown              L.B.                Center Township
Brown              Logan M.            Marion Township
Brown              Preston             Liberty Township
Brown              Rufus               Guilford Township
Brown              Samuel              Guilford Township
Brown              V.J.                Brown Township
Brown              W.B.                Washington Township
Brown              William             Brown Township
Brown              William             Liberty Township
Brown              William             Washington Township
Brumfield          E.                  Brown Township
Brumfield          H.                  Brown Township
Brumfield          Nathan              Brown Township
Brumfield          W.E.                Brown Township
Bryan              William             Franklin Township
Bryant             Anderson            Marion Township
Bryant             D.P.                Franklin Township
Bryant             Garnett             Liberty Township
Bryant             J.W.                Franklin Township
Bryant             R.B.                Franklin Township
Bryant             Woodson             Marion Township
Buchanan           B.                  Eel River Township
Buchanan           E.                  Eel River Township
Buchanan           E.                  Eel River Township
Buchanan           G.A.                Eel River Township
Buchanan           George              Liberty Township
Buchanan           Levi T.             Marion Township
Buchanan           R.M.                Liberty Township
Buchanan           S.                  Center Township
Buchanan           W.J.                Center Township
Buchanen           John A.             Liberty Township
Budd               D.                  Eel River Township
Budd               E.                  Eel River Township
Budd               William             Marion Township
Buergelin          Englelhardt         Middle Township
Buergelin          Lewis               Middle Township
Bufkin             John                Center Township
Bunker             Alex                Center Township
Bunn               John                Washington Township
Buntain            Benjamin C.         Marion Township
Buntain            Harvey              Marion Township
Buntain            T.P.                Marion Township
Buntain            William H.          Marion Township
Bunton             John                Marion Township
Burch              J.                  Eel River Township
Burcham            B.R.                Liberty Township
Burcham            Franklin            Liberty Township
Burcham            James               Washington Township
Burcham            McCarty             Liberty Township
Burdin             Dan                 Brown Township
Burgan             E.                  Eel River Township
Burgan             J.                  Eel River Township
Burger             H.F.                Liberty Township
Burgess            Isaac               Union Township
Burgess            J.T.                Union Township
Burgess            James               Center Township
Burgess            Moses               Clay Township
Burgess            S.J.                Liberty Township
Burk               Perry               Union Township
Burk               Thomas              Union Township
Burks              A.P.                Center Township
Burnes             J.T.                Brown Township
Burnett            Isaac               Union Township
Burnett            James M.            Union Township
Burnett            Sam                 Brown Township
Burns              John A.             Brown Township
Burres             John                Liberty Township
Burris             Caleb               Guilford Township
Burris             Richard             Washington Township
Bursott            E.                  Brown Township
Bursott            Lewis               Middle Township
Busby              Miles               Liberty Township
Busby              William             Liberty Township
Bush               John A.             Liberty Township
Butler             Daniel              Franklin Township
Butterfield        John H.             Guilford Township
Buttler            Alfred              Guilford Township
Buttler            Stephen S.          Guilford Township
Buzzard            D.S.                Union Township
Buzzard            William B.          Union Township
Byram              Daniel C.           Marion Township
Byrd               William             Marion Township
Cafferty           Lewis               Marion Township
Cain               John                Center Township
Caldwell           James A.            Union Township
Caldwell           R.G.                Brown Township
Call               Daniel              Marion Township
Call               John                Marion Township
Calvert            William H.          Guilford Township
Cambell            Adison              Guilford Township
Campbell           B.                  Eel River Township
Campbell           L.M.                Center Township
Campbell           T.C.                Brown Township
Canary             James               Brown Township
Canary             John                Brown Township
Canary             T.W.                Brown Township
Cane               D.C.                Union Township
Carmichael         William             Liberty Township
Carney             Hamilton            Clay Township
Carpenter          C.C.                Center Township
Carpenter          G.W.                Washington Township
Carpenter          H.C.                Center Township
Carpenter          John S.             Guilford Township
Carrington         Samuel C.           Union Township
Carroll            J.P.                Washington Township
Carson             Enos                Guilford Township
Carter             Alfred              Liberty Township
Carter             D.E.                Marion Township
Carter             David               Guilford Township
Carter             Eleazar             Guilford Township
Carter             Eli                 Clay Township
Carter             Elrood              Guilford Township
Carter             Enoch               Guilford Township
Carter             Enoch, Jr.          Guilford Township
Carter             G.C.                Liberty Township
Carter             Harland             Washington Township
Carter             Ira                 Liberty Township
Carter             J.M.                Washington Township
Carter             Jesse               Guilford Township
Carter             Joel D.             Guilford Township
Carter             John M.             Liberty Township
Carter             Milton              Clay Township
Carter             Newlin              Guilford Township
Carter             R.                  Eel River Township
Carter             Samuel              Guilford Township
Carter             Samuel              Liberty Township
Carter             W.T.                Washington Township
Carter             William             Center Township
Cartright          Eli                 Union Township
Casaley            Timothy             Washington Township
Case               N.                  Liberty Township
Case               Peter               Brown Township
Cash               L.C.                Center Township
Cash               W.H.                Center Township
Cassady            Thomas              Washington Township
Casse              Jesse               Liberty Township
Cassell            James               Eel River Township
Casserley          T.                  Brown Township
Casserly           William             Brown Township
Cassiday           M.                  Brown Township
Cassiday           Smith               Brown Township
Cassity            D.G.                Union Township
Cassity            William             Marion Township
Castle             Martin              Liberty Township
Catterson          Patrick             Liberty Township
Cavett             Moses               Center Township
Caywood            Asa                 Middle Township
Caywood            H.                  Brown Township
Caywood            John                Middle Township
Chadd              David               Marion Township
Chadd              Thomas              Marion Township
Chadwick           James               Middle Township
Chamber            John                Liberty Township
Chamberlain        George              Center Township
Chambers           Alexander           Center Township
Chamness           A.B.                Guilford Township
Chamness           Edward              Guilford Township
Chamness           Owen                Center Township
Champion           John M.             Clay Township
Chandler           Jacob               Guilford Township
Chandler           Joseph              Guilford Township
Chaplain           G.W.                Washington Township
Chapman            Hu                  Eel River Township
Cheser             E.                  Eel River Township
Chew               Isaac               Liberty Township
Childs             Benjamin            Liberty Township
Chivens            Georg               Guilford Township
Christie           Andrew J.           Center Township
Christie           Henry               Marion Township
Christie           Isaac               Marion Township
Christie           James               Center Township
Christie           John                Marion Township
Christie           John W.             Marion Township
Christie           Nathaniel           Marion Township
Christie           William             Center Township
Christie           William, Sr.        Marion Township
Christy            E.F.                Eel River Township
Clark              A.N.                Franklin Township
Clark              D.M.                Washington Township
Clark              Daniel              Liberty Township
Clark              Dennis              Middle Township
Clark              Drury               Middle Township
Clark              Ezekiel             Middle Township
Clark              Isaac               Washington Township
Clark              J.                  Eel River Township
Clark              J.T.                Washington Township
Clark              James A.            Middle Township
Clark              James H.            Franklin Township
Clark              Jesse B.            Union Township
Clark              John                Franklin Township
Clark              John                Middle Township
Clark              John                Washington Township
Clark              John H.             Franklin Township
Clark              Joseph              Center Township
Clark              Silas G.            Union Township
Clark              Z.R.                Center Township
Clay               H.                  Eel River Township
Claypool           John W.             Union Township
Clements           J.N.                Eel River Township
Clements           John                Brown Township
Clements           Joseph N.           Center Township
Clemmens           James               Marion Township
Clemons            John                Clay Township
Clemons            Lunsford            Clay Township
Clemons            Thomas              Clay Township
Clifford           John                Marion Township
Clifton            A.                  Eel River Township
Clifton            S.                  Eel River Township
Cline              J.B.                Franklin Township
Cline              William             Franklin Township
Cline              William C.          Franklin Township
Cloud              C.F.C.              Middle Township
Clune              Patrick             Union Township
Coaltran           John W.             Guilford Township
Cobble             Peter               Clay Township
Cobel              Daniel              Franklin Township
Cobel              E.                  Franklin Township
Cobel              Eli                 Franklin Township
Cobel              George A.           Franklin Township
Cobel              Plummer             Franklin Township
Cobel              W.                  Franklin Township
Cockerel           Andrew J.           Middle Township
Cofer              Levi                Center Township
Coffin             A.T.                Clay Township
Coffin             Addison             Clay Township
Coffin             Charles             Center Township
Coffin             J.I.                Center Township
Coffin             Jonathan            Center Township
Coffin             N.                  Brown Township
Coffman            W.J.                Brown Township
Cofford            James T.            Liberty Township
Cofford            M.T.                Liberty Township
Coleman            Benjamin            Washington Township
Coleman            James               Washington Township
Coleman            T.M.                Washington Township
Collins            Henry               Brown Township
Collins            James               Brown Township
Collins            John                Brown Township
Combs              James M.            Brown Township
Combs              L.                  Brown Township
Comingor           J.A.                Center Township
Comingor           J.M.                Center Township
Comingor           J.W.                Center Township
Compton            Amos                Guilford Township
Compton            Thomas W.           Guilford Township
Conn               William             Center Township
Connard            John                Center Township
Conquest           William             Clay Township
Conroe             M.M.                Washington Township
Cook               Henderson           Liberty Township
Cook               John                Liberty Township
Cook               Milton              Liberty Township
Cook               N.                  Liberty Township
Cook               Sam                 Eel River Township
Cook               William H.          Guilford Township
Cooper             E.                  Brown Township
Cooper             Jeremiah            Guilford Township
Cooper             Joseph              Brown Township
Cooper             Lewis               Franklin Township
Cooper             Shelbey             Franklin Township
Cooper             William B.          Guilford Township
Cooper             William D.          Guilford Township
Cope               J.R.                Brown Township
Cope               Jonathan            Liberty Township
Copelan            Elijah              Liberty Township
Corbin             S.                  Eel River Township
Corbon             S.H.                Eel River Township
Cord               B.H.                Marion Township
Corlass            John                Brown Township
Corliss            Tom                 Brown Township
Cornet             John                Liberty Township
Cornett            William             Liberty Township
Cornstable         A.                  Center Township
Cosine             Georg               Guilford Township
Cosine             S.S.                Guilford Township
Cosner             A.                  Franklin Township
Cosner             John                Franklin Township
Cosner             Samuel              Franklin Township
Cosner             William             Franklin Township
Couch              J.B.                Eel River Township
Courtney           D.                  Brown Township
Courtney           H.                  Brown Township
Courtney           T.D.                Brown Township
Courtney           William             Center Township
Coverdale          R.A.                Liberty Township
Covey              R.D.                Eel River Township
Cox                A.                  Eel River Township
Cox                D.F.                Washington Township
Cox                Daniel              Washington Township
Cox                David M.            Guilford Township
Cox                Enos                Washington Township
Cox                Ezra H.             Guilford Township
Cox                Henry               Center Township
Cox                J.R.                Washington Township
Cox                James               Middle Township
Cox                Joseph A.           Guilford Township
Cox                Robert              Brown Township
Cox                Solomon             Washington Township
Cox                William T.          Liberty Township
Cox                Z.Z.                Washington Township
Crabb              Vincent             Middle Township
Crabb              William N.          Middle Township
Craddick           S.R.                Center Township
Crafton            A.                  Washington Township
Craig              J.                  Eel River Township
Craig              J.H.                Eel River Township
Craigmil           S.J.                Washington Township
Craven             Riley               Center Township
Craven             Wesley              Liberty Township
Craver             J.                  Eel River Township
Crawford           A.N.                Franklin Township
Crawford           Edwin               Liberty Township
Crawford           F.R.                Center Township
Crawford           Moses               Franklin Township
Crawford           W.                  Brown Township
Crawford           William E.          Liberty Township
Crews              Darius              Marion Township
Crews              James               Marion Township
Crews              James B.            Clay Township
Crews              John F.             Franklin Township
Crews              John F.             Marion Township
Crews              Levi                Clay Township
Crews              Sewel               Franklin Township
Crews              W.                  Franklin Township
Crews              William             Clay Township
Crist              Wellington          Guilford Township
Cristy             James               Clay Township
Cross              Charles             Liberty Township
Cross              George              Center Township
Crossley           A.J.                Washington Township
Crouch             James G.            Clay Township
Crowe              George              Marion Township
Culbertson         George              Marion Township
Culbertson         Jeremiah            Marion Township
Culbertson         Taswell             Clay Township
Cummins            Jesse               Center Township
Cundiff            J.M.                Union Township
Cundiff            John                Middle Township
Cundiff            Robert A.           Middle Township
Cundy              Alfred              Clay Township
Cunlley            John A.             Liberty Township
Curnutt            John                Guilford Township
Curry              Robert              Center Township
Curtis             B.F.                Brown Township
Curtis             Hugh                Marion Township
Curtis             Jonathan P.         Center Township
Curtis             Peter               Center Township
Cutshall           James               Liberty Township
Cutshall           John                Liberty Township
Dale               William A.          Middle Township
Dalton             Caleb               Guilford Township
Dalton             D.                  Brown Township
Dane               Nathun              Liberty Township
Darnall            John F.             Center Township
Darnell            S.B.                Brown Township
Darnell            William F.          Union Township
Darnoll            W.M.                Center Township
Davidson           Clabern             Union Township
Davidson           D.                  Eel River Township
Davidson           Ezekiel             Union Township
Davidson           J.                  Eel River Township
Davidson           M.                  Eel River Township
Davidson           Sam                 Eel River Township
Davidson           Silas               Middle Township
Davis              B.                  Eel River Township
Davis              B.F.                Washington Township
Davis              D.                  Brown Township
Davis              D.W.                Liberty Township
Davis              Edwin M.            Center Township
Davis              F.M.                Brown Township
Davis              Georg               Guilford Township
Davis              J.                  Eel River Township
Davis              J.H.                Washington Township
Davis              James               Brown Township
Davis              James L.            Eel River Township
Davis              Jobe H.             Liberty Township
Davis              Johnathan J.        Union Township
Davis              Joshua              Liberty Township
Davis              L.                  Eel River Township
Davis              Lewis               Brown Township
Davis              Pearce H.           Guilford Township
Davis              Thomas              Guilford Township
Davis              Thomas W.           Liberty Township
Davis              Thornton S.         Brown Township
Davis              W.                  Eel River Township
Davis              W.H.                Brown Township
Davis              Wash                Brown Township
Davison            B.O.                Brown Township
Davison            J.T.                Brown Township
Davison            James               Union Township
Day                J.B.                Liberty Township
Day                Joseph              Liberty Township
Dean               Curtis              Guilford Township
Dean               Daniel              Franklin Township
Dean               J.T.                Eel River Township
Dearcor            C.                  Eel River Township
Deatly             John T.             Union Township
Decker             John                Washington Township
Decker             P.M.                Washington Township
Delano             William J.          Liberty Township
Demoss             David               Liberty Township
Demoss             John                Liberty Township
Demoss             Peter               Marion Township
Dennis             Burr P.             Guilford Township
Dennis             Joseph H.           Guilford Township
Dennis             Obed                Guilford Township
Denny              J.W.                Washington Township
Denny              Jorden              Marion Township
Depew              J.                  Center Township
Derben             William H.          Liberty Township
Derham             J.                  Eel River Township
Detrict            C.W.                Franklin Township
Dettrick           P.K.                Clay Township
Devan              John                Liberty Township
Devan              M.                  Eel River Township
Devenport          G.                  Eel River Township
Devin              L.                  Brown Township
Dewey              E.                  Center Township
Dewitt             C.                  Eel River Township
Dewitt             J.                  Eel River Township
Dicken             James               Guilford Township
Dickerson          Calvin              Marion Township
Dickerson          Enos                Marion Township
Dickerson          Ezra                Washington Township
Dickerson          Floyd               Marion Township
Dickerson          Griffith            Center Township
Dickerson          H.L.                Center Township
Dickerson          J.G.                Brown Township
Dickerson          J.R.                Washington Township
Dickerson          Jackson             Marion Township
Dickerson          John W.             Brown Township
Dickerson          Reed                Middle Township
Dickey             Daniel              Union Township
Dillon             Isaac               Middle Township
Dillon             William             Middle Township
Dinken             W.P.                Franklin Township
Dinkin             Joseph B.           Marion Township
Dinsmore           Peter               Union Township
Dinwiddie          W.F.                Brown Township
Dinwiddie          W.M.                Brown Township
Dixon              Elihu               Clay Township
Dixon              Phineas             Clay Township
Dixon              William             Clay Township
Doan               Clarkson            Guilford Township
Doan               Washington          Guilford Township
Dobson             J.A.C.              Brown Township
Dodge              Thomas              Marion Township
Dodson             B.R.                Marion Township
Dodson             Benjamin R.         Center Township
Dodson             J.R.                Union Township
Dodson             John                Brown Township
Done               John                Guilford Township
Done               N.W.                Middle Township
Dooley             A.T.                Marion Township
Dooley             James B.            Marion Township
Dooley             John                Center Township
Dooley             Moses               Marion Township
Dooly              G.                  Brown Township
Doraugherty        A.T.                Franklin Township
Doty               David               Center Township
Doud               Michael             Middle Township
Doughall           William             Guilford Township
Doughty            A.H.                Eel River Township
Doughty            G.                  Eel River Township
Douglass           William C.          Guilford Township
Downard            Ad                  Center Township
Downard            David               Marion Township
Downard            Robert R.           Guilford Township
Downey             George M.           Marion Township
Downey             John                Union Township
Downs              William             Center Township
Doyle              E.T.                Brown Township
Duckworth          G.                  Eel River Township
Duckworth          James               Eel River Township
Duckworth          P.                  Eel River Township
Duckworth          W.                  Eel River Township
Duffey             Eli                 Liberty Township
Duffey             Hesakiah            Liberty Township
Duffey             James               Liberty Township
Dufuffey           Michael             Liberty Township
Dugan              Henry               Middle Township
Dugan              M.                  Brown Township
Dugan              Tom                 Brown Township
Duly               Clay                Clay Township
Duncan             A.                  Brown Township
Duncan             Alfred              Brown Township
Duncan             J.                  Brown Township
Dunn               G.W.                Brown Township
Dunnington         W.N.                Center Township
Duzan              Jacob M.            Middle Township
Duzann             Fred                Center Township
Eaker              N.D.                Washington Township
Easterling         Amos                Guilford Township
Easterling         Caleb               Guilford Township
Easterling         Enoch               Guilford Township
Eaton              G.                  Brown Township
Eaton              Gran                Brown Township
Eaton              H.                  Brown Township
Ecrit              W.H.                Brown Township
Edmonson           B.G.                Liberty Township
Edmonson           Francis             Liberty Township
Edwards            J.                  Eel River Township
Edwards            J.H.                Eel River Township
Edwards            James L.            Center Township
Edwards            John                Clay Township
Edwards            Joseph H.           Liberty Township
Edwards            Joshua              Clay Township
Edwards            Samuel              Clay Township
Edwards            W.                  Eel River Township
Egan               James               Liberty Township
Elgen              Daniel              Clay Township
Eli                Samuel              Union Township
Eli                William             Union Township
Elington           J.M.                Eel River Township
Eliott             John                Guilford Township
Elis               James P.            Guilford Township
Elis               John W.             Guilford Township
Elliott            Alexander           Guilford Township
Elliott            Madison             Guilford Township
Ellis              Albert              Middle Township
Ellis              Richard             Center Township
Ellott             J.                  Eel River Township
Elrod              Wesley              Clay Township
Emmons             J.                  Eel River Township
Emmons             John                Center Township
English            Jonathan            Center Township
Ervin              Thomas              Clay Township
Estep              J.W.                Center Township
Estes              Abram               Center Township
Estess             Edward B.           Clay Township
Etchison           Robert              Marion Township
Etherton           David E.            Liberty Township
Etris              S. Ehben            Brown Township
Evans              A.H.                Franklin Township
Evans              Elis                Guilford Township
Evans              F.M.                Brown Township
Evans              G.J.                Brown Township
Evans              J.                  Brown Township
Evans              J.E.                Marion Township
Evans              Thomas              Guilford Township
Evans              William             Brown Township
Evington           L.                  Eel River Township
Ewing              Alexander           Center Township
Falkner            Jesse               Liberty Township
Falkner            Lemuel              Washington Township
Falkner            William             Liberty Township
Falls              J.W.                Center Township
Farmer             Jacob               Guilford Township
Farr               Levi                Center Township
Farrell            Daniel              Guilford Township
Faucet             Jacob               Union Township
Faucett            B.F.                Washington Township
Faucett            J.W.                Washington Township
Faucett            Joseph              Washington Township
Faught             B.F.                Marion Township
Faught             George              Middle Township
Faught             John H.             Marion Township
Faught             Joseph              Middle Township
Faught             Nelson              Middle Township
Faught             William H.          Marion Township
Faulkner           Cyrus               Marion Township
Faulkner           T.S.                Center Township
Fawcett            William T.          Guilford Township
Fay                John B.             Brown Township
Feren              J.                  Eel River Township
Ferree             Dan                 Brown Township
Ferree             G.S.P.              Middle Township
Ferree             Henderson           Washington Township
Fessenden          H.                  Center Township
Fields             David P.            Guilford Township
Fields             Smith               Marion Township
Fields             W.                  Eel River Township
Figg               Robert P.           Marion Township
Filer              Georg               Center Township
Fitch              John                Brown Township
Fitch              Marion              Brown Township
Fitch              Sam                 Brown Township
Fitts              Asbery              Clay Township
Fitzpatrick        John                Liberty Township
Flathers           John                Center Township
Flathers           John                Union Township
Fleece             C.N.                Eel River Township
Fleece             Charles             Eel River Township
Fleece             J.                  Eel River Township
Fleece             J.H.                Eel River Township
Fleece             James               Eel River Township
Fleetwood          Isaac J.            Marion Township
Fletcher           N.                  Liberty Township
Fletcher           Pa                  Liberty Township
Flin               Patrick             Guilford Township
Flynn              Alfred              Marion Township
Flynn              James               Marion Township
Flynn              John                Center Township
Flynn              Michael             Marion Township
Fogleman           John E.             Guilford Township
Fogleman           Samuel              Guilford Township
Fogleman           William             Guilford Township
Folkner            Squire              Clay Township
Fookes             G.W.                Brown Township
Foor               Absalom             Center Township
Ford               G.                  Brown Township
Ford               John                Clay Township
Ford               Johnson             Brown Township
Ford               P.                  Brown Township
Ford               P.M.                Brown Township
Fordyce            W.B.                Brown Township
Forham             John                Center Township
Fossett            Charles B.          Center Township
Fossett            Isaac               Center Township
Foster             Joseph              Brown Township
Foster             Reuben J.           Marion Township
Foster             Shannon             Brown Township
Foster             Wiley               Franklin Township
Foster             William M.          Brown Township
Fox                A.B.                Washington Township
Fox                Barney              Washington Township
Fox                John                Washington Township
Francis            J.                  Eel River Township
Francis            John                Guilford Township
Francis            Joseph              Washington Township
Francis            Thomas              Washington Township
Francis            William             Washington Township
Franklin           Ben                 Center Township
Franklin           Elisha              Liberty Township
Franklin           John                Brown Township
Franklin           Joseph              Liberty Township
Franklin           R.N.                Center Township
Franklin           Reuben C.           Liberty Township
Franklin           S.C.                Liberty Township
Franklin           Thomas              Liberty Township
Franklin           William L.          Liberty Township
Frazee             D.D.                Washington Township
Frazee             Oliver              Washington Township
Frazier            C.                  Eel River Township
Frazier            Moses               Liberty Township
Frazier            Robert              Center Township
Frazier            Samuel              Guilford Township
Frazier            William             Center Township
Free               Calvin E.           Liberty Township
Freeman            Brook               Center Township
Frenyer            George J.           Middle Township
Fricker            John                Liberty Township
Fridel             E.A.                Guilford Township
Fronk              James M.            Middle Township
Fry                Joseph              Marion Township
Fry                Peter               Marion Township
Fulp               Peter               Clay Township
Fulp               Stephen             Clay Township
Funkhouser         J.                  Brown Township
Funkhouser         M.                  Brown Township
Funkhouser         O.                  Brown Township
Furgason           Charles             Liberty Township
Furgason           James               Liberty Township
Furnace            Christopher         Washington Township
Furnace            Robert              Washington Township
Furnas             Allen               Center Township
Gaar               John                Center Township
Gaar               Solom               Center Township
Gallager           William             Center Township
Gamble             A.                  Brown Township
Gamble             A.L.                Washington Township
Gamble             F.M.                Washington Township
Gamble             John                Brown Township
Gamble             John                Washington Township
Gamble             L.                  Brown Township
Gamble             William             Washington Township
Gambole            J.B.                Clay Township
Gambole            J.C.                Clay Township
Gardner            A.D.                Union Township
Gardner            Perry               Union Township
Gardner            Silas               Eel River Township
Garris             J.D.                Washington Township
Garrison           John M.             Franklin Township
Garrison           Josiah              Franklin Township
Garrison           W.L.                Guilford Township
Gasgil             A.                  Eel River Township
Gasper             James               Clay Township
Gasper             John                Clay Township
Gay                James               Washington Township
Gee                A.A.                Center Township
Gelven             W.                  Eel River Township
Gentry             G.W.                Center Township
Gentry             H.                  Franklin Township
Gentry             Harvey              Union Township
Gentry             James M.            Marion Township
Gentry             Jeremiah            Franklin Township
Gentry             John                Middle Township
Gentry             Martin              Center Township
Gentry             Martin              Middle Township
Gentry             Richard             Middle Township
Gentry             William             Middle Township
Ghering            Conrad              Center Township
Gibbon             H.                  Franklin Township
Gibbs              B.                  Center Township
Gibbs              G.A.                Washington Township
Gibson             J.                  Eel River Township
Gibson             J.N.                Center Township
Gibson             John                Union Township
Gilbert            John                Washington Township
Gilbert            William             Washington Township
Gill               Enos                Brown Township
Gillen             James P.            Liberty Township
Gillen             James W.            Liberty Township
Gillen             John C.             Liberty Township
Gilliland          Thomas              Washington Township
Gilliland          William             Washington Township
Ginvill            Moses               Clay Township
Givan              B.F.                Franklin Township
Givens             G.A.                Eel River Township
Gladden            John                Washington Township
Glaze              C.W.                Liberty Township
Glover             James               Liberty Township
Glover             James               Marion Township
Glynn              Thomas              Guilford Township
Godfrey            J.A.                Brown Township
Gooding            Thomas              Washington Township
Gorden             Jonathan            Center Township
Gossett            A.W.                Washington Township
Gossett            Francis             Washington Township
Gossett            N.W.                Brown Township
Gossett            Nelson              Washington Township
Gossett            Samuel              Guilford Township
Gossett            William             Washington Township
Gotts              Adam                Center Township
Gowan              James               Marion Township
Gowan              S.M.                Center Township
Gowan              Stephen             Marion Township
Gowen              Jeremiah            Marion Township
Gowen              Samuel              Center Township
Graham             T.A.                Brown Township
Graham             Tilman              Union Township
Gray               James               Brown Township
Gray               Malachi             Clay Township
Greason            Jacob               Guilford Township
Green              Charles             Clay Township
Green              Cornelius           Clay Township
Green              H.B.                Brown Township
Green              Hiram               Washington Township
Green              J.                  Eel River Township
Green              J.A.                Washington Township
Green              J.G.                Brown Township
Green              J.N.                Franklin Township
Green              M.D.                Brown Township
Green              Morton              Brown Township
Green              W.                  Brown Township
Green              Z.W.                Center Township
Greenlee           Abner               Clay Township
Greenlee           James               Marion Township
Greenlee           William             Clay Township
Greeson            Rusfian             Liberty Township
Gregg              George              Center Township
Gregg              Jacob               Middle Township
Gregg              James M.            Center Township
Gregg              John                Middle Township
Gregg              John A.             Middle Township
Gregg              Martin              Center Township
Gregg              W.P.                Center Township
Gregg              William C.          Middle Township
Gregory            John                Union Township
Gregory            John W.             Union Township
Gregory            Riley               Guilford Township
Grey               Ambrose             Guilford Township
Grey               C.                  Union Township
Griffith           Benjamin S.         Middle Township
Griffith           J.W.                Union Township
Griggs             David               Marion Township
Griggs             James               Union Township
Griggs             W.H.                Center Township
Grimes             J.A.                Franklin Township
Grimes             William P.          Franklin Township
Gross              Franklin            Clay Township
Gross              John, Sr.           Marion Township
Guilliams          R.                  Brown Township
Guilliams          Taz                 Brown Township
Gulley             Hem                 Center Township
Gulley             John, Sr.           Middle Township
Gulley             William             Middle Township
Guthrie            George              Center Township
Guynn              Moses               Center Township
Gwin               Jesse               Liberty Township
Gwin               Seth                Liberty Township
Hackley            Joseph              Center Township
Hackly             H.                  Eel River Township
Hackly             J.                  Eel River Township
Hackly             R.                  Eel River Township
Hadden             J.W.                Washington Township
Haden              James               Clay Township
Hadey              Manley              Liberty Township
Hadley             Abner               Liberty Township
Hadley             Adison              Liberty Township
Hadley             Albert              Liberty Township
Hadley             Alfred              Liberty Township
Hadley             Atlass              Guilford Township
Hadley             C.                  Center Township
Hadley             Calvin              Guilford Township
Hadley             E.B.                Center Township
Hadley             E.R.                Marion Township
Hadley             Elias               Guilford Township
Hadley             Enos                Clay Township
Hadley             Enos                Washington Township
Hadley             H.C.                Washington Township
Hadley             Harland             Washington Township
Hadley             Hiram               Washington Township
Hadley             Isaac               Marion Township
Hadley             James B.            Liberty Township
Hadley             James T.            Center Township
Hadley             Jehu                Franklin Township
Hadley             Jesse               Guilford Township
Hadley             Job                 Clay Township
Hadley             John                Guilford Township
Hadley             John O.             Center Township
Hadley             Jonathan            Clay Township
Hadley             Jonathan            Marion Township
Hadley             M.G.                Franklin Township
Hadley             Matthias            Clay Township
Hadley             Milton              Clay Township
Hadley             Mordaica            Clay Township
Hadley             Moses               Guilford Township
Hadley             Nolen               Liberty Township
Hadley             S.T.                Clay Township
Hadley             Samuel              Clay Township
Hadley             Simon T.            Center Township
Hadley             Tilman              Marion Township
Hadley             William J.          Middle Township
Hadley             William T.          Marion Township
Hadley             Zeno                Clay Township
Haggard            Willis              Clay Township
Hail               John                Middle Township
Hail               William             Middle Township
Haines             Cyrus F.            Marion Township
Hale               Henry               Center Township
Hale               John P.             Guilford Township
Hall               J.                  Eel River Township
Hall               John                Marion Township
Hall               John                Union Township
Hall               M.                  Eel River Township
Hall               P.F.                Clay Township
Hall               S.B.                Liberty Township
Hall               Salmon              Marion Township
Hall               T.                  Eel River Township
Hall               Thomas B.           Union Township
Hall               William             Union Township
Hamblin            Vincent             Center Township
Hamilton           Abra                Union Township
Hamilton           D.D.                Center Township
Hamlett            Egbert              Brown Township
Hamlett            John                Brown Township
Hammond            John                Liberty Township
Hampton            J.                  Eel River Township
Hampton            Stephen             Marion Township
Hampton            Washington          Center Township
Hamrick            John T.             Liberty Township
Hancock            William             Center Township
Hankins            George              Marion Township
Hankins            Gilbert             Marion Township
Hankins            William P.          Marion Township
Hankins            William, Sr.        Marion Township
Hanley             Samuel C.           Clay Township
Hanna              Thomas              Liberty Township
Hansen             Joseph M.           Brown Township
Hardin             J.T.                Union Township
Hardin             John                Center Township
Hardin             S.N.                Brown Township
Hardin             W.E.                Washington Township
Hardin             William             Brown Township
Hardin             William V.          Brown Township
Hardwic            Stephen             Center Township
Hardwick           John                Franklin Township
Hardwick           Warren              Marion Township
Hardwick           Wesley              Clay Township
Harenlake          Henry               Washington Township
Harlam             G.                  Eel River Township
Harlam             J.                  Eel River Township
Harlan             Alphius             Franklin Township
Harlan             E.                  Franklin Township
Harlan             Enoch B.            Clay Township
Harlan             J.B.                Center Township
Harlan             James               Franklin Township
Harlan             Jessey E.           Franklin Township
Harlow             J.                  Eel River Township
Harmon             George              Liberty Township
Harmon             John                Clay Township
Harper             Allen               Liberty Township
Harper             Henry C.            Marion Township
Harper             Jeff                Center Township
Harper             John D.             Liberty Township
Harper             Richard F.          Marion Township
Harris             James               Middle Township
Harris             Joseph              Marion Township
Harris             Nicodemus           Marion Township
Harris             Robert              Middle Township
Harris             Thornton            Brown Township
Harris             William             Brown Township
Harris             William             Clay Township
Harris             William             Middle Township
Harrison           Jessey              Franklin Township
Harrison           John                Franklin Township
Harrison           Wade H.             Union Township
Harrison           William             Franklin Township
Harrod             John                Middle Township
Hart               Aaron               Center Township
Hart               John                Liberty Township
Hart               Levi                Marion Township
Hartley            G.B.                Brown Township
Harvey             Barkley             Clay Township
Harvey             Harlan              Clay Township
Harvey             Henry               Guilford Township
Harvey             J.E.                Center Township
Harvey             R.N.                Clay Township
Harvey             Robert              Clay Township
Harvey             Thomas B.           Guilford Township
Harvey             W.F.                Clay Township
Harvey             William             Guilford Township
Harwood            Ephraim             Washington Township
Hashberger         William             Liberty Township
Hastings           S.B.                Center Township
Hatchet            W.L.                Brown Township
Hation             Charley             Brown Township
Hation             Mike                Brown Township
Haven              Joel                Franklin Township
Haven              John                Franklin Township
Havens             James C.            Guilford Township
Hawkins            Eli                 Washington Township
Hawkins            J.W.                Center Township
Hawkins            J.W.                Washington Township
Hawkins            Jahu                Washington Township
Hawkins            Joel                Washington Township
Hawkins            S.L.                Center Township
Hawkins            Tom                 Brown Township
Hayden             Allen               Union Township
Hayden             John                Guilford Township
Hayden             Marian              Liberty Township
Hayden             William             Guilford Township
Haynes             Charles             Center Township
Haynes             Enoch               Center Township
Haynes             Franklin            Center Township
Haynes             W.F.                Center Township
Hays               Henry H.            Marion Township
Hays               J.H.                Center Township
Hays               J.H.                Marion Township
Hays               James               Marion Township
Hays               John                Marion Township
Hays               W.W.                Center Township
Hayworth           E.T.                Franklin Township
Hayworth           James               Clay Township
Hayworth           Jonathan            Franklin Township
Hayworth           Sheperd             Clay Township
Hazelett           W.J.                Franklin Township
Heath              R.                  Eel River Township
Heavening          A.                  Franklin Township
Heavens            James               Marion Township
Hedge              Anderson            Marion Township
Hedge              D.                  Eel River Township
Hedge              G.                  Eel River Township
Hedge              James               Eel River Township
Hedge              W.                  Eel River Township
Hedge              W.H.                Eel River Township
Hedges             A.J.                Liberty Township
Heightshue         J.                  Brown Township
Helten             Thomas J.           Liberty Township
Helton             Eli                 Center Township
Helton             Hiram               Center Township
Helton             Jeremiah            Center Township
Helton             John                Liberty Township
Helton             Stephen             Washington Township
Hemphill           James               Marion Township
Henderson          James               Guilford Township
Henderson          James               Middle Township
Henderson          John W.             Middle Township
Henderson          T.T.                Washington Township
Hendricks          Ely                 Eel River Township
Hendricks          Jesse               Union Township
Hendricks          Joel                Liberty Township
Hendricks          M.                  Brown Township
Hendrickson        J.W.                Brown Township
Hendricson         Isreal              Middle Township
Henly              Henry               Guilford Township
Henry              Enoch               Center Township
Henry              Thompson            Center Township
Hensley            John                Eel River Township
Henson             William             Center Township
Henton             Milton              Center Township
Henton             William             Center Township
Hereing            G.W.                Brown Township
Hering             G.                  Brown Township
Hering             J.H.                Brown Township
Hering             J.P.                Brown Township
Herington          H.                  Eel River Township
Hernden            John G.             Union Township
Herren             Smith               Center Township
Herrin             Daniel              Franklin Township
Hess               Allen               Center Township
Hessian            Martin              Guilford Township
Hethcock           Jacob               Washington Township
Hiatt              Benjamin            Clay Township
Hiatt              James               Liberty Township
Hiatt              Spencer             Liberty Township
Higgins            Daniel              Marion Township
Higgins            Michael, Jr.        Marion Township
Higgins            Michael, Sr.        Marion Township
Highland           C.                  Center Township
Hill               A.C.                Center Township
Hill               John                Middle Township
Hill               John Q.             Marion Township
Hill               O.W.                Middle Township
Hill               Samuel              Middle Township
Hiller             C.G.                Eel River Township
Hindis             William             Union Township
Hines              Winfield            Clay Township
Hinton             Allen               Center Township
Hiss               Sebastian           Guilford Township
Hoadley            Abram               Washington Township
Hoadley            Alvah               Brown Township
Hoadley            D.W.                Washington Township
Hobbs              Elisha              Guilford Township
Hobson             Joseph C.           Guilford Township
Hobson             Newton              Guilford Township
Hobson             Rufus               Guilford Township
Hockett            Asa                 Guilford Township
Hockett            B.F.                Clay Township
Hockett            Cyrus               Guilford Township
Hockett            Enoch               Clay Township
Hockett            Jesse               Guilford Township
Hockett            Jesse, Jr.          Guilford Township
Hockett            Jonithan            Guilford Township
Hodge              George W.           Franklin Township
Hodge              L.                  Franklin Township
Hodge              Russel              Franklin Township
Hodges             D.L.                Marion Township
Hodges             William             Marion Township
Hodson             A.N.                Franklin Township
Hodson             Eli                 Clay Township
Hodson             Eli M.              Clay Township
Hodson             Isaac               Center Township
Hodson             J.L.                Clay Township
Hodson             Jeremiah            Center Township
Hodson             Jesse               Guilford Township
Hodson             Jesse W.            Clay Township
Hodson             Joel W.             Clay Township
Hodson             Newby               Clay Township
Hodson             Newton C.           Guilford Township
Hodson             Robert W.           Guilford Township
Hodson             W.W.                Center Township
Hogan              M.                  Brown Township
Hogan              Martin              Brown Township
Hogate             C.F.                Center Township
Hohman             Tarlton             Franklin Township
Holeway            Asa                 Guilford Township
Hollensworth       Joseph              Liberty Township
Hollett            J.A.                Brown Township
Hollett            John                Brown Township
Hollett            M.H.                Brown Township
Hollett            Thomas              Brown Township
Holley             Alexander           Center Township
Holley             Joshua              Center Township
Hollingsworth      Murza N.            Guilford Township
Hollingsworth      S.V.                Washington Township
Holloway           Joseph              Brown Township
Hollowell          James               Clay Township
Holmes             Jothan L.           Guilford Township
Holmes             Samuel              Center Township
Holsclaw           William             Clay Township
Holter             G.C.                Brown Township
Holton             James               Washington Township
Holtsclaw          John                Middle Township
Holtsclaw          Marshall            Middle Township
Holy               William             Liberty Township
Homan              A.                  Brown Township
Homan              Joseph              Brown Township
Homan              Joseph              Center Township
Homan              T.                  Brown Township
Hooker             Milton              Washington Township
Hooker             Riley               Washington Township
Hooper             T.                  Eel River Township
Hoosier            W.                  Eel River Township
Hooten             John                Washington Township
Hopkins            W.                  Brown Township
Hopper             John W.             Middle Township
Hopwood            D.N.                Liberty Township
Hopwood            Moses               Liberty Township
Horn               J.                  Eel River Township
Hornaday           A.M.                Washington Township
Hornaday           Ezekiel             Washington Township
Hornaday           Isaiah              Washington Township
Hornaday           J.W.                Washington Township
Hornaday           L.C.                Washington Township
Hornaday           Samuel              Washington Township
Hornida            Edward              Liberty Township
Hornida            Simon               Liberty Township
Hough              George W.           Brown Township
Howard             Dennis              Clay Township
Howarth            William             Center Township
Howell             Henry               Center Township
Howell             James M.            Marion Township
Howell             John W.             Marion Township
Howell             Thomas              Marion Township
Howk               Fred                Center Township
Howland            William             Center Township
Howlick            James               Brown Township
Huble              John                Eel River Township
Huble              L.                  Eel River Township
Huddleston         Alfred              Middle Township
Huddleston         H.                  Brown Township
Huddleston         Hiram, Sr.          Brown Township
Huddleston         J.                  Brown Township
Huddleston         Joseph              Brown Township
Hudson             E.                  Franklin Township
Hudson             William             Franklin Township
Hueston            Hamilton            Center Township
Huff               Alf                 Center Township
Huff               Elijah              Center Township
Huff               F.J.                Center Township
Huff               J.                  Eel River Township
Huff               Joseph              Center Township
Huff               William             Center Township
Huffman            S.                  Eel River Township
Huffman            T.                  Eel River Township
Hufford            David               Liberty Township
Hufford            G.F.                Washington Township
Hufford            Gideon              Washington Township
Hufford            W.N.                Brown Township
Hughes             F.M.                Brown Township
Hughes             T.                  Brown Township
Hughs              Edwin               Marion Township
Hughs              Henry               Middle Township
Hughs              Jacob               Middle Township
Hughs              James               Guilford Township
Hughs              William A.          Middle Township
Hulett             William             Center Township
Hulsizer           A.                  Brown Township
Hulsizer           Jehu                Brown Township
Hulsizer           Peter               Brown Township
Hulsizer           W.                  Brown Township
Hultz              Alfred              Brown Township
Hultz              John                Brown Township
Hunt               Albert              Liberty Township
Hunt               Amial               Clay Township
Hunt               Asale               Liberty Township
Hunt               Asher               Marion Township
Hunt               Caleb               Clay Township
Hunt               Cantley             Liberty Township
Hunt               Cyrus               Liberty Township
Hunt               Daniel              Marion Township
Hunt               E.F.                Washington Township
Hunt               Eber                Clay Township
Hunt               Ithamar             Marion Township
Hunt               J.                  Eel River Township
Hunt               Johnson             Eel River Township
Hunt               Nath A.             Center Township
Hunt               Solomon             Center Township
Hunt               W.H.                Union Township
Hunt               Zimri, Jr.          Marion Township
Hunt               Zimri, Sr.          Marion Township
Hunter             Helm                Franklin Township
Hurdle             Robbert             Liberty Township
Huron              B.A.                Washington Township
Huron              Eli                 Washington Township
Huron              Enos                Washington Township
Huron              G.A.                Washington Township
Huron              J.T.                Washington Township
Huron              O.J.                Washington Township
Huron              S.J.                Washington Township
Huron              Seth                Washington Township
Husey              William             Liberty Township
Hussey             Judiah              Liberty Township
Hutchen            William             Clay Township
Hutchings          J.F.                Center Township
Hyatt              Eleazer B.          Guilford Township
Hylton             John                Union Township
Hylton             William             Brown Township
Hypes              John                Eel River Township
Hyten              B.P.                Middle Township
Hyten              W.C.                Center Township
Idings             W.                  Eel River Township
Iliff              Joseph              Washington Township
Ingling            T.W.                Washington Township
Ingrum             Isaac               Middle Township
Irons              John                Center Township
Irons              Jonathan            Liberty Township
Irons              Thomas              Liberty Township
Irving             Georg               Guilford Township
Ivens              H.C.                Liberty Township
Jacks              J.H.                Eel River Township
Jackson            Abner L.            Marion Township
Jackson            Allen               Liberty Township
Jackson            Armsted             Liberty Township
Jackson            E.                  Franklin Township
Jackson            Elihu               Guilford Township
Jackson            Franklin            Marion Township
Jackson            Hamilton            Liberty Township
Jackson            Iredell             Franklin Township
Jackson            John                Franklin Township
Jackson            John                Guilford Township
Jackson            William             Guilford Township
Jackson            William             Liberty Township
Jeffies            Isaac               Center Township
Jeffies            William, Sr.        Center Township
Jeffries           Lindsey             Center Township
Jeffries           William M.          Center Township
Jeggar             Julies D.           Union Township
Jelf               James               Brown Township
Jelf               Joel                Liberty Township
Jenkins            D.W.                Washington Township
Jenkins            David               Washington Township
Jenkins            Isaac               Washington Township
Jenkins            John                Washington Township
Jenkins            L.W.                Washington Township
Jenkins            Loten               Center Township
Jenkins            W.M.                Washington Township
Jenkins            William P.          Clay Township
Jess               Jesse               Guilford Township
Jessub             Jacob               Guilford Township
Jessup             Alfred              Guilford Township
Jessup             Elias               Center Township
Jessup             Hugh J.             Guilford Township
Jessup             Joel                Guilford Township
Jessup             Joseph              Guilford Township
Jessup             Joseph, Jr.         Guilford Township
Jessup             Linsey              Guilford Township
Jessup             Nathan              Guilford Township
Jessup             Timothy             Guilford Township
Jester             Martin M.           Clay Township
Job                S.W.                Middle Township
Job                William             Union Township
Johnson            A.J.                Washington Township
Johnson            Alfred              Guilford Township
Johnson            Atkins              Liberty Township
Johnson            Augustine           Franklin Township
Johnson            C.L.                Washington Township
Johnson            Charles             Washington Township
Johnson            Deameah             Liberty Township
Johnson            E.                  Eel River Township
Johnson            Edward              Washington Township
Johnson            Eli                 Guilford Township
Johnson            Elias D.            Guilford Township
Johnson            F.M.                Liberty Township
Johnson            G.W.                Washington Township
Johnson            Hanes               Liberty Township
Johnson            Henry               Washington Township
Johnson            Isaac, Jr.          Liberty Township
Johnson            Isaac, Sr.          Liberty Township
Johnson            J.                  Eel River Township
Johnson            J.B.                Liberty Township
Johnson            James               Liberty Township
Johnson            Job                 Clay Township
Johnson            John                Washington Township
Johnson            L.A.                Liberty Township
Johnson            Thomas              Franklin Township
Johnson            Thomas              Liberty Township
Johnson            W.                  Eel River Township
Johnson            W.K.                Brown Township
Johnson            W.M.                Franklin Township
Johnson            W.R.                Washington Township
Johnson            Wiliam S.           Union Township
Johnson            William             Liberty Township
Johnson            William             Washington Township
Jones              A.W.                Union Township
Jones              Adam                Guilford Township
Jones              Allen               Middle Township
Jones              C.                  Brown Township
Jones              C.W.                Brown Township
Jones              Charles             Center Township
Jones              Charles             Guilford Township
Jones              D.                  Eel River Township
Jones              Henry               Center Township
Jones              Isaac               Guilford Township
Jones              J.D.                Brown Township
Jones              J.W.                Center Township
Jones              J.W.                Eel River Township
Jones              James S.            Liberty Township
Jones              Jeremiah            Liberty Township
Jones              Jesse M.            Liberty Township
Jones              John                Liberty Township
Jones              John                Middle Township
Jones              John E.             Liberty Township
JOnes              Joseph              Eel River Township
Jones              Josiah              Eel River Township
Jones              L.                  Eel River Township
Jones              Po                  Brown Township
Jones              Richard             Middle Township
Jones              S.                  Eel River Township
Jones              Sam                 Eel River Township
Jones              Samuel              Guilford Township
Jones              Samuel              Union Township
Jones              T.N.                Center Township
Jones              Uriah               Brown Township
Jones              W.                  Eel River Township
Jones              W.P.                Brown Township
Jones              William             Guilford Township
Jones              William             Liberty Township
Jones              William A.          Middle Township
Jones              William S.          Brown Township
Jordan             Aquilla             Center Township
Jordan             D.                  Brown Township
Jordan             J.W.                Brown Township
Jordan             John                Brown Township
Jordan             W.                  Center Township
Jordon             G.W.                Middle Township
Jordon             Samuel              Middle Township
Joseph             John N.             Union Township
Joseph             William             Union Township
Junken             David A.            Middle Township
Junken             Moses               Middle Township
Junken             Noble               Middle Township
Kaler              Morris              Center Township
Karns              Richard             Center Township
Kasan              Gabreal             Liberty Township
Kean               William C.          Clay Township
Keen               Jacob C.            Guilford Township
Keeney             A.P.                Center Township
Keeney             John F.             Middle Township
Keeney             W.B.                Center Township
Keeny              Charles             Union Township
Keith              H.P.                Union Township
Kelley             A.D.                Franklin Township
Kelley             George              Liberty Township
Kelley             J.G.                Franklin Township
Kelley             J.R.                Franklin Township
Kellum             Aser                Guilford Township
Kellum             Elwod               Guilford Township
Kellum             Noah                Guilford Township
Kellum             Wesley              Guilford Township
Kelly              Anthony             Marion Township
Kelsey             Orvil               Franklin Township
Kelso              S.                  Eel River Township
Kenady             Greenup             Middle Township
Kenady             Joshua              Middle Township
Kendall            Ahimaz              Clay Township
Kendall            J.H.                Union Township
Kendall            J.P.                Clay Township
Kendall            John S.             Union Township
Kendle             David               Liberty Township
Kendle             Hira                Clay Township
Kenedy             Jacob               Union Township
Kenneda            John C.             Liberty Township
Kenneda            T.H.                Liberty Township
Kennedy            P.S.                Center Township
Kenney             L.                  Franklin Township
Kern               R.B.                Brown Township
Kersey             Isaac               Clay Township
Kersey             James, Jr.          Clay Township
Kersey             Joseph              Clay Township
Kersey             Thomas              Clay Township
Kesler             B.F.                Center Township
Kesler             C.                  Center Township
Kesler             L.                  Center Township
Kesler             T.J.                Eel River Township
Kiger              D.                  Center Township
Kinders            Robert              Marion Township
King               Alex                Center Township
King               Curtis              Center Township
King               E.J.                Center Township
King               E.W.                Brown Township
King               J.H.                Washington Township
King               John                Clay Township
King               John W.             Middle Township
King               Robert F.           Middle Township
King               S.A.                Washington Township
King               Thomas              Center Township
King               W.A.                Center Township
King               W.S.                Brown Township
King               Wesley              Center Township
King               William             Clay Township
Kink               James               Liberty Township
Kinney             Joseph              Washington Township
Kirk               Isaac               Union Township
Kirk               Samuel              Guilford Township
Kirk               Vagel               Middle Township
Kirtley            Thomas              Liberty Township
Kistler            John                Center Township
Kitchen            Stephen S.          Clay Township
Kite               Isah                Guilford Township
Kite               J.H.                Center Township
Kite               James S.            Union Township
Kivet              Levi                Washington Township
Kivett             Peter               Franklin Township
Knepe              Jonas S.            Union Township
Kopner             Moses               Liberty Township
Kreigh             George              Franklin Township
Kurtz              Henry F.            Marion Township
Kyte               Aaron               Liberty Township
Lacey              Jesse M.            Guilford Township
Lacey              John                Brown Township
Lackey             James               Washington Township
Lagan              J.                  Eel River Township
Lake3n             J.W.                Guilford Township
Lakem              William             Guilford Township
Laken              J.W.                Guilford Township
Lamb               Joel                Marion Township
Lamb               S.                  Eel River Township
Lambert            John                Union Township
Lamotte            Joseph              Brown Township
Landon             James               Center Township
Langsdale          John                Brown Township
Lankford           William F.          Liberty Township
Lansdown           W.                  Eel River Township
Larrance           Henry               Guilford Township
Larrance           Nathaniel           Guilford Township
Larsh              B.F.                Washington Township
Larsh              L.J.                Washington Township
Lashley            J.G.                Center Township
Lavery             Philip              Guilford Township
Law                John                Washington Township
Law                Warner              Guilford Township
Lawhead            Geord               Guilford Township
Lawhead            Joseph              Guilford Township
Lawson             Isaac               Center Township
Leach              Anderson            Union Township
Leach              Elias               Middle Township
Leach              Enos                Union Township
Leach              James M.            Union Township
Leachman           Darius              Union Township
Leachman           M.N.                Union Township
Leak               David W.            Union Township
Leak               James               Union Township
Leak               James S.            Union Township
Leak               Landrum             Union Township
Leak               Leland              Union Township
Leak               Lewis               Union Township
Leak               Ruben N.            Union Township
Leak               T.J.                Union Township
Leake              George W.           Union Township
Lee                B.F.                Center Township
Lee                W.E.                Center Township
Lee                William             Center Township
Lemahan            Jacob               Guilford Township
Leonard            Frederick           Middle Township
Leonard            John                Middle Township
LeRoy              Jonas               Brown Township
Lewis              Abner               Center Township
Lewis              Abraham             Marion Township
Lewis              J.                  Center Township
Lewis              Joseph P.           Union Township
Lewis              S.                  Brown Township
Lewis              Scott W.            Union Township
Lewis              Stpehen J.          Union Township
Lincoln            George              Center Township
Lincoln            Henry               Guilford Township
Lindley            Aaron               Guilford Township
Lindley            Elisha              Clay Township
Lindley            Milten              Liberty Township
Lindley            Olover              Liberty Township
Lingenfelter       W.                  Center Township
Lingerman          John                Brown Township
Lingleman          John                Marion Township
Lininger           Aaron               Center Township
Linley             E.                  Liberty Township
Linn               T.                  Eel River Township
Little             John                Liberty Township
Little             Joseph              Liberty Township
Little             Samuel              Guilford Township
Little             William             Liberty Township
Lockhart           L.J.                Liberty Township
Lockhart           T.J.                Brown Township
Lockhart           Thomas              Liberty Township
Lockhart           William S.          Liberty Township
Lockhart           Wilson              Center Township
Lockridge          James               Center Township
Lockridge          William             Center Township
Lockwood           Longs               Liberty Township
Logan              B.M.                Brown Township
Logan              George E.           Center Township
Long               Elijah              Liberty Township
Long               I.S.                Center Township
Long               James H.            Marion Township
Long               John A.             Middle Township
Long               John M.             Union Township
Long               John T.             Marion Township
Long               Michael             Center Township
Long               Samuel              Marion Township
Long               Z.B.                Middle Township
Lookerbill         Peter               Liberty Township
Lool               John                Liberty Township
Lotshar            Samuel              Liberty Township
Lotsher            Edward              Liberty Township
Love               Eli                 Guilford Township
Love               Thomas              Center Township
Lowder             C.                  Brown Township
Lowder             Charles             Guilford Township
Lowe               Allen               Brown Township
Lower              A.J.                Marion Township
Lower              Samuel              Marion Township
Lowery             J.                  Eel River Township
Lowery             John F.             Guilford Township
Lowery             William J.          Union Township
Loy                C.                  Washington Township
Loy                John                Washington Township
Ludlow             N.                  Franklin Township
Ludwick            George              Union Township
Luke               A.M.                Brown Township
Lumdson            Finneas             Liberty Township
Lush               William H.          Clay Township
Lyon               V.H.                Liberty Township
Lyons              Joseph              Union Township
Maccool            R.                  Brown Township
Maccoun            C.C.S.              Center Township
Maccoun            W.                  Center Township
Madden             John                Center Township
Madden             Joseph              Center Township
Maddox             William             Center Township
Madison            Anson               Franklin Township
Madison            Lelan               Franklin Township
Magee              Robert              Center Township
Mahan              Woodson             Marion Township
Mahoney            E.                  Eel River Township
Mahoney            T.                  Eel River Township
Maldox             John                Liberty Township
Mallet             J.W.                Eel River Township
Mallet             Jese                Eel River Township
Mallet             T.                  Eel River Township
Manley             T.G.                Brown Township
Mann               Ezra                Middle Township
Mann               Israiel             Union Township
Mann               Jacob               Clay Township
Mann               Jesse P.            Union Township
Mann               Noah                Washington Township
Manuel             John                Brown Township
Mark               Thomas              Eel River Township
Marley             Orin                Liberty Township
Marquee            Gregor              Brown Township
Marsh              Wales               Brown Township
Marshal            Andrew              Liberty Township
Marshall           Thomas S.           Clay Township
Marten             James H.            Liberty Township
Marten             John T.             Liberty Township
Marten             Richard             Liberty Township
Martin             A.J.                Guilford Township
Martin             E.                  Eel River Township
Martin             Jesse               Center Township
Martin             John                Center Township
Martin             John S.             Marion Township
Martin             Joseph A.           Marion Township
Martin             L.                  Eel River Township
Martin             William             Center Township
Marvel             D.J.                Brown Township
Marvin             C.H.                Center Township
Mason              Frederick           Washington Township
Mason              George W.           Liberty Township
Mason              James K.            Liberty Township
Mason              Noah                Franklin Township
Masten             Eli                 Franklin Township
Masten             H.                  Franklin Township
Masten             John                Franklin Township
Masten             John, Sr.           Franklin Township
Masten             Manuel              Franklin Township
Masten             R.                  Franklin Township
Masten             William             Franklin Township
Masters            A.S.                Franklin Township
Masters            Cyrus               Franklin Township
Maston             David               Clay Township
Maston             Matthias            Clay Township
Maten              John                Liberty Township
Matern             John W.             Guilford Township
Mathis             John M.             Guilford Township
Matin              Francis             Liberty Township
Matison            Amos                Liberty Township
Matlock            David               Center Township
Matlock            James T.            Center Township
Matlock            Jesse F.            Center Township
Matlock            John C.             Center Township
Matlock            W.W.                Center Township
Mattern            Henry               Guilford Township
Mattox             W.J.                Center Township
Mauk               Philip              Center Township
Maul               C.                  Eel River Township
Mauley             J.H.                Brown Township
Mays               William J.          Middle Township
McAnninch          Daniel              Franklin Township
McAnninch          E.G.                Franklin Township
McAnninch          John                Franklin Township
McAnninch          W.A.                Franklin Township
McAnninch          W.S.                Franklin Township
McCabe             W.G.                Brown Township
McCal              Lehendor            Eel River Township
McCall             John                Eel River Township
McCalment          Alexander           Washington Township
McCalment          Davis               Washington Township
McCaslin           Alfred              Brown Township
McCaslin           Eli                 Brown Township
McCaslin           J.                  Brown Township
McCaslin           R.                  Brown Township
McCaslin           T.                  Brown Township
McClain            G.D.                Washington Township
McClain            J.S.                Washington Township
McClain            J.V.                Washington Township
McClain            James               Washington Township
McClain            Osten               Washington Township
McClelland         J.D.                Washington Township
McCloud            G.W.                Franklin Township
McCloud            John                Liberty Township
McCloud            R.                  Franklin Township
McCloud            R.T.                Washington Township
McCloud            Robbert             Liberty Township
McClung            William             Center Township
McClure            John                Liberty Township
McClure            Wesley              Liberty Township
McCollins          John                Brown Township
McCollum           Enos                Center Township
McCool             Elijah              Center Township
McCormick          A.J.                Franklin Township
McCormick          Amanore             Washington Township
McCormick          Amos                Liberty Township
McCormick          Aquilla             Center Township
McCormick          H.S.                Center Township
McCormick          J.P.                Liberty Township
McCormick          S.L.                Liberty Township
McCormick          Samuel              Liberty Township
McCormick          Vincen L.           Liberty Township
McCormick          W.                  Brown Township
McCormick          William R.          Liberty Township
McCoy              Alfred              Marion Township
McCoy              George              Marion Township
McCoy              John                Marion Township
McCracken          J.W.                Guilford Township
McCrary            J.W.                Washington Township
McCurdy            James T.            Liberty Township
Mcdanel            A.C.                Eel River Township
McDaniel           C.                  Brown Township
McDaniel           David               Center Township
McDaniel           J.                  Brown Township
McDaniel           Jacob               Brown Township
McDaniel           Jesiah              Union Township
McDaniel           Jonathan            Brown Township
McDaniel           R.S.                Union Township
McDaniel           W.                  Brown Township
McDaniel           W.R.                Brown Township
McDaniel           William             Center Township
McEntire           Elick               Guilford Township
McGinnis           Peter               Clay Township
McHaffie           A.E.                Franklin Township
McHaffie           O.E.                Franklin Township
McHaffie           O.F.                Franklin Township
McIninch           Joseph              Clay Township
McKee              Jacob               Center Township
McKee              W.                  Brown Township
McKey              Albert S.           Center Township
McKinley           Arch                Center Township
McKinzie           W.                  Franklin Township
McKnight           A.L.                Guilford Township
McLawlahan         John                Guilford Township
McLeoad            William             Middle Township
McLeoad            William N.          Middle Township
McLoud             J.                  Eel River Township
McLoud             J.N.                Eel River Township
McLoud             Josua               Eel River Township
McLoud             T.                  Eel River Township
McMahan            J.G.                Guilford Township
McMahan            James               Guilford Township
McMannis           Walker              Clay Township
McMonen            George              Brown Township
McMullin           John I.             Center Township
McMullin           T.J.                Center Township
McNabb             David               Franklin Township
McNelly            John                Brown Township
McPheeters         Samuel              Union Township
McPherson          Randal              Guilford Township
McPhetridge        John I.             Center Township
McPhetridge        W.H.                Center Township
McQuin             James               Liberty Township
McTurnen           F.G.                Washington Township
McVey              S.M.                Union Township
McWilliams         P.H.                Clay Township
Meadow             John F.             Center Township
Medsker            P.                  Brown Township
Meeker             Benjamin            Liberty Township
Meeker             Davis               Guilford Township
Melton             John                Washington Township
Mendenhall         Albert W.           Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Eli B.              Franklin Township
Mendenhall         Elijah              Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Jacob               Clay Township
Mendenhall         John                Clay Township
Mendenhall         John C.             Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Mordaica            Clay Township
Mendenhall         Nathan              Clay Township
Mendenhall         Nathan              Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Obediah             Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Samuel              Guilford Township
Mendenhall         Thomas              Clay Township
Menifee            A.                  Brown Township
Menifee            G.G.                Brown Township
Menifee            G.J.                Brown Township
Menifee            J.                  Brown Township
Menton             E.H.                Center Township
Mercer             A.H.                Washington Township
Merideth           John H.             Liberty Township
Meritt             John                Middle Township
Meritt             Moses               Middle Township
Meritt             William             Center Township
Merrill            James               Guilford Township
Merrill            Kiler J.            Guilford Township
Merritt            G.W.                Washington Township
Merritt            W.J.                Washington Township
Middelton          Hudelston           Guilford Township
Middeton           Ira                 Guilford Township
Middleton          J.                  Brown Township
Mier               Henry               Guilford Township
Miles              George W.           Union Township
Miles              James H.            Union Township
Miles              John                Liberty Township
Miles              John                Union Township
Miles              N.                  Brown Township
Milholland         John                Franklin Township
Mill               Jonathan            Liberty Township
Millar             Jacob               Guilford Township
Millar             Micheal             Guilford Township
Miller             Abner               Franklin Township
Miller             J.S.                Center Township
Miller             J.S.                Washington Township
Miller             Jacob               Franklin Township
Miller             John                Liberty Township
Miller             Joseph              Washington Township
Miller             R.H.                Washington Township
Miller             S.B.                Liberty Township
Miller             Scott               Washington Township
Miller             Thomas              Union Township
Millhon            George              Liberty Township
Millin             T.                  Brown Township
Mills              Aaron               Guilford Township
Mills              Charles             Guilford Township
Mills              David               Guilford Township
Mills              James               Washington Township
Mills              John                Guilford Township
Mills              Josiah              Liberty Township
Mills              Laton               Guilford Township
Mills              Samuel              Liberty Township
Mills              T.P.                Guilford Township
Mills              William C.          Guilford Township
Minter             Joseph              Clay Township
Minter             R.T.                Clay Township
Minter             S.W.                Franklin Township
Mitchel            S.T.                Franklin Township
Mitchel            William C.          Liberty Township
Mitchell           H., Jr.             Center Township
Mitchell           Hiram               Center Township
Mitchell           J.M.                Center Township
Mitchell           J.W.                Center Township
Mitchell           James               Center Township
Mitchell           Sol, Jr.            Center Township
Mitchell           Solomon, Sr.        Center Township
Moberly            Ben N.              Center Township
Moberly            Simeon              Center Township
Moberly            William J.          Center Township
Mobley             John C.             Union Township
Moffett            Jonithan            Guilford Township
Moffett            Jonithan L.         Guilford Township
Molley             John                Center Township
Money              John T.             Middle Township
Money              William J.          Middle Township
Monroe             J.                  Brown Township
Montague           C.                  Washington Township
Montgomery         B.K.                Franklin Township
Montgomery         George              Marion Township
Montgomery         James E.            Union Township
Montgomery         T.                  Brown Township
Moody              G.W.                Brown Township
Moody              J.                  Brown Township
Moon               Asa                 Guilford Township
Moon               Benjamin            Center Township
Moon               James               Center Township
Moon               Jehu                Center Township
Moon               John                Guilford Township
Moon               John B.             Liberty Township
Moon               Milo                Center Township
Moon               William             Center Township
Moone              Lawrence            Center Township
Moor               R.C.                Liberty Township
Moor               Thomas              Liberty Township
Moore              Barclay             Washington Township
Moore              Ezekiel             Center Township
Moore              Ezekiel             Washington Township
Moore              G.W.                Washington Township
Moore              George, Jr.         Washington Township
Moore              George, Sr.         Washington Township
Moore              H.                  Eel River Township
Moore              H.H.                Brown Township
Moore              Isaac               Washington Township
Moore              J.K.                Center Township
Moore              J.W.                Eel River Township
Moore              John                Guilford Township
Moore              T.                  Eel River Township
Moore              Thomas C.           Union Township
Moore              William             Clay Township
Moran              J.                  Brown Township
Moreland           James               Washington Township
Morgan             D.                  Brown Township
Morgan             H.                  Franklin Township
Morgan             Isaac               Washington Township
Morgan             J.W.                Brown Township
Morgan             James W.            Marion Township
Morgan             John                Brown Township
Morgan             Nathan              Guilford Township
Morgan             Obediah             Guilford Township
Morgan             Obediah J.          Guilford Township
Morgan             Thomas              Guilford Township
Morgan             William J.          Liberty Township
Morgan             Z.W.                Franklin Township
Morgason           John                Center Township
Morgason           Tandy               Center Township
Morgeson           Eli                 Marion Township
Moriarty           Patrick             Center Township
Moris              Henry C.            Union Township
Moris              J.                  Eel River Township
Morn               William F.          Union Township
Mornen             Valentine           Washington Township
Morphew            B.                  Eel River Township
Morphew            J.                  Eel River Township
Morris             Gideon              Washington Township
Morris             Joseph              Washington Township
Morris             L.H.                Marion Township
Morris             Shedrick            Washington Township
Morris             William             Washington Township
Morrison           James               Clay Township
Morrow             Joseph H.           Brown Township
Morrow             Lane                Middle Township
Morrow             Lewis               Middle Township
Mosier             M.                  Brown Township
Motgomery          Sam                 Brown Township
Moudy              A.                  Franklin Township
Moudy              George              Franklin Township
Muir               Thomas              Marion Township
Mull               D.                  Liberty Township
Mullen             Eli                 Brown Township
Mullen             Patrick             Washington Township
Mullen             William             Washington Township
Mullen             Woodard             Washington Township
Munday             Harvey              Marion Township
Munday             John H.             Marion Township
Murdock            John                Liberty Township
Murphy             D.B.                Washington Township
Murry              Joseph Y.           Guilford Township
Myers              Amos                Brown Township
Myers              Frederick           Washington Township
Myers              Irvin M.            Brown Township
Myers              J.S.                Brown Township
Nash               G.W.                Brown Township
Nash               J.C.                Brown Township
Nave               C.                  Center Township
Neff               F.P.                Eel River Township
Neff               H.                  Eel River Township
Neff               I.                  Eel River Township
Neff               J.                  Eel River Township
Neff               James               Eel River Township
Neff               John                Eel River Township
Neff               W.                  Eel River Township
Nelson             John                Middle Township
Nelson             John H.             Middle Township
Nelson             R.T.                Brown Township
Nelson             Silas               Middle Township
Nelson             W.C.                Brown Township
Neville            James               Marion Township
Newby              Harmon              Guilford Township
Newby              Thomas M.           Liberty Township
Newby              William             Guilford Township
Newham             T.                  Brown Township
Newkirk            Henry               Clay Township
Newland            Chew                Liberty Township
Newlin             David               Guilford Township
Newlin             Joel                Guilford Township
Newlin             John                Guilford Township
Newman             Benjamin            Middle Township
Newman             C.V.                Franklin Township
Newman             Charles             Franklin Township
Newman             J.L.                Franklin Township
Newman             John                Clay Township
Newman             Samuel              Clay Township
Newman             Thomas              Union Township
Newman             Tomas A.            Union Township
Newman             Wiliam T.           Middle Township
Newman             William             Clay Township
Newsom             Joseph              Clay Township
Newton             O.T.                Clay Township
Nichols            A.J.                Center Township
Nichols            Erasmus             Clay Township
Nichols            James               Center Township
Nichols            Thomas              Center Township
Nichols            Thomas, Jr.         Center Township
Nichols            William             Center Township
Nicholson          William             Franklin Township
Nightly            John                Center Township
Niles              Thomas              Center Township
Nolan              Stephen             Marion Township
Noland             E.S.                Center Township
Noland             Perry               Center Township
Noland             William             Center Township
Nolen              R.                  Eel River Township
Nolen              William             Union Township
Norman             Joshua              Liberty Township
Norris             Martin              Liberty Township
Northcut           William N.          Union Township
Obanion            W.M.                Brown Township
Obney              W.                  Brown Township
O'Connor           Michael             Center Township
Odell              Henry               Liberty Township
Odell              James H.            Liberty Township
Odell              Thomas              Liberty Township
O'Donnell          Michael             Center Township
O'Donnell          Patrick             Center Township
Ogborn             Caleb               Washington Township
Ogborn             Joseph              Washington Township
Ogden              Charles J.          Guilford Township
Ogdon              Jesse               Center Township
Ohaver             C.                  Center Township
Ohaver             David               Center Township
Ohaver             John                Center Township
Ohaver             W.                  Center Township
Orth               Lewis               Clay Township
Osbern             Harder              Liberty Township
Osbern             N.                  Liberty Township
Osbern             Silas               Liberty Township
Osbern             T.J.                Liberty Township
Osborn             Abner               Center Township
Osborn             Absalom             Middle Township
Osborn             Adison              Guilford Township
Osborn             Calvin              Center Township
Osborn             Charles             Clay Township
Osborn             Cyrus               Center Township
Osborn             Daniel              Franklin Township
Osborn             David               Center Township
Osborn             David               Guilford Township
Osborn             David               Union Township
Osborn             E.                  Center Township
Osborn             Edmund              Center Township
Osborn             Elijah              Center Township
Osborn             Henry               Center Township
Osborn             Jesse               Center Township
Osborn             Job                 Center Township
Osborn             John                Center Township
Osborn             Joseph              Center Township
Osborn             Josephus            Middle Township
Osborn             Madison             Guilford Township
Osborn             Nelson              Middle Township
Osborn             Richard             Guilford Township
Osborn             Solomon K.          Clay Township
Osborn             Squire              Middle Township
Osborn             William             Middle Township
Osborne            Bennet              Marion Township
Ottenman           H.                  Eel River Township
Oursler            Charles             Guilford Township
Oursler            Layfaett            Guilford Township
Overman            Edwin               Guilford Township
Overman            J.R.                Guilford Township
Overstreet         Marion              Union Township
Owen               Amos S.             Clay Township
Owen               E.                  Brown Township
Owen               W.                  Eel River Township
Owens              H.                  Eel River Township
Owens              John                Washington Township
Owens              Perry               Liberty Township
Owens              William             Guilford Township
Owings             Samuel              Washington Township
Pace               James T.            Union Township
Pace               Manly               Union Township
Pace               Murry               Liberty Township
Pace               Murry               Union Township
Pace               William J.          Union Township
Page               A.J.                Eel River Township
Page               C.                  Eel River Township
Page               H.                  Franklin Township
Page               R.                  Eel River Township
Page               W.                  Eel River Township
Page               W.J.                Franklin Township
Page               William             Franklin Township
Page               William S.          Franklin Township
Painter            David               Guilford Township
Palmer             Gilbert             Union Township
Parker             A.F.                Marion Township
Parker             George              Middle Township
Parker             Henry R.            Middle Township
Parker             J.D.                Liberty Township
Parker             J.W.                Brown Township
Parker             James M.            Middle Township
Parker             John C.             Middle Township
Parker             John S.             Middle Township
Parker             Jonithan B.         Guilford Township
Parker             M.G.                Marion Township
Parker             William G.          Middle Township
Parker             William O.          Middle Township
Parkes             J.M.                Washington Township
Parks              William M.          Union Township
Parnell            George              Washington Township
Parnell            George N.           Union Township
Parnell            James               Washington Township
Parnell            Jesse               Washington Township
Parrott            Richard             Center Township
Parsons            Allison             Washington Township
Parsons            J.                  Eel River Township
Parsons            John                Guilford Township
Parsons            John                Washington Township
Parsons            M.                  Eel River Township
Parsons            N.G.                Washington Township
Parsons            V.                  Eel River Township
Parsons            William             Guilford Township
Parsons            William             Marion Township
Patterson          Dan                 Brown Township
Patterson          J. Ky. H.           Brown Township
Patterson          James               Brown Township
Patterson          James               Washington Township
Patterson          John W.             Brown Township
Patterson          Jonathan            Brown Township
Patterson          Morris              Clay Township
Patterson          Morris              Washington Township
Patterson          Tom                 Brown Township
Patterson          William             Middle Township
Patterson          William             Washington Township
Patterson          William A.          Middle Township
Payne              O.H.                Union Township
Pear               James               Brown Township
Pearcy             Isaac               Brown Township
Pearcy             James               Brown Township
Pearcy             Lewis               Middle Township
Pearson            Augustine, Jr.      Marion Township
Pearson            Augustine, Sr.      Marion Township
Pearson            Austin              Middle Township
Pearson            Enoch S.            Guilford Township
Pearson            Henry S.            Liberty Township
Pearson            John, Sr.           Marion Township
Pearson            Robbert S.          Liberty Township
Pearson            Thomas              Marion Township
Pearson            W.                  Guilford Township
Pearson            William             Liberty Township
Pearson            William             Marion Township
Pearson            William, Jr.        Marion Township
Pebworth           J.H.                Union Township
Pebworth           Thomas J.           Center Township
Pefley             Lewis               Marion Township
Pefley             Samuel              Marion Township
Pegg               F.M.                Eel River Township
Pence              N.W.                Guilford Township
Penington          J.                  Eel River Township
Penington          L.                  Eel River Township
Penington          M.                  Eel River Township
Penington          P.                  Eel River Township
Penington          S.                  Eel River Township
Penry              Samuel              Union Township
Perkins            C.E.                Center Township
Perkins            H.C.                Center Township
Perkins            J.A.                Center Township
Perkins            John                Clay Township
Perkins            Joshua              Washington Township
Perkins            Sam                 Center Township
Perkins            Silvester           Center Township
Perry              Joseph              Clay Township
Perry              R.S.                Washington Township
Peters             J.W.                Guilford Township
Peters             O.P.                Brown Township
Peterson           Ansel               Brown Township
Petty              Abreham             Guilford Township
Petty              Clinton             Center Township
Petty              Isaac               Liberty Township
Petty              Jonithan            Guilford Township
Phelps             J.H.                Liberty Township
Pheney             Larrance            Washington Township
Phillips           Eli                 Clay Township
Phillips           Eli, Jr.            Clay Township
Phillips           Jacob               Franklin Township
Phillips           John A.             Clay Township
Phillips           Levi                Franklin Township
Phillips           Media               Brown Township
Phillips           P.                  Brown Township
Phillips           Samuel              Clay Township
Phillips           Wash                Brown Township
Phillips           William             Clay Township
Picket             J.A.                Washington Township
Pickett            Amos                Guilford Township
Pickett            Benjamin            Clay Township
Piercy             Nathan              Clay Township
Piercy             Perry               Center Township
Piercy             Reed                Center Township
Pierson            Henry               Center Township
Pierson            J.H.                Washington Township
Pierson            Josiah              Clay Township
Pierson            Samuel R.           Clay Township
Pigg               Anderson, Sr.       Union Township
Pigg               Thomas J.           Union Township
Pigg               W.P.                Union Township
Pike               Eli                 Marion Township
Pike               Joseph              Liberty Township
Pike               William             Washington Township
Pinson             John                Guilford Township
Pitcher            Sam                 Eel River Township
Pittman            Rob C.              Brown Township
Pittman            T.                  Brown Township
Pitts              Jonathan            Liberty Township
Pitts              Zimri               Marion Township
Plaine             Henry               Liberty Township
Plake              William             Brown Township
Plasters           Jackson             Marion Township
Plasters           William             Marion Township
Plummer            J.                  Eel River Township
Plummer            Levi                Liberty Township
Plummer            Thomas              Union Township
Poe                J.A.                Center Township
Poer               E.E.                Brown Township
Poland             Samuel              Middle Township
Poland             William             Middle Township
Polk               J.W.                Brown Township
Pope               Harden              Liberty Township
Pope               James N.            Liberty Township
Porter             J.M.                Eel River Township
Porter             S.D.                Eel River Township
Potter             William             Marion Township
Pounds             A.P.                Center Township
Pounds             H.A.                Eel River Township
Pounds             J.B.                Center Township
Pounds             L.T.                Center Township
Pounds             W.                  Eel River Township
Powers             Allen               Center Township
Powers             Shepard             Liberty Township
Powers             William             Center Township
Powers             Winson              Liberty Township
Poynter            D.T.                Brown Township
Poynter            Jesse S.            Middle Township
Prather            Thomas              Center Township
Pratt              Phillip             Liberty Township
Prennible          Morris              Center Township
Price              W.B.                Washington Township
Price              William             Washington Township
Prichard           Thomas C.           Union Township
Prindevole         Z.                  Eel River Township
Proctor            A.H.                Eel River Township
Proctor            J.B.                Eel River Township
Proctor            J.M.                Eel River Township
Proctor            S.J.                Eel River Township
Proctor            William M.          Middle Township
Proebster          Charles             Brown Township
Proebster          Emanuel             Brown Township
Proebster          Frederick           Brown Township
Proebster          R.                  Brown Township
Prophet            Joseph              Washington Township
Pruett             Alaxander           Liberty Township
Queen              James W.            Clay Township
Rader              J.                  Brown Township
Ragan              Abner               Marion Township
Ragan              James M.            Marion Township
Ragan              R.E.                Marion Township
Ragan              R.S.                Eel River Township
Ragan              Robert              Marion Township
Ragan              T.                  Eel River Township
Ragan              W.J.                Washington Township
Ragan              William H.          Liberty Township
Raglan             Dudley              Marion Township
Raglan             John                Marion Township
Rainey             Thomas              Center Township
Ralston            J.                  Eel River Township
Rammel             Henry               Center Township
Rammell            [illegible]         Center Township
Ramsey             Alexander           Marion Township
Ramsey             Daniel              Guilford Township
Ramsey             John                Center Township
Ramsey             William             Guilford Township
Randolph           A.F.                Marion Township
Ranson             Perry               Guilford Township
Ranson             Thomas              Clay Township
Rawlings           Moses H.            Union Township
Rawlings           William D.          Union Township
Ray                W.H.                Brown Township
Ray                William             Middle Township
Rayney             B.L.                Union Township
Rayney             Henry G.            Union Township
Rayney             J.B.                Union Township
Rayney             Squire A.           Union Township
Raynor             James C.            Union Township
Rea                J.W.                Washington Township
Reagan             Cary                Guilford Township
Reaves             King H.             Guilford Township
Record             Adam                Guilford Township
Record             David               Washington Township
Rector             Benjamin            Franklin Township
Rector             Charles             Franklin Township
Redden             Peter               Center Township
Reece              J.S.                Franklin Township
Reed               J.C.                Washington Township
Reed               James               Center Township
Reed               Jediah              Brown Township
Reed               Lemuel              Washington Township
Reed               R.E.                Liberty Township
Reed               Tilberry            Liberty Township
Reeves             Charles             Guilford Township
Reiff              Daniel T.           Washington Township
Reitzel            Daniel              Franklin Township
Reitzel            David               Franklin Township
Rennard            Joel                Liberty Township
Reynolds           Henry               Guilford Township
Reynolds           James H.            Middle Township
Reynolds           Jeremiah            Guilford Township
Reynolds           R.B.                Center Township
Reynolds           Samuel              Union Township
Reynolds           William             Union Township
Rice               G.E.                Brown Township
Rice               John                Brown Township
Rice               Lewis               Brown Township
Rice               M.                  Brown Township
Rice               M.D.                Brown Township
Rice               W.A.                Brown Township
Rich               G.S.                Center Township
Richardson         Alfred              Liberty Township
Richardson         E.                  Guilford Township
Richardson         Enoch               Center Township
Richardson         F.                  Eel River Township
Richardson         G.J.                Union Township
Richardson         Harvy Y.            Middle Township
Richardson         Hogan               Liberty Township
Richardson         J.                  Eel River Township
Richardson         John                Franklin Township
Richardson         Joseph              Liberty Township
Richardson         Miles F.            Clay Township
Richardson         P.J.                Union Township
Richardson         Payton              Union Township
Richardson         R.                  Eel River Township
Richardson         Samuel              Liberty Township
Richardson         W.                  Franklin Township
Richardson         W.H.                Clay Township
Richardson         W.H.                Union Township
Richardson         Wesley              Liberty Township
Richardson         William             Clay Township
Ridgeway           J.                  Brown Township
Rieves             Martin              Guilford Township
Riggin             James               Washington Township
Riggin             Joab                Washington Township
Riggin             Joel                Center Township
Riggin             William             Center Township
Riley              Isaac O.            Liberty Township
Rincarson          James               Liberty Township
Rinearson          John                Liberty Township
Rinearson          John C.             Liberty Township
Riner              Jacob               Marion Township
Risdon             A.G.                Clay Township
Ritesell           William             Liberty Township
Ritter             James               Guilford Township
Ritter             Levi                Center Township
Ritter             Peter               Center Township
Roach              Charles             Liberty Township
Roach              Morris              Union Township
Roach              Nicholas            Guilford Township
Roach              Nicholas            Liberty Township
Roach              William             Liberty Township
Roark              Caleb               Washington Township
Robards            C.                  Franklin Township
Robards            W.P.                Franklin Township
Robberts           John S.             Liberty Township
Robbins            H.S.                Guilford Township
Robbins            L.                  Eel River Township
Robbins            W.                  Eel River Township
Roberts            Ed, Jr.             Brown Township
Roberts            Joseph H.           Middle Township
Roberts            Mauring             Middle Township
Roberts            R.H.                Guilford Township
Roberts            Thomas              Brown Township
Roberts            Thomas S.           Middle Township
Robins             Benjamin            Marion Township
Robins             Silas               Marion Township
Robins             W.S.                Marion Township
Robins             William, Jr.        Marion Township
Robins             William, Sr.        Marion Township
Robinson           L.D.                Union Township
Robinson           Willet J.           Marion Township
Robison            J.W.                Washington Township
Robison            William             Guilford Township
Rodgers            Isaac               Franklin Township
Rodgers            Isaac               Washington Township
Rodgers            John                Brown Township
Rodgers            Nelson              Middle Township
Rogers             C.                  Center Township
Rogers             Henry               Liberty Township
Rogers             James T.            Center Township
Rogers             Job                 Clay Township
Rogers             William             Franklin Township
Ronnel             H.S.                Brown Township
Rooker             Calvin F.           Center Township
Rose               C.R.                Center Township
Rose               Charles A.          Center Township
Rose               James               Marion Township
Rose               Lewis A.            Marion Township
Rose               Madison H.          Center Township
Ross               J.H.                Washington Township
Ross               J.M.                Brown Township
Ross               James               Washington Township
Ross               John                Marion Township
Ross               S.L.                Washington Township
Ross               W.T., Sr.           Washington Township
Round              B.                  Brown Township
Roy                David               Middle Township
Roy                John L.             Brown Township
Rubins             John                Marion Township
Rudd               James H.            Clay Township
Ruggles            G.C.                Brown Township
Ruggles            J.W.                Brown Township
Rumley             Gilbert             Clay Township
Runnels            Thomas M.           Union Township
Runnon             James               Union Township
Rupp               W.F.                Brown Township
Russel             Barny               Eel River Township
Russel             L.                  Eel River Township
Russel             M.                  Eel River Township
Russel             S.                  Eel River Township
Russel             T.                  Eel River Township
Russel             William             Clay Township
Russell            R.C.                Center Township
Russell            S.A.                Center Township
Rusten             Henderson           Liberty Township
Rusten             Jesse               Liberty Township
Rusten             Thomas              Liberty Township
Rusten             William             Liberty Township
Rusten             William R.          Liberty Township
Rusten             William, Jr.        Liberty Township
Rustin             Joshua              Guilford Township
Ruston             Ira                 Liberty Township
Rutlege            Isaac A.            Union Township
Ryan               Patrick             Guilford Township
Sacra              Charles             Center Township
Sacre              James               Clay Township
Saferight          John                Guilford Township
Saint              Daniel              Guilford Township
Salmon             R.B.                Brown Township
Sanders            David               Washington Township
Sanders            Henry               Washington Township
Sanders            Hezekiah            Guilford Township
Sanders            James               Marion Township
Sanders            James               Washington Township
Sanders            John                Washington Township
Sanders            John H.             Liberty Township
Sanders            John, Jr.           Guilford Township
Sanders            Larkin              Marion Township
Sanders            Olover              Liberty Township
Sanders            Samuel              Marion Township
Sanders            Taylor              Marion Township
Sanders            William M.          Marion Township
Sandusky           J.B.                Brown Township
Saunders           C.T.                Liberty Township
Scarce             E.W.                Center Township
Scarce             J.N.                Center Township
Scarce             William J.          Union Township
Schenck            J.H.                Brown Township
Schenck            S.G.                Brown Township
Schenck            Samuel              Brown Township
Scherrer           John                Franklin Township
Schrewsbery        William             Franklin Township
Scott              B.                  Franklin Township
Scott              David               Franklin Township
Scott              Francis A.          Union Township
Scott              G.                  Eel River Township
Scott              H.D.                Franklin Township
Scott              Isem B.             Union Township
Scott              John B.             Union Township
Scott              Tandy               Liberty Township
Scott              W.                  Eel River Township
Scotton            E.                  Liberty Township
Scotton            Jesse               Liberty Township
Scotton            John H.             Liberty Township
Scotton            Solomon             Liberty Township
Sears              R.                  Eel River Township
Sears              W.                  Eel River Township
Seipart            James               Brown Township
Selch              Georg W.            Guilford Township
Selch              James               Middle Township
Selch              P.                  Center Township
Selch              Samuel              Middle Township
Selch              William             Middle Township
Sellars            John                Guilford Township
Sellars            Richard             Guilford Township
Sellen             T.P.                Brown Township
Sellers            Joseph H.           Marion Township
Sells              M.                  Franklin Township
Semans             J.F.                Brown Township
Sennett            Martin P.           Brown Township
Sergeant           Samuel              Brown Township
Shackleford        John                Franklin Township
Shackleford        Z.                  Franklin Township
Shafer             John                Union Township
Shakelford         Joseph              Liberty Township
Shambugh           Sam J.              Brown Township
Shannon            John R.             Marion Township
Sharpe             James               Marion Township
Sharpe             William P.          Marion Township
Shaw               B.H.                Washington Township
Shaw               Hambleton           Guilford Township
Sheals             J.                  Eel River Township
Sheckles           J.                  Eel River Township
Sheets             Allen               Brown Township
Sheets             James W.            Marion Township
Sheley             A.E.                Eel River Township
Shelldy            A.B.                Center Township
Shepard            Samuel              Liberty Township
Shepard            William             Liberty Township
Shererd            S.S.                Union Township
Sheridan           W.                  Brown Township
Sherley            James               Liberty Township
Sherley            William             Liberty Township
Shidler            B.P.                Guilford Township
Shidler            I.M.                Guilford Township
Shields            Jeremiah            Clay Township
Shields            S.S.                Clay Township
Shipley            D.R.                Franklin Township
Shirley            Dick                Brown Township
Shirley            J.S.                Brown Township
Shirley            James               Brown Township
Shirley            John                Brown Township
Shirley            M.                  Brown Township
Shirley            R.A.                Brown Township
Shirley            W.P.                Brown Township
Shirley            W.T.                Brown Township
Shirly             John N.             Middle Township
Shirts             A.F.                Liberty Township
Shive              J.A.                Brown Township
Shockley           James               Union Township
Shockley           John                Union Township
Shoemaker          Hezekiah            Clay Township
Shoemaker          Jesse               Clay Township
Shoffner           John                Guilford Township
Short              Franklin            Marion Township
Short              John                Liberty Township
Shrouder           Nelson R.           Center Township
Shuler             S.                  Center Township
Silkymer           William             Brown Township
Simmons            Ierdel              Guilford Township
Simmons            John                Guilford Township
Simmons            M.F.                Marion Township
Simmons            Nelson              Union Township
Simmons            W.M.                Brown Township
Simms              Robert              Center Township
Simons             James               Guilford Township
Simpon             William             Guilford Township
Sims               G.R.                Guilford Township
Sims               John                Guilford Township
Sims               Theodore            Marion Township
Singer             E.                  Center Township
Singer             James L.            Center Township
Sipe               John                Middle Township
Sipe               Jonas               Middle Township
Siple              George              Center Township
Siple              Orlando             Center Township
Sivage             Isah                Guilford Township
Sivage             John                Liberty Township
Skillman           Wilson              Center Township
Skull              J.F.                Center Township
Slaits             William             Brown Township
Slifer             Jacob               Brown Township
Sliger             Alfred              Middle Township
Slusher            Henry               Middle Township
Small              Joseph              Guilford Township
Smith              A.T.                Brown Township
Smith              Alexander F.        Middle Township
Smith              Archa               Brown Township
Smith              Austin H.           Marion Township

Smith              B.T.                Brown Township
Smith              Bailey              Brown Township
Smith              Benjamin T.         Middle Township
Smith              Charles P.          Guilford Township
Smith              Christian           Center Township
Smith              Dan                 Brown Township
Smith              Elijah              Brown Township
Smith              Elisha              Brown Township
Smith              Garret M.           Liberty Township
Smith              H.                  Liberty Township
Smith              H.C.                Eel River Township
Smith              H.M.                Center Township
Smith              Isaac               Brown Township
Smith              J.                  Brown Township
Smith              J.D.                Center Township
Smith              J.G.                Brown Township
Smith              J.J.                Brown Township
Smith              J.M.                Washington Township
Smith              J.R.                Brown Township
Smith              J.W.                Center Township
Smith              J.W.                Washington Township
Smith              Jacob               Center Township
Smith              James               Center Township
Smith              James               Marion Township
Smith              James D.            Marion Township
Smith              James S.            Center Township
Smith              Jerry P.            Union Township
Smith              Jesse               Liberty Township
Smith              Joel                Brown Township
Smith              Josiah              Brown Township
Smith              L.                  Eel River Township
Smith              M.L.                Washington Township
Smith              Matthew             Washington Township
Smith              Milton              Middle Township
Smith              P.P.                Brown Township
Smith              Raphael             Middle Township
Smith              Rial                Brown Township
Smith              Robert              Center Township
Smith              Samuel              Washington Township
Smith              Simeon              Marion Township
Smith              Squire              Brown Township
Smith              Valentine           Marion Township
Smith              Vinson E.           Middle Township
Smith              W.R.                Brown Township
Smith              W.S.                Eel River Township
Smith              Washington          Middle Township
Smith              Wiley               Union Township
Smith              William             Marion Township
Smith              William J.          Middle Township
Smoot              A.                  Brown Township
Smoot              James               Brown Township
Smoote             G.M.                Washington Township
Snider             Charley             Liberty Township
Snoddy             A.                  Franklin Township
Snodgrass          Benjamin            Center Township
Snodgrass          William T.          Guilford Township
Snow               James G.            Union Township
Snyder             W.                  Brown Township
Soper              Charles             Marion Township
Souder             James               Brown Township
South              A.                  Brown Township
South              B.F.                Brown Township
South              D.B.                Center Township
South              Henry               Center Township
South              T.                  Brown Township
Spalding           Lewis               Middle Township
Sparks             Isaac               Guilford Township
Sparks             T.H.                Middle Township
Spears             B.                  Eel River Township
Spears             John                Eel River Township
Spears             Willis              Eel River Township
Spencer            Benjamin            Clay Township
Spickelmire        G.M.                Marion Township
Spickelmire        Jeremiah            Middle Township
Spickelmire        T.J.                Center Township
Spicklemire        Abraham             Middle Township
Spicklemire        J.                  Brown Township
Spicklemire        James N.            Middle Township
Spicklemire        John T.             Middle Township
Spigle             Daniel              Guilford Township
Spoon              Henry               Washington Township
Spoon              William             Liberty Township
Spray              Elihu               Washington Township
St. John           James               Union Township
Stack              Elijah              Middle Township
Stalker            Benjamin            Guilford Township
Stanley            Abel                Guilford Township
Stanley            Alfred              Middle Township
Stanley            Cyrus               Clay Township
Stanley            Elwood              Clay Township
Stanley            Ira                 Guilford Township
Stanley            Jabez               Clay Township
Stanley            James               Center Township
Stanley            Mathew              Guilford Township
Stanley            Milton              Guilford Township
Stanley            Morey               Clay Township
Stanley            Moses               Clay Township
Stanley            Nathan              Clay Township
Stanley            Nathan              Guilford Township
Stanley            Nathan H.           Clay Township
Stanley            W.C.                Center Township
Stanley            William             Center Township
Stanley            William             Clay Township
Stanley            William P.          Guilford Township
Stapp              James               Center Township
Starbuck           E.M.                Center Township
Starbuck           Samuel              Guilford Township
Staton             G.                  Eel River Township
Steaugh            H.M.                Brown Township
Steele             John F.             Marion Township
Stelton            Augustus            Center Township
Stelts             James W.            Marion Township
Stembraker         G.                  Brown Township
Stephens           A.J.                Union Township
Stephens           Charles             Marion Township
Stephens           Isaac W.            Marion Township
Stephens           William             Union Township
Stephenson         David B.            Marion Township
Stephenson         Johon W.            Union Township
Stephenson         Mahlon              Marion Township
Stephenson         Morgan              Marion Township
Stephenson         Owen                Marion Township
Stephenson         Peyton              Marion Township
Stephenson         Squire              Marion Township
Stephenson         Stephen             Marion Township
Stephenson         Vincent             Marion Township
Stephenson         W.L.                Center Township
Stephenson         W.T.                Marion Township
Stephenson         William, Jr.        Marion Township
Stephenson         William, Sr.        Marion Township
Steward            James W.            Union Township
Steward            John                Clay Township
Stewart            Charles             Center Township
Stewart            Morine              Union Township
Stewart            P.                  Eel River Township
Stewart            Simon               Liberty Township
Stimbraker         M.                  Brown Township
Stipe              Lewis               Guilford Township
Stoeger            John                Center Township
Stolze             Phillip             Franklin Township
Stone              Augustus            Guilford Township
Stone              John                Liberty Township
Stone              Thomas              Guilford Township
Stootsman          N.                  Center Township
Stootsman          William             Center Township
Stout              Jesse               Brown Township
Stout              William             Liberty Township
Straker            T.                  Union Township
Strange            Jesse               Union Township
Strange            John, Sr.           Union Township
Strange            Silas               Center Township
Stratten           E.D.                Guilford Township
Straughan          E.H.                Center Township
Strciklin          G.T.                Washington Township
Stricklan          Abel                Center Township
Strickleman        S.K.                Union Township
Strong             John, Jr.           Union Township
Stuart             Henry               Brown Township
Stutsman           David               Center Township
Stutsman           James               Center Township
Suits              Addison             Clay Township
Suits              David               Clay Township
Suits              David               Guilford Township
Suits              John B.             Guilford Township
Sulavan            Petter F.           Liberty Township
Sullivan           Gazaway             Middle Township
Sullivan           George W.           Brown Township
Sullivan           Richard             Clay Township
Surber             J.W.                Eel River Township
Surber             S.                  Eel River Township
Sutherlan          J.                  Eel River Township
Sutton             J.R.                Brown Township
Swaim              John C.             Union Township
Swain              Bennett             Union Township
Swain              David               Clay Township
Swain              Nathan              Center Township
Swain              Ruel                Clay Township
Swain              Thomas              Clay Township
Swain              Timothy             Clay Township
Swank              David               Center Township
Sweat              Greenleaf           Guilford Township
Swindler           Craden              Liberty Township
Swindler           H.T.                Liberty Township
Swinler            John                Union Township
Swope              Samuel              Franklin Township
Talbert            G.S.                Washington Township
Talbert            James               Washington Township
Tansey             John                Liberty Township
Tarr               Charles             Center Township
Taylor             J.                  Eel River Township
Taylor             James               Clay Township
Taylor             John                Middle Township
Taylor             Joseph W.           Liberty Township
Taylor             L.D.                Center Township
Taylor             Luther              Center Township
Taylor             Thomas              Guilford Township
Taylor             Thomas              Middle Township
Taylor             William             Middle Township
Teauge             Franklin            Guilford Township
Templin            Reuben T.           Center Township
Templin            S.                  Center Township
Templin            Terry               Center Township
Terrell            A.R.                Franklin Township
Tharp              Allen               Brown Township
Tharp              F.                  Union Township
Tharp              J.W.                Union Township
Tharp              Jacob               Center Township
Tharp              James               Center Township
Tharp              Jesse, Sr.          Union Township
Tharp              John                Union Township
Tharp              John, Jr.           Union Township
Tharp              Joseph              Union Township
Tharp              Rufus               Center Township
Tharp              S.M.                Eel River Township
Tharp              Sim                 Brown Township
Tharp              William L.          Union Township
Thomas             B.F.                Liberty Township
Thomas             Haze                Liberty Township
Thompson           Adam, Jr.           Middle Township
Thompson           Bloomer             Eel River Township
Thompson           Daniel H.           Middle Township
Thompson           E.M.                Center Township
Thompson           Evan                Middle Township
Thompson           G.B.                Washington Township
Thompson           G.W.                Washington Township
Thompson           George L.           Middle Township
Thompson           Ishem               Washington Township
Thompson           J.C.                Washington Township
Thompson           J.L.                Center Township
Thompson           J.R.                Eel River Township
Thompson           James               Franklin Township
Thompson           James               Washington Township
Thompson           James W.            Middle Township
Thompson           John                Clay Township
Thompson           T.O.                Center Township
Thompson           Thomas J.           Middle Township
Thompson           William             Middle Township
Thompson           William P.          Liberty Township
Thornbrough        Clark               Washington Township
Thornbrough        Esau                Washington Township
Thornbrough        Henry               Washington Township
Thornbrough        Isaac               Washington Township
Thornbrough        John                Washington Township
Thornbrough        Lewis               Middle Township
Thornbrough        William             Washington Township
Thornburg          James               Clay Township
Thornsbrough       Samuel              Brown Township
Thorp              Calvin              Union Township
Thorp              Cumberland          Union Township
Thorp              James               Union Township
Thorp              John, Sr.           Union Township
Thorp              William             Union Township
Thrift             James D.            Marion Township
Thrift             L.                  Eel River Township
Thrift             S.P.                Marion Township
Thurman            Charles             Brown Township
Tigner             Wiatt               Franklin Township
Tilley             John                Franklin Township
Timberlacke        Jonithan            Guilford Township
Tincher            Cladeah             Liberty Township
Tincher            Hiram               Clay Township
Tincher            William             Franklin Township
Tinder             Charles             Marion Township
Tinder             Elijah M.           Center Township
Tinder             Jefferson           Marion Township
Tinder             John W.             Marion Township
Tinder             Martin              Marion Township
Todd               H.G.                Center Township
Todd               W.                  Brown Township
Tolbert            Willis              Union Township
Tolby              L.                  Eel River Township
Tolby              S.                  Eel River Township
Tolen              Jesse               Union Township
Tolen              Marcus              Union Township
Tolle              Benjamin            Middle Township
Tomlinson          B.A.                Guilford Township
Tomlinson          Calvin              Clay Township
Tomlinson          E.                  Brown Township
Tomlinson          Ep                  Brown Township
Tomlinson          J.B.                Clay Township
Tomlinson          J.C.                Clay Township
Tomlinson          James C.            Guilford Township
Tomlinson          Jonathan            Brown Township
Tomlinson          Joseph              Guilford Township
Tomlinson          Moses               Guilford Township
Tomlinson          William             Clay Township
Tompson            William H.          Guilford Township
Toney              C.                  Eel River Township
Toney              Elkne               Union Township
Toney              H.                  Eel River Township
Toney              J.                  Eel River Township
Toney              M.                  Eel River Township
Toney              N.                  Eel River Township
Toney              Tranam              Union Township
Toney              W.                  Eel River Township
Toomey             John L.             Liberty Township
Tout               A.W.                Center Township
Tout               B.F.                Center Township
Tout               Basil               Middle Township
Tout               James N.            Middle Township
Tout               John                Middle Township
Tout               S.F.                Union Township
Tout               W.H.                Brown Township
Tout               William             Center Township
Tout               William             Middle Township
Tout               William T.          Middle Township
Towles             R.P.                Center Township
Towles             W.P.                Center Township
Townsen            Alphaus             Liberty Township
Townsen            Eli                 Washington Township
Townsend           Calvin              Guilford Township
Townsend           G.                  Brown Township
Townsend           Jesse P.            Guilford Township
Townsend           Josiah              Guilford Township
Townsend           William             Guilford Township
Trobridge          C.B.                Eel River Township
Troth              Job                 Middle Township
Trotter            J.                  Eel River Township
Trotter            J.J.                Eel River Township
Trotter            John                Eel River Township
Trotter            R.S.                Eel River Township
Trotter            Rufus               Guilford Township
Trotter            S.                  Eel River Township
Trotter            W.                  Eel River Township
Trough             H.J.                Union Township
Tucker             D.                  Eel River Township
Tucker             L.                  Eel River Township
Tucker             Thornton            Guilford Township
Turner             George P.           Marion Township
Turner             George W.           Marion Township
Turner             George W., Jr.      Marion Township
Turner             James               Marion Township
Turner             James M.            Marion Township
Turner             Matison             Liberty Township
Turner             W.J.                Liberty Township
Turpin             Anderson            Middle Township
Turpin             H.G.                Brown Township
Turpin             H.W.                Brown Township
Turpin             Harvey              Brown Township
Turpin             J.E.                Brown Township
Turpin             John W.J.           Union Township
Turpin             Rob                 Brown Township
Under              J.M.                Eel River Township
Underwood          William             Marion Township
Van Nice           Isaac               Marion Township
Van Nice           Laurence            Marion Township
Van Nice           Peter C.            Marion Township
Van Tooth          James               Center Township
Vanarsdall         Johnson             Union Township
Vance              J.S.                Brown Township
Vangard            Thomas G.           Clay Township
Vannice            W.H.                Center Township
Vanzant            James               Center Township
Vanzant            William             Center Township
Varnts             L.                  Center Township
Vaughn             Joseph              Brown Township
Veach              Cornelius           Washington Township
Veach              Elijah              Middle Township
Veach              John T.             Middle Township
Veach              Solom               Middle Township
Veach              Thomas              Middle Township
Verbrike           S.A.                Center Township
Verbrike           W.A.                Center Township
Vernor             James C.            Center Township
Vestal             Benjamin            Guilford Township
Vestal             David               Guilford Township
Vestal             Eli                 Guilford Township
Vestal             J.N.                Center Township
Vestal             Jaben               Guilford Township
Vestal             James               Guilford Township
Vestal             John H.             Guilford Township
Vestal             Nathan              Guilford Township
Vice               M.                  Eel River Township
Vice               Moses               Eel River Township
Vickery            Henry               Marion Township
Vieley             Jesse               Union Township
Vuquesney          Jules               Liberty Township
Wade               [illegible], Sr.    Center Township
Wade               Royal               Center Township
Wade               Squire              Center Township
Wade               W.E.                Center Township
Waggoner           Alfred              Liberty Township
Waggoner           William             Liberty Township
Wagonlander        F.                  Center Township
Walker             D.                  Eel River Township
Walker             David               Clay Township
Walker             G.                  Eel River Township
Walker             John, Jr.           Liberty Township
Walker             John, Sr.           Liberty Township
Walker             Joseph              Brown Township
Walker             R.C.                Washington Township
Walker             Reuben C.           Liberty Township
Walker             Robbert             Liberty Township
Walker             W.M.                Center Township
Wall               Capt. J.            Brown Township
Wallace            George              Center Township
Walls              James               Franklin Township
Walls              R.P.                Liberty Township
Walls              W.B.                Franklin Township
Walsh              Patrick             Guilford Township
Walters            A.                  Franklin Township
Walton             Jonathan            Marion Township
Walton             W.F.                Washington Township
Walton             William H.          Marion Township
Ward               Reuben S.           Marion Township
Wares              John                Guilford Township
Warner             George              Center Township
Warnock            John                Middle Township
Warren             James               Marion Township
Warren             William             Guilford Township
Warrick            Edward H.           Middle Township
Washington         George              Brown Township
Wasson             Calvin              Guilford Township
Wasson             Selon               Clay Township
Wasson             William             Guilford Township
Water              William E.          Middle Township
Waterous           G.C.                Center Township
Waters             Benjamin G.         Middle Township
Waters             Isaac B.            Middle Township
Waters             John T.             Middle Township
Waters             Joseph              Middle Township
Waters             Samuel D.           Marion Township
Watson             E.S.                Brown Township
Watson             J.M.                Brown Township
Watson             S.H.                Brown Township
Watson             Thomas J.           Middle Township
Watson             W.A.                Brown Township
Watson             William             Middle Township
Watters            G.A.                Eel River Township
Watters            J.                  Eel River Township
Watters            J.T.                Eel River Township
Watters            N.                  Eel River Township
Watters            S.                  Eel River Township
Watters            W.                  Eel River Township
Watts              B.F.                Brown Township
Watts              C.B.                Washington Township
Watts              George              Brown Township
Watts              L.S.                Brown Township
Watts              S.W.                Brown Township
Watts              W.J.                Brown Township
Wear               David               Washington Township
Wear               J.K.                Washington Township
Wear               John                Washington Township
Weaver             S.M.                Brown Township
Weaver             Thomas J.           Middle Township
Webb               Alfred S.           Middle Township
Webb               John                Middle Township
Webber             J.L.                Brown Township
Weddle             B.                  Eel River Township
Weddle             H.                  Eel River Township
Weekly             E.                  Eel River Township
Weekly             Enoc                Union Township
Weekly             H.                  Eel River Township
Weekly             J.                  Eel River Township
Weekly             T.                  Eel River Township
Weller             Cornelius           Marion Township
Wells              Balaam              Middle Township
Wells              H.S.                Liberty Township
Wells              Joseph              Middle Township
Wells              Oliver              Middle Township
Wells              S.                  Brown Township
Wells              Simon               Middle Township
Wells              William             Middle Township
Welshans           A.                  Center Township
Welshans           J.L.                Clay Township
Welshans           J.P.                Brown Township
Welshans           Wiliam              Clay Township
Welshans           William             Center Township
Wesmorlan          William             Franklin Township
Wesner             Micajah             Guilford Township
West               Archibald           Marion Township
West               C.                  Franklin Township
West               D.M.                Clay Township
West               H.M.                Center Township
West               Isaac               Marion Township
West               J.                  Eel River Township
West               James M.            Union Township
West               L.N.                Eel River Township
West               M.P.                Marion Township
West               S.                  Eel River Township
West               Simp                Eel River Township
West               T.R.                Eel River Township
West               W.                  Clay Township
West               W.                  Eel River Township
West               W.A.                Marion Township
West               X.E.                Marion Township
Wheeler            Jubial              Franklin Township
Whicker            A.                  Franklin Township
Whicker            Frederick           Clay Township
Whicker            James               Franklin Township
Whicker            John                Clay Township
Whicker            Louis               Franklin Township
White              Asa S.              Brown Township
White              B.                  Eel River Township
White              Charles             Liberty Township
White              David               Guilford Township
White              H.W.                Center Township
White              Henry W.            Liberty Township
White              James               Eel River Township
White              Jesse               Clay Township
White              Joshua              Guilford Township
White              Lewis C.            Guilford Township
White              M.M.                Liberty Township
White              N.G.                Brown Township
White              Richard S.          Middle Township
White              Samuel              Liberty Township
White              T.M.S.              Brown Township
White              Thomas              Guilford Township
White              William H.          Franklin Township
Whitenack          A.                  Eel River Township
Whitsell           J.W.                Brown Township
Wick               C.C.                Liberty Township
Wilcox             W.                  Franklin Township
Wilcoxson          W.J.                Franklin Township
Wiley              Alfred              Center Township
Wiley              J.C.                Brown Township
Wilkerson          Abner               Clay Township
Wilkeson           James               Union Township
Wilkin             William             Guilford Township
Wilkins            George              Brown Township
Wilkins            Hance               Brown Township
Williams           C.P.                Washington Township
Williams           Enis                Liberty Township
Williams           G.F.                Center Township
Williams           Hampton             Franklin Township
Williams           J.S.                Eel River Township
Williams           James B.            Marion Township
Williams           James T.            Center Township
Williams           James, Jr.          Marion Township
Williams           Job, Jr.            Franklin Township
Williams           John                Washington Township
Williams           John D.             Middle Township
Williams           John F.             Middle Township
Williams           Nathan C.           Liberty Township
Williams           Samuel              Middle Township
Williams           William             Liberty Township
Williams           William             Middle Township
Williams           William A.          Union Township
Williamson         Abraham             Clay Township
Willkeson          Thomas              Union Township
Willnite           Willis H.           Guilford Township
Wills              James J.            Liberty Township
Wills              John W.             Liberty Township
Wills              S.S.                Marion Township
Willson            George W.           Center Township
Willson            John R.             Guilford Township
Willson            Monroe              Center Township
Wilson             A.                  Brown Township
Wilson             C., Jr.             Franklin Township
Wilson             C., Sr.             Franklin Township
Wilson             D.G.                Center Township
Wilson             Daniel              Center Township
Wilson             Ellis               Washington Township
Wilson             George              Union Township
Wilson             Hugh                Franklin Township
Wilson             J.                  Brown Township
Wilson             J.P.                Brown Township
Wilson             J.W.                Washington Township
Wilson             Jeff                Center Township
Wilson             Jeremiah            Center Township
Wilson             John                Clay Township
Wilson             John                Washington Township
Wilson             Joseph              Brown Township
Wilson             Samuel              Franklin Township
Wilson             T.L.                Washington Township
Wilson             Thomas G.           Liberty Township
Wilson             W.                  Brown Township
Wilson             W.                  Franklin Township
Winch              Frederick           Center Township
Winson             Josep               Liberty Township
Winsted            Bradley B.          Liberty Township
Winsted            David               Liberty Township
Winston            James               Liberty Township
Wise               Henry               Clay Township
Wise               Isaac               Clay Township
Wishard            Milton              Center Township
Wishmore           E.                  Eel River Township
Witherow           John                Center Township
Withervey          Columbus            Marion Township
Womsley            W.A.                Washington Township
Wood               Archabald           Franklin Township
Wood               Harvey              Center Township
Wood               Horaso              Franklin Township
Wood               Isiah               Franklin Township
Wood               James               Franklin Township
Wood               John S., Sr.        Center Township
Wood               Moses               Liberty Township
Wood               S.                  Eel River Township
Woodard            David               Eel River Township
Woodard            J.                  Eel River Township
Woodard            J.S.                Liberty Township
Woodard            Jesse               Guilford Township
Woodard            Jesse               Liberty Township
Woodard            W.B.                Eel River Township
Woodard            William             Guilford Township
Woodey             Millar              Guilford Township
Woodhurst          Anson               Clay Township
Woodrough          Stephen             Center Township
Woodrow            Benjamin            Guilford Township
Woods              John                Guilford Township
Woods              L.N.                Franklin Township
Woods              Nelson R.           Guilford Township
Woodward           Abreham             Guilford Township
Woodward           M.M.                Guilford Township
Woodward           William M.          Guilford Township
World              Alfred              Liberty Township
World              Benjamin            Liberty Township
World              Floyd N.            Middle Township
World              James               Liberty Township
World              John                Liberty Township
World              John, Jr.           Liberty Township
Worley             Alexander           Marion Township
Wormsley           Harvy               Washington Township
Worrell            Legrand             Washington Township
Worrell            William             Washington Township
Worth              Paul                Brown Township
Worth              Seth                Middle Township
Wren               G.S.                Eel River Township
Wright             Franklin            Marion Township
Wright             Harrison L.         Marion Township
Wright             Hilton              Clay Township
Wright             J.M.                Brown Township
Wright             Joseph P.           Guilford Township
Wyley              Abner               Washington Township
Wysong             P.                  Center Township
York               Barny               Liberty Township
York               John                Liberty Township
York               Jonas               Liberty Township
York               Kisen               Liberty Township
York               Nathan              Liberty Township
York               Smith G.            Liberty Township
Young              John A.             Middle Township
Yount              Matthias            Center Township
Yount              Paul                Marion Township
Yowell             M.W.                Marion Township
Zaring             John                Center Township
Zaring             William             Guilford Township
Zimmerman          Edwin               Washington Township
Zimmerman          J.T.                Washington Township
Zimmerman          Joel                Washington Township